Our defense system needs to reform the way it gets intelligence in order to protect our country from another 9/11-scale attack, Heritage Foundation visiting fellow David Shedd argues. He recommends six reforms in a new article for Defense One

  1. Reorganize the CIA around specific subjects and geographic regions.
  2. End bureaucratic turf wars to ensure effective cybersecurity.
  3. Integrate foreign and domestic intelligence to better identify threats.
  4. Strengthen the Defense Intelligence Agency as the hub of military intelligence.
  5. Ensure collaboration across intelligence agencies by temporarily assigning officers to work with other agencies.
  6. Create a National Intelligence Leadership Corps that rotates effective leaders through high-level positions.

According to Shedd, the most vital reforms will adapt the intelligence community to the current climate:

Today, the threat environment has radically changed, and, collectively, its challenges are greater than those we faced even a decade ago. To remain relevant, the Intelligence Community must accelerate its own transformation. We cannot afford to be timid with the work that lies ahead.

Do you agree that we need reforms like this? 

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Albert & Carol Blank - May 1, 2015

Yes, I agree with all that you’ve said, and a lot that was not included with this particular e-mail! But its hopeless when Obama continues to do what he wants, and with a loyal democratic following in Congress, ad his own veto power, he’s negated the 2014 wins of the Republicans in Congress. Why don’t you work on them to impose the ‘nuclear option for voting, so only a simple majority is all that’s required to send it to Obama – let him, and the American people, see all his vetos and the bills they were about!

Barbara Ebeling - May 1, 2015

Yes! We need changes like those proposed . . . now we need someone to take the lead to get it done.

Tommy Houston - May 1, 2015

I argree.

Tommy Houston - May 1, 2015

I believe my money spent on the Heratiage foundation is well spent

uwe bartsch - May 1, 2015

yes we do

Dianna & Donald Morrow - May 1, 2015

Yes, we need to have intelligence that meets theneeds of our country in today’s

John W. Evans Jr. - May 1, 2015


James B. Swire - May 1, 2015

I think activating six intelligence initiatives
is a good start. But we are way behind
where we should be. It’s time to create

James B. Swire - May 1, 2015

It is time to show strength again to the rest of the world. Strength doesn’t mean we
must go to war; but it means that we must be ready for whatever happens. For the last few years under Obama we went down,
not up. We should work side by side
with country’s who view the world as we do.

Bud Nelson - May 1, 2015

Yes I agree

Charles H King Jr - May 1, 2015

Yes, we need a serious overhaul of our overall intel system/policy.

Ron - May 2, 2015


Doris Pappas - May 2, 2015

The Left with the support of mainstream
media relentlessly pushes its radical left agenda. Each time they “push”, conservatives MUST push back presenting a clear articulation of conser-
vative principles. Conservatives might consider taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times to explain conservative principles to a largely misinformed public. It seems conservatives are content to sit back and have OTHERS
define who they are.

Rachel Verdon - May 2, 2015

“Do you agree that we need reforms like this” in the intelligence community? suggested in Mr. Shedd’s 6 points? NO.”
Sometimes, less is more.

Is anyone at the Heritage Foundation familiar with the death of FBI Counter-terrost chief, John Patrick O’Neill? Under the Clinton administration, O’Neill had been tracking al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden for years, finding his work greatly ignored by Attorney General Janet Reno. Next he went to Dick Cheney and was rebuffed again.

Nobody would listen to him. so he quit the FBI and became director of security at the World Trade Center only days before the attack. He died in the rubble with all the dots connected, attempting to rescue the victims of 9/11. A PBS documentary was made about his life and death.

My point is this. 9/11 was not a failure of American intelligence agencies sharing and connecting the dots, it was deliberate neglegence, treason.

Building level upon level of new intelligence bureaucracies will not solve our national security problem, but only make it worse.

Why don’t we rid America of this complex monstrosity and simplify communications? Keep the FBI and Defense Intelligence Agency, and scrap everything else in between. The KGB and GRU worked just fine! Then maybe we could restore the 4th Amendment. Go ask Putin.

Read through this case, GW Bush had every reason to go after Saddam Hussein:
Estate of John Patrick O’Neill v. Republic of Iraq, et al.

Henry C. Holder - May 3, 2015


kevin Mason - May 13, 2015

Item 1: CIA should maintain an AOR of OCONUS.
The FBI should maintain an AOR of INCONUS.
All others subsurvient to the above.

Mary Beth Allen - May 25, 2015


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