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The Heritage Foundation’s Alyene Senger reports some good news on Obamacare:

Though the government’s entitlement spending is still spiraling out of control, taxpayers have finally caught a break: The recently passed “fiscal cliff” deal included the repeal of one of Obamacare’s worst provisions, the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act.

The CLASS Act was a new entitlement program included in Obamacare. CLASS was created as a voluntary, government-run long-term care (LTC) program. It was supposed to be fully funded from the premiums paid by its beneficiaries and require no federal taxpayer dollars.

But the program was so poorly designed—much like the rest of Obamacare—that even the Obama Administration had to admit it wouldn’t work.

Today’s Morning Bell points out other elements of the law that are under attack from liberals and conservatives alike.

Do you think Obamacare can be repealed piecemeal?

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