President Donald Trump (L) makes remarks as The Heritage Foundation’s Kay Cole James listens, during a roundtable discussion on border security with conservative leaders and administration officials, at the White House, Washington, DC, January 23, 2019. Trump continued to demand Democrats agree to his $5.7 billion border wall plan. Photo by Mike Theiler/UPI (Newscom TagID: upiphotostwo651043.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

President Trump has prioritized the crisis at the border as the central issue of concern in Washington. In the midst of a high stakes legislative battle, he turned to a small group of conservative leaders this week. Heritage President Kay Coles James was there to encourage him to stay the course and point to true north. The Heritage Foundation’s message has been consistent throughout this process: Secure the border. Open the government.

What would you like The Heritage Foundation to do as negotiations continue?

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Mollie Lazarus - January 25, 2019

Please encourage President Trump to stick to his plan and desire to keep our nation safe with a border wall as he described it today. If the Dems don’t come to terms with this critical need then he must declare a state of threatened national security and obtain the money from the military budget.

Tim Mullen - January 25, 2019

Border security is the federal government’s first responsibility. Please don’t give on this issue, it is too important.

Joyce Burns - January 25, 2019

Please continue encouraging the building of the wall, let’s finally get this done!

Ruth h Leech - January 25, 2019

Stand behind our President and pray for him, give him wise counsel and, may we all look to God for His help in times such as these.

Gary R Oden - January 25, 2019

Build barriers on the border. Necessary for other border security tools to work and be effective.

Sheryl Saviori - January 25, 2019

The President should declare National Security emergency and find the funds to build the Wall. He will not get anything from Nancy s& Chuck He is wasting his time and ours. This is what he should have done first !

Tim Mullen - January 25, 2019

The federal government needs to know how many non-citizens are among us in order to fashion appropriate public policy.

Vincent J. Esposito - January 25, 2019

I will like Heritage Foundation to begin communications on climate change which appears on every Dems’ agenda for 2020.
This is going to be a major Dem position similar to what they did with health care in 2018 which won them over 40 seats in the House.
Other organizations could work in concert with Heritage to stage a full court press on this topic.

Linda Hall - January 25, 2019

Please continue to support President Trump in carrying out his priorities which is why he was elected. He represents what America wants and needs for a safe and just future.

Patty Huddle - January 25, 2019

The President has been the only one to make concessions. He needs to stand firm in his commitment to the American people. Amnesty is not negotiable.

Larry Klone - January 25, 2019

Please continue to encourage our President to stick to his guns. He has already compromised the border security issue by asking for only 5B dollars instead of 25B. No other compromises should need to be offered. Congress needs to decide whether border security is needed or not without clouding the issue with compromises (pork).

Nancy L Kilgore - January 25, 2019

Keep pressing this issue. I yearn to see President Trump secure our border and end the insanity of all the evil pouring over it. I want President Trump to keep standing against the Dems with all his strength and pointing out the profound lies they propagate daily. Thank you for all you do, Heritage! Keep on keeping on!!!

Wayne Weaver - January 25, 2019

President Trump thank you for your efforts to help make the USA a safer place than it currently is now.Please stay the coarse.Our country is at great risk from dangerous bad people.I will continue to stand with you and any members of Congress that persue the building of a better wall.If they do not support you I will vote against them!!!

Joe Joerger - January 25, 2019

Please secure our border! The failure to do so is harmful in so many ways. I fear that too many politicians do not want to do this because of the payoffs that they, or their party or both, receive. Payoffs and party are coming before US everyday citizens! How sad! Drugs, human trafficking, disease, and economic burdens as well as fearing for ones saftey are prices the peons pay—but the peons will revolt some day!

Robert Hallowitz, MD - January 25, 2019

I agree with Mollie Lazarus completely.
Robert HAllowitz, MD January 25,2019

Linda Feher - January 25, 2019

I would urge President Trump to stick to a border security plan that includes a barrier in certain areas where the experts believe it is necessary. However, if the President finds a “barrier” impossible to negotiate, he should drive an extremely hard bargain to get EVERYTHING else that is necessary to secure the border, including extreme penalties for hiring illegals. Declaring a national emergency would no doubt be tied up in court until he gets out of office and probably nothing would come of it.

Ronald Nelson - January 25, 2019

Unless the general public listens to conservative radio or watches conservative TV they are unaware of the flip/flop of the Dems over border security. TV ads need to be run in high-viewership times just like during a campaign to show how liberals have flipped. Ads also need to be created that show how Dems have kept minorities in slavery to ideas that do not work–how Dems stood on the roads and in school doorways to harass blacks in the 50s. Millennials know nothing of these events.

Sharon Emmons - January 25, 2019

Continue to stand firm and uphold our values. Do not give in to the Liberal agenda, who want to undermine our Country ideals.
Already we see a muslim US legislator promoting unamerican values. I hope she is defeated next time around.
Thank you for your service

James Morrow - January 25, 2019

We must have border security to survive as a nation. Not some temporary structure but a permanent wall. Whatever it takes. The Senate(R) is weakening in resolve (as usual), Many Rinos have already caved in the House.
Something must be done about “fake news” within the 1st Amendment. Take cameras out of briefing room. Score and publish fake news and action, if any, taken by the news agency.

William Harper - January 25, 2019

Pres. Trump has offered concessions on immigration that are not really in our country’s best interest and still the Dems will not give him one penny towards the Wall. If he goes with Mollie Lazarus suggestion he should keep the government Shut Down in place until the Congress funds the Wall and the military gets reimbursed.

Lenore Delores Peck - January 25, 2019

Yes, stay the course. Border security, then open the government. To give in now is to lose, the Democrats will not keep their word even if they give some lip service to border security. A bill must be passed that that includes wall/barrier money,the 5 plus billion.

James Landaker - January 25, 2019

How does all of your patting yourselves on back now that he caved to the Dems on reopening the government without obtaining the border wall funding? So much for Hertiage’ s influence.
PS: I just renewed my membership for 2019 yesterday. Did I just waste $250?

Charlotte Zeitsiff, Ed.D - January 25, 2019

I believe that the Heritage Foundation would best serve President Trump and thus, our country, by encouraging him to “stay the course” on a physical border wall. Using the Foundation’s excellent Constitutional analysts to help him in this fight would be of great benefit.. Let him know his supporters are relying on him and believe in him. Should he need to “fight dirty” with Pelosi and the Dems, then so be it! They are opposing our President on a personal level. He needs to do the same, legally of course!

Dennis Vaillancourt - January 25, 2019

Since POTUS has agreed to a temporary spending measure to re-open the government…believe the next step is to firmly announce that there would be no open government for those non appropriated agencies unless both wall and border security and immigration are ALL fixed.

Larry Mervine - January 25, 2019

The Heritage Foundation, if possible, should work with “standard” media outlets to educate the American public about the importance of the security perimeter particularly on our Southern boarder where illegal immigrants have “flooded” our country. I do not think that most Americans really understand the situation.

Joseph Braun - January 25, 2019

Please “force” Congress to address the imigration crisis. That means consideration of our constitution, the security needs of current AMERICAN CITIZENS, and the actual needs of business and farming in this country. Open borders are not a solution to American Imigration!

Eloisa Pino - January 25, 2019

It is unconscionable that federal employees are suffering because of a political standstill. Yes border security is very importan, but not at the expense of 800,000 peoples lives. Also everyone’s security is impacted when border patrol, coast guard and air traffic controllers are distracted or not coming to work at all.

Michele Mixon - January 25, 2019

Please go thru with the wall.
President Trump should have both side Chaplain, Dems and Rep. get together & pray about this matter like they did when this country first started. Like to see it mention how many Congressmen & Rep. have wall around there home & why they get secret service people to be with them when they travel. If they expect us to except anyone so should they. Thank you President Trump for all you do!

Janet DeVriendt - January 25, 2019

I had some close friends who were illegal aliens and they were very focused on working. So I am conflicted concerning the Border Wall.

Eve McClung - January 25, 2019

I would urge President Trump to stick to his plan as outlined in his speech, a multi-faceted approach (including border barriers). No DACA, no amnesty. A work VISA program with careful checks and balances would be acceptable.

Cynthia Dean - January 25, 2019

Build the wall.
I don’t think President Trump should have put off his State of the Union address. He has a lot of accomplishments to report that people don’t hear about unless they watch Fox or OAN. Nancy P. just doesn’t want anybody to hear it.

Sherry Adamson - January 25, 2019

President Trump should wait out the 3 weeks. Then, after the Democrats don’t give in, he should declare a state of emergency and build the wall. When the Democrats block him in the 9th circuit and say, “it can’t be an emergency, because when the Republicans were in power, they did nothing to secure the boarder.” Trump should explain BOTH sides are complicit THAT’S why, “I have to declare a state of emergency.”

Cynthia Einhellig - January 25, 2019

Continue to support President Trump and to inform the public of efforts and successes that President trump has accomplished to help Americans of all backgrounds. Americans do not hear what he has accomplished from

Jenniffer M McKinley - January 25, 2019

I want that wall and I want to know who is in our country. Trump must stand firm. I am not a hating person, but I would like take a 2×4 and smack some common sense at Pelosi and Schumer!! I am outraged that Congress gets paid when they don’t do their jobs.

Christine Mueller - January 25, 2019

Please let President Trump know it’s imperative that our borders are secure and that the wall at our southern border is built. President Trump has bent over backwards to try to compromise with the Dems to no avail. After the 3 weeks have passed and there is still no compromise that includes a border wall, (which there won’t be!) President Trump MUST declare a State of Emergency and build the wall to protect our country from the ever increasing flow of illegal aliens and the danger and chaos this creates.

Raymond Boback - January 25, 2019

build the fence or wall or a combination of the both of them. If you give in to pleosia , you will never get the wall/fence/combo. By not building, you have a good chance of NOT BEING REELECTED.

Sandra - January 25, 2019

Unless it is seen as a “cooling off period” I see re-opening the government for 15 days was a sign of Pres. Trump relenting to who knows what. It is amazing how the majority of Americans turned from supporting Trump for the wall to blaming him for the shutdown. More confusion is setting in the minds of American people. Over $17b has been spent so far this year on illegal immigration according to OAN news. Yet 800,000 people are out of work right now and all that is needed is $5b to get them back to work and start on building the wall. Please encourage the president to use his legal right to declare the national emergency to bring a halt to the stall tactics that is being used to discredit his agenda from going forward.

Carol D - January 25, 2019

Trump MUST NOT give in on border security. There is no better way for him to doom any hope of reelection and further progress in turning this ship around. National security is his primary job as President and the most important he can do.

Bonnie Hocker - January 25, 2019

Please continue to encourage our President to stick to the course with border security and the wall. I was disappointed today to see that the government was opened without a path to secure the border. The democrats now believe they have “won” and I seriously believe they have no intention of working with our President.

Charles Hawkins - January 25, 2019

Continue relentlessly to secure the southern border.

Jim Lacey - January 25, 2019

Mr President:
Full speed ahead and call the “State of Emergency”.

Virginia Keating - January 25, 2019

Our southern border MUST be secured.
New immigration policy must be written.
Based on Merit, chain migration ended, amnesty based on definite threats to life and limb, i.e., Christians being murdered by the masses. NOT gang violence or lack of jobs and bad economies. Their governments should be taking care of these issues, not sending them to us. And no more foreign aid. We need the money here to support all these people.
If the cave today came as a result of air traffic controllers calling in sick, the return with a doctors slip, like most HR policies in regular companies, or fire them, as Reagan did in 1981. I see President Trump as our final hope for border security and a decent immigration policy, if he can’t succeed, we’re done.

Ann Kyle - January 25, 2019

Keep supporting the wall and necessary technology, personnel to man all border and ports of entry on the southern border..

LANCE Johnson - January 25, 2019

We need to secure our borders, & that was part of the reason he got elected.
I feel that president Trump, should not back away from building the wall.’ Lets get it done.’

Climate change, is a big joke, Lots of the left wing has gotten rich w/ that crap which only “Some” of the liberal left people buy into. but yes I do feel that they are going to try to sell that, next election

Susan C Periano - January 25, 2019

This problem has plagued our nation for decades. All ideas regarding securing our borders need to be examined thoroughly. A steel wall would help the steel industry and consequentially help the economy. So, it’s not a horrible idea. A bipartisan thorough plan should be executed to demonstrate America’s ability to achieve a sensible solution.

George Sperry - January 25, 2019

Encourage the President to stand fast on funding the border wall. I see this latest move as a “Charlie Brown” moment. He isn’t going to get to kick the football.
Republicans have been giving in to Democrats for 50 years and we still have thousands of illegals per month.

Jim Cramer - January 25, 2019

no amnesty, only deportation

David B Goedde - January 25, 2019

Emphasize the cost per Illegal to the US; and local costs as well for school, hospital care, etc., how it is closing hospitals e.g.. And what percentage of the total budget does or will the wall cost. Repeat over and over until people start to get it.

Barbara Kamm - January 25, 2019

I understand why Trump opened the government today on a temporary basis. I support that but continue to want him to secure our border. I also empathize with him. The Left and the Dems are intransigent, and are doing a horrible disservice to our country because of their insane hatred of our duly elected president

Joyce Welch - January 25, 2019

I think we should impeach Nancy Pelosi for putting her personal dislike of President Trump ahead of our country’s safety and security by refusing to negotiate with the President. The money for the wall is available but Pelosi refuses all negotiations and continues her negative comments. This is irresponsible and is not helpful since our Southern border continues to be constantly invaded.

John. Doetzer - January 25, 2019

Fund and build the wall .#1 priority. Then fund the government

Daryl Spilde - January 25, 2019

Make sure your research is accurate, then publicize the importance of securing the border and stopping the influx of immigrants coming through Mexico to our Southern border.

David B Goedde - January 25, 2019

Oooops…. make that $100 each. Count me in.

Judith Stockstill - January 25, 2019

I heartily agree to securing the wall. I believe this will stop the drug flow, prevent crooks from entering our country especially after being deported, and put an end to the horrific trafficking of children and women!

Thank you for all you are doing to defend the USA!

Nancy J Miller - January 25, 2019

At the earliest convenience, please discuss with President Trump the need for Term Limits and Voter ID. There is so much fraud in our elections, I almost feel like my vote is not worth casting. My personal opinion is the House was stolen by all the fraudulent voting that existed. And to my surprise and dismay, the RNC did no investigations. This is a real problem with me. Thank you.

Ned Parker - January 25, 2019

Declare the emergency and build the wall, a real wall!

MHFine - January 25, 2019

Why do you not publish a list of all the House and Senate members who live in gated/walled/ houses or neighborhoods and push them to answer why they do so and why they do not consider our country just as vulnerable as they do by protecting their own borders. They must be racists. It would be even more interesting to learn the ethnic makeup of their neighborhoods

Robert Gianino - January 25, 2019

Heritage needs to put pressure on the more moderate wing of the Senate and House Republicans to stand by President Trump on the wall and immigration.

Robert Gianino - January 25, 2019

Heritage needs to put pressure on the more moderate wing of the Senate and House Republicans to stand by President Trump on the wall and immigration. If practical, attempts should be made to persuade the few moderate Democrats left in both houses to contribute their support as well.

Anita - January 25, 2019

today when I was listening to the President, I did feel like I got a “kick” in the stomach. But as I listened to more, I was beginning to feel and see what he was planning, was a positive! He is trying to negotiate with the Dems but when all they see and know is “hate” for’s scary! I feel he knows they Will Not give any funding for a wall or for border security, but the “ball is in their court”! Even though they don’t care for the American people their hate for our President is far worse because he beat their”queen” in 2016!! He is not the typical lying politician. That’s why we elected him. Please Mr President… Don’t let us down! We have your back!

Jefferson G. Lockwood - January 25, 2019

Growing up in South Texas, I saw first hand the negative effects that being overrun by illegal aliens can have on an area, a state and a country. If I had my way, we’d be running buses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking these invaders back to the border and dumping them back in Mexico with the warning that if we catch them again, there is a shallow grave in the desert waiting for them. They need to stay in their godforsaken country, because they are not welcome here!!!

Kathleen Parr - January 25, 2019

President Trump…Your Deplorables are behind You 100%…I would like to thank the Republicans who backed you …but not the 5 that showed themselves for what they are …Thank you to the Heritage Foundation … Thank You to the Tea Party they are behind My President 100%…President Trump must stick to his Plan and Never Ever Give Up …this almost reminded me of the time that Eric Cantor was put down and
out the door it should have been John Boehner…This isn’t over …oh no not by a long shot…We need more money for the Wall now maybe 17 Billion …believe me I know what comes over the Wall…Lot of disease…I was Happy to See the Republicans stick together…The Press must be taken down…I am upset with Fox News this past month they pushed the Democrats on us almost like Psychological Warfare…I have to much to say…I Stand With My President Trump!
I really don’t get much news social media keeps tabs on me …but I will never ever quit #TrumpTrain and neither will the Trump Base …
Thank You Heritage Foundation…

Neville Robeson - January 25, 2019

Disregard the snowflakes. They can not be trusted. Keep you eye on the prize which is protecting Americans.

Ken J - January 25, 2019

Stick to your plan keep the Nation safe. We need secure borders.Release all the illegals in the States of the Dems that do not support secured borders. You must declare a state of emergency if the Dems refuse to support funding for the border.

Donald Bowers - January 25, 2019

Stay the course. Keep up your good work. Thank you for what you do.
1) The border must be secured, and reasonable/intelligent immigration law enacted.
2) The Fair Tax would be the greatest boon to the economy possible. In addition to the Constitutional Amendment in The Fair Tax to repeal the Income Tax and require a Balanced Budget, a requirement to pay off the National Debt over a reasonable period of time should be included.
3) The US should exit the UN and stop being the world’s police.
4) The Dept. of Education (Indoctrination) should be eliminated.
5) The Federal Govt. should not subsidize farms, education or anything else.
6) Term Limits and Voter ID should be made law.
FWIW, I support President Trump 100%.

Mary Wesolick - January 25, 2019

Please encourage the President to carry out his promises that he made to the American people. Secure the border, build the wall, eliminate Obama Care, fight for religious freedom, select constitutional judges, drain the swamp and continue to make America great again.

robert jovanovich - January 25, 2019

Mr.Trump, you promised a wall, our survival depends on it if we are to remain ” The Great America” as we know it today. Lets finally get R done. God Bless !

Patricia Walker - January 25, 2019

Please push to crack down on illegal aliens being released into our Country and being given benefits such as healthcare, education, driver’s licenses, voting registration, housing, food stamps, and other welfare taxpayer funded entitlements. If the incentives are removed, they will quit coming here and abusing our systems.

Fund and build the wall on our southern border. Those caught entering illegally should be processed and sent packing back across the border with their children.

Pressure Mexico and Central American Countries to prevent these mass migrations, as well as hold George Soros and his organizations liable for funding these migrations which create social disorder and undermine Government authority.

Gerri Randall - January 25, 2019

Polosi is soul owner of the shut down. Really dismayed that our President caved in to her now she is acting President. We now have no border wall now that Polosi is in control we have no President and the States are in jeopardy. Really disguested with Collins for not standing and fighting for the border wall and standing with our President. No matter what has happened with the administration before and after the campaign it can not compare with the Clinton”s and that’s what really matters.

Gerri Randall - January 25, 2019

Polosi is soul owner of the shut down. Really dismayed that our President caved in to her now she is acting President. We now have no border wall now that Polosi is in control we have no President and the States are in jeopardy. Really disguested with Collins for not standing and fighting for the border wall and standing with our President. No matter what has happened with the administration before and after the campaign it can not compare with the Clinton”s and that’s what really matters. They got off scott free.

Michael Ragland - January 25, 2019

Support President Trump in his programs to make America Great Again. For too long the political elite from both parties have ignored the wishes of the American people, eroded the constitution and acted in the interests of the “one world government” group.

Richard Harvey - January 25, 2019

Since Soros and Steyer are actively funding the ‘resistance’ cancel them out. Soros was let back into the country by Clinton, Trump can cancel this the same way… Get rid of your enemies before they do the same to you…. RVN, Central America, and Iraq. Learn easy or learn hard.

Charles Clark - January 25, 2019

Stay the course for border barriers, and security measures, Listen to the border agents. Where and what do they need?
Children that were brought here illegally and are now good adults should be given a permanent pathway to citizenship, IF they sign up and go to the back of the legal immigration line. Chain migration needs to be broken, NOW.

Allen Way - January 25, 2019

We need a Federal law that makes lying, (knowing that “it” is a lie) punishable by 6mo. in federal prison. I think that would cut down on the “false news” that is tearing this country apart.

Herman Spicer - January 25, 2019

Please continue to encourage President Trump and Republicans to show the public the need for the wall. We do not want the President to cave to the Dems. Without borders and enforcement of laws, we do not have a country. Therefore, continue to encourage the building of the wall.

Sally Ann Milavec - January 25, 2019

The border wall and border security measures affect almost every element of our society today. It is the issue to solve. Stay solid behind President Trump to build the wall, it will even take a master negotiatior a while and a lot of turns to achieve–but TRUMP is the man to do it. We are behind him in every way.

Sandi Kendall - January 25, 2019

I would like to see ads on air (except for Fox who I think is already preaching to the choir) that has statements by the Dems on how they wanted to wall a few years ago and what they are saying now.
The regular media will not say anything good so pay for ads just stating facts that are being misrepresented or at least explain things totally not by half.

Melissa - January 25, 2019

If,after 3 weeks, president Trump has to declare an Emergency Crisis to get the wall funded, then he should retract the 3 yr. DACA protection,since the Dems. didn’t negotiate in good faith.
( Although,DACA is safe for a it’s still going through the courts, the Dems will fight tooth n nail and stall any progress untill they retake the White House in 2020. That is what they are banking on.
President Trump is the pit bull the conservatives have needed. He needs to keep up the fight and don’t let go! God bless and guide president Trump.

Thomas Parks - January 26, 2019

1. Thank him for being the first president since Reagan to actually fight for the American people against the liberal Democrats
2. Hold tough and build the wall – even if he needs to declare a national emergency
3. Take the offensive against the Democrats – investigate and prosecute them – even if he has to do it outside of the Justice Dept. End the 2-tier application of law – i.e. where Libs get by and Conservatives get hung.

Dennis Shannon - January 26, 2019

Given the fact that the media has consistently failed to report honestly about the problems on the border and placed all of the blame on President Trump, the Heritage Foundation needs to go on the offensive and call out Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues on their dishonesty. Their “high tech wall” is a fraud. Drones and cameras will stop no one from entering the country illegally. Physical walls do work. It appears that the goal of the Democrats is not to secure the Border, but to 1) humiliate President Trump, and 2) ensure that we keep getting more illegal aliens to vote illegally and steal elections. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are sacrificing the security of this country for political gain. They deserve to be publicly and personally shamed for their lies and what they are doing to this country.

Thomas Muldoon - January 26, 2019

I have been pleasantly surprised by President Trump’s perseverance against calumny and his Conservative policies. May I say, however, that he probably underestimates evil in himself and in others; he wants to look good, as most politicians do.

Ending the government shut-down today was the right thing to do, partly because few, if any, calculated the cost of the shut-down in a culture driven by Left-wing media. If the government must shut down in three weeks, Republicans should have a contingency plan so that the furloughed employees suffer as little as possible.

Pamela Bjerke - January 26, 2019

President Trump is doing a fantastic job in spite of the blow back he keeps getting from the media and Dems. Thankfully Heritage Foundation is there providing valuable advice. If there should ever be another occasion to withhold paychecks from federal employees, they need to include the paychecks of congress members and their staffs too. And no travel allowed for members of congress over the next 3 wks. until they get the border and immigration issues worked out.

Faye Boyd - January 26, 2019

Urge the President to continue to be resolute in demanding the $5.7 b to help secure the southern border. I hope he keeps reminding the Democrats …in their presence… that they supported border security in previous administrations. Senate and House, Republican reps should keep showing the collective videos from the past of key Democrats’ border security position each time they speak on the floor. Hammer the Democrats’ hyprocrisy.
The USA DOES have an illegal immigrant crisis at the border.

Lu Butler - January 26, 2019

Stay the course.
We need security for all our borders.
It is apparent the Dems are not willing to work together with us and are only using dirty tricks to make you look feeble, which you are NOT.
If you must, go it alone with all of the support of your base. We have your back.
God speed Mr. President

paul avila - January 26, 2019

Do not cave in to the democrats….

Ernest Wilson - January 26, 2019

Securing the border is a high priority. The President has the right side of this dispute. I f it becomes necessary, executive action would be warranted.

Jean-Jacques VITRAC - January 26, 2019

The President should pay for the wall from funds available (see also the article of Scot Faulkner about available funding) but also pay back some of the US national debt with available funds listed by Scot Faulkner, former CAO of Congress appointed by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Nobody could oppose payment of the debt…

William Hancock - January 26, 2019

Thank you President Trump for standing firm on the border issue. Personal security as well as security of our borders are one in the same, that is a basic human need. I do not understand how American citizens are allowed to die and families destroyed because a handful of politicians want it that way. This is one of the few things the federal government was tasked with at the founding of this country. The absolute lack of response and foot dragging by the Leadership of the Democratic Party are truly pathetic and show their callous attitude toward the American people. Trumps door has been open for discussion. If 800,000 furlowed Americans can’t get their attention, then he needs to use the rest of the powers of the presidency to complete the job of building the wall completely. End this issue once and for all regarding the physical border being built. Then we can discuss the rest of the issues regarding the border.

Carol Hendricks - January 26, 2019

Let’s say this you must never bow to the real life. ! Remember collective security for shore. You can ask eny one why do they have a door on they house? If not take it off. Every country have a boarder. (:) keep up the good work and God bless. Simba

Joneen Mackenzie - January 26, 2019

Please work with The president to effect public opinion about the facts at the border. Launch a three week media campaign and commercials to get the public on the side of truth rather than what the fake news keeps telling the public.

John Pugliano - January 26, 2019

Continue to pursue the wall – national security is of primary importance. We need immigration but LEGAL immigration. No citizenship of illegals. If illegals are allowed to stay then they should be registered and placed at the bottom of any path to citizenship behind all legal immigrants seeking citizenship. As for the children of illegals, they should not be automatically goven citizenship if born here.

Gail Smith - January 26, 2019

Please keep up the good work

Barbara Carnahan - January 26, 2019

Continue to fight the unlawful Progressives! We must have the steel barriers for our security and our children’s security. Secure our vote. The Democrats are stealing our vote with all the rights they want to give to illegals. Get the message out that the Democrats have already voted for this wall they are now blocking. Expose these Progressives so America can see how corrupt they are. The people at the top, Hillary, Comey, Brennan all have committed crimes. They need to get in trouble or this country is over. And get some of those scared-of-their-own shadow Republicans out there to SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!

Richard D DeRuyter - January 26, 2019

As the Democrats continue to do everything in their power to obstruct President Trump’s America First agenda, I think he needs to start paying hard ball with them and rather than indulge their complaints, use the most direct and swift means necessary to get his America First Agenda accomplished!

Charles Walker - January 26, 2019

I would like to see President Trump get out of Washington, DC and take his position on border security to every corner of the country. And also take his message of bringing the country together – let him give everyone – friend and foe alike – three weeks of his special brand of charm and love.

Frank Leupp - January 26, 2019

Just continue to stick with and support President Trump. He needs you now more than ever.

Edward Mcginley - January 26, 2019

Find ways and means to pressure both houses of Congress to build the wall where it is most needed. We are sitting on a sinking ship, and can’t plug the hole in the hull.

Sharon L. Hockenson - January 26, 2019

Thank you for all you do for conservative Americans, supporting the Constitution, supporting the USA as a sovereign nation with every right and responsibility to protect us and secure the border.

Ruthann Dawley - January 26, 2019

Thank you, Heritage Foundation, for meeting with President Trump. Please encourage him to stay the course and remain adamant about border security. I feel it imperative for him to continue communicating with the American people through weekly or biweekly “fireside chats”. He simply must get out his message and promote all the common sense reasons for national security; he must paint a stark difference between Republicans and Democrats and expose them for who they really are. Please encourage him in this. Thank you for all you do for America!

Joan Cummins - January 26, 2019

Dear Kay,
We desperately need comprehensive immigration reform, including the wall to which President Trump is committed. I fear the democrats are too entrenched to ever approve this funding. Declaring a national emergency to obtain funding may lead to negative legal consequences. Americans who support our President WANT to help by contributing $ to a SECURE ‘build the wall’ FUND. Individuals, businesses and organizations will respond. The FUND’s
existence needs to be blitzed, not as a request for public wall funding, but as a means to support an outcome we consider to be essential to the security of our country.

PAUL B STEIGER - January 26, 2019

OK. Secure the border and open the government. But how and specifically.

There are not enough votes right now to to both especially with a wall.

Or how do you bell the cat?

Carlton okamoto - January 26, 2019

Please relay to President Trump, his family, and his Administration that they are always included in my prayers. I pray he and his Administration are wise as serpents and innocent as doves, I pray healing to Mrs. Trump and Barron for all the awful things said about them by commentators. I do not understand all that is going on, like “giving in on the continued shutdown of the government”, but I have continued confidence in POTUS and FLOTUS. SOTU will be interesting and informative! Be strong and courageous, Mr. President!

Robert Quinton - January 26, 2019

The world of Homeland Security and what we put in place with that should help get the money

Christina Graybill - January 26, 2019

I truly believe President Trump must secure the southern border of the USA, which is the border where most of the illegal immigrants and foreign drug dealers enter — Not only the illegals and drug pushers, but people from ANY country desiring asylum from their own countries for whatever reasons. The USA is getting saturated with population and with danger from many of these illegals. HOWEVER, if there is a way to secure our borders without building THE WALL, and that can be as immediately effective as The Wall, and that would not cost the nation SO MUCH MONEY, then I would opt for that. I thought I heard Pres. Trump on the news a few nights ago saying that there ARE options and that he WOULD do an option to The Wall if necessary. WHAT ARE THESE OPTIONS? I believe we should ask him to describe these options & what it would take to put each into action in comparison to The Wall. This is too big an issue to not negotiate options, and too costly–we would want to make sure as much as possible that each considered option would actually work. For instance, I heard a number of times that The Wall is not infallible because people can still dig underneath it … ?
Also, I would like to hear from Pres. Trump how he justifies that he is actually a servant of the people, in office to fulfill the needs of the people of the USA, and then he somehow sees his way to make a decision like closing down parts of the Fed. Gov’t., putting thousands of citizens out of work, essentially making citizens pay again (on top of taxes) for gov’t. officials to effect decisionmaking … ? It seems to me Mr. Trump needs to put more thought into the fairest and most Constitution-friendly solutions.

Marianne Hillegass - January 26, 2019

Please thank and encourage President Trump to stay with his plan on border security. I applaud that he temporarily opened the government and if he cannot get cooperation from the Democrats, he should exercise his right to declare a state of emergency to get the job done. Immigration control is the biggest threat we have today.

Larry Mitchell - January 26, 2019

It looks like the furloughed government employees will now be back on the job with pay. Good. I would like for Heritage to develop a chart that shows us the entire southern border and the state of security for various areas. I have listened to the government talk about border security for decades and still our southern border is as secure as a rusted out bucket.

David Rumbaugh - January 26, 2019

Remind the President that Democrats do NOT compromise but they do lie. He should stick to his guns (and we should be allowed to keep ours) during the negotiations.

Glynnda White - January 26, 2019

I would like to see Heritage begin first putting out statistics, facts, figures and numbers of the costs of illegal aliens in the nation, the crimes they commit and photos of the victims as much as possible that can be posted. We need to begin shaming politicians on both sides of the aisle and the way to do that is by using such statistics in sidewalk demonstrations, posting outside of their local offices, on social media, etc.

Bob Randall - January 26, 2019

Now is the time to push for term limits.
We need a different kind of servant for our country.

Lori - January 26, 2019

What we would like you to do? Continue to stay course. Encourage him with wise, constitutional and the founding fathers principles values. Do it to protect him with all the legal tools afforded the President of these United States. I am sickened by the FACT that the PEOPLE’S voices are not be heard because of the drowning out of the media ‘s propaganda and interfearance. I am also sickened by the Republican elite in Washington DC ignoring us as well. I do not at present trust even the NRC. So by asking you to encourage MY President I ask that pass on my VOICE … “Stand Strong President Trump. Thank you for ALL that you are doing!”

Al Rakel - January 26, 2019

I’ve heard numerous comments like the Republicans have folded again and once again the Democrats have won. If border security negotiations fail over the next three weeks, it seems that President Trump must take executive action. Border security is too critical and we can’t keep turning a blind eye to the situation. Donald Trump is the only person I know that can and will get this done despite the significant opposition. Godspeed Mr. President.

George Fager - January 26, 2019

Encourage President Trump to change the word ” wall ” to security structure, buld it, then send our elected officials back to kindergarten.

gary stephenson - January 26, 2019

Continue to support the President, especially in getting his message out to the widest audience. He must do the State of the Union address. The govt. is open when’s the date Nancy? My bet she has no intention of giving a date!!

Jack Bleacher - January 26, 2019

Following the reopening of government on Jan. 25, please encourage President Trump to hold Congress’s feet to the fire. The democrats said “reopen the government and then we will negotiate”. Now is the time! They have three weeks to produce an agreement. Let President Trump know we continue to support him.

Stephen Dean - January 26, 2019

The elected Republician Congress men and women need to support the president and stop wavering to the left. This has to stop or this nation is serious trouble

Darrell Fredrick Conway - January 26, 2019

Secure the border before opening the government. Do not cave in to the liberal left’s demands. Stay the course!!!!

Ralph Busby - January 26, 2019

Build the wall
Repeal obamacare
Replace obamacare
Make tax cuts permanent

ann robinson - January 26, 2019

The Democratic bullies always seem to get their agenda. It is discouraging to support efforts and then see them run over by the democrats. It is great to expose the problem the crime but the republicans seem Not to bring the exposure to trial. It is hard to keep the faith that justice will be rendered

Doc - January 26, 2019

Organize a concerted forum consisting of all former and present border patrol agents and directors to address the nation.

annette bennett - January 26, 2019

Stand firm on the border enforcement including a wall. Negotiation have been going on for 10+ years and the Republicans have never stood firm – even when they had control of the House. Do not support amnesty. Continue to give Congress and the President guidance.

kathy bartlett - January 26, 2019

Please continue to support President Trump in securing our border. The wall is imperative to keep our border secure from illegal immigration into the US not only by Mexicans but from the middle east, South America, and other countries around the world. We need our government open. It is not right to penalize government worker for democrats failures to work with our President. Take pay checks away from Congress or the House or Senators including Nancy Palosi and her cronies and see how fast they come to an agreement! They are using federal employees as pawns in their nasty little game.

Spencer Pisczak - January 26, 2019

This is a 40 year problem, not a 4 year problem. As everyone knows, it is only getting worse. President Trump should have his team create a chart and show 40 years of statistics of the illegal alien migration, as well as statistics on Human Trafficking, Drugs being smuggled, and hard crime. Both Democrat leaders and Republican leaders over the past 40 years are responsible for not solving the problem.

Peter Salit - January 26, 2019

Are the “Dem’s” as pure as falling snow?
Why has the Special Council not pursued
Anything From Benghazi to personal E-Mails?
Peter Salit

William Fritz - January 26, 2019

Insist on ending chain migration, make illegal entry a federal crime with immediate removal to the country of origin, must have physical barriers, permanently end catch and release, make immigration a merit based policy, simplify legal immigration for merit based immigrants, have a enforceable tracking system for immigrants so that those that overstay can be found and either removed or otherwise penalized.

Betsy Spencer - January 26, 2019

Please facilitate a multifaceted plan for securing the border and ADVERTISE it. We never know what’s in a bill. Make sure to contrast loudly the process of passing through customs (no visa, no entry) to what Dems are asking for at Southern border (let everyone in without question so we can make them legal Democrat votes; spend $5 billion on luxury accommodations to encourage more illegals to caravan here).

Joseph Depalma - January 26, 2019

Publicize the wall around Pelosi’s home compound.

Maryann Adams - January 26, 2019

Support President Trump in his efforts to secure the border. Search for ways to get this done without shutting down the government again as I believe this hurts his approval and is viewed negatively by too many of the public.

Paul Lowery - January 26, 2019

Build the wall, strengthen our border security, make illegal immigration disappear! We support President Trump!

Ronald Bensink - January 26, 2019

Firmly support enforcing border security and building walls where they make sense. Immigration policy needs to be enforced and reformed to meet our country’s needs.

Hubert Powell - January 26, 2019

I agree that a citizenship question is needed but clarification to an “obvious” false answer should be addressed also.

Jim Richardson, Ph.D. - January 26, 2019

Interview and research: Why any concerned political elected person would purposefully vote or not vote (hold out) to knowingly keep this country exposed to ill fated possibilities that could ruin our AMERICA! President Trump makes a solid argument and plea that no on disputes, other than to say NO with no alternatives.

James Jackson - January 26, 2019

Expose waste a d fraud in DC, the mayor of DC and congress people’s junkets.

Frances Marshall - January 26, 2019

We are 100% behind what you have advised the President to do right now.

Frederick Scherer - January 26, 2019

Encourage the President to have frequent reports on border activity / problems conveyed to the public as the press cannot be depended upon. Also give praise and assurance to those gov’t. workers impacted that their interests are being protected. An informed public is his best
leverage at this point.

Stephen Soule - January 26, 2019

When did we become so lazy and self centered as a country that we can’t even be bothered to listen to facts and only act on feelings and emotions? When did we stop teaching history and utilizing facts, logic and critical reasoning?

King Theoden of Rohan in the Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers said it best: “how did it come to this? What can men do against such reckless hate?” Where are the days of old? How did we let such darkness cast shadows over our land?

When did we let our government be ruled by career politicians and Deep State lifers? When did stop following the Constitution and order of law on such important issues of border security, immigration and protecting US citizens? When did we allow our national media and educational systems be overrun and 90% controlled by liberals? 90% of anything is too much and precisely the structure our forefathers warned against. How did it come to this? What can men do?

“Let this be the hour when we draw swords together!”

Todd Hilgefort - January 26, 2019

Learn from the Progressive’s playbook. They coordinate with all that have the same goals (power and money) to eliminate what’s in the way of their goals, namely God, the Bible, and our Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers and inspired by God. They do this in a coordinated effort, repeating and teaching the same lies over and over to hide the truth. They have done this by taking control of and/or substantially infiltrating the media, educational and religious entities starting at the earliest ages.

Heritage and other entities (Heritage Action, Convention of States, Freedom Works, CRTV/Blaze TV, House Freedom Caucus, Judicial Watch, Fair Tax, etc.) with unselfish God center goals should coordinate with each other by spreading the truth to counter their lies and expose them for what they are. Our focus should be to counter the lies they are currently spreading.

John R. Carr - January 26, 2019

If No Border Wall, shut down MORE of the Government! Many Federal Agencies are bloated and we would all be better served if they were severely curtailed.

Barbara - January 26, 2019

I’m very concerned our economic survival is depending on security of our boarders. I don’t understand why people can’t get behind the president. I hesitate to support republicans in future because they can’t get this done, the waste in government spending needs to stop and welfare needs reform along with immigration, I don’t want to pay for illegals and their healthcare it’s enough to take care of mine.
Relevance of money taxed on what the government spends should be scrutinized closer . I have lost faith in our government.

Don Goodrich - January 26, 2019

Please continue the course for securing our borders. Lets stick to the immigration laws and get these people out of here that are draining us dry

Gary Gillespie, M.D. - January 26, 2019

Unfortunately, in our present society, optics often rule, and President Trump at the moment appears weak for the first time. All of us can empathize with the 800,000 waiting for their paychecks–an estimated 75% of Americans living from one to the next. However, my humble opinion would include declaring a state of emergency, which is certainly easy to presently justify, and find a conservative judge to overrule the liberal on the 9th Circuit who will in all likelihood try to place a stay on the President’s executive power. Without a wall, I am fearful there will be no second term for Mr. Trump.

Rhodora Hartman - January 26, 2019

Thank you for encouraging our President in handling the affairs of State. It is imperative that he protect the citizens of the United States against those who would come here unlawfully. I stand behind him 100 %. We need persons who are thinking of others instead of themselves and their own desires. Those not working now have had opportunity to provide for the shutdown in advance of it happening. Each needs to be responsible for his own actions. Thanks for Standing Firm!

elmer kochans - January 26, 2019

Trying to sort out why Pres Trump caved in to speaker Pelosi, makes her more dangerous then ever. I have to assume he was concerned about hardship caused by shutdown.

Fred R. Johnson - January 26, 2019

Have President Trump “Stay the course”.
I believe he’s on the totally correct path. I come from an immigrant family, and we are citizens after following the simple requirements of the law.

Deborah Tjepkes - January 26, 2019

Please encourage President Trump to insist on securing the border! Do not cave to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

Leslie hansen - January 26, 2019

I believe the amount for security on the border should be increased to 10 to 15,000,000,000 rather than being conservative on the total amount.

Diane - January 26, 2019

We need a border. If ants invade your home, what do you do? Now we have thugs invading our border. We do have some families that are trying for safety. I don’t know how you can separate them from those released from the Honduras jails. We need the birth right to die. no more. We need to use the money we are giving Central America Countries to take care of these caravans. That money is only going to the crooked leaders not to help the people. a waste.
We need to change the law so that our armed forced can re enforce the border patrol and armed.

Jeanne Ruiz - January 26, 2019

Please continue to help President Trump to stand strong against any and all on either side of the isle who want consessions from the President before any consideration is given for a border wall. This is nothing more than a trap to make his his policies and Presidency fail. He must stand his ground even if it means a national emergency declaration.

Lorry and John Rufus - January 26, 2019

If you LOVE America you can continue to LOVE America, Build the Wall! Even if it takes declaring a National Emergency!

Charlene Groenendyk - January 26, 2019

President Trump has negotiated enough. Declare a state of emergency and take the money from the military budget.
The President needs to do this NOW. WE MORE INVADERS HEADED OUR WAY.

Linda Yohe - January 26, 2019

Thank you for all that you do ~ Please stay the course and continue to promote and support President Trump in fighting for the best security measures and options at our borders ~ The most strident Dem voices have fences and walls around their own personal spaces ~ Such Hypocrisy!!
(ie: a pretense of virtue)

Mr. Carol E Hendricks - January 26, 2019

Thanks for see in me. As a concerve I was looking for the president to stand his ground! Ok if u don’t get what u want shut it down ! And what happen to immigration ? For so long we bin talking about it everything come to nort’O.that is the main problem ! And remember the poor who will defend them? God Bless have a nice day. Simba

Ron Graham - January 26, 2019

Don’t give in. Continue to attempt to protect our borders.

Peter Twight - January 26, 2019

Science and the religious nature of Americans has broken our culture into a crisis of tribalism that includes moral conflicts.
We should work to get rid of political parties and treat them as conspiracies by applying RICO laws so Congress is again a representative body.

Jerry Metcalf - January 26, 2019

Stay the course, and report back to your members daily.

Brad Studebaker - January 26, 2019

Hold the line and demand a wall to stop the flow of trouble from the south. Pure polictics at play here and independents in middle will not forget in 2020

Jon Kirsch - January 26, 2019

I want Heritage to support the President’s goal of building a wall. heritage should urge all of congress to vote for funding the wall. Pay special attention to Senators like Collins of Maine, Murkowski of Alaska and other RINOs that feel they need to vote with the democrats.

DAVID R HOCK - January 26, 2019

We desperately need immigration reform. Unchecked it will destroy our country as we know it. Pursuing it is worth the trouble.

Mary Laforet - January 26, 2019

I did hear Nancy proposed something about electronic surveillance which restored some faith in her but ultimately, Mr. Trump will have to declare a national emergency

Steve Marcus - January 26, 2019

On the climate change concern, put several large ice cubes in a glass and fill it to the brim. As the ice melts notice that the water level does not change, does not flow over. Think about how ice melting on the poles will increase the water level! Seventh grade science is all it takes to debunk the belief that ocean front cities will go underwater.

Henry J. Vance - January 26, 2019

We need to attack the people who cry “racism”, “walls don’t work”, etc. by asking the sources of their information and if they have visited the border and talked with the Border Patrol people.

Shirley Ann Wurman - January 26, 2019

My comments are similar to those I read. Thank you for the great work you have already done and continue to help lead our country in the way it should go. Please continue to guide and encourage our President in the hard job he has ahead of him. I agree to the need of a wall for national security (sooner the better)!

James W. Rose - January 26, 2019

As an american citizen and retired Soldier I am appaled and scared at the political climate in Washington. This is our country not the radical left. This is about more than just the border. It is about the next election and control of the White House. Weak politicans have been paying lip service and kicking the Border Security Can down the road and it has finally come to a Real Crisis at our border. If we allow the radical left to win the White House they will pretty much control OUR government, and America as we know it will be radically changed by a handful of radicals. This is our country not the country of a handful of radicals. I beg every americans to stand up and be counted. This is the most important war we have ever fought and will determine the destiny of our country.I am not too proud to beg, this is OUR country. Let’s unite again like we did in WW2 and win this War.

M - January 26, 2019

Simply put – close the Southern Border. Need to deport illegals now. Stop taking in those calming asylum as well. We, as a country cannot afford to have them here along with the illegals. Quite frankly the same for those you are coming legally but do not contribute to our economy and well being as a nation. Need to stand up to the democrats because all they want are poor people – immigrants – who will be put on social services at citizens’ tax payer expense all for the sake of control and votes. The country is killing itself from within by overwhelming the system and it needs to be reverse now. President Trump – Stand Your Ground! Do Not Give In.

Shirley Gilbride - January 26, 2019

We stand behind you president Trump. Use all the powers you have to go around them. They will never budge. Declare a national emergency. They will try to stop that too. However, the tide will turn against them and you will be victorious.

George Wachs - January 26, 2019

The flow of illegals, drugs, and human trafficing coming north across our southern border is only part of this problem. There must be a hell of a lot of money going south to pay for this. Stopping this flow of cash, I’m sure, would more than compensate for the funds spent on a wall.
We need to find out who this money is coming from. Is it stolen? Is there a large group or company financing this illegal trade? And what would happen if this money stays in the United States where it belongs? Maybe crime would go down, people would be forced off drugs, lives would be saved, and families better cared for. I think securing our border is a very important project.

Terry Ruth - January 26, 2019

I am 100% in favor with The Heritage Foundation comments made for our county.. Thank you for your patriotism toward our United States of America.

Sharilee Roper - January 26, 2019

Continue in the same direction–do the right thing to secure the border and keep Americans safer and stronger economically as well.

Lora Mowat - January 26, 2019

Remind him that we are still behind him in the efforts to secure our border and create a common sense immigration system.
The personal vendetta of the opposition is wearing thin. Force them to answer the question: Why are you against a secure nation?

Frank Schwartz - January 26, 2019

I would like the President or his representative to lay out the cost savings of having a secure border . What are the current costs (include everything)?
A partial list would be border security, justice department, social costs, health costs, detention costs, illegal drug costs, etc. What would be the cost savings if we had a viable and effective immigration system ?

Bob McKellar - January 26, 2019

There are those of us, Trump supporters, who increasingly believe Republicans in Congress are weak-kneed, spineless, and will not stand together and fight the left. Now the President has apparently lost his backbone as well and gave the left all they wanted. We continue to hope we are proven wrong but it hasn’t happened yet.

Ellana - January 26, 2019

Encourage President Trump to hold fast to Christian and constitutional ideals and refuse to compromise on our Christian cultures and traditions. Encourage him to read the Bible every day and hold himself accountable to other godly men as iron sharpens iron. To seek the applause of God and not the applause of men.

Margaret Hess - January 26, 2019

Please make every opportunity to educate the public about the crime and costs related to illegal immigration. Also we need to educate our Current voters about the
Constitution and how it protects everyone,
and that non citizens do not enjoy the same rights that citizens do. Otherwise, what is the reason for immigrants to become citizens?

Joel - January 26, 2019

Perhaps have all the Republicans in Congress work one-on-one with the Democrats in the Senate and House to encourage them to give as much money as they are willing to give to President Trump for all the various aspects of needed border security. The largest amount of money that Congress is willing to appropriate for President Trump to deal with border security will enable him to accomplish this much-needed national security priority!

Laun Maher - January 26, 2019

There is no negotiation with the Speaker. They say(democrats) they are for border security so make they state in writing what that looks like. They already voted for a wall a couple of years back and so make then stick to that. If not, we will never build a wall and thus the end of the US nationality. Or, why not ask the Deomcrats since they are so socially minded, to offer to have all the dreamers and illegals already here build the wall for good wages -McDonald’s down my street is paying $15 an hour. Why not do both- have the wall built and get tax money back to the government through charging the socially acceptable tax rate of 70% per New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Finally remind the President the wall is a majority supported topic and therefore he needs to call a national emergency at the State of the Union address in front the those opposed to the nationality of the United States and have the military build it if the democrats continue to oppose the freedom of the Us. And put it that way in his address.

Ken Larson - January 26, 2019

Pray for our President and our Country. And encourage others to do the same. And take a look at the Cincinnati Enquirer online and the way they report the Covington story. You’ll be surprised. Fake news is everywhere.

Deb Bamford - January 27, 2019

Heritage Foundation has a tremendous opportunity to have important access to President Trump; and in the case of a border wall it is extremely important that Heritage Foundation keeps encouraging President Trump that the American People are with him; we need our borders secure if we are going to continue to have the sacred blessing of being a free and prosperous nation. I am certain that most of the time President Trump feels alone as he endures so many verbal attacks on a daily basis from the Dems; and the media; and it is my hope and prayer that The Heritage Foundation maintains it’s unique relationship with President Trump consistent; constantly ensuring him that The American People are with him. Without the border wall our nation will not be secure; we absolutely must get the wall built; I encourage Heritage to exhaust all it’s options to give President Trump the confidence he must keep up to maintain and reach the goals he first set when running for president. Thank you, Heritage for all you have done; there is much more work to be done concerning the wall; you are the organization who can instill the truth to President Trump that the American People want that border wall so we can really begin the long journey back to “Put America First” again.

Robert White - January 27, 2019

Please relay to the President the need to keep the faith on the border wall we are pulling for the cause & he is the only elected leader in my life time to see the importance of border security. Just as important is the need to refute the media’s case for the “crisis” of climate change. The acceptance of this hoax as well as “single payer health care” is key to the lefts aspiration for control of every aspect of our lives, freedom & economy.

George Goodwine - January 27, 2019

POTUS needs a line item veto to avoid shutdowns and make the gov.

LILLIAN SMITH - January 27, 2019


Sidney Dubin - January 27, 2019

I would bring the focus of just what a budget ceiling means and WHY does one exist. What is the purpose. Shouldn’t the focus change? Was it not created to try lower spending? That is not even considered by anybody anymore.

Phil Fetzer - January 27, 2019

It continues to be stunning that far too many Republicans fight what their Constitutional duty requires; serve “We The People”. Their tribe is their focus. I had difficulty with Bohner and then Paul Ryan, never demonstrating leadership when they had the power to get border security legislation passed and to be the first voice to fight-off the Dem’s and their nonsense; all due to the inability to stand up when truly required. Heritage focus on Congressmen who’ll do us proud, and actually lead.

Dale Hutchings - January 27, 2019

Build the wall with or without Congress approval ! Enough of allowing a Congress that does not function & ignore the Nations Business..

Dennis M Fries - January 27, 2019

Stand firm, border Wall of some physical type, end “Chained Migration” end “BirthRite Citizenship” Reduce migration numbers for a few years, if not ending migration completely for a few years, until this increase in illegals is eliminated. Stand Firm on implementing the E-Certify. And is there a way that these overly ;liberal Judges who are basing decisions on the Federal Constitution can be suspended or fired?

Stephen Jones - January 27, 2019

The President should talk to Mexico about building the wall on their side of the border. He should tell them we are considering a border crossing tax to pay for it if we have to build it on the US side. Fee would be $ 150 per person each way. Full truck fee for cargo will be $500 plus $150 for each person after driver. If Mexico builds the wall, Us will not gave to a border tax.

It will also cost less to build in Mexico due to much cheaper wages and Mexico can build with Chinese steel.

Jonne Rosenau - January 27, 2019

I very much hope President Trump will not cave on the issue of border security. If we do not begin to control our borders, we will lose our country without a doubt. I see this as perhaps the most important issue facing the U.S. Whatever he needs to do to accomplish this goal is fine with me. I have children and grandchildren I would like to see live out their lives in freedom.

Frank Roberts - January 27, 2019

Stay the course and pay no attention to the propaganda of the damnocrats!

Elton S Olier Jr - January 27, 2019

Stay the course, then open the gov.
The wall would not be a topic of discussion today if the DC Politicians hadn’t sat on their thumbs for 3 to 4 decades rather than actually solving the problems at our southern boarder. They have shown they’re not interested in a solution. Mexico certainly isn’t wanting to help solve the problem.

William Hall - January 27, 2019

Trumps biggest problems is that he does
not select the best of Attorneys, a go
getter Attorney General, and his advisors
do not seem to be very important. He could easily obtain his money for border
security, by scanning the proposed
2019 budget. 25 billion set for other
Countries. Make America First

Virginia Norton - January 27, 2019

The President must stay his course, otherwise America will no longer exist.

Dr. Fred G. Anderson - January 27, 2019

I completely support Heritage and Trump. But, best is get Trump and Pelosi out of it. MAKE CONGRESS compromise the Wall matter as a separate issue. Then create a 4 month deadline for congress to Finally FIX/Compromise the entire faulty immigration system – get in at 4 new ports of entry by prior application only – after 6 months = no pay for congress until both compromises created. Not easy I know, but there must be motivation. Only compromise will work!!

Richard Nelles - January 27, 2019

of course we need secure borders… this is not a joke….

Elizabeth F. Nottrodt - January 27, 2019

Please Continue to support and advise President Trump, our last hope for same govt.

Daryl Ann Doane - January 27, 2019

President Trump has not given up on a U.S.-Mexico border wall. Nor should he! He has emphasized the need for such a wall. He hopes that Congress should be able to come to an agreement over the next three weeks, after all they all are elected officials, ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE USA. President Trump does have Constitutional authority, IF ONLY HE WOULD USE IT.
President Trump should secure the border with a strong wall, one that that does not need immigration justices and any negotiations that go on endlessly AND never accomplish anything definite.
President Trump has been “very clear” in his intention to
secure the nation’s southern border with a physical barrier.
“We really have no choice but to build a powerful wall.” If we don’t get a fair deal from Congress, the government should shut down on February 15th again. President Trump should use the powers afforded to him under the laws and the Constitution of the United States to address this emergency.
Declaring a national emergency would allow President Trump to bypass Congress and to use existing money to start building the wall. Many of the government workers actually support him. They want the border security as much as does the general public!

Bob Fowler - January 27, 2019

We must protect the sovereignty of the United States or we cease to be a nation! A wall is a start, but the Mexicans will tunnel under it, destroy it or breach it in other ways. We should plan to electrify (non-lethal) the wall and have unattended devices or visual- observation on the wall segments.
Please tell President Trump to stay the course! Don’t give in to the liberals! He has my vote for 2020.

Edward Oliver - January 27, 2019

I fully support President Trump desiring to build the Wall and defend those families that this wall will protect along with the families that live within the areas of the wall and provide a means of security and the necessary potential of families being violently hurt and their entire lives turned into Horrible action to put families and their properties in jeopardy. No one wishes to have to experience terror and potential death of a family member and I am sure President Trump will totally agree!

Kenneth L Hall - January 27, 2019

We need to point out load and clear that Pelosi said she would negotiate when the government was reopened. So now if she fails to negotiate, it needs to be pointed out that she did not keep her word. And we also need to loudly proclaim that it is her government shutdown if she fails to negotiate.

Jerry Schillinger - January 28, 2019

The shutdown is over, temporarily at least, but we must use whatever legal means necessary to secure our borders using walls, fences, and other appropriate tools.

Willard Hoskins - January 28, 2019

Continue to emphasize the need for action at the southern border.
Praise those who are suppoting the president with constructive actions.

Sharon Kempfer - January 28, 2019

Get as much info as possible out to the American people. We are so easily deceived.

Marie Martin - January 28, 2019

I would like to see the legislators have a salary freeze instead of the federal workers that are not in charge of making laws. Why not? Is congress the new aristocracy in America? No, unless we remain silent and obedient. No. this is not the American way.

Steve Bennett - January 28, 2019

President Trump is good at making decisions when a lot of options are made available. Heritage is good at the basic research that presents those options. Both of you are “out of the box” thinkers. Stay at it….fund the wall, bankrupt those that sponsor mass immigration! Ask NATO, Doctor’s Without Boarders, the International Red Cross, etc., to set up shop at Mexico’s southern border to halt, assist and return the Central American countries’ emigrants.

Lillie & Daniel Osborne - January 28, 2019

I recently read an article from Judicial Watch on the terrorist caravans traveling toward our border from countries in South & Central America, many of which are coming from Africa and ISIS countries. Would like to see more credible information on this topic to give President Trumps support to the Border Wall we so desperately need!

Shirley M Gratto - January 28, 2019

The wall is a “necessary” if there is to be any control re who is coming and who is going.
Thank you for all you do to keep us informed.

Charles R. Medlicott - January 28, 2019

The question? Why do illegals want to come to this country. Answer: They want FREE everything Money.unemployment
benifits. food stamps, free telephons. drivers Licenses,houseing etc.etc. Now we have a NY governor wanting to give FREE tuition for illegals for colleges in N>Y> State What is next.?
.DO NOT GIVE ILLEGALS ANYTHING.BUT A RIDE BACK TO MEXICO. If there is nothing to come here for they will stop coming..

Marilyn Bernal - January 28, 2019

The “RINOS” need to come to the party and support the Prez! There needs to be more GOP having the stones to speak out, on the lib channels if they can get there, so the message gets out to the public. The RINOS are only interested in their own jobs because being in Congress is such a gravy deal. They don’t realize that we are fighting a battle here, and even though the Prez is not a classy guy, he’ll take the fight to the Dems & they can keep their delicate little hands clean! Obviously, only the Conservative Caucus (Jim, Devon, Mark, Ted, Goodlatte, etc) has the guts to speak out about what needs to be done!! And thank the Lord for Judicial Watch!!!!!!! I feel helpless and disgusted. We need more common sense Conservatives!!

Bill Werlinger - January 28, 2019

Build the Wall–Take monies from other areas of the budget. There are million of $$$ that are wasted each year for studies which serve no purpose ==other than a House or Senate member in their jurisdiction for votes!! I can’t believe that we couldn’t cut personnel or programs to get this money!!! Don’t take monies from Army; Navy; Air Force etc

Ronald B. Clark - January 29, 2019

Dump despicable Donald Trump before he totally destroys democracy and everything else he touches. The amoral a****** is a total embarrassment to the country.
By the way, there is no border crisis except the ones despicable Don has created. HE cost the country 12 billion dollars because of just one of his asinine ideas. We can’t afford others. We’ve also endured about as many lies as we can handle from any one person. The only false news comes directly out of the mouth of this big fat jerk.

Roger N LaGrassa - January 29, 2019

A southern border wall is a very important part of American national security and constructing it will help ensure the prosperity of our CITIZENS. We should also enhance security to reduce overstays by people who entered by other ways.

William Reid - January 29, 2019

Let the Dems think Pres. Trump ‘caved’ on border security. Now they will drag their feet on negotiations try to kick the can again. Declare the border issue a national security emergency and use a portion of the defense budget and the Army Corps of Engineers to construct the needed barrier (Wall).

William H. Snyer - January 29, 2019

Anyone that has seen the terrible mess near our southern border understands the importance of both a wall and trained troops to control our borders to save our form of government. Thank Gd for president Trump!
How about bringing pressure to rid our country of the Mueller investigation? His efforts undermine both our government and our constitution.

John Bauman - January 29, 2019

It reaches a point at which the Foundation can do very little but continually lambast the Republicans in both the house and senate for their weak-kneed, selfish, greedy conduct and opposition to border control that is worse than that of the opposition. I no longer classify the left as “democrats.” They are nothing less than wannabe Communists who, in turned, are owned by the so-called news media.

Even that won’t help, I’m afraid. But a continuing voice against their true reasons for detesting the wall and what they will gain from blocking it is one message. Another, and this is even more important than the wall is the underlying reason for everything the left does. THEY WANT TO TOTALLY DESTROY TRUMP, EVERYTHING HE AS ACHIEVED, AND REVERSE EVERY APPOINTMENT HE HAS SUCCEEDED IN MAKING.
It can have little or no effect if the Foundation isn’t as outspoken and fearless in it’s accusations as we who support you are in taking our messages as directly to our legislators with truth and barbed language. It may never reach them but when you’re out arrows it’s time to throw rocks — all the rocks in the quarry!

James shelton - January 30, 2019

Please continue to advise and support president Trump. The citizenship question is very important and without it we could lose control of our country.

Catherine Gibb - January 31, 2019

Please continue to meet with President Trump. We need to finish building the wall where it is needed, particularly here in Texas. If Congress won’t give the President the money to build the wall, he absolutely should declare this a national security emergency. Once the border is secure, then the American people must demand that Congress fix our immigration laws. This should have been done decades ago. Every President and every Congress has kicked this issue down the road–until President Trump had the courage to tackle it!!

Patricia Mahon - February 1, 2019

Check out Sidney Powell’s suggestion about the funds available from the DOD
budget for the border security. President Trump may not have to declare a National Security Emergency. She was interviewed by Mark Levin last Sunday and on another Fox program this week.

Garland E Henrickson - February 3, 2019

Thanks for supporting Pres Trump and the need for a wall. The Dems are trying to do to Trump what they did to Bush one: get him to back off his pledge and use it against him. We have to stand with him all the way.

Stephen Metz - February 9, 2019

As we have been told frequently, in politics there are neither permanent victories nor permanent defeats. This issue should be considered a marathon, not a sprint. He should be concentrating his efforts on attaining a series of incremental wins, while keeping the heat on the opposition as he does so.

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