Created with the intention of defeating poverty, Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. In many ways, Heritage Foundation Founder Ed Feulner argues, “the War on Poverty is an abject failure.”¬†Welfare programs, rather than being a safety net of last resort, instea created dependency and encouraged family breakdown.

Welfare reforms in the 1990s, designed by Heritage experts, cut welfare caseloads in half, while employment for single mothers increased dramatically and child poverty plummeted. But more reform is needed:

Today the federal government runs roughly 80 means-tested welfare programs providing cash, food, housing and social services to low-income persons, but it fails to help the recipients become able to provide for themselves.

Read Dr. Fuelner’s full commentary and tell us: Do you think America needs additional welfare reforms?

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Nancy Santoro - July 12, 2014

The “Welfare State” that Obama has continued to increase is destroying the dignity of human beings. This time in our history has been stripped of the value of working to earn a living and being proud of it! Working hard to make something of ones self is what I was raised to understand and aspired to achieve! How sad that so many people in our country have been denied this opportunity.

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