“Note the ‘unknown’ section. This isn’t a fluke: Ex-Im routinely loses track of whom they’ve been helping.” -Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint

Ending the Export-Import Bank is important, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint writes:

Ex-Im is rife with corruption, doesn’t promote competition, costs taxpayers billions of dollars and threatens American jobs.  It’s all about politically connected big businesses getting bigger with help from Uncle Sam. It’s not fair, not necessary, and shouldn’t be a hard decision for Congress.

The Export-Import Bank will end in September if Congress does not reauthorize the program. Liberals like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are pushing hard to extend it.

Read more of Heritage’s research on the Ex-Im Bank here.

Do you think Congress should continue the Export-Import Bank or allow it to end?

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Ross McMullen - July 18, 2014

Let the Ex-IM die!

Abdul Assad - July 18, 2014

End Ex-Im and the corruption that goes with it.

N Misasi - July 18, 2014

Time to make Big Business get their funding like everyone else…from real Banks and lending institutions, not off the hard labor of the taxpayers! Time to close the books on this very outdated law and end the cronyism and political favoritism!

Patrick Hammons - July 18, 2014

Let the market pick winners and losers and not well connected corporatists.

Gary Anderson - July 19, 2014

Allow Ex-Im Bank to end. The sooner, the better!

Brian Lunde - July 19, 2014

Ex-Im should end, it is a poster-child for crony capitalism. The giant corporations it helps the most (see pie chart) need competitive help the least. We should be helping ALL U.S. companies engaged in international trade by reducing taxes and regulatory burdens. The trend toward U.S. companies buying smaller foreign competitors and then moving headquarters offshore for tax reasons (see Medtronic, AbbVie, possibly Walgreens) is a perfect example of the consequences of the ridiculous tax policies that hurt American competitiveness.

Edith Thielke - July 19, 2014

Funding should be ended. Companies should either thrive or fail on their own resources, not tax dollars.

art Emerson - July 19, 2014

The Ex-Im Bank is another classic example of a good thing gone wrong. The original intent of the bank to assist companies in doing international business has become nothing more than a corrupt good ole boys organization meant for one purpose to exclude competition of the lesser skilled smaller businesses. The majority of the companies receiving assistance from the Ex-Im Bank typically have their own in house professionals who could execute their own export /import business plans. By doing so legitimately they could survive just fine eliminating their association with the Bank. But why do that when the United States Taxpayers help fund the bill. We should watch closely the contribution lists of the political candidates who run in the next election, and see who, and how much some of these corporations (or their officers) contribute to the candidates. You will see that the bank is just another one of those insider organizations meant to make the strong corporations just get stronger.

kate barnett - July 19, 2014

The Export-Import Bank is corrupt. End it.

Donald E Lee - July 20, 2014

Free enterprise should reign.

janice bradford - July 20, 2014

end it by all means.

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