Obama greatly understated deficits in his budget

When it comes to managing the deficit, President Obama’s 2015 budget relies heavily on hope. That’s the takeaway from a new analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

The administration makes quite a few convenient and overly-rosy assumptions about our struggling economy. This leads to wildly differing projections about future deficits.

The chart above shows the gaping differences between the CBO’s projections and Obama’s.┬áBut even under the White House’s scenario, the deficit will never be less than $400 billion, and the budget will never be close to balanced.

Whose projections do you believe?

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Tom Thayer - April 24, 2014

Please expose Obama false projections at all times. It is shameful that a president would generate the lies over and over again. There should be penelties for political lies. (fines and /or time in jail. It’s time we take the crimminal out of politics Tom Thayer 4/24/14

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