Last Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced narrow exceptions to its mandate that employer-provided insurance cover contraceptives, abortofacient drugs and sterilization for all employees.

These new “accommodations” exempt houses of worship from the anti-conscience mandate. Unfortunately, as The Heritage Foundation’s Sarah Torre explains, other employers remain affected, regardless of the religious conviction of their owners:

The latest proposal fails to protect businesses such as Tyndale House, the nation’s largest Bible publisher; or Hercules Industries, a family-owned and operated HVAC company; or Hobby Lobby, an arts and crafts retailer—all of which seek to operate according to deeply held religious and moral beliefs.

Instead of “accommodating” these religious Americans, the Obama administration’s mandate punishes the non-compliant with outrageous fines. Torre summarizes the administration’s position:

[T]he Administration is clear: Get over your deeply held beliefs and get in line with the HHS mandate. The alternative is devastating fines to the tune of up to $100 per day per employee for offering non-compliant health plans.

How much is too much when it comes to the government bureaucracies carving out politically-expedient exceptions to onerous, arbitrary rules?

Do you think the “accommodations” were enough, or is religious liberty still being harmed?

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Claudia LeFevre-Lowry - February 6, 2013

What the hell accommodation is that? Obama et al is unconcerned with my personal freedoms and taking on the Catholic Church apparently does not concern him either. So why isn’t he challenged?

Elmer Gates - February 6, 2013

Obama is destroying religous liberty and the second
ammendment and too many more to name !

Joe Smer Sr - February 6, 2013

Religious freedoms are still under attack and need
immediate remedies. A president has too much power when he can
change things without the concurence of Congress and

Joan - February 6, 2013

Our religious liberty is being undermined daily by the
extreme measures and views of the government and its minions. This
accommodation is another example. Shame and double shame on

William Worley - February 6, 2013

To quote Thomas Jefferson: “To compel a man to subsidize
with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and
abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” Jefferson’s verdict applies to
the HHS mandate.

Gaylon - February 6, 2013

Their were no real accommodations. Move a comma here, a
period there, nothing was materially changed. Susan Sebelius is
just a button on Obama’s shirt that he uses to accomplish his
destruction of the American way of life. I just hope and pray that
businesses will stand up to this mandate and pursue every avenue to
have it defeated in court, even though Justice Roberts cowered out
by siding with the progressives on the Supreme Court. What a let
down Roberts has been. Are there no statesmen or leaders left in
our elected government?

John Hazeltine - February 6, 2013

America needs more human capital, not less. The population
is at the point of not replenishing itself. Promoting contraception
and abortion will be out of style some day but in the meantime
conservatives need to fight for protection of human life and make
the argument for welcoming more children.

Adam Smith - February 6, 2013

By definition, a $100 per day per employee fine is not a
reasonable accommodation, being neither reasonable nor an

Steen - February 6, 2013

I think if a business has shown it puts it’s religious
convictions above profit, like Chikfila and Hobby Lobby who refuse
to do business on Sunday, they have shown they have strong
convictions and should be allowed to be exempt.

bill kendall - February 6, 2013

I do not support any accomidation, the preident’s view is
simply wrong on all counts, religuous liberty is still being

Ken Carter - February 6, 2013

Our religious liberties have been under direct assault for
decades. We must define a limit now, say “this far and no farther”,
then be willing to put our lives, our fortunes, and our Sacred
Honor on the line to fight back and take back what has been lost.
Also to try and redeem this nation in the eyes of The Almighty for
the millions of innocents lost to the modern version of Molech
commonly referred to as convenience. Those People will stop at
nothing to destroy any moral absolutes and personal responsibility
in the lives of the young.

Ted Parker - February 6, 2013

Not enough correction. All Americans are given freedom of
religion by the Bill of Rights.

Martha Stanford - February 6, 2013

Easy to see that obama cares Nothing for Americans’
religious convictions. The DNC platform put absolutely No
restrictions on abortion, so it went even further than Roe v. Wade

Karen Llewellyn - February 7, 2013

The Judeo-Christian beliefs are being punished on every
front. In schools, Muslim kids can get out of class to pray during
school time but Christian kids can’t even have a club without legal
support. Catholics may be allowed some benefits, while the
scattered Protestant denominations, without such a huge, united
organization, have to fight a bit harder. The government is rapidly
deciding that only atheism, agnosticism, and Islam are acceptable
religions, thus effectively establishing state religions.

Steve Beiser - February 7, 2013

If Wet the People allow the CHANGE the this President and
Government want, WE will not have any freedoms. When WE look at
history, this truth reappears time and time again. If you beleive
in GOD or do not is not the issue at hand, it is the FREEDOM to
choose, That is what is being lost on every front. Government would
like to be the ones that make your choices for you. Jews had
choices made for them, history will tell you that did not end well
for them.

John Smith - February 7, 2013

What we are seeing is the first true signs of a nation’s
leaders punishing religion for not complying with them. Let us not
forget that this is the reason why pilgrims escaped to the new
world and why they defied and fought the British. The question is
will we see a repeat of history in the future?

Michael Barbuck - February 7, 2013

God, family and country.People lose their freedoms little
by little. The constitution says freedom of religion. It does not
give power to the government to intrude into peoples lives and
force them to into a system of that they find immoral.

James - February 7, 2013

Not even close. As the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty states, the “accomodations” are 80 pages of nothing new, murky in the details, and still fail to protect business and religious institutions from unconstitutional government intrustion. Support the Beckett Fund in protecting 237 years of religious liberty.

William - February 7, 2013

impeach this president

Sharon - February 7, 2013

If every citizen who truly believed in God, country, freedom and justice, stood up and screamed enough things would change slowly but surely. What business is it of the government to decide who gets birth control. This is outrageous. Next there will be sterilization. We are on a very slippery slope here and need to start defending God in this country before we lose our very souls.

Winston Allison - February 7, 2013

It is absolutely imperative that we elect a conservative majority in both legislative chambers in the next election!!

William Care - February 8, 2013

Our Congress should do its job and rein in the President, before he destroys our country. They ( Congress ) have been letting him shred the constitution and thinking he is the king.

Joseph F. Kaltz - February 11, 2013

All of our Liberties are under attack and have been for decades. The Government is forever on the march encroaching further and further into our lives. A mojority of the American people have either been asleep or too complacent for too long. If “We The People” do not stand up and tell the Government “Enogh is Enough” and stop this march towards “Socialism” we won’t have any Liberties left and We Will All Be Inchanged to the Government!

Edward D Gates - November 14, 2015

I think we go back and stand up and demand our 1st constutional right of freedom of religious beliefs and a seperation of church and state.

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