An increase in the minimum wage is not an effective way to lift Americans out of poverty. The real answer is still to equip them with the necessary skills to earn a higher wage, especially a high school diploma.

Heritage Foundation expert Mary Clare Reim reports on ways to help both youth and schools succeed in this mission:

Administrators and policymakers should focus on strategies that develop the broad range of skills needed for success, thereby developing the whole person. This approach begins with targeting violence, drug use, and other negative community influences that encourage students to drop out rather than make responsible decisions for their future. Several successful programs have been implemented at various high schools around the country. Schools should look within themselves, identify the specific barriers to high school completion that plague their community, and design programs that target the needs of their at-risk youth. Policymakers should foster experimentation to find better strategies, and they should make it much easier for parents to select schools that match the needs of their children.

Do you think education is a way to escape poverty?

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Nelson Whipple - May 23, 2014

The first task is to educate the bloody politicians starting with B. Sanders. Why do we elect idiots? Lack of a proper education, of course and absence of parental responsibility.

John Hazeltine - May 23, 2014

Education is hands down the way out of poverty!

Phillip Hermes - May 23, 2014

The largest cause of poverty (52%) is single mothers and their children. The solution is a “stop the stud” program which requires a reversible vasectomy for 5 years for each stud who generates a welfare baby out of wedlock.
Correlation does not show cause. Relating poverty to the lack of education is nonsense and a waste of money. Obama, of course, loves this study to use as a cover to funnel more tax funds to the teachers unions for their political campaign money and their “get out the vote” efforts.

Kate Barnett - May 23, 2014

Education is the way out of poverty starting with preschool. I would like to see student loans forgiven after the degree is achieved.

Wayne Peterkin - May 23, 2014

Education is a very big key towards escaping poverty and raising wages, but an even bigger one is ambition; the ambition to get out and work hard. Hard work along with an education and taking personal responsibility for yourself can eliminate poverty in this country. Sadly, that the opposite message that liberals preach. Liberals’ wealth redistribution schemes are intended to promote liberal political power and enslave people, not eliminate poverty.

Ellen Elmore - May 23, 2014

The ONLY way to escape poverty is to stay in school and get a good education. Hand outs only enslave you to the government. Poverty increases when education decreases. Wealth increases when education increases.

Doug - May 30, 2014

Having an education is just one variable. The most significant social contribution to avoiding poverty is however, an intact family, a husband and wife, with at least one spouse who is full-time employed. The other factor is faith which is the glue for all health families. Finally, children raised by parents who are involved in their children’s education, instills a value in being successful, the absence of which would minimize a child’s potential to take advantage of what public education has to offer. Children raised in such environments, can expect to have a maximum potential to avoid poverty.

Holly Chapo - June 15, 2014

Yes!! Unequivocally.

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