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Earlier this week President Obama announced a plan for combating the crisis at the border. To fund this plan, he asked Congress for more money — $3.7 billion in “emergency” funding, to be precise.

Ultimately, additional funding is not the solution to the U.S.’s immigration woes. Instead, the Obama Administration should rescind its anti-enforcement policies that are contributing to this crisis in the first place,” Heritage Foundation experts Romina Boccia and David Inserra argue.

Moreover, Boccia and Inserra point out, Obama’s request violates the emergency spending provisions in the Budget Control Act of 2011. While illegal immigration is a crisis, it’s not an emergency. Here’s why:

The surge in illegal border crossings by unaccompanied minors does not meet all of the criteria necessary to qualify as emergency spending either. The BCA, in an effort to constrain the Administration and Congress from exploiting a safety valve designated for true emergencies to needlessly increase spending, established criteria to identify emergencies. The criteria specify that the situation must be:

  • Sudden—i.e., not building over time;
  • Unforeseen—i.e., not predicted or anticipated as an emergent need;
  • andTemporary—i.e., not expected to present a permanent problem.

Instead of allowing President Obama to manipulate a loophole in the budget, Boccia and Inserra recommend:

[L]awmakers should use the existing and ongoing appropriations process to better prioritize funding. Critically, the Obama Administration should also stop its anti-enforcement policies that are encouraging the increase in illegal immigration, thus making it more difficult and costly to secure U.S. borders.

Do you think throwing money at the border will solve the illegal immigration crisis?

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Joyce - July 11, 2014

Giving Obama more money is ludicrous, he’ll just reward his cronies with the money. Not one more dime should be spent on illegals, they should be sent back to their own country and all funds should be cut off to Mexico and the other countries that are letting this happen. Border should be closed and National Guard posted along the border with orders to shoot anyone trying to cross illegally.

James Metcalf - July 11, 2014

Secure our borders first! Screen illigals and return or imprisen them. Cease ALL monatary assistance to countries that fail to stop sending illigals here.

Patricia - July 11, 2014

This nation is getting short on money now, so why don’t we use the “Law” that was set up to protect this county from illegals, ( like most other country’s do,)? That makes more sense than tossing more money at it and would solve, or begin to solve the problem. Then build that fence.

Wesley Potts - July 11, 2014

The Obama White House operates on a crisis upon crisis basis. The President learned this tactic from Rahm Emanual during his first term and it has been very effective tool in getting his agenda accomplished, However, its high time we put a stop to it.

The best way to stop this current crisis is to send some of these children back to their home country. Once the families see that they paid a lot of money for nothing they will stop sending them. Of course this will require changing the law on children entering the country from beyond Mexico and treating them the same way we do Mexicans who enter illegally.

This current mess is another attempt by President Obama that he hopes this crisis will force Congress to pass his immigration reform but they should not do it because we can’t trust him to secure the border.

Dexter Liu - July 11, 2014

it is clear to me this administration and those in the Democrat Party watn the chaos on the border to blame the GOP for not passing amnesty or their version of the so called “immigration reform”… I am convinced we have a rogue and lawless executive branch that cares for for political power than for the security and sovereignty of the United States. This entire situation along with the seemingly countless scandals out of this White House continues to put our nation in ever increasing graver danger… this is a treasous outrage and an unprecedented nightmare.

Richard G.. Salo - July 11, 2014

Stop Giving Taxpayer Money to ALL COUNTRIES that are sending Their Children and Young Adults and CRIMINALS and ALL 3rd World DISEASES to our Country. GET OUR U S MARINE HOME NOW!! NO MORE BS !!

curtis hicks - July 11, 2014

No money not the answer. Obama done this intentionally to flood immigrants illegals takeover America at taxpayers exspences. Because all along he’s been trying amnesty and reforms and rewards giveaway. I believe are constitution laws send them home and send medications and doctors over there in their country not America. We the people are first all the waist of taxpayers money would get Americans back to work and keystone pipe line jobs. So no send them home and secure are borders spend money on the Americans first

Donna Hickman - July 11, 2014

This is another disaster that Obama has brought upon the American people. Any money appropriated should be spent sending the current illegals back to wherever they came from and securing the border so this cannot happen again. What other country in the world allows you to infiltrate their country illegally? It is just another Obama ploy to bring down America.

James Poole - July 11, 2014

Action and money may be needed to deal with the present humanitarian crisis, but the problem needs to be treated at the source, including flying kids back to Central America ASAP and preventing them from crossing into Mexico on their way north.

Jerry - July 11, 2014

This is not a difficult problem to resolve. The borders need to be secure.
The so-called urgent request for 3.7 billion dollars by the president is exactly for what, did he just pull this number out of the sky somewhere? This is an absurd amount of money. It is our hard earned money this president is so willy nilly willing to piss away without any plan for securing our border, hence keeping we citizens more secure. More chaos presented to us by our master, BHO! Someone needs to tell him to pound salt! This president is on a mission to destroy this country and our traditions.

God Bless America,

Jerry Nassoiy

Francis Schwartz - July 11, 2014

The lack of action on the President’s part is an impeachable offense. Shut down our boarders. No funding for this issue.

Kathy Baratelli - July 11, 2014

Until the border is secure, I would not give Obama one thin dime to “solve” the crisis that he personally created. Obama is a mad man who is obsessed with taking down the USA, and one of his plans to achieve his goal is to bankrupt her. His policies have proven, time and again, to do nothing but cause harm to our country; and that’s why Congress needs to cut the purse strings until he is out of the White House – and the sooner the better!

Jerry Metcalf - July 11, 2014

No money for Obama. Redistribute money from EPA,IRS, Dept. of Ed., etc.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Matteo - July 11, 2014

No! The only money should be spend on actually closing the border and returning the families to their respective countries of origin. The money for that should be paid for directly from the House of Representatives (or however they handle it) but the money should never be put in the President’s hands, never!!

Cathy - July 11, 2014

Obama should not be given any money to help with this situation unless the money is spent to send them back and secure the border IMMEDIATELY. We can be humane in the process of sending them back and it is essential to our security to do this and send a message to stop this. Our president has caused this problem and throwing more money at him to waste is not the solution.

Marietta Barnholt - July 11, 2014

Only securing the border will solve this problem. The
US cannot take care of the whole world. If congress
appropriates the money, it will be wasted.

MMCC - July 11, 2014


James Williams - July 11, 2014

Immigration is just one issue in Obama’s agenda. He wants to create chaos, doubt, shut down businesses with regulations, shut down our oil and coal.

Eloise - July 11, 2014

Why isn’t the Obama administration putting pressure on Mexico for allowing these Central Americans pass through their country? Mexico has historically apprehended and deported their illegal immigrants. They have to be aware of those who are funneling Central Americans through their country to the U.S. border. I’ve often wondered why we (U.S.) have permitted Mexico to send their people into the U.S. illegally when they arrest and export their own illegal immigrants. I suppose that now it is easier to allow them to pass into the U.S. than to arrest them and pay for their transportation back to their homeland.

Laura Ryan - July 11, 2014

I am in disbelief that this president has the audacity to ask for billions to fix a problem he created! It makes no sense unless his plan all along is to completely bankrupt the USA & obliterate our national sovereignty!

John H Ross - July 11, 2014

No. The answer is to enforce existing border control laws and regulations which is contrary to obama doctrine. Spending billions will do nothing but raise the national debt, which is in line with the obama doctrine.

Eugene Goldsmith - July 11, 2014

Money is never the problem, not with illegals, not with the VA, not with Transportation, ad nauseum.

Mildred Brown - July 11, 2014

Send them right back. secure our borders. Impeach Obama. He is not upholding our Constitution, as was his oath!

Charla Rusche’ - July 11, 2014

Congress should FUND the 2006 law that demands that the U.S. strengthen our border by completing the fence and by taking any other necessary measures. I don’t understand why this law was never funded under Bush.

This invasion of illegal immigrants was planned by Obama, reinforced by radio and TV ads and print ads to bring anarchy to our nation and to reduce the white population in the U.S. to a minority.

Obama’s request for 3.7 billion is just more slush money to funnel to his cronies like happened with the EPA. The ONLY funding should be to secure the border NOW.

Joan Jacobson - July 11, 2014

No, throwing money at the border will bring on more illegal immigration. President Obama will use money to put in place the means possible for continued breaching of our border.

Nancy Santoro - July 11, 2014

More money for the border crisis is NOT what is needed. This president is deliberately allowing the people to come so that he can get his way. He wants amnesty. He doesn’t care about this country and is fine with the collapse of our economy. What is needed is a NEW REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT! Please continue to work hard to save our wonderful country. Thanks for all that you have done.

Margaret Jenkins - July 12, 2014

Obama’s requested $3,7 billion “Emergency Fund” to handle the border crisis must not be granted. The problem we are facing was manufactured and stoked by the President’s policies and speeches – the issue cannot be solved by this exhorbitant amount of money thrown at temporary fixes. We need secure borders,
enforcement of our inmmigratin laws and deportation as indicated, not funding to increase the problem. America is one of the most lenient nations regarding illegal immigratin. Restore sanity, send the illegals home,
and do not fund further invasions by providing $3.7 Billion.

David Allen - July 12, 2014

This administration has shown so much ineptness in their 5+ yrs of “leadership” that they have proven to be a major failure. They do not demonstrate the ability to foresee events and take the necessary actions to mitigate circumstances. To this administration, everything is an “emergency” and “someone elses fault.”
“IF” this admin will accept responsibility and take the roll of leading, then it may be able to preclude additional failures. I do NOT have daily Intelligence Briefings and what is the POTUS doing about the CRISIS in the middle east? I have serious concerns about the defense of Israel as well as the lost ground of Iraq. Is all of the shed blood in the mid-east LOST?
Why doesn’t someone in the Admin tell Obama the truth or has he surrounded himself with all “yes men” and he only hears from them?
As an American, I am truly concerned that we have allowed this Admin to get too far and we will NOT BE ABLE to recover from the inflicted damage already sustained… Americans and conservatives MUST express OUR concerns and raise our voices to stop the failures on every front NOW!!! Where is the Leadership from the Conservative/American people? To Hell with “political correctness” and the fear of being called a “racist”. We have rights and responsibilities as citizens of this country to speak out about the ineptness and demand action.
Unfortunately I do not see any strong leader emerging from OUR RANKS. The candidates and leaders of the “conservative” side are too weak-kneed to call a failure, a failure.
Damnit !!! Wake UP America!!! WAKE UP !!!

Holly Chapo - July 12, 2014

Since this president wants money to fund everything but border security, his request is frivolous. The only meaningful use of additional monies would be to 1. follow the very pragmatic and effective suggestions made by Governor Perry (while interviewed by Sean Hannity) for border security, 2. get each of the border state governors to contribute their suggestions for real security, 3. apply Tom Coburn’s suggestion to fund plane tickets for all the illegals in order to send them back to their countries of origin (about $8 million). It is long overdue for Congress to follow the will of the American people and provide the funding to PROTECT our borders and our sovereignty.

Jacque S Ash - July 12, 2014

Obama has no intention to close the border–it’s useful for his ‘plan’ to bring America down to the level of a 3rd world socialist country-sorry if this sounds like a ‘conspiracy theory’, but look at him, his upbringing & background, his ‘friends’ throughout life, his appointments, his ‘presidency’, tearing the people of this country apart, damage to the economy, energy intent- destruction plans, executive orders, rules/regs thru agencies (EPA for example)-the list is too long. Mexico sure has their ‘border closed’-look at Sgt. Tahmooressi.
SOMEONE do SOMETHING & CLOSE THE Border-like yesterday. Put the MILITARY back into some semblence of power -put National Guard on the border & the border guards back into FULL POWER. Get rid of Obama!!

Beth - July 12, 2014

No! It is throwing $ at breaking US laws. Is that the new normal?

Ron Ceres - July 12, 2014

Throwing money at the border will not help at all but throwing the president out of office will.

Teri A Cotham - July 12, 2014

Time to demand defunding all aid to Mexico and the other countries involved in this outrage.

Time to send our National Guard to enforce our laws and secure our border.

Time to impeach Holder and Obama for their refusal to uphold our Constitution and enforce our laws.

Jack Kinch(1uncle) - July 12, 2014

Lying, thieving Pinocchiobama will spend the money for some personal reason and NOT on protecting border. Check his history. Un-American and anti-American.

Laurel Sobie - July 12, 2014

The only funds that we direct toward the shameful demonstration of law breaking at our border are those that are spent returning these tens of thousands of children and teens to their countries of origin.
Or we could take them to the southern most border of Mexico and allow that government to decide how they should now deal with their illegal migration.
No more “funds” are to be directed to encouraging and allowing “criminals” to live within our borders. Illegal = not lawful = criminal. Why have we been paying people of all ages to prosper while, at their core, they are criminals???

Lori Martin - July 12, 2014


Lee Blue - July 12, 2014

My opinion:
Throwing dollars at the problem will not solve it.
Government requiring tax payers to foot the bill with Fed control is foolish.
Private contributions by citizens to help the children get back home would be more humane.
Guard the border with armed people, especially at various times and increased numbers immediately.

Ronnie Gregory - July 12, 2014

The problem with our border is we have no one who will enforce our laws. Our presidents have sit on their rears and not kept the oath of office to uphold the constitution by protecting the citzens of our nation. illegals cross our borders with drugs and kill our citzens. let us impeah the sorry liars.

MichaelRight - July 12, 2014

The only money spent should be on building a two fence system with a 300 yard no man’s land in between. Then control that space, the first 150 yards warrant instructions to turn back, the last 150 yards a kill zone, the flood will cease quickly. Raise the stakes.

Patrick Shephed - July 13, 2014

The fact is our political system has become so corrupt that We the People are no longer being served by our government but are subjected to lawless tyranny. Red or blue, don’t drink the Koolaide.

Fred clarke - July 13, 2014

Absolutely NOT. ENFORCE the laws and activate the national guard to defend the border and fund the effort with cuts to foreign aid to Mexico and central/South America

Carl Maley - July 13, 2014

No!! The border needs to be shut down! Period! I believe this Administration creates the majority of these crisis, then drains the Tax-payers re-acting to them.

Christine Sakarya - July 13, 2014

I do not believe Congress should give any money to Obama for immigration .They need to put their energies in transporting theses children and their IRRESPONSIBLE parents back to where they came from.Since when are these kids our responsibility ? This is OUTRAGEOUS. Time to have compassion for US CITIZENS.

Jolene James - July 13, 2014

Reunite families by sending ALL illegals BACK!
US immigration policy must be for the benefit of American citizens, not for the benefit of other countries. All successful parents, teachers and COUNTRIES know that if you put up with unacceptable behavior you will GET MORE OF THE SAME!

Sue Bruckler - July 13, 2014

Solution to this problem is to send these poor souls to live with the Obama family at the White House, also to move in with the following families; Harry Reids, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, our liberal multi-million and billionaires, liberal rich Hollywood celebs, etc. These folks can afford to share the wealth and help these poor illegal people to become self supporting US citizens.

Ronald Christopher - July 14, 2014

Use any money to send them home to their home country.

Marilee Reilly - July 14, 2014

Defund all aid to Mexico, et al, send National Guard to borders, send these people back to where they came from immediately stop dispersing them throughout the country and last, but not least, do not give BO billions. Obama does care about America or the American people. His aim is destroy us as as a nation.

Nigel - July 14, 2014

This is a response to NOLABELS $$ for Border Security!
I am so sorry that I cannot agree with anything you say except that working together will provide a solution. But I learned a long time ago that to gain cooperation, we must have consensus in regards to solutions such that everyone has a part or “skin” in the game. There is so much dissention due to the many policies crammed down our throats by those who “think” they know what is best for all of us and policies made by a bureaucratic machine whose members were never on any ballot which flies in the face of the very core of this country. In spite of many polls that seem to say the many polices are disagreed with by the majority of people. We can’t always get everything we want or need but it is much more palatable if all sides are heard and legitimately researched and discussed and cut the crap of “elections have consequences”. That statement says that the 49% who vote for the “losing” side are losers. They are Americans whose rights as a minority(be it ever so “minor” in the eyes of the current administration and too many members in Congress) have protections stated in the Constitution and the rule of law.

There are simply factual “misrepresentations” or untruths or “misspoken” statements in your email Clarine! You glaringly state that Obama wants 3.7 Billion(capitol B) for border security which is more false than true. Either you are hearing something different or someone is telling you something different but the Congressional hearing I listened to had Jeh Johnson being questioned about the actual amount that was truly for border security as being a meager part of 3.7 Billion. How can Border Agents be Border Agents when they are 40 plus miles inland. And since when do we not discuss how these funds are to be used by our representative in the “Peoples House” and not because one part of our government decides what is best.
You say everyone is playing politics. Who issued the edict that by executive order that has given “amnesty” to Illegal Aliens? Who has sued border states when they tried to enact laws and actions to secure the border. Since when is following the rule of law in its entirety even the 2008 law passed with the majority in both houses at the time having the Democrat Party as the majority sent to a President who signed the bill with a different intent of the law than how it is being used today. The press, all of them, fail to disclose the entirety of the law except the one with Rep. Gohmert who was allowed to expose the truth of that law!That law was not intended as a carte blanch entry by families from countries on the southern side of Mexico excluding not only Mexicans but Canadians as well. Since when have we enforced border security to the fullest in the last 5.5 years? The data for illegal aliens return to their home country has been changed just like the unemployment numbers. The 2008 law was intended to provide refuge for children truly unaccompanied and not the farce we are now witnessing. Was not the intention to do with human/sexual trafficking?
We continually talk about “children” crossing the border but we have the majority being age 14 to 18 of which 75% are males. Have you ever worked with at risk juveniles? Is that age group truly a child in today’s global market information age? Is a juvenile in a gang at 13 or 14 or some younger still “innocent” and truly a child? Seems that it bears some thought instead of all the knee jerk politically motivated to say that all traveling 1700 miles through Mexico on trains are simply “Children”. Seems disingenuous at best or yet another example of the half-truths with which we are inundated. We simply need the truth and it seems more difficult for folks in this country to represent the truth of the matter. Point is that if Politicians in prominent offices actually told the truth, there is a strong likely hood that they would never darken the door of any building as a “public servant”. But oh how the body politic excuses the lack of truth and half -truths as a viable and acceptable part of Politics. Win at all costs!!! How can you expect to teach young people and expect from them “sportsmanship” and that win at all costs is conflicted with integrity, honesty, and overall good character. Why don’t you spend some time working with your group of “get things” done with a shred of truth? I simply ask that at what cost in the short run and the long run. You say Immigration Reform to help job creation and border security. Even your subject is a misrepresentation! Look at the data of true unemployment, increase in disability claims, food stamps, and many other forms of government dependency in lieu of personal responsibility and personal determination. We are not a country of government cradle to grave mentality. Integrity is the one commodity that we all possess until we lie, misrepresent, delude, or deceive in the interest of hiding the truth but eventually the truth will rise to the surface sometimes more quickly than others. If our citizenry doesn’t see the gross lack of integrity lacking from many corners of those who chose to be servants, how can you expect to get anything changed(weren’t we promised change, yes we can in 2008 and the most transparent Administration in our history). How has that worked out? I could go on with a litany of promise breaking but then you should know. Wouldn’t you agree?. It seems no one in Government is held accountable for any wrong doing and the few that are just fall under the category of “fall” guy or gal not the true perpetrators. Border Security indeed!!

Mary Ann - July 15, 2014

Obama needs to fulfill his presidential vow to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States; that includes enforcing the laws designed to protect our nation’s borders. We don’t have more money to throw at this situation. Close the borders. We have the capability; our President merely needs to have the conviction!

Allen L Phillips - July 15, 2014

Rodger Hedgecock yesterday suggested that whatever money is spent on dealing with these illegals be deducted from aid given to the respective countries. Whether practical or not, it sounds great.
But there is no question that the policies that led to the current influx must be stopped. Sending these people back will hopefully send a message.

David Poling - July 16, 2014

Typical Obama: make it appear that you care and are doing something by throwing money (that we don’t have) at a problem. $18 Trillion is proof of that.

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