After the cap-and-trade energy scheme failed in Congress, President Obama said he’d push for other ways to control Americans’ energy use. “Cap and trade was just one way of skinning the cat,” he said at a press conference. “It was not the only way.”

So the EPA designated carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring compound and necessary component to life on Earth, as a pollutant.

Predictably, it has proven more difficult for the EPA to determine how to regulate CO2 than for it to determine whether it should be regulated. A new report by Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis, for example, finds that the models the EPA used as the basis for its regulation “are fundamentally unsound as a basis for justifying significant regulations of the American economy.”

Do you think the EPA should go back to the drawing board?

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Peter - May 2, 2014

A free people should not choose to be governed by “experts.” Anymore, what passes for an “expert” opinion is.. “the appeal to authority” (non)argument.

Ms. Gina (?), the EPA administrator argues.. it is argument enough for my “scientists” to make a claim. There is no need for them to persuade the tax payer of the truth. These decisions are made by “expert” in the taxpayer best interest… now get lost..

Ric Green - May 2, 2014


Barbara Peacock - May 2, 2014

No, I do not want the EPA to go back to the drawing board!

Ellen Wiser - May 2, 2014

Legislation comes from Congress, not handmaidens of the administration!

Stuart Harris - May 2, 2014

No, the EPA should be entirely disbanded. WHERE in the Constitution is the Federal government authorized to have anything to do with the environment??!!

Anyone who claims the EPA is authorized under some general clause, like the interstate commerce clause, is either illiterate and/or ignorant or dishonest.

Patricia - May 2, 2014

I wish the EPA would stay away from any drawing board. The “pictures” they have been drawing are not very pretty at all…………..They have over stayed their welcome.

Tim Gibson - May 2, 2014

Not only do I want the EPA to go back to the drawing board, I want them to go away period.

Dean Hansen - May 2, 2014

The current Administration’s attempt to regulate the emission of carbon dioxide–which is used by trees–seems foolhardy, to say the least. Why don’t they instead encourage the planting of trees?

Glen Haas - May 2, 2014

The EPA must be forced by congress to provide sound science and proof that CO2 should and can be regulated. Forcing industry to export jobs to China does not control CO2.
There is absolutely no proof that CO2 is the primary cause of Global Warming. And in fact most creditable scientific data shows that Global Warming is directly related to the sun, not to CO2!

Don - May 2, 2014

I think the EPA should be eliminated, defunded and everything it ever did reversed!

George Ridgway - May 2, 2014

Dump the EPA…….Get Rid of the whole MESS…

Donald R. beaver - May 3, 2014

No, I believe the EPA should , along with the IRS
be de- funded,they have been totally compromised
and no longer serve their purpose to the American

Norma Butler - May 3, 2014

We don’t need for them to “go back to the drawing board!” We need to disband the whole group and instead of appointed people being in charge of regulating us to death, we should put that responsibility upon our “elected” officials so we can vote them out of office when they get out of control!!!

Robert Mathews - May 3, 2014

The staff of the EPA should be reduced to 50 employees. The EPA budget should be reduced by 98%. Test the air and water quality of all the countries in the world. When all test as good as the USA, then we can look at the USA again. After all don’t we share the atmosphere? And by the way, lets abolish, the departments of energy and education and the IRS. Replace the tax system with a national sales tax on all purchases for all people, corporations and also all governments. With those few things we can cut our debt by hundreds of billions of dollars.

Charles Lingo - May 3, 2014

The EPA is a regulatory agency that makes laws in violation of Article !, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States.

THE EPA SHOULD BE ABOLISHED. In any event it is using a state power that is prohibited to the Federal Government.

Armand Carreau - May 3, 2014

The EPA should be dissolved and all the zealots fired. A new Environmental Advisory Board established with reasonable folks who will do honest cost benefit analyses and in an advisory capacity only.

Richard - May 3, 2014

our current EPA should be eliminated or completely restructured. They are a blight on our economy and do little positive for our future. Run-off rain water as a pollutant? and now CO2? Get rid of ’em!

Darlene C. Harder - May 4, 2014

I wish we the people could shut down the EPA and give the power to the states.

Kennett - May 4, 2014

No. The Congress should go back to the drawing board and erase the EPA,

Tom Clough - May 5, 2014

Does anyone maintain a list of government agencies that should be abolished showing their:
1. Abolition priority
2. Budgeted or actual cost
3. Number of employees (now and 10 years ago)
4. Status for abolition (% of electorate, party platforms, etc.
I would like to see such a list and have several nominations…

Ron Champlin - May 5, 2014

When the EPA first came on the scene, it did some good things for our great country. Just compare our skies of blue to those of China’s skies of haze and fog. But many years later I think the EPA has become detriment to this country. It has taken on power that it doesn’t deserve or need to have. It is truly turning the USA into a socialist country. It needs to be taken down to non-threatening type of agency or gone all together.

Holly Chapo - May 10, 2014

The EPA should be eliminated once and for all and at the very least, defunded by about 98%.

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