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The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed costly new regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, even though the agency “has no explicit statutory authority to regulate CO2¬†as a pollutant,” Heritage Foundation expert Nicolas Loris explains.

The proposed rules will “effectively ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants,” driving up energy costs for families and businesses. Moreover, even the EPA has admitted the regulations will do nothing to combat climate change.

Congress should act to rein in the EPA, Loris argues, by either cutting its budget to enforce the rules or by limiting its authority.

Do you think the EPA should regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases?

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Robert - May 2, 2014

it’ time to junk the EPA

Terry - November 13, 2014

I think that it is as likely that the EPA will do right by America on there own… as it would be likely that a Serengeti lion would lick your face if you called him Kitty.

Yeah, right!

Curt S. - November 13, 2014

MY TAKE on the Climate in response to a
Sierra Club email the other day….
– – – – –

” This NEEDS to be sent to Chinna, Russiaa, Mexicco,
Indiaa, and all the other Third world Countries, NOT our EPAa or Pressdt,
nor our Representatives. These new Unnecessary Rules & Regulations
would put an Additional Strain on our already Struggling Economy, the Poor
and Middle Class.
Higher electric and gas bills etc… If you were on a ‘Fixed Income’ and/or
very low Income then you would understand !

All this is about is making a bunch of Lobbyist have Fat Pockets and to
Appease certain ‘Special Interest’ groups at the Expense of the average
hard working American!!

America has ample emission, clean water, and land
conservation laws in place ALREADY……
We are probably the CLEANEST country in the World
Right Now! We probably have the cleanest Carbon Footprint
of any other in the world as well.

I am a Major Conservationist and Preservationist,,,
but I just Can’t buy Climate Change bill of goods.

Last Winter was the coldest winter in six decades:
– part of Niagara Falls froze
– Coast Guard Ice Breaker ships had to be used to
keep shipping lanes open for freighter ships
– many record low temperatures were broken
– several more than usual – Snow Storm Blizzards
AND other countries around the World had unusually
Cold conditions.

PLUS -The Polar Cap has dramatically Expanded in size.

Granted the Southwest corner of the country, California,
certainly NOT Arizona or New Mexico is having a drought,
but I don’t think that has a thing to do with human interference.

YOU really need to look at the Facts. The Epa DOES NOT
need more Control that it already has; one example – that
Ethanol thing is A Giant Farst – ruining engines, driving up
all corn product cost Unnecessarily!
Also,The proposed Clean Water Bill is just a Huge ‘Power Grab’ !!

As I said: America has enough Resource laws on the books
already and Most Americans are Respectful to our Natural Resources.

Again, Direct All your energies towards the parts of the World that
I mentioned at the beginning of this letter if you want to have a
positive impact. ”

Curtis S.

Michael Hines - November 14, 2014

The real problem here is that Congress authorized and funded these agencies with Congressional oversight. Unfortunately Congress is not exercising appropriate oversight. Since the agencies have free reign, they can do anything they want. Until Congress steps up and exercises its due process and oversight – we will continue to see more of the same – from all government agencies.
For whatever reason, Congress appears afraid to exercise their authority. We need leaders in our leadership, not partisan politicians. Until we can say “I am American” and not “I am Republican or Democrat” we are bound to continue the same downward path.
American did not become great by great numbers of rules and regulations. American become great by following 10 Basic Laws – the Ten Commandments; and by establishing a government with checks and balances. What happened to the checks and balances? We (American) have gone astray from our founding principles – with the anticipated results.

George Cooper - May 8, 2015

I whole-heartedy agree witheliminating these costly regs that th EPA has proposed

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