Newt Gingrich speaks at Heritage July 23. Photo: Hillary Rosenjack

Newt Gingrich speaks at Heritage July 23. Photo: Hillary Rosenjack

Conservatives must adopt a positive message to win over the American people, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said today at The Heritage Foundation.

“We must be for positive things,” he said.

It’s a mistake to call November’s midterm election a “referendum on Obama,” Gingrich said. This negative approach helped leave the Republican Party without a House majority from 1944 to 1994, he said.

“If a Republican wins with a negative campaign, he has no consensus,” Gingrich explained.

But in 1994, Republicans maintained a “cheerful persistence” for conservative ideas.

There’s reason for optimism about the future, Gingrich added.

The millennial generation, those born after about 1980, has “crossed a technological threshold,” he said. While government remains mired in the past, technology is giving individuals more power in society. This gives conservatives an opening “to become the movement that offers a better future.”

Gingrich’s address in Heritage’s Allison Auditorium was part of Heritage’s “Lessons for Conservatives” lecture series.

In opening remarks, Heritage Founder Ed Feulner spoke highly of Gingrich, saying that he is “a unique find in Washington – articulate, charismatic, and loaded with ideas based on our conservative principles.”

Are you hopeful that the new generation can help sustain the conservative movement?  Tell us in the comments.

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Frank Jenkins - July 25, 2014

Newt is right on….show solutions….be positive

Thomas Marshall - July 25, 2014

Absolutely we need young CONSERVATIVE blood. Get rid of all the Progressives in the Republican Party.I think that Heritage Foundation is doing a wonderful job getting the word out to the younger generation. More outreach to the high schools and colleges.

BobbieSena - July 25, 2014

I know very few young people who have traditional conservative ideas concerning the government and the economy. Those few are extremely smart, wise, and hopeful. However, i am sad to say they definitely seem to be in the minority. Most young people now seem tohave deluded ideas about the supposed evils of capitalism. They seem to really believe Obama’s phillosophy of “you did not build it” and spread the wealth around. They also seem tohave no knowledge of history or of the structure of our government. The few wise and good could lead us in a great revival and restablish us as a great nation. However, the current leaders are kept in power by a majority of young people who are uneducated and helpless.

LOWELL S JOHNSON MD - July 25, 2014

Conservatives must do THREE things to win the American public to conservatives causes:
1. Raise hope for the poor. Help them out of poverty by providing OPPORTUNITY rather than DEPENDENCE. The OPPOSITE of socialism.
2. Fulfill the constitutional requirement to REGULATE COMMERCE in a balanced and proper way. This failure caused the GREAT RECESSION.
3. LIMIT the size of BIG GOVERNMENT by limiting the funds available to it, along with a BALANCED BUDGET.

These things must be SIMPLE AND STRONGLY POSITIVE, and must be presented so as to SATURATE the public consciousness.

Charles - July 25, 2014

What examples are the Republcans leading by? Trying to out Amnesty the Democrats? Giving into almost every demand regarding spending? What are Rove’s prior tier one candidates doing to help? Bush is hiding and adopting the Clintons, Jebbie boy is screaming for Amnesty. Cheney is the only one on the field all alone of course? Cruz & Lee are eviserated by the Rove Rinos for actually standing for something. Sorry, but the Rinos can be cheerful as they want and Heritage can try and educate them forever. They have to lead by example not surrender and silence. Where are they speaking, at Heritage to safe audiences? No where else that anyone can see, now off to another five week vacation what a team. Lining up Democrats to vote for Rinos to make sure no real ‘Conservatives’ can run? Any wonder Obama just laughs and does what he wants. These tired old circuit riders need some new material, what is missing is leadership. Leadership will make real Republicans cheerful period.

Robert L. Clanton - July 25, 2014

I don’t see anything conservative about Newt. Sure he is like the other liberals and says things that sound good and positive, but they do not address the real problems. He is part of the republican establishment and doesn’t want to change big government. He and they just want to run big government. Going 70 instead of 90 going in the wrong direction isn’t going to change anything.

Sam - July 25, 2014

I will balance your inconveniences. I will give and take. I will remit some rights so I may enjoy others. And I will choose to be a Happy citizen rather than a subtle disputant.

Thomas A. Bush - July 26, 2014

Conservative thinking is being overwhelmed by an ocean of well placed propaganda discrediting the message. Where I see the solution is in our education system that has been turned upside down by socialist views by persons who have been lifted to status recognition levels far beyond their real knowledge base.

We need to counter the false claims made to our elementary school children all the way up to our college students. Our quest for knowledge has been significantly damaged by the flood of information coming out of media sources claiming to be news agencies. These agencies could not have accelerated there propaganda had the world not clamored for 24 hours of news (propaganda).

This alone is bad but add to this the fact that our governing body spends far too much time socially manipulating their agenda into other power hungry people who are willing to give up a portion of their wealth to see to it that only their agenda is spoken about.

We really need total reform of our government where the elected are doing an elected position for a set period of time as a service to their country with every aspect of their service designed to serve the people not themselves. Tidbits could include housing for the congress (house & senate). This would be similar to the military where their space would be appropriate for the position. Most of the time Congress could spend in their own homes coming to Washington say every quarter for a month to actually vote on a bill that has been reviewed on line (we are in an electronic age). No retirement, after all you are serving for a temporary period (allow a 401k style retirement with limited matching and the same other limits to we their constituents).

Failing to end this propaganda train will not only not allow growth of our real thinking but stifle our country into take over by a rising power (China, Russia, Iran).

We need a majority who will stand firm for truth, prosecute / punish those who violate the constitution and our laws. We need to promote morality and expose those who have no integrity.

Having done these tall orders will we then be able to show others that a conservative, moral approach to governing and living is always gong to lead to prosperity.

Thomas Bush

Robert Seklemian - July 26, 2014

No, I’m not hopeful that the new generation can or will sustain the conservative movement. They’ve had no exposure to economics or political history and have been brainwashed to sincerely believe in socialism as the ultimate utopia.

pastor George Lucas - July 26, 2014

Conservativism along with Liberalism in America is headed down the primrose path to Extinction. America has forgotten The God who blessed Her and made America great. A Nation that forgets God is Doomed without Repentance .” Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness Exalteth A Nation: But SIN Is A Reproach To Any People.(KJV) Whoever endorses men plugging each other in the Anus is Defying Almighty God, and His Holy Word.Women having Sex with each other is a God Defying Act. Murder of over 55 Million Innocent Pre-Born Babies is what HATES. John 3:16 Is America’s Only Hope.SIN IS DESTROYING America From Within. Save America First-Evangelize The WORLD John 3: 16 (KJV).

william cook - July 26, 2014

I am an older man and a conservative first and a republican 2nd. Although, I firmly believe that Ronald Reagan was our best president in at least the last 100 years, I do disagree with him and all republicans who believe that “abortion” should be a political issue. Why do conservatives believe in individual freedom and chioce and yet think that politicians have the right and authority to tell a woman that she must bear a child if she herself has a hopefully legitimate reason to abort. This may lead to some bad choices but it is her basic right to decide……not some remote politicians. Republicans have been losing elections for a great nunber of years, and will continue to do so, as long as they run up the “abortion” flag at every election and the democrats rejoice because they know it is a losing issue for any republican candidate who falls into the trap. WHEN WILL THE REPUBLICANS WAKE UP?

Diane Woodard - July 27, 2014

Pastor George Lucas has given us information that we must all heed. We live in an unholy society of me, myself and I. God has made it easy for us: Read the Holy Bible and learn what our Creator expects of us. God is love and we should love Him. The power of positive thinking is a blessing and a guide.

Carol - August 1, 2014

We need to reach our children before high school and college. They are being brain washed in their early education. They are not learning our country’s true history, or about our Constitution and are being misinformed about “climate change”. My defining moment about our earth came from a ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park who was a former science teacher by profession. He roughly said, ” Our earth is many billions of years old. If you translate that into 24 hours, we humans have been on earth for 6/10 of a second. In that amount of time we could not have affected the earths climate.”
The main stream news media promotes the progressive movement and I find even my so called republican voter friends believe much of their reporting. So their propaganda works. Coupled with that and blatant voter fraud we have a tough road. We do need to be positive and pray for our country. We need more people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who are not afraid to speak out.
Thanks for being there to fight the progressive movement and big government.

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