There is something about the local post office that provokes nostalgia. Buying a sheet of stamps, checking your PO Box, or simply chatting with the local postman about the latest gossip all recall an idyllic life.

The post office in Hope, MN epitomizes the small-town charm of the obsolete, politicized, government-run postal system. On a typical business day, the Hope post office sees eight customers, who require a total of seven minutes of service. The USPS could shutter this underused, loss-making post office and ask the town’s 90 residents to journey 10 minutes to the next closest post office. But the closure was appealed.

Small town local post offices are wonderful in theory. But since 80 percent of all U.S. post offices lose money, major reforms are essential.

Heritage Foundation expert James Gattuso explains the gravity of the problem:

It is no secret that the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is in financial trouble. Its business is shrinking, with first-class mail revenue dropping 25 percent since 2006. As a result, the government-run enterprise is facing a sea of red ink, losing some $25 billion in the past five years. Losses of up to $20 billion annually are predicted for coming years.

Americans are using their local post offices less than ever before. Electronic alternatives such as, as well as sales at supermarkets and other retails stores, have meant fewer trips to the post office. As a result, traffic at America’s post offices dropped 21 percent from 2009 to 2010

The USPS is a slow moving bureaucracy, unable to adapt to market forces and ill prepared to compete with private sector competitors. Post office closures are a slow and laborious process requiring a 60-day public comment period, followed by another 120 days before the Postal Regulatory Commission makes a final decision.

Congress is actually stymieing the most logical reforms. Gattuso reports that the USPS is “prohibited by law from closing individual post offices simply because they are losing money. Congress is also keeping USPS from dropping Saturday delivery, although that step would save close to $2 billion a year.”

With $25 billion in losses over the last five years, new estimates suggest the mail service could lose $20 billion every year going forward. Gattuso suggests several solutions, including closing more underutilized post offices and processing centers and offering new self-service options for customers.

What do you think should be done to reform the post office?

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Robert V. Wantz - May 4, 2012

The post offices should ALL be handled as a business and be profitable or be closed. That is so elemental.!!!

Leo Pike - May 8, 2012

The Post Office was in the black. Find out what they were doing then and let them continue that same business model.
Retired Letter Carrier

Richard Ross - May 8, 2012

Those 8 people must be served. Maybe not by only a post office for them, but they must have service. I know nothing of that location, but there are people in this country who live in places that the private market would never serve their remote location. These people must still be served.

Robert H Appleby - May 8, 2012

This office should be closed. One reason for the USPS’ service to be so poor is that they want to continue losing money in places like this. The efficiency of the USPS leaves much to be desired. If money losing offices such as this were eliminated perhaps the money saved could be used to upgrade technology in use.

Lucy Hoff - May 8, 2012

I agree with Mr. Robert V. Wantz! If they aren’t profitable CLOSE THEM!
I have read that many Post Offices have been closed that served a great many more people than Hope, MN.
Why NOT close one that serves only 8 people!
Sounds like another case of “dirty politics” to me!!!
Lucy G. Hoff

Ray Gagne - May 8, 2012

1. Stop all US Mail deliveries on Saturday.
2. Close all Post Offices on Saturday.
3. Close all small Post Offices that are within 10 minutes of a larger Post Office. Consolodate !!!

Jim - May 8, 2012

If the 90 residents want to keep the post office open, then let them pay for it. All of it, building, mortgage, sorting equipment, salaries, pension, medical, insurances, etc. Nostalgia is great until you actually have to pay for it. This is one agency that needs to be privatized. Bid it out to UPS and FedEx.

George Allen - May 8, 2012

The US post office should be closed. Private services can do this system much cheaper than USPS. If the private sector can deliver milk and other products without a program.

Gordon T. Ray - May 8, 2012

USPS should have authority to close underutilized offices & where nearby offices serve essentially the same geography.
USPS should also have authority to stop Saturday mail deliveries.
USPS should have authority to hire professional non governmental panel to review operation, make cost reduction advice & be able to implement.

David Benson - May 8, 2012

Ten minutes down the road can be a long way for an old woman using a walker. Close some of the substations in large,urban areas where you can take a bus to the next post office”ten minutes down the road.”

Birne - May 8, 2012

Close such facilities AND stop Saturday deliveries – no longer the issue they were in earlier days.

Ruth Altrui - May 8, 2012

1. Stop Saturday deliveries 2.Close little used post offices 3. Have employees contribute more to retirement accounts.

Joan - May 8, 2012

While I understand the economics of closing that Post Office, I also understand the emotional loss that would come with closing it. Having a PO defines Hope, MN as a location. Having a PO gives the community an identity.

Yes, I think it should probably be closed, but I do understand why the people in Hope want a Post Office.

Robert Shannon - May 8, 2012

Shut it down and slit the business between UPS and Fedex. Let private companies run it and it will become more efficient. Rates may go up, but so be it. 80% of our mail is bulk discount material that goes into the recycle.

Edward Koziol - May 8, 2012

I believe that the post office should be run like a business.
Also cut out Saturdays, do away with some post offices that are serving towns with small populations.Take a look at the benefits and see if they’re reasonable.

Linda Prue - May 8, 2012

I believe it should be privatized. The government has never run a successful business so it is time to let someone outside of government to take it over.

Suzanne Bufton - May 8, 2012

Saturday service should stop and post offices like those in the story who serve such a small number of people should be closed. I live in a larger community and have to travel 10 minutes to the nearest post office so why can’t they? Congress is looking for votes as usual instead of doing what is required to save this country.

Jim McManus - May 8, 2012


Joseph De Guise - May 8, 2012

I f each major Post office would establish a very hot, wide band ICP for the Internet and charge a moderate monthly fee, plus a fee of .04/ per Email guaranteed the post office would be awash with cash.
A postal service is one of the few things Government should provide that IS in accordance with the Constitution.
Reduce postal pay and retirement benefits to that which the private sector pays for similar services.

James Savage - May 8, 2012

It is better to close these underused post offices once and for all and everybody knows it. Postal services could be leased out local retail stores. Storekeepers would love to provide these services. After all, it brings more people into the store and promotes good will.

Jerry Murphy - May 8, 2012

I grew up in a small town with a post office. If was nice for a place to go to get your mail. But those days are over. I say let the towns pay for their post offices. If they want to fine, if not, fine. Let people volunteer to run it. Oh, I forgot, since it is a federal government thing I’m sure there is some regualation against that.

Givemeliberty - May 8, 2012

Why is this one little post office a political issue? We should sell off the ENTIRE postal system. Then this would be a simple business decision, free from politics and the lobbying that goes with it. Selling the postal system would also free us as taxpayers from the on-going losses of this bureaucratic dinosaur, and raise significant cash that could be used to pay down the national debt.

Gene - May 8, 2012

Close badly under-performing post offices and stop major renovations to them every 10 years. Build it and make do. I’ve been here for 25 years & my local post office has had a major renovation three times. In addition, stop Saturday deliveries and close the lobby on Saturday afternoon. Reduce pension and benefit programs to those of non-governmental entities and fire under-performing employees even in the face (or in spite of) of union opposition.

Duane Frisk - May 8, 2012

Close all post offices that are not profitable and stop the

Harry Kroger - May 8, 2012

I see several partial solutions: There seem to be too many administrators in proportion to the number of people who actually handle mail. Pensions are too generous (ubiquitous problem anywhere there are unions). Many services can be handled just as well at supermarkets and other stores. Cut the ties to the government and run it as a business.

George Carpenter - May 8, 2012

Unprofitable units should be closed. If possible have a local business operate it from their existing business. If no one locally wants to operate it, then go to the nearest town for service.

Ruth Earhart - May 8, 2012

We all have thought of the post office kind of like the weather — it’s always there! But, when it began, people lived closer together — not spread out in suburbia as we are now. I think it’s time for it to become like the grocery store we all depend on also. Chain stores have to take in a certain number of dollars a month or they close. The post office should do the same. You CANNOT operate a business successfullly if it can’t maintain its expenses. Saturday deliveries are what we in normal businesses would consider overtime. So it’s time to cut back — no more overtime! There are a number of ways to cut expenses — it ‘s time the post office took a hard look at itself and made those cuts — and cut the red tape. There’s too much of it. UPS has managed — take note!!!! It’s a private business — not run by the government. The government needs to back out of a lot of places — the post office is a major ne!!

RICHARD READ - May 8, 2012

The post office should be privatized so congress will not be able to medal with running the organization.

Cliff Anger - May 8, 2012

In Canada more and more post offices are housed in local retail outlets, privately run, and these work fine. Also we haven’t had Saturday mail deliver for decades and really don’t miss it. During a recent postal strike we went without mail deliver for several days and hardly noticed it, except for the welcome lack of junk mail. Personally, I think MWF deliveries would be quite adequate.
There is a lot that could be done to reduce costs! Doing something now might forestall more drastic measures later.

John E Munger - May 8, 2012

Congress makes contradictory claims on the PO – run like a business but act like no services can be cut and run it like the old days. Cut Saturday. Get control of the pensions and benefits – employees should kick in 3% or so to that. Next day service is not that important so close some distribution centers.
Seems I read the current Postmaster or CEO had some good ideas but Congress would not let him implement.

Todd Brophy - May 8, 2012

Close them. Make it easier to do business at bust post offices. Or turn it private and sink or swim.

Jack Watson - May 8, 2012

Dear Sir:
I’m of the opinion that the Postal Service should be completely under the control of the federal government as envisioned by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 7 of the Constitution. I agree that small offices with other offices a short distance away should be closed. However, we need a Post Office. I live in northern Alabama. When the tornado’s went through last year, power wasn’t restored for over a week. There was no internet, online banking, ETC… The local Post Office missed only one day of delivery. I was able to pay bills and otherwise conduct business.
It doesn’t matter whether or not the Postal Service makes a profit or not. We need it. Have the government take it back and charge whatever is deemed necessary.

Lan Shafer - May 8, 2012

Post office should be closed if it is not profitable. they should also cut sat delivery out unless for special delivery (ie: next day required delivery)

Arlene - May 8, 2012

I resent the fact that I must pay “full price” while my mailbox is flooded with junk mail which is sent at a reduced rate. I think that this is an area The Postal Service could raise their rates.

Duane Decker - May 8, 2012

Close that post office (and many others). Remove government from the business of handling mail services since the government has been proven incapable of any business type effort.

Edward Osiecki - May 8, 2012

I agree with Wantz, close the post offices that loose money.
Also this may offend some people, however, I reside in an apartment complex which requires me to walk 2 blocks where all the mail boxes are in order to get my mail. That of course saves the post office dept. money. In order to make the post office dept. more profitable, they should devise a plan for households to do the same. Place a group of mail boxes at street corners. One mail carrier could service more people that way which would cut down labor costs. Should a household opt out of the plan, then make them pay a service charge to get their mail at their door.

True Cousins - May 8, 2012

Post Offices are a business and should be operated as
such. People living in the country have to drive to town to do their business. There are lots of ways to cut operating costs such as:

Robert Biesterfeld - May 8, 2012

No sat. delivery
Cut all post offices closer than 10 miles
Raise rates.

george Meredith - May 8, 2012

I don’t know . . . it’s eight votes for a Congress Critter.
Of course you close it! What did you think?

Edward Osiecki - May 8, 2012

Years ago, we had post offices sub stations in various drug and other stores. Bring them back in the unprofitable present post office locations

True Cousins - May 8, 2012

No Saturday delivery
No walking postmen
No special stamps

Ed Sanders - May 8, 2012

It is so simple to me. USPS must operate as a business without the bottomless well of taxpayer funding just waiting to bail out their inefficient/ineffective operations.
Close those that lose money. Cut services that lose money. Don’t lose money!
Most of all, don’t dip into the taxpayer’s pocket to continue supporting a failing business model.

Gary Sims - May 8, 2012

Let the private sector run the postal service.

colette - May 8, 2012


Mrs. Robert J Wright - May 8, 2012

In my opinion, the problem with the P.O. is the Unions and the benefits the P.O. employees have received over the years. If the unions were reformed as Gov. Walker has done in Michigan and P.O. benefits were not so generous, the P.O. would be in better shape financially. I thing the unions are strangling the P.O. financially.


Down size the post office.
Reduce the size of the work force through retirement and volunteer layoffs with a payout.
Close post offices like the one in the article. I have to travel more than 10 minutes to get to either of MY post offices.
Consolidate post offices and reduce overhead.
Increase efficiency of package delivery.
***** Start-up an ISP access for the Internet for a competitive fee. Make it Wireless. It would be limited to email and research. Limit content. No advertising. No Facebook, No Twitter, No dating sites, etc.
Create it on a Longer wave length frequency for longer distance transmission capability. Give it high speed capability 20mbps. Have antenna transmission at every post office especially for rural areas.
The internet has become as important as the interstate highway system. It should be at least partially funded by the government.

RINDA OPP - May 8, 2012


Dee Schallenberg - May 8, 2012

If they dont make the post offices private then they should close all of these small offices. Really, how stupid do you have to be to understand that? Good argument for making them private. eh? Mail should only be delivered 3 or 4 days a week . There really is no reason to deliver 6/week

Gregory Hekel - May 8, 2012

Very small and/or underused post offices should be closed if the area residents have a post office in a reasonable distance away. Saturday delivery should also be ended to save money. Few need Sat. mail.

Michael Maus - May 8, 2012

We lived for 8 years in Peapack Gladstone, NJ. Once 2 small villages, long since combined as 1 small town. Both post offices are still there, probably only several 100 yards apart. They have little walk in business as you can imagine.

Jane Determan - May 8, 2012

Yes, they should close this Post Office. 10 min. to the next
Post Office is not that far away. Jane

Janet Parrott - May 8, 2012

Leave the post office there. There are many ways to cut expenses. Take a look at their budget. I come from a small community where there are probably 7 people who go. It would be a real hardship to close it. 10 miles, 18 miles.
Reading Todd’s comment. I agree. Privatize it.

Paul Ray Hendricks - May 8, 2012

Get rid of half the management, run it like a business. Close all POs that are unprofitable

Ronald McCollum - May 8, 2012

A post office that only has 8 customers a day should be closed. This is waistful government spending.

Rob Schmidt - May 8, 2012

Close all Post Office locations that do not meet certain operating goals. Not all locations should be expected to earn money, but some are obviously loosing so much that it drags the whole PO Service down. Also, stop Saturday delivery, and only offer Saturday counter service at locations that are earning money.

James Peterson - May 8, 2012

Privatize the Postal service. The UPS and FedEx companies provide 6 day a week service and make a profit doing it. Let the 2 complete for the Bulk and 1st class service. The public will get better service at a lower cost without government subsidies..

Tom Shepherd - May 8, 2012

Close those that are losing money. Divide the number of people now using those PO by 20 Billion and see what it costs per individual. This is just along the same line with the tax to provide telephone and internet to rural areas. Congress is unable to legislate.

Gary Mock - May 8, 2012

I can’t remember the last time I was in a post office since the Saginaw TX post office removed the stamp dispensing machines. I use email and facebook to correspond, Quicken to pay bills, to buy and ship gifts, and the local pack and ship to send packages.

jeff smith - May 8, 2012

buying stamps and mailing packages could be handled by the nearest store or supermarket as well as mailing letters. Mail delivery could be done minus Saturday delivery by a local contractor or by bid …UPS or FEDEX are candidates or by other local delivery companies.

Jean Brooks - May 8, 2012

As a Gov.entity,they are slow (at their fastest).A lot of the people in P.O.’s really do try.I say make them private. The really small towns,with a PO within 10 miles,in a larger area,should have PO closed + use the larger one.It would be more cost effective

A. R. Johnson - May 8, 2012

Close all post offices that serve 5-8 people. Especially when a PO is within. 20 miles of home.

Brad Bowers - May 8, 2012

Funny, I just had this discussion with my parents who still live on a family farm in rural MN. As a businessman in Minneapolis and seeing the decline of the family farm to more corporate farming around my parents, it makes no sense for the USPS to service delivery routes in these declining areas. It seems obvious to me with the increase in fuel and maintenance costs for vehicles and buildings that the USPS cannot service these areas as in days of old and expect to make a profit or even break even. It would make sense to either end these routes and force these areas to maintain PO boxes at a centralized county Post office or have drop zones with locking pods of mailboxes to reduce the routes. Additionally, I would cut back service to 5 days a week and do them same in the metro areas with neighborhoods having a centralized pod of locking mialboxes. For those individuals that want delivery to their door or service 6 days a week, they would have to hire a courier service, which could be service the USPS could offer since they already have the infrastructure in place to accomodate this and possibly God forbid, think about making a profit.

Carole Heikkinen - May 8, 2012

I’ve got 6 post offices within 10 minutes (most less) of my home. Too many, underused, and not worth the costs. Close them. Or privatize the whole system.

Wardie Turner - May 8, 2012

I think individual post offices that do very little business should be closed. The only exception might be if it requires people to drive a long distance to pick up packages, etc. Turn the entire thing private and you won’t have these bureaucratic problems!

Marvin Mathiak - May 8, 2012

All necessary measures to make the Post Office financially solvent should be taken, including:
1. Closing all post offices that do not provide revenue in excess of their operating cost, and are within 100 miles of a post office that covers its costs.
2. Stop Saturday delivery
3. Raise the rates for bulk mailings to make them profitable on their own.
4. Review pension contracts and terminate future exposure to pensions.

Sandra Olson - May 8, 2012

Study the economics of privatizing the whole system, or privatizing in smaller locations, placing the PO in local businesses, or a combination of solutions. Salaries should be addressed. At one time, and perhaps it is still true, the PO jobs were among the very best-paying in town, though not requiring a lot of training (years in college, etc.) It is ridiculous that it is not being addressed.

Dennis Wilton - May 8, 2012

If a business can’t at least break even it needs to be closed. The individuals using it would agree if it was their money that would keep it open.

John Barr - May 8, 2012

Overall reform of the Postal Service is clearly needed as judged by the predicted losses. Office closures should be “Insulated” from Congressional politics through a system similar to the Military Base Closure Commission – vote the package up or down. Congress can’t control its own finances, far less those of the Postal Service.
The Service needs to change its Customer Service policies to change counter staffing based on waiting lines, similar to those in major super markets – when the line reaches a certain level, more positions are opened. I have yet to see, while standing in line, more windows opened as the line grows.

John Timmins - May 8, 2012

Get rid of the government. Get rid of the unions. Get rid of the waste. Privatize the post office.

Sue - May 8, 2012

close them and stop Saturday mail delivery and if that doesn’t make a profit then go private and government STAY OUT!

Joe - May 8, 2012

It should be ran as any other business! If it does not make a profit. Turn it over to private business people ups , fedex etc.

Steve Perkins - May 8, 2012

1. Bust the union out. Postal carriers receive pay far in excess of the IQ and skillsets required to run a route. This costs users and taxpayers wasted $.
2. Put part-time branches in supermarkets or WalMarts and shutter offices like Hope MN. 2 to 3 hour windows for small towns.
3. Eliminate Saturday delivery. The carriers hate it anyhow.

Roger Mommaerts - May 8, 2012

Stop marketing and trying to compete with the things private services do much better and more reliably. Express Mail is a farce and they just can’t deliver on time. Concentrate on PO boxes, first class mail and small packages and let go of everything else.

William M Snedden - May 8, 2012

I believe the Post Office should be run like a business and made to pay for itself. Without enough imagination to curtail unnecessary costs (including over paying employees and over the top benifits) then it should go bankrupt! I am certain private business will step in to make it profitable. Perhaps the Government should just sell off the post offices one at a time, no buyer means it has to close. It is ridiculous for us to support a service we can’t afford. We don’t need socuialized mail delivery.

Fran Otto - May 8, 2012

The post office needs to be accountable, it has to firgure out what services make money and which ones lose money. Example: I have mail delivery six times a week to my house. 95% of it is junk mail, half of which comes from politicians. It all goes into the recycle bin before I get to the house. If I had delivery twice a week, that would be all I need. My bills come in and get paid electronically.

R L Lamberty - May 8, 2012

The postal system as we know it should be shuttered entirely and assets sold or auctioned to private enterprises.Then tax revenues will be gained and service
will be streamlined for efficiencies and losing operations eliminated. It’s time to take realistic business decisions.

Joe Orren - May 8, 2012

I live in a township with approx. 22000 people. We have a postal annex in a dry cleaning establishment.(with one employee). It took 2 years to find a location for this sattelite office.
My father lived in a town of 200 people: a new brick post office with a full time employee. What is wrong with this picture? CLOSE THE UNDERUSED POST OFFICES, SAVE MONEY. Three to five mail deliveries will not affect our lives.

Roech - May 8, 2012

First, close this PO down. I have to travel 10 mins. to mine and that is no hardship at all. WOW! Talk about entitlements! The USPS needs to be taken over and run as a business because any time the feds get their hands involved in anything it will be corrupt, inefficient and go into bankruptcy. KISS! The costs now to mail anything is way too high and the fact is it may never get to where you wanted it – have had that happen twice now. Clerks in general are curt. Hey, they get good pay and perks, so why be nice because they know they are taken care of!!

Mary Smith - May 8, 2012

Privatize USPS and close the locations that serve so few people. POs are obsolete. I pay all my bills online. Time and money saved, the two most important items for PROFIT.

George Jolivette - May 8, 2012

Change to delivery every other day, I.E. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday,Saturday. It cuts the delivery cost in half, vs every day delivery, Mon. thru Sat. Also close the offices that have very little traffic.

Jim Logbeck - May 8, 2012

Congress needs to get out of their micro management mode, the Post office had a great solution last year, it includes no Sat Delivery, reduction in force of about 200,000 thru attrition over the next couple of years. Relaxation of the requirement to fund in the short term its retirement package. All of these are good things, they also need to revamp the union agreements, never pay people for not working, that is nuts. They need to follow the footsteps of the private sector and eliminate the defined benefit plan for future hires, go to a 401K, where they match up to 10% of the employee contribution, that is generous.
Some of these things should be applied to all goverment employees across the board. No one except soldiers, firefighters and policeman should be able to receive any retirement benefit until they are at least 62, or if their must be one it should be reduced by 5% for every year prior to age 62. No retirement package should be more than 50% of thier normal annual salary for the average of the last 5 years of their employment. No overtime or hazard pay or anything else extra in the calculation.
Do these things across the board and it would solve a lot of the money problems in the Federal budget.
The Federal Govt. should through attrition reduce its labor force by at least 25%. We will never miss them.

Norma Butler - May 8, 2012

1) Reverse all federal regulations and return ALL retirement fund money to the Postal Service which accounts for a large portion of their losses over the last five years.
2) Remove restrictions on how much postage should be allowed to increase in price.
3) Turn the Postal Service into a private enterprise where it would have to sink or swim on its own merits.
4) Allow to set hours that work for the community. Some may need to be open 4 hours a day while others have enough business to warrant 8 hours.
5) Get rid of ALL union involvement in the postal service and revamp benefit programs.

And THAT is just for starters! Rural parts of America NEED their postal service just like we need telephone service. Many of the elderly do not use computers or the internet.

Jade - May 8, 2012

The tax payer again is paying the wages and benefits for incompetent lazy people who cannot be fired. Make the post office profitable or close them all.

Mayo M Striegel - May 8, 2012

Absolutely close it and end Sat and Wed deliveries. Everyone complains but they will also adjust.

james d. cribbs - May 8, 2012

If we can trust our health to private practioners (as least until Obama and the Marxist freak show take over) and our lives to private airline pilots we can trust delivery of US Govt record correspondence to a private entity. Let the post office close what it needs to close, reduce staff, reduce delivery and end this nightmare anachronism. Let those who need hard copy delivery overnight or within three days pay for it. I don’t need anymore junk mail from erectile dysfuntion operations or political jibberish from my leftwing political fops.


The USPS should be allowed to declare bankruptcy. That would allow private sector investors to buy its assets, and provide a private sector USPS that would be free to innovate and compete in the free market mail and package delivery service sector free of both congressional politics and public service unions.

Carl and Donna Nelson - May 8, 2012

Yes, too small post offices don’t make good business sense. As for small town postal patrons, they could add the next town post office to there grocery shopping trip!
Even more importantly, eliminate unwanted, unpopular subsidy of business advertising!!! About 3/4ths of our daily mail is recyclable disposal without a look. Why should our faithful postmen be money-losing freight haulers when the majority of the population rather not receive the repetitive, glossy catalogs? Let business pay it’s own way through UPS or Fedex. Are no Congressmen willing to offer such legislation in the face of their favorite business lobbyists?

Bill Eckard - May 8, 2012

Close them up – cut back and do whatever it takes in price increases to make a profit!-PERIOD

Thomas Johnston - May 8, 2012

If the Post Offices could only follow in the footsteps of the Private Sector Mailing Companies, that would be great. I personally do not see that ever happening, everything Government touches goes sour. Close them all, because more and more people are using the private sector mailing services of FedEx and UPS.

concepcion scharar - May 8, 2012

I don’t want my money to go to another bailout for the post office. Close them, stop Saturday delivery whatever it takes.

BG – Irvine, CA - May 8, 2012

Small and underutilized USPS offices should all be closed down and/or turned over to the private sector. The Hope MN post office should be one of the first to be closed down…what a no brainer!!

John Hallinen - May 8, 2012

We neeed to revise our meaning of necessity to what it meant during the 1930s Depression. We are broke!! We don’t need to finance stupidity. It’s only common sense to close a Post Office like the one described above. It will be painful for everyone to adjust until we get things back under control.

Larry Minniear - May 8, 2012

Post offices cannot nor should be closed on profit/loss alone. If that were the case over 80 % of the nation’s post offices would be shuttered. Post offices work on a network much like the worldwide web. Some post offices (mostly in larger communities) take in the larger portion of the mail and therefore the revenue. Processing of this mail takes place at several depositories along the route to its destination. The delivery (or destination) office is responsible for final delivery of mail. It collects no revenue for this operation. So, to say if a location does not show a profit, close it is absurd.

That being said, there are most certainly locations where there are such a small number of local patrons that pure economics should force the USPS to look at alternatives. Alternatives have been available to these locations for decades. Namely rural delivery. Rural carriers have the ability to take care of almost every postal situation a remote customer might have. The necessary trips to a larger office to say retrieve a package or sign for mail would be rare.

A little common sense in this debate would go a long way. The question that should be asked is: Does this postal unit serve a mission? In that is the traffic sufficient? Is there any business to be served? What are the demographics of the community? Is there a major postal customer located there? Would it create a major handicap for the residents to obtain services some other way? Once these questions are satisfied, a reasonable analysis can be made to determine whether or not closure is the right move.

With that said, there are certainly a number of units that could be closed without sacrificing service. But the USPS and other governement officials need to go about it in the proper manner. There are also locations where some additional units need to be located in order to better serve an expanding business park or residential area. The most recent USPS proposal to close over 3000 small offices and 250 processing centers was done out of sheer panic on the part of USPS and had very little logic behind any of it. It was mostly political as usual.

Be careful of the agency you wish to kick to the curb. You may wish someday it were still around.

Allan Rinzel - May 8, 2012

Sell the operation to the highest bidder(s) after giving them the right to fire everyone and start over without a union. The buyer(s) should be required service all areas with five-day deliveries, but may close any facility they chose. Saturday and every other day deliveries should be an option.

Dewey Switzer - May 8, 2012

(1 Sell it to UPS or Fed Ex
They can do a better job at far less cost
(2Get rid of the Postal Workers Union
Unions are distorting every election and every market they are active in. They helped put the failed President we have in office.

C Berry - May 8, 2012

We all need to face reality. This post office should be closed and all others like it. While I know that there are exceptions, most of us can get to another post office on a regular basis and one that pays it way.

We cannot keep open an operation that does not justify its existence by paying its way. Who do we think is paying for this service to 8 people for several minutes by keeping it going all day?

charles batteau - May 8, 2012

Make the post office a truly private corporation – without public subsidies and without the oversight of a congress which is just looking at the next election. Then they can close the non-performing sales offices or replace clerks with automation – whichever makes more sense.

Bob Tubbs - May 8, 2012

We moved to Dallas from a county in SW Arkansas that has under 9M population. There are four Post Offices and they could get by with one, two at the most.
I’m sure this is prevalent in most all states. I know there are others in rural Arkansas.

D Tyner Brown - May 8, 2012

Frowm what I read, the PO had a prety good solution that it proposed but Congressmen of both parties said. “No” beause of a closing in each of their districs. How idiotic and conflicted can these peolr get?

Colleen Rehak - May 8, 2012

Yes, they should close a post office that serves 8 people a day. No corporate office works like that. Wow, is Congress crazy?

Henry - May 8, 2012

Several changes might help. Such as: stopping Saturday deliveries. Closing unprofitable locations and moving their mail to the closest viable location. Close all unnecessary locations. Reduce staff levels. The postal service wants to reduce its large footprint in our country, but it appears that Congress is not buying this because of some constituents complaints. If we don’t stop spending soon on services that some people can’t let go of we are doomed. People in our neighborhood appreciate the Post Office, but are very willing to accepting reduced services and location closures.

Kay Walsh - May 8, 2012

Run the post office like any other business – when it is losing money, take action to close the losing branches – people can drive 10-15 minutes to get their mail. If they choose to live in an out of the way location, they take the consequences – with e-mail, on=line banking, etc., they can handle their business without needing daily mail delivery

John Wood - May 8, 2012

They have talked about ending all Saturday mail delivery for years. It is time to just do it.

Ross McMullen - May 8, 2012

Would it be feasible to have mobile post offices that circulate through neighboring small towns on a regular schedule — like a bookmobile from the library?

Bill Miller - May 8, 2012

I live in a rural county that has several small towns 15 to 60 miles from the closest reasonable size town with a post office. Those cannot be closed, but may they could be consolidated with a local business, if there is one. So there is not a “blanket” answer.

Charlie Finley - May 8, 2012

Congress should get out of the post office way and let them sink or swim.

D Bryson - May 8, 2012

10 minutes away could mean 10 miles. If you are 90 years old and no car it might be impossible. I realize tha many Post Offices are un used but maybe a local store could recieve the mail .

Sunny - May 8, 2012

Saturday delivery should definitely be abolished. Small towns who are near other post offices should be closed. Machine kiosks in post office lobbies should also handle media mail.

Loren Hansen - May 8, 2012

Take it private !

Tom Jackson - May 8, 2012

They should close and consolidate until all PO’s are profitable. Pretty basic, but I doubt Washington will do that…politics.

Carl - May 8, 2012

Congress should not block the Closing of a Post Office Serving Just Eight People a Day. All offices should e handles as a business and be profitable or be closed (eliminated). They cann’t afford to pay for their retirement program either.

J. Nicholas Yoder - May 8, 2012

The Post Office should be run like a business. I am sure there are grocery stores etc. that could sell stamps and take packages thus doing away with many Post Offices in rural areas. Congress is just going to have to grow a spine and tell these people in Hope MN.and other places like them to get a life cause times are changing after all we don’t ice men or milk men anymore.

Anne Barrett - May 8, 2012

We need someone leading this country who is willing to make the necessary decisions to run our country
more efficiently. There will be some oxen gored. . .Including
our own personal Social Security benefits and a reduction of Medicare benefits. We are 83 and ready for that because we want this country back in shape to compete with the
Chinese who are moving toward world domination. Just do it!

Greg Hancock - May 8, 2012

The post office has lost much business due to the internet, and competitors who do not need the approval of congress to operate. It needs to be given free reign to operate like a business, or be shut down, and allow the free market to take up the slack.

Willis Ragland - May 8, 2012

Close the portion that could be closed to a break even point and provide all of them with many more transaction opportunities than just mail. There may be many services that could be made available to rural communities that would require very little USPS employee time. I can think of paying utilities, online catalog ordering, donations recipients for thousands of other organizations are a few of the items that could draw funds in a more convenient way that could be funded by the companies and organizations that the funds go to. I think the leadership should come from the business community rather than any government bureaucracy background. It comes down to the mentality of liberal vs. conservative business sense, i.e. new money vs. other people’s money.


Bill Ragland

Salvatore A Apicelli, Texas - May 8, 2012

The best thing the government could do for the Post Office would be to sell it to FedEx or UPS. The money for the sale could then be used to lower the deficit.

Stan Bennett - May 8, 2012

There are currently more Post Offices in the United States than all of the McDonalds and Carls Jr’s combined. They turn a blind eye to their wasteful, bloated bureaucracy that exists to make the lines and employees at DMV look good.

Richard Nadolny - May 8, 2012

We do bulk mailing every week. A few months ago PO management started a program where the PO employees have to ask us 30 questions related to each mailing. The questions are so stupid that the PO employees don’t even bother asking the questions and just check mark each as having been asked and answered.

The bulk entry unit has to use a calculator to determine the tare weight by hand. A very simple computer program could cut the time by 75%. I’m not a tech, but I wrote the simple program in Excel in 2 hours.

Using a calculator is so dumb.

J.W. - May 8, 2012

Privatize them. Get it away from the Goverment,that can’t even run their own busines!! Close the losers! We don’t need Sat. delivery!

Richard Anderson - May 8, 2012

The USPS should be completely severed from the government. They need to take whatever measures are necessary to compete, including closures, rate hikes, rate eliminations (e.g. non-profit, advertising). If it still fails it isn’t needed or wanted.

Richard Gaskill - May 8, 2012

Well,most of the problems are”It`s goverment run”,& also “unionized out of control”.Privatize it and just watch how fast it can be turned around, and made profitable!
Goverment employes work for the people, paid with the taxes collected,NOT from company profits.If we don`t get the unions “OUT” of our goverment employes work place, all of our states WILL go bankrupt.A double-dip recession is just around the corner.

James Durbin - May 8, 2012

Close them

Karen Heatherly - May 8, 2012


Linda Reinhart - May 8, 2012

Post offices should all be handled as a business, what worked 50 years ago does not work today. Each post offfice should be looked at on its own merit and see what would be best for the area and the people. A major reform would be to do away with pre-funding retirement accounts !! I never heard of anything so ridiculous!!

Betty - May 8, 2012

the US Post Office has been a steady part of the American fabric of life, with the postal delivery to the door, the letters from family across the country that we received, the Christmas cards delivered. but it is wrong for congress or anyone to prevent the Post Office from tightening its fiscal belt, trimming where it needs to and closing places that it needs to. to try to take my money to support the aging system makes no sense. let it go into bankruptcy and come out doing better, leaner, stronger.

Willard F. Schmehl - May 8, 2012

You simply did not give enough information to make this decison. Post offices are not like other businesses and individual small post offices are part of the larger Post Office they report to. For example. Sacramento CA 958** has more than 100 subordinate offices. Many, very small. The small office profitablility should be considered within the totality of the Sacramento budget numbers, NOT individually..
Is the Hope MN office a dedicated Post Office owned by the USPS or a contracted area of a private business?. Is there a rural carrier in the office and how many customers does the carrier serve?
How difficult is it to travel to the office “10 minutes” away in bad weather? See! You didn’t give enough info.
Like everything else in America, the key to saving the Post Office is to get Congress OUT of the decision making process.
I would also venture that the Heritage “expert” knows next to nothing about the Postal Service.

Sharon Boyle - May 8, 2012

I have lived in Canada and the UK and we all survived without Saturday service. Eliminate Saturday service.
The post office needs to run like a private business and if it does not make a profit then they reorganize and rethink their business plan or they go out of business.

Lynn Price - May 8, 2012

Small, under-used post offices should be consolidated or combined with an area business to share the same building.

David Dernberger - May 8, 2012

1) Decertify or otherwise neuter the union
2) Stop Saturday delivery
3) Institute every other day delivery for rural residences
4) Allow management to close low volume post offices
5) Where low volume PO’s cannot be closed, share services and limit hours
6) Require political parties, PAC’s and politicians to mail only at first class rates

Frank Partee - May 8, 2012

With a romantic Hollywood history going back to the Pony Express, its integral cultural role in our society, and its powerful union, the Post Office is an governmental icon that defies rational management. Competition with electronic mail will widen its losses in years ahead. Privatize it or we will be saddled with subsidizing another “entitlement” program.

Colin D. Ciley, Jr. - May 8, 2012

Ii know it will provide inconvenience for some, but it just is no longer (if ever) practical to operate in such a losing way. It should come to a business decision: Is it efficatious to continue operating this Post Office? If not, Close It.

Willard F. Schmehl - May 8, 2012

Why did you remove my previous comment? It asked logical questions and presented informed observations including that Congress is the biggest problem.

Robert E. Ridder - May 8, 2012

The post office should be closed and perhaps the mail services contracted with the local grocery store, if they still have one. With small towns, when the P.O. or the grocery store close, the town dies. That may be to bad but we have a lot of empty towns out here in the great plains that couldn’t survive due to the consolidation of small farms into very large corporate businesses. The post office must downsize as we try to work out from our federal debt;

Anne Streger - May 8, 2012

Stop Saturday delivery, and close as many post offices as possible – especially those that serve small numbers of people (i.e., the one that serves only 8 people)! A little common sense surely would be nice, when you are talking about “all things government”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if the government refuses to handle this problem appropriately, privatize the post office!

Lea Harlow - May 8, 2012

Privatize it!

Rhonda - May 8, 2012

The U S Postal Service has been having to pay the government millions and millions of dollars twice a year and it is time for them to stop paying the government and then none of the U S Postal Service would not have to close at all. The paying out all that money to the government is why the postal services are nearly bankrupt. It is time to put a stop to this goverment money that they are taking from the post offices and using for their own good. Now is the time the American people rise up and stop the goverment from doing this immediately.

Edward Von - May 8, 2012

They could stop the Saturday delivery also make the employee’s pay a good sum of there health care or they can have a hsa I do.

The Donald - May 8, 2012

Charge home delivery $100.00 a year and businesses $200.00 a year. Reduce the costs to rent a box at the P O. Close as many small post offices as possible. Use contract P O’s like UPS & Fed Ex stores or small country drug stores to handle mail service sending. Limit employee overhead to 40% of income a year or no contribution to the pension. Increase costs for junk mail and decrease cost of first class letters. IN ONE YEAR THE P O WOULD TURN A PROFIT.

Jane McAdory - May 8, 2012

The post offices should be run as businesses…if they can’t make money, they need to be closed…and, for sure, Saturday delivery should be eliminated.

Nathan Bryant - May 8, 2012

1st All mail costs should be the same. No bulk mail rates. No Magazine rates. No tax free rates. No government rates. In other words everyone pays the same.
2nd Close all non profitable post offices.
3rd Allow non-government competition with absolutely minimum regulation.
4th If the above requires reduced delivery OK
Fair competition will get things delivered.

The paradigm needs to change.

Walt McGreevy - May 8, 2012

Close them and convert the postal service to private companies like UPS, FEDEX, DHL

Donna Coble - May 8, 2012

I purchase stamps and mail packages at either of two small shops which are not U.S. Post Offices. (They also ship by Fed Ex and UPS.) I could also rent a box there and I’m sure it would cost less than the estimated cost of keeping the Postal Service afloat.

William M Jackson - May 8, 2012

Post Offices that don’t make a profit should merge with the next closest Post Office. What makes them any different from us.

Cheryl Baltes - May 8, 2012

Congress needs to get out of the way. Let the P.O. run like a business. Also, why does the USPS have to pay 5 billion a year to prefund retirees medical for 75 years? Thats the main reason the USPS is not making money. What other business provide free service to ALL 6 days a week?

Keith Rivard - May 8, 2012

Susan Collins (R) from Maine, needs a brain transplant. I have a good friend who retired from the USPS and says just let the Postmaster General do what needs to be done. I use the USPS Click ‘n Ship system on an almost daily basis and it works well and the packages get delivered on time. Change is tough…but let’s face it. It has to change.

Mary Kay Palmer - May 8, 2012

First, end Saturday mail delivery except for overnight delivery for which there is a higher cost. Second, set criteria for the closure of most financially underperforming post offices. Third, privatize the post office. Make the post office a model for reducing other government services.

al stein - May 8, 2012

it is beyond time to privatize the P.O.
let move on this money loser quickly

Chris Beemer - May 8, 2012

The problem with the postal service has little to do with individual post offices, but rather the large unionized mail centers, where too many people are employed, receiving far more than they are worth due to union contracts. Indeed, perhaps some small offices should be closed, but not in such a way to deprive anyone of service. Small post offices have the best employees of all and do not deserve being punished for the problems caused by union shops, primarily in the city. I truly appreciate the fine postal service I receive. I’d like to keep it.

Agnes Tillerson - May 8, 2012

A time and Motion study shojuld have been done re truck mail deliveries years ago! What a waste of time there is in our area plus, when they have delivered too fast, they sit in their parked for 20 minutes plus. Yes, I have timed them. The unions should get out of the post-office for better management and for time usage as well as wage stabilizes. I suggest privitizing since the present PO cannot deliver as well as a business can fiscally.

patrick cassidy (aka Yaddy) - May 8, 2012

We travel through west Texas and most of New Mexico several times a year and see dozens of post offices in nearly deserted areas. I could easily name many which could be closed and served in other ways. Yaddy

Mark - May 8, 2012

Move the post office into the towns LIQUOR/STATE store. Service would improve vastly if the postal clerks had to deal with impatient drinkers! Try to make them wait for thirty minuets in the same line as stamps! This may sound like a joke, But it is NOT A JOKE! What kind of service do you expect from someone who is darn near impossible to FIRE! If they are going to be a PUBLIC SERVANT, It’s about time for them to DO IT!

D A Y - May 8, 2012


David Driver - May 8, 2012

I think that the smaller (unprofitable) post offices shoud be closed, providing that there is another post office close by (within say 25 miles or so). It is a fact of life that the losses are intolerable and should be stopped, but Congress lacks the fortitude or integrity to do what is desperately needed. Also, Saturday mail isn’t really essential, so do away with that and realign the manpower based on realistic requirements. The government of the USA needs to realize that there are many programs with problems that we cannot afford to fix! They should try fixing the problems without the old solution of throwing money at the problem. That doesn’t work, it just punts the problem down the road to reappear still needing the solutions.

Herbert Hoeptner - May 8, 2012

Throw out the Post Office

Steve H - May 8, 2012

I currently live in Blaine MN, I know where Hope is — small farm community, has a dairy and they make the best butter. All local. Otowanna is not far away, the cost for the post office is hard to justify.

Hugh Campbell - May 8, 2012

Privatize the postal service. Perhaps there is a valid reason to have it under the government, but I cannot think what it would be.

Dennis Eason - May 8, 2012

As the article stated, the Post Office is in “a sea of red ink”. When you are dealing with government red tape, special interest in congress, unions, unusual insurance prefunding requirements and communities that have no grasp of the cost of operating even a small Post Office, it is next to impossible to make a go of it. What other business could break even with all the required restrictions and requirements being loaded on their backs. There are many hard working people doing a good job working for the Post Office. Probably some of them are your neighbors. What the Post Office really needs is the freedom to make common sense changes like 5 day delivery and closing offices like the one that only serves 8 customers a day.

Mark Galloway - May 8, 2012

Congress should contract ALL mail service to the private sector. The system was defined and established in the Constitution because the Federal Government was the only entity with the funding to be able to develop and maintain the infrastructure and keep postage low. UPS, FedEx and postal kiosks have all proven that the present system is woefully antiquated and much better handled by private enterprise. But, like most other Federal agencies, seemingly immune to reform, USPS is status quo because these are jobs programs even though they are very inefficient and bloated with overpaid, underworked staff.

richard hitzemann - May 8, 2012


RAY - May 8, 2012


richard hitzemann - May 8, 2012


Leonard Kaminski - May 8, 2012

Close the offices that have very little business. 90% of the post office problems are all the unions that demand more and more,

C Bartlett - May 8, 2012

USPS should not be run by the government. Any service that COULD be done by a private business SHOULD be done by a private business. Constitution says the government should deal with foreign affairs and run the military. Period. We need to shut down all of the rogue federal agencies.

Adam Hoover - May 8, 2012

My view is that the USPS should privatized immediately. I am tired of my tax dollars going to subsidize this failing venture. To think that a national enterprise can be effectively managed by central planners in Washington is ridiculous. What the government should do is open postal service to the free market by making it completely legal for any firm to deliver mail not just packages. Competing firms will find better solutions that the marketplace wants and is willing to pay for. Then we can finally stop bailing out the USPS with taxpayer dollars.

CHRIS MALONEY - May 8, 2012

If and other websites can resell actual USPS services cheaper than either thoseentities must start charging full USPS rates or the USPS must cut its rates, perhaps something of both. There is NO REASON why and others should be able to charge less than what the USPS costs are, plus a small % to the USPS to do the job of actually delivering the mail. Why should a private enterprise gain financially at a net operating loss to the taxpayers? The rates should be less expensive thru the USPS, and other outlets can sell their ‘convienience and service’ at whatever profit they can charge over the cost of USPS services!
Yes, close the small unprofitable locations wherein anyone served by those locations should be within 20 minutes or so drive to the post office.

Alton De Long - May 8, 2012

It is time to quit trying to salvage losing operations. If the Postal Service goes under it will not be long before some enterprising group/enterprise will replace it, and we will all be better off. I am sorry but we cannot continue to subsidize those who are caught in a losing operation. Choices should have real consequences, otherwise there is no distinction between reality and fantasy.

CHRIS MALONEY - May 8, 2012

Allow a local merchant to handle those services, if there are any local businesses left after the past 3 1/2 years of Obama’s Kinseyan economics.

Bill - May 8, 2012

These post offices and all others that lose money should be closed and they should stop delivering mail on Saturdays. We have to stop this over spending.

Lou Herzog - May 8, 2012

Stop Sat. deliveries.
I live in a gated community In okatie,SC Our nearest P.O. is 20-25 minutes away but we have a servicwcenter in the local Dry Cleaners that is only ten minutes away from our over 15,000 person gated community,and is heavyily used by us.

I belive these non union service centers like fhis could be part of the answer.

Lou herzog

Frederick N. Evans - May 8, 2012

We have one Post Office serving over 4,000 folks, most of them retired. Many do not have Internet and the Post Office does not deliver mail to many of their homes. I have not seen a “One Size Fits All” answer. Sink or swim would wash it out, but not without a lot of hurt; and MAKING people do things just makes them angrier than they already are. It will come to survival of the fittest…if the distribution system is profitable, it will serve and survive. Otherwise, NOT.

marie prudhomme - May 8, 2012

what is the emotional tie? Privatize the USPS!

Charlotte Guyaux - May 8, 2012

Regarding the post office in Hope, MN. – CLOSE IT

Emile Bourdet - May 8, 2012

Hope NM should have PO Box service only.
The postmaster should make the distribution to the boxes and return to the other more active PO that is 10 miles away.
Most people have a vehicle, or a friend who does and can go and pick up their mail.

If 80% of USPO lose money that has to changed.
They chose to live in remote places, but that does not entitle them to all of the amenities of a larger community at the cost of other taxpayers.
If the small towns have a grocery store, let them handle the mail for such small towns.

Charlotte Guyaux - May 8, 2012

Regarding the Post Office in Hope, MN – CLOSE IT!

J Morin - May 8, 2012

Get rid of the lazy “underworked” people that work the counters that assist customers. Run the PO like any for profit business, and perform employee reviews. Pay based on performance, not years of service. Finally, unless it is privatized, it WON’T work in the hands of government. Sad but true.

Barbara - May 8, 2012

I think that they should definitely be privatized and run like any regular business to allow them to become more competitive. If not, the first step should be to close all those like the one that only gets 7 visitors a day and close all of the rest on Saturdays. Most businesses don’t run on Saturday so the PO’s shouldn’t need to either, especially considering the lack of business necessity. Just my two cents

jack - May 8, 2012

It is no wonder why the post office is loosing millions,with the way it works.The main post office in my city of Suffolk,Va. closes at 12:00 till 1:30 for everyone to go to lunch.If they are loosing money why don’t they send 1/2 to lunch and keep the doors open for business then the other 1/2 go when the others come back.I guess that would make to much sense. YA THINK?????

IVAN ALEXANDER - May 8, 2012


Juanita Kinyon - May 8, 2012

USPS is a perfect example of how services go down the toilet when the gov’t tries to run them. This is what they’ll do to what was once the best health care in the world. Tiny P.O.s aren’t needed when there’s another one nearby. Here in rural OK 3 P.O.s share 1 worker on Sat., spending 2 or 3 hrs at each one. They can do the same for weekdays, too. Being open a few hrs, maybe fewer days. Raising the cost of postage only causes people to use their services less.

Cindy - May 9, 2012

Close this post office!

Samuel King - May 9, 2012

Delivery Three days a week would be OK. Combine rural offices within 30 miles of each other.

Greg Small - May 9, 2012

Really, is a $ 25 billion loss our biggest Federal problem? Its less than $ 100 per person. Lets fix the Federal runaway spending and then worry about the Post Office. Fixing the Post Office is not even a reasonable symbolic start.

Wesley Smith - May 9, 2012

Privatize. Small areas will require one person to take a box of mail bi-weekly to the closest post office. Don’t like it? Move to a larger town.

Robert Braunstein - May 9, 2012

Run the Post Office as a business. Making each outlet treated as a seperate business. If the outlet looses money, consider the kiosk type that could be located in super markets and parking lots.

Mike Pauls - May 9, 2012

Before offering reform suggestions the USPS mission statement needs to be reviewed for relevancy in terms of today’s world. It is unclear who pays how much for what, but I have the impression all the junk mail being delivered , and mostly unwanted is getting a free ride.

In our customer service oriented society we need to model the USPS in terms of equitable user (customer) needs. One size doesn’t necessarily fit all, eg, some P.O.s may need be open only two days a week, others may limited to a maximum 15 minute distance.

Until we all understand the real cost drivers no significant reductions can occur, especially knowing apriori that politics will skew the reality.

Anne Flint - May 9, 2012

Close down many of them, and privatize it! The Government is operating it in red, as they do everything, and pin the American Citizens for the bill! We are sick and tire of it! Half of the people in t he Government do not even pay their taxes! This has all got to stop here and now! Or the American People are Going to give them a Tea Party Revolt they will never forget!

R Richardson - May 9, 2012

Congress will authorize the return the 11 billion dollars of the Post Offices money,and that’s a good first step.In addition they must let Post Master General Donahoe implement the reforms necessary. Privatizing simply won’t provide the public with the type of service they’ve grown accustomed to. Yes the USPS is the finest in the world and not Fed x , UPS or anybody else wants to deliver a letter from Florida to Oregon for 45 cents.The USPS gets it done and takes no federal money as many people believe..

Patricia Keen - May 9, 2012

Cuts must be made across the board. Some privatization and usage stations in grocery stores or pharmacies work as well. It is ridiculous that the taxpayers are expected to prop up a failing business. Privatize it.

Carol - May 9, 2012

I worked for the Post Office for 30 years. The Management is LAZY and corrupt. Because they don’t do their job managing, they allow the lazy employees to contribute nothing to the workforce. This causes a Hostile workplace and lowers the desire of the good workers, to do their job. I believe the USPS should be privatized. The Unions protect the lazy employees. Once privatized, the Unions should NOT be allowed to enter the premises!

Jody Warfield - May 9, 2012

As a citizen whose local PO is slated for closure, I am all in favor of Congress getting out of the way and allowing the USPS to streamline, as any business must. Neighbors say our local office is “an important community meeting place.” It is NOT the responsibility of taxpayers to provide that service!

Don O’Neill - May 9, 2012

The Post Office can be privatized. Two major companies already provide door to door delivery of anything the post office can – Fed X and UPS. Almost all the mail I receive is either junk mail and advertising or periodicals to which I subscribe. Junk could all be delivered electronically, and periodicals included in other UPS/FED X deliveries. First Class Mail is ridiculously under-priced at 45 cents, and with electronic alternatives, doesn’t need to be delivered daily. With enough volume, Fed X or UPS could probably make money on First Class mail at a somewhat higher price ($2.50?). The real reason the politicians won’t curtail or close the post office is that it is a jobs program and they are afraid to throw hundreds of thousands out of work.

Paul Kriger - May 9, 2012

Those services that do not break even or make a profit should be closed.

Saturday mail delivery should be stopped immediately. Close all non profitable post offices. Having offices only a few miles apart is stupid.

Ron Snyder - May 9, 2012

There are a lot of small villages that are located near each other. Some of the small post offices could close and combine with another post office in a nearby town.
The post office should become a private business and learn to become profitable like any other business.

Claire Smith - May 9, 2012

There are wonderful advantages to living in rural America, like low taxes, no traffic, quiet settings. The downside is that one simply doesn’t have all the conveniences of living in a more crowded area. So, we in rural areas simply adjust. Why can’t the post office/Congress?

George - May 9, 2012

I live in central Maryland where we have five small Post Offices within 5 miles of each other. Galesville, West River, Shady Side, Churchton and Deale. Each has a Post Master, office staff and delivery personnel. Close four.

Bruce Patterson - May 9, 2012

Close unproductive post offices AND charge full price for non-profit and political mail. I now pay .45 to mail a first class letter while my political reps in Congress pay only 5 cents.
No wonder the PO is broke !

Russell Sletmoen - May 9, 2012

Yes. Unfortunately it is a modern day necessity. This post office could be included in the local grocery store
and a part time employee for two hours per day could be hired to handle it.
Cost must equal service in most cases.

Kenneth & Debra johnson - May 9, 2012

Close the post office, unions too strong, and give the maile to UPS or FedEx.

Kerry Farina - May 9, 2012

Close the ones that loose money. Treat the post office like any other business.

Todd Tomlinson - May 9, 2012

Close them. Driving 10 or 15 min. to a PO is not a burden. I do it everyday.

Pat Kelleher - May 9, 2012

The Hope MN Post Office should be run like any other business:
If it makes money it stays open.
If it is losing money, it does NOT stay open.

Jim White - May 9, 2012

I believe we should stop the post office being opened on Saturdays. People can wait the two days of the the weekend to have their junk mail delievered. Once again the union’s have caused budget problems, the post office is just another example. The post office is a business, if closing post office’s needs to be done do it. Apparently raising the cost of stamps doesn’t work.

Jerry Will - May 9, 2012

Go to every other day mail delivery. Every one can wait an extra day for mail because we receive very little mail that is really important. That way most of the regular people can keep there jobs, we don’t need subs anymore for the regular positions

Allan T. Templin - May 9, 2012

Privatize, privatize, privatize!!! Nothing our government ever does is without extreme cost to the taxpayers. This is just one more example in a long line of failures you can attribute to an out of control government. And now we are supposed to turn health care over to these clowns?

Thomas Little - May 9, 2012

Privatize the Post Office. We can not afford to run the system as anything other than a business. It needs to be subject to the same survival rules as any business. It must innovate, attract customers, deliver services , control expenses, or die.

JDF - May 9, 2012

Why does the Post Office need permission to close an office that only averages 7 minutes of service a day? Just put out a 30 day notice and close it. And since we’re on the subject – stop Saturday deliveries – we can all wait until Monday for junk mail and bills!!!

Bill Cabrera - May 9, 2012

Just another example of Congress’ ineptitude. At minimum, Saturday deliveries should be ended and inefficient post offices should be closed and/or deliveries curtailed to a few times per week — maximum. Anyone needing to communicate quickly has a variety of electronic means available to them.

Carol - May 9, 2012

With so many other possible outlets for stamp buying, and package mailing, the USPS should get down to minimal physical offices, and try to get profitable, or turn it over to private companies, who will be more efficient.

M.K. Jacobsen - May 9, 2012

Concur with Mr. Gagne’s concise plan for making the USPS profitable! Great suggestion!

Gary P. McNamara - May 9, 2012

It is time to stop Satureday delivery and make other strong economic reforms. Do not want to se more people out of work but it could be done through attrition.
Lack of action shows once again how incapable Congress truely is.

Pete - May 9, 2012

When it comes to commen sense with the government their is none. Everything should be run as a business costs more then the return you eliminate it math one o one people.

Milton Corey - May 9, 2012

Privatize the Post Office through a sale of assets to a combination of UPS, Federal Express and Ryder Systems. Just as is done in private industry cash buy-outs of the earned retirement plans for current USPS employees.

rex gray - May 9, 2012

The post office should be allowed and encouraged to do whatever is necessary to bring it back to a break-even status. Closing branches, stopping saturday deliveries, increasing postal rates, should all be in the mix. A majority of the mail most people receive today is either junk mail, or bills. I think we can wait an extra day for either.
In small rural areas, they could close the post office and contract with a retailer to handle the post office business in the area.
The biggest thing is get Congress out of the mix. Any thing they touch turns to crap!!

Mike Creedon - May 9, 2012

In light of the state of electronic communications, I do not see the need of postal delivery on a Monday through Saturday basis. Delivery every other day (M/W/F) for half the residentual recipients and (T/Th/Sat) for the other half is sufficient.
Try telling this idea to an elected U.S. represenative or senator. I received no response from two and a lenghthy respoonse from the other on why the Post Office must be saved in its present form to, amongst other reasons, protest jobs (union).

Mike Creedon

Dave Presutti - May 9, 2012

The USPS should be run as a business, which means the politicians should keep their hands off the post office and let the people in charge run it like a private sector business. I rarely use the post office. It’s also understaffed with immigrants who I have trouble understanding and the facility is not maintained. The ceiling is falling down over the front counter and it’s been this way for years. I buy my stamps at the supermarket. I do drop off mail at the post office thinking it will get handled faster, but I could just leave it at the mailbox to be picked up. I continue to have my bills mailed to me as a reminder to pay them. I like having a hard copy to pay from. It won’t hurt my feelings if they close it down. I pay my bills on line and I’m always prompted to start paperless billings which I decline. I can always agree to paperless billings and not have any reason to use the post office. They are driving customers away which will lead to a taxpayer bailout to subsidize their generous pension benefit.

Bob - May 9, 2012

The Postal system needs to be privatized with no government involvement.

Dave Presutti - May 9, 2012

The post office should be a self-supporting enterprise. The trouble is, they can’t fire anyone because of the unions and they can’t close any facilities because of the congress. So how are they to run it efficiently with congress and the unions around their neck? The first thing that should happen is get rid of the unions and the next thing is to get rid of congressional control of the post office. Congress cannot run the post office or Amtrak profitably but they will be running the healthcare system. Frightening isn’t it?

Bob Weld - May 9, 2012

Sell the Post Office system to private enterprise & that will solve it – they would do the right thing, rather than the political thing. All we get now is junk mail anyway. They have gone the way of Pony Express.

Tom Hart - May 9, 2012

If the other post office is only 10 minutes away, then have a mail box for the residents to put there mail in and put up a kiosk to purchase stamps. The mail will be picked up by the USPS at the same time each day. While he/she is there persons could stop by and purchase stamps or mail certified postage though that mail carrier.

Lindbergh Hodges - May 9, 2012

When do we start using common sense. Close all Post Office locations similar to the one serving 8 people. It is not like they can not get service only 10 minutes away.
The Post Office is bloated with too much expense. My brother retired from the Post Office with a pension unmatched in private industry. He used to get two months of vacation each year. I am lucky to get one week (owner of a business in private industry.)

Patriot - May 9, 2012

1. Reduce management salaries AND benefits.
2. Eliminate ALL unions.
3. Stop duplication of services in close proximity units.
Am concerned about closing POs on Sat – what about the working people who cannot get there Mon-Fri because they have jobs – lucky them!

Jim Fox - May 9, 2012

Shut the whole thing down. UPS and Fed Ex can easily pick up the slack without the taxpayer getting killed….AGAIN for an ANOTHER inefficient and inept government department.

Patrick Spencer - May 9, 2012

Congress has not been able to “fix” anything; all they know how to do is throw money at a problem. The Post Office has a plan to help fix its’ operations….Let them do that and see what they can accomplish. What ever they do it will be better than Congress getting their hands on the situation.

Jim Hoisington - May 9, 2012

Some years ago, I was invited to have lunch with the Postmaster General when he came to Dallas. I spent the better part of the day before going over the budget of the Postal Service so I could have an informed conversation with him.

What became obvious to me is that they were facing increasing competition from the internet, UPS, and FedEx.

I proposed a solution to keep USPS in business for the short term. The solution was to go to every other day delivery for residences. That is to say, homes would get delivery on Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. This would allow them to eliminate about 30% of their expenses.

Seeing what I get in the mail on a daily basis, I think this is a small annoyance to keep them in business in the short term.

Laura Adley - May 9, 2012

The USPS must do whatever is necessary to operate within their budget. Close offices that do not pay for themselves. Stop Saturday mail if necessary. The public will adjust. Fiscal responsibility should be mandatory.

Mark Ward - May 9, 2012

While I’d hate to see the USPS go away (as long as they can provide goods a services without becoming another Government Welfare Program), I DO question the “NEED” for them to operate stand-alone physical buildings EVERYWHERE…

In THIS case, I’m reminded of the “General Store” concept, where mail services are provided AS A SIDE LINE in some other store front.

Look, for example, at the size of your local U.P.S. store. They are SMALL, Neat and EFFICIENT (and cost effective to use).

There is NO REASON this concept can’t be applied to the USPS!

Dick Walters - May 9, 2012

I see no reason for Saturday delivery! just put a small force at the PO window from 7:00AM to !2:00 PM every Saturday morning.
Someone should make a management decision and do the right thing, for service and expence control, with an emphasis on the latter!!!

Nancy Roberts - May 9, 2012

I agree with:
Ray Gagne – May 8, 2012
1. Stop all US Mail deliveries on Saturday.
2. Close all Post Offices on Saturday.
3. Close all small Post Offices that are within 10 minutes of a larger Post Office. Consolodate !!!

Thomas Lutz - May 9, 2012

The PO should be bid to private enterprise

burton fink - May 9, 2012

Simple…reduce deliveries to 3 days a week. Allow drivers to elect to work the 2 off days in sorting, etc.. to retain full pay or reduce pay to 2/3 full week. Privatize small offices and allow them to operate on part time schedule

Peggy - May 9, 2012

They should be run as a “real” business and if any are not making a profit, they should be closed. Also Saturday delivery isn’t necessary and should be stopped. There are many more areas where cuts can and should be made. Lets get with the program sooner rather than later.

robert goodell - May 9, 2012

sell the system to a large company like UPS and others.
they wiull develop a pprofit making company and serve all. Ross Perot almmost purchased the P.O. service 15 or so years ago and could have soved the problem then.
The P.O. system is controlled by a major internal labor union who have a vise grip on the operation of this system. No union should be allowed in this strategic
system. Another temporary approach is raise the postal rates on all 2nd, 3rd and 4th class mail.
Let them help pay for the transportation of their advertising.

quentin feldick - May 9, 2012

Thank you for addressing the waste of tax payer money by our bloated federal government. With the on going change of communication such as fax, email, iphones, etc, and profitable companys that run delivery service, (UPS and fed-ex) our postal service is becoming less and less necessary. I feel a big change is needed, such as post offices open on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays and mail delivery on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays

Virginia Clark - May 9, 2012

Every attempt should be made to get the Post Office in the black. If only eight people are served give the contract to a convenience store, check how far away the nearest PO is and if close enough close it. Privatize the PO. Let a real business man run the thing. Brain storm. Do things differently. Stop mail on Saturday. Close the offices on Saturday. Contract with Office Depot or….

Gran - May 9, 2012

Use grouped mailboxes rather than door to door. Stop Saturday deliveries. M/W/F deliveries are adequate for residences. If more often deliveries needed rent a PO Box. Non drivers or limited drivers do need access for some mailings but 10 miles seems close enough unless driving conditions are a problem. Privatize where feasible.

Paul Alexander - May 9, 2012

The USPS was doing well after making various cuts but the 5.5 billion dollar a year put us in the red. The move by the USPS to invest billions in the flat sorter machine when flat (magazine) volume was declining reeks of bad managment. It is especially dumb when you learn that their reasoning was to eliminate routes and having letter carriers in the street from 7 1/2 to 10 hours in the street delivering. They obviously have no idea of the job done by the letter carrier and how that type of physical demand would desimate the work force over a 4-5 year period. It was a bad investment which won’t pay dividends. Too many layers of management who don’t have a clue. Parcel business is picking up big time and must be actively sought, while improving our delivery times

Marjorie E. Main - May 9, 2012

Stop delivery on Saturday, no one would miss it. I can wait on that advertisement until Monday.

Vickie Queen - May 9, 2012

Treat the Post Office like a private business. Close as many of them as possible. End Saturady delivery. Consider any and all suggestions to save money. Two years ago I wrote checks for all my bills and mailed them. Today I almost never send a check. And, at 69 I have had more difficulty than the younger generation in adapting. The Post Office needs to be run as a business. The Post Office themselves knows of places that costs can be cut. I hate to suggest this, but raising rates (more than a penny a year!) on all services including “junk” mail might help and then it might make people communicate other ways. Bottom line, MAKE IT A BUSINESS. They need to make whatever adjustments are needed to at least break even. And just because people want to meet at the Post Office to catch up on the latest gossip is not a viable reason. Privitize is another way. Then they could get rid of the high wages and higher still benefits. I agree, something HAS to be done and the sooner the better. We were recently in Mexico and the cost to mail a post card back to the U.S. was over a dollar, I think. I paid it. If you want it mailed, you will pay the higher rates.

Donald - May 9, 2012

These tiny post offices should either be closed or put in a general store, so that store employees can sell stamps. as now happens in Fry stores. When we went from the U.S. Post Office Department to U.S. Postal Service, it was supposed to be an improvement, but bloated salaries and slow service remain. How about that salary of the head of USPS? Cut Saturday mail. Perhaps cut Wednesday mail. There is room for creative cuts NOW.

Carlton Schoenborn - May 9, 2012

I don’t believe eliminating Saturday delivery would be missed by anyone. Start now and save some money. Closing the smaller post offices would be next. If I need to get something from a post office I can get some things online and at other times I can ask my mail carrier to bring me stamps or boxes. Haven’t tried it yet but I believe I could take a package to my mail carrier and ask them to weigh and put postage on the package. In my area there are already satellite mail counters where you can get supplies and mail packages. Two of these are privately run and one is at a super market. Point is there are an abundance of places available to mail and buy supplies in my area. Closing down some places would make sense.

Susan Overby - May 9, 2012

The Post Office should NOT be bailed out. Let them run it like a business; close post offices etc. My suggestion is that they go to every other day delivery. Some routes would get mail on M, W, F and others on T, Th, Sat. If that won’t make it profitable, privatize it. I think UPS or FedEX or another private company would serve rural customers just as UPS and FedEx do now.

Susan McClure - May 9, 2012

This is an example of the “I want reduction in government spending but NOT if I have to sacrifice” syndrom. The state representatives must inform it’s citizens that (1) the post office will be closed because it is costing ____to the taxpayers (2) inform them of the alternative postal services in their area as well as on-line opportunities. Citizens must think of themselves as owners of a business that is not profitable and hopefully when they can see it in that light, they will embrace the personal inconvience that closing the post office will impose on them.

art hendrickson - May 9, 2012

Leave it open, tax those it serves to pay the costs. Once they see the bill, they will gladly go to the next “available teller” ten miles away. Contrary to popular belief among some of ten, not us, Postal Service is not a right.

Jim Peznowski - May 9, 2012

Privatetize it….WITHOUT Unions!

reneemiller - May 9, 2012

My husband retired in 2009 after 25 years of service as a walking letter carrier in our town of 8,000+. He served as the union steward for most of those years. I know, I know . . unions are evil! However, enforcing the union contract was the only thing that kept some postmasters from implementing useless ideas and handing out sometimes needless costly overtime to their “favorites.”

In the beginning most postmasters were former clerks or carriers who had worked their way up; these were the best! However, in the mid 90’s or so, Washington started appointing women—sometimes straight out of college—with no experience. These ladies sat behind their computers and told carriers what “the numbers” said, regardless of what seasoned carriers said. Most of them were pro-clerk and anti-carrier. Current postmaster uses tons of needless overtime in the clerk craft while harassing carriers to be back off the route in 8 hours, even though routes have been added to.

Yes, mail volume is down. However, there is tons more “junk” mail in the form of flyers & catalogs that take time to case & deliver. Clerks can just dump a stack and call it done, while carriers have to absorb the time it takes to handle/case/deliver each and every one. Also, the public is unaware that the carrier craft has been sliced & diced to the point where carriers are walking 15 miles daily on a route. How long can a body absorb this kind of abuse before physical problems begin?? Postmasters don’t care. Because they get PFP (pay for performance) bonuses off the backs of these carriers. News reports don’t ever tell you that.

Also, you can consolidate post offices, consolidate routes all you want . . . but unless management numbers are reduced you will never see any difference. My hubby says from 1995-2009 he saw many route adjustments, but NEVER a reduction in management. Big cities have dozens of supervisors who walk around with a clipboard timing carriers; most of them are superfluous and totally unnecessary!

What could help alleviate the costs of these little post offices is modeling it on the days of “circuit riders”. One postmaster could be responsible for two or three small post offices, spending 2 1/2 hours per day at each. In my rural area, there are two offices about 10 miles apart where this would work. Of course, a PO that only has 8 customers a day should be closed.

Everyone is crying for the death of the outdated post office. “Private sector could do a better job,” everyone says. Trust me . . . if the post office were dismantled, there would be no mailing a letter for 50 cents. It would cost dollars! And while the PO has universal delivery, a private service would only want the most profitable delivery areas, along with only “safe” parts of big cities—oh, and no hilly parts of town either! No company would want to go to the rural areas. Currently there’s a plan to do away with house-to-house delivery and install cluster boxes on street corners. If this is done, kiss security goodbye! There will be mail theft on a breath-taking level.

Obama has demonstrated that he has given himself the ability to shut down cell phone/internet. If this were implemented on a lengthy basis, and the PO didn’t exist, how would we communicate with each other? The Post Office ceasing to exist doesn’t seem like a big deal to many, but I think it’s part of Obama’s bigger plan to ultimately make citizens incommunicado. Ham radio, anyone??

Robert Clements - May 9, 2012

The Post Office needs to be reformed and congress is interfering with this. Get off our backs and earn your pay by doing something constructive.

Nate A - May 9, 2012

My mom, being a Post Master of a small town Post Office serving around 110 people, had it right about 5 years ago. She suggested to her PMO (regional PO manager) to cut back the hours she was working, thus, hours the Post Office was even open to around half the amount (if I remember right). Back then she saw there wasn’t a need to stay open an entire 40+ hours a week. Her PMO agreed and it saved money.

Similar reductions & changes to daily/weekly operations could be applied to smaller town PO’s to continue service without fully closing.

Robert Clements - May 9, 2012

It is about time that congress stop interfering and earn their pay. Close all the unprofitable Post Offices now.

Robert Davidson - May 9, 2012

Get the management out of the hands of the government and allow it to fail kind of like a bankruptcy. Then reorganize it under private for profit leadership and eliminate all hanger on. Business is sometime brutal while those of us who have first hand experience along that line, have emerged leaner and more respect full for having survive the winnowing process. Some times those decisions have to be made or will be made for you, if nothing proactive is down to prevent it.

Jim - May 9, 2012

It’s well past time the USPS expenditures should be reduced. Postal reveneues have declined & expenditures continue to increase…just like all the Federal govenment departments continue to run deficits. It’s time to reduce services & consolidate postal locations.

Douglas Birmingham - May 9, 2012

Run this as a business, quit trying to buy votes. Shut down the parts that are not profitable.

Richard Selle - May 9, 2012

I would set guidelines for the profit covering a reasonable percentage of the costs such at least 80%. I feel that would close the example that was given for sure. I also hear about the federal government taking a large amount of money from the post office and that seems to help make it unprofitable. If much of the emotional issues could be removed and some logical business type decisions be put in place, a meaningful improvement would be made.

reneemiller - May 9, 2012

Another point is the myth that the PO is funded by tax dollars. Although the PO is under the supervision of Congress, it is totally self-supporting—funded by mailing revenue.

Several years ago, Congress ordered the PO to pre-fund health benefits & retirement for future retirees (unlike the bogus “lockbox” Social Security is in). Congress in 2006 pushed through a Reform Bill that required the USPS to contribute $5.5 billion per year to a pre-retirement fund, while no other federal agency or private business has to do anything similar to that. Postal officials have made the argument to let them skip this payment for a few years, which would help to balance their budget.

Stopping Saturday delivery will create hell-on-earth for clerks & carriers come Mondays. Or what about Monday holidays? If no Saturday delivery, there would be mail backed up for three days. Currently, subs work their way into the system by carrying days off (sometimes Saturdays), and working for regulars on vacation or sick. If regular carriers work Monday-Friday, then subs would rarely get a chance to carry and become familiar with a route. No one would want to be a sub because you possibly wouldn’t get much of a chance to work. If no Saturday delivery, possibly a route could be covered by two people—one working three days, the other two, and switching off from week to week. But then you would not have full-time carriers. Part-timers traditionally don’t get the same full-time benefits. Of course, if Obamacare is implemented then that wouldn’t be a selling point. Subs would get no healthcare, no paid holidays . . again, why would anyone want to be a sub???

Private delivery firms like FedEx, UPS, RPS and others may not have the same criteria for hiring employees. My husband had to be bonded and wear a uniform. The FedX guy who delivers to my antique shop is pretty scruffy and wears no kind of uniform; many times I’ve thought he was some ragtag out shopping something to sell, until he hands me a package. UPS guys are almost always pretty sharp, but rates through UPS are outrageous. Much more expensive to ship a small or medium size package than PO. Only way it’s cheaper is if you have an oversize, heavy box.

Postal delivery is outlined in the Constitution, so if it is done away with, would require an amendment, no?

reneemiller - May 9, 2012

HARRY KROGER SAID: “I see several partial solutions: There seem to be too many administrators in proportion to the number of people who actually handle mail. Pensions are too generous (ubiquitous problem anywhere there are unions).”

Harry, yes, there is way too much management in the PO. Old saying among the craft was “if you don’t touch the mail, you should be gone.”

However, I dispute your statement about pensions being too generous. My hubby walked 15 miles 5 days a week (some years 6 days) on a route for 25 years. His gross pension is $1400 per month. After taxes & insurance, the net is $897. Would you have invested that much time & energy for such a relatively small pension?? Postmasters, yes, have huge pensions, based on the size of their office.

Gary Callaghan - May 9, 2012

I feel the top heavy postal service should be revamped so there is just 1 postmaster to every 10 post offices. These offices can all be run by SPO’s as most postmasters are overpaid and under worked. If you eliminated the unions, i would imagine you would make money without as many closures as you think. I do not see these things happening however because the federal work force is too set in their ways to change. I as a taxpayer am appaled at the lack of interest in all federal agencies to cut spending.

Lili - May 9, 2012

PO should stop selling tons of other items and concentrate on giving SERVICE..
Took me 15 min. pick up vacation mail with 2 people in front of me. 4 stations and 1 worker. Run as a business, Quick SERVICE.

Claude Masters - May 9, 2012

Congress must someway find the courage to do what needs to be done. The threshold that must be crossed is in tackling the runaway labor cost (wages and benefits).
This cannot continue. Also, stop Saturday delivery. Also, close the not-needed postoffices. This is a business (per enabling legislation) and should be run like a business.

AlfromFl - May 9, 2012

The post office should be run like a business – close those that are not profitable. Real question is why, in today’s environment, have a post office. It will be a challenge to keep the post office in the black because of changing technology. It has reached the point where this kind of exchange of mail could be privatized – let businesses like UPS, FEDEX etc pick up the mail business. Contract it out or just eliminate the post office and let the private sector figure out what to do.

LYNN K BECK - May 9, 2012



Jim - May 9, 2012

Close 50% of all P.O’s. Cut comment period to 30 day
and 2 wks for Reg Commission to make a determination.
If 75% of comments are positive to close a facility, that should be enough to close it. Pensions should only be paid to employees that work min. 25yrs. Separate accounts should be created and each employee is required to contribute monthly whatever they determine.
Each PO must work on a stand alone basis. No overtime. Min wage for new hires. If facility is profitable
manager to determine if pay raises are in order. Only those who are on time 95% weekly and have 95% rating for delivering their route in a timely manner will be considered for pay raises. If the facility looses money for two consecutive months manager to replace employees with worst records. In Washington the staff overseeing all postage facilities to be cut 50%. No executive will receive in excess of $100,000.00/yr. if the postal system is profitable for the year. If after 2 months the system is loosing money, the top executive will replace those executives who are not contributing to the success of the system. PO to be run lean and mean. No further infusions of money. Employees are paid to do a job and it’s time to step up and work for successs. No perks for Exec’s. Work 25 yrs to achieve a pension. Pay into it monthly. These are just a few of the things necessary to run a profitable business.
Jim Brown, Eastvale, Ca

Martha C Smith - May 9, 2012

Get the Postal Service out of the control of Congress,
and run it like a Business….close the Post Offices that
are losing money, streemline services, stop sending political mail for Free for the USA Congress. Many
up-dates could be made rather than closing it down.

reneemiller - May 9, 2012

For those who commented that postal wages are unnecessarily high, I believe the original reason for higher-than-normal wages was to attract higher-caliber-than-normal employees. A well-paid employee was more likely to be an honest, hard-working one—and one who would stay on the job as a lifetime employee. One that would provide decades of dependable delivery to his customers. Somewhere along the line, a goodly number of these employees decided to “coast.” Then you had a mix of nose-to-the-grindstone types and lazies. Somehow the lazies became the favorites of postmasters & supervisors; many times they were friends & relatives of said management. And the unions protect the guilty as well as the innocent.

And I do believe that employees also pay into their retirement fund, it’s not all just from the PO system.

Back to the original question about keeping small offices open and having the USPS maintain business as usual: if we go to 5-day a week (or less) delivery, the post office could probably survive. It will have to be a combination of that and thoughtfully & realistically closing certain offices and consolidating them with other ones. Trust me, no existing private enterprise such as UPS/FedX would or could take on the current proportions of universal delivery. It’s not common knowledge, but PO already delivers a sizeable portion of UPS packages. UPS has a system that ID’s a slim profit package and it is contracted out to the PO instead. Before he retired, hubby said he routinely delivered at least 4 or 5 UPS packages daily (and he was one of 3 full-time carriers). So counting ones that were only going to a boxholder inside the office, I would say that our same office delivered 20+ UPS parcels per day.

Dale Ball - May 9, 2012

Update the process of delivering mail. No more mail delivered to doors; utilize more multi-home boxes in neighborhoods; drop Saturday service.
My taxes shouldn’t subsidize yet one more business that is not profitable.
For rural locations, have delivery once or twice a week rather than daily.

Michael Schmidt - May 9, 2012

If a PO can not sustain its Costs or overhead it should be closed. UPS and FedEx operate form centralized depots and consolidate when ever they can.1 Get rid of the Postal Workers Union. 2. stop taking the PO’s money and using it for other spending projects. I believe the PO is supposed to hand over there pension money to the general fund. The PO workers I have talked with say that if the politicians were not raiding the treasury they could make a go of it. I know it is easy to arm chair other peoples business but most government agencies are not held accountable and suffer no lose if they fail. It is not natural or right.

Ed - May 9, 2012

In towns like Hope MN why not have a local business person act as an agent or sales outlet for basic needs. Also the time open could be less then 8 hrs. 6 six days a week.

Roger Lile - May 9, 2012

Designate a postal employee at the nearby postoffice to deliver the mail to the small town. It appears with the low number of clients that it would not take a great deal of time to perform the duties of delivery and receiving mail. The employee could also have stamps and mailing cartons for sale out of the postal truck. Then shut money guzzling, rarely used post office down. Continue the service, cut the cost.

Clyde Jones - May 9, 2012

They are the only one in town and beginning to act like it. Service is poor at best, and they take their good old time to do anything. Most act like they are doing us a favor just to wait on us.

Years ago rural carriers could start when they wanted get their jobs done and go on….today they must make their day last way past what it should….does not make any sense….is a waste of time and money….let the private sector do it, they will do a better job and I won’t have to pay the price for the inefficiency of the government.

If I really need to get something to the right place, on time I use Fed Express or UPS…..they know what they are doing and have never lost anything! They also don’t send junk mail….USPS does….cj

Norma Dorfner - May 9, 2012

It sounds like the biggest problem is Congress. We can change that in the next election!

reneemiller - May 9, 2012

Person who commented that the PO should deliver mail via “bookmobiles” to small towns . . . I think that would be viewed as a security risk. Small-time crooks who don’t realize messing with the US mail by hold-up or theft would view this as a candy store on wheels!

Problem with having small stores also serving as a post office is that when you have oodles of merchandise & services already in place, it’s hard to carve out a special secure area for mail with a separate “till.” Our local grocery courtesy counter already sells postage stamps, but also sells lottery tickets/movies/photo services. And dry cleaning yet! Would every employee of the store be allowed to hand out mail, and take responsibility if valuable mail comes up missing?? This goes back to the principle of full-time, career employees who are bonded.

Another topic that comes up for discussion is Drugs By Mail. Many rural & elderly residents absolutely depend on this service, and that it be timely. Now, some of this would have to fall on the customer, i.e. not letting their prescriptions run out before an order gets to them.

I think the best solution for small towns & rural areas is to have a centrally-located town keep a full-time post office. Area residents are simply going to have to travel to get their mail. Keeping a building in place for residents like the Hope area can’t continue to be an option, because there is a sizeable cost to maintain the physical post office building.

reneemiller - May 9, 2012

Hubby went to PO today, and one of his former co-workers (clerk) gave him this handout she printed off:

“New Strategy for Low-Activity Post Offices in Rural Areas”: The new strategy would keep an existing post office in place, but with modified window hours to match customer use. Local management will strive to make access to the retail lobby and to PO boxes available, even when window serve hours are not offered. PMG Donahoe said, “We’ve listened to our customers in rural America and we’ve heard them loud and clear—they want to keep their Post Offices open. We believe this announcement will serve our customers’ needs and allow us to achieve real savings to help the USPS return to long-term financial stability.”

Press release said this new strategy will complement existing alternatives: 1. providing mail delivery to areas by either rural carrier or highway contract route. 2. contracting with a local business to create a Village Post Office 3. Offering service from a nearby post office.

These measures are projected to have an annual savings of half a billion dollars in savings.

Also postmasters with enough service & age level are being offered a one-time, $20,000 cash incentive to take early retirement.

John Illinoia - May 9, 2012

There is NO BUILDING IN THE WHOLE USA that you can not ship a package to, by private means. Unlike the US Post office, who claim that they deliver to EVERY ADDRESS in the USA, conveniently forgetting that a large number of those addresses are Post Office Boxes in the Post Office building. In the town where the post office my mail comes from, if you live within a certain distance of the post office, I do not happen to know exactly what that distance is, you MUST RENT A PO BOX, they will not deliver to you. In the town where my phone, school and fire department come from, it is the same thing. Each of these post offices have survived closings of smaller post offices already. I do not know how many people actually show up at the desk in a given day, but each of them has 3 rural carriers who operate from them.

don johnaon - May 9, 2012

Close them on saturdays. I can wait for a few days for all the junk mail i have to recycle each week.

Lorena Steffen - May 9, 2012

Transfer the post office’s business to a local store that is willing to take it over. Stamps can be purchased by mail, and they can rely on their local mailman to handle packages like I used to when I lived 10 miles from town.

Linda Dilger - May 9, 2012

Privitize. Cut Saturday delivery. Cut employees and benefits. Close post offices that are losing money.

Milton Fischer - May 9, 2012

The Postal Service Is not a business! It is a part of the Federal Government required in the Constitution, Section 8.

Ronald Brown - May 9, 2012

Put a kiosk in a local store attended as needed by the store owner or manager-on duty but mostly automated, the mail truck that passes by could stop at little cost to pick up or drop mail.

Walter - May 9, 2012

Privitize the postal service. Sell all the buildings and equipment to the highest bidder and use the proceeds to reduce the U.S debt.

Mary Jane Casablanca - May 9, 2012

Close post offices and lease space in retail centers such as Walmart, Target, Dollar General, etc.. I can buy stamps at the supermarket, mail packages via USPS from a local UPS store, order stamps and ship packages online. No need to maintain all that real estate and personnel costs.

Dana Ehlen - May 9, 2012

I live in Teton County Idaho, the population of the entire county is under 10,000. There are three communities in the county, each is 8 miles apart and each has a post office. 2 could close without creating a hardship for anyone. Saturday mail should end and the Post office should consider three day delivery in the future.

J. K. Johnston - May 9, 2012

Lots of good comments and ideas posted here. But providing postal service is a constitutional obligation of the national government. However, the USPS should NOT be allowed to spend taxpayer dollars on non-mission related activities–such as millions of dollars promoting the Olympics, as they did a few years ago.Contract with private business to provide service in under used POs; make PO decour good for at least ten years; negotiate reasonable contracts with Postal worker unions; raise the rates on “junk mail” to the same as first class and scale back the promotional programs to induce patrons to use the service. Profitibility will return!

Donald Cornwell - May 9, 2012

We live 22 miles from the small town of St. Johns, AZ. almost all but a very few people of 5,000+ have to get their mail out of P.O.Boxes. Our Post Office is fairly busy

George D - May 10, 2012

Sure, people in small towns need the service; but in these critical economic times we are going to we are going to have to cut back on a lot of things. Those people can be served by carriers.

JDG - May 10, 2012

If the post offices cannot generate income to offset their expenses, close them.

John Schimpf - May 10, 2012

The inability to deal with a finite problem with relatively obvious solutions is the reason why we can get nothing done in Congress. If we cannot make decisions to solve this, how are we ever to handle the deficit and debt crisis? Taxpayers are essentially paying to distribute vendor catalogues!

David Winter - May 10, 2012

The post office has lost revelance. Let UPS / FEDEX do the small amount of mail and package delivery. For myself, I rarely go to the post office for any reason as they are too slow! I do everything online I can and pitch 95% of the junk mail I receive in my Post Office mailbox.

Frank E. Vincent - May 10, 2012

Oh for crying out loud. The Postal department is one of the biggest government boondoggles of waste, if not the biggest. It served a necessary function when mail was pony expressed across the frontier. Let’s quit the ‘patch it up’ nonsense and turn it over to the private sector. It has been boosted with enough money in the past to create a rich nation. It is a black hole of inexplicable waste. Enough already! I am a rural resident of the north west. The private services that already deliver goods and commodities are being done with less conflict better service then the present USPS. The only special delivery the postal service can do that the other available delivery services is deliver the tons of trash mail that is permitted with special rates and which are also being diminished by moving to them to the internet services. I don’t want to hear anymore about saving the USPS black money hole. Let’s offer the whole system up for bid by private enterprises and then we can concentrate on other government entitlements and wasteful adventures such as the U.S. Government supported and stock owned Amtrak Rail system.
Frank E. Vincent

Larry O’Connell - May 10, 2012

Let me get this right, 8 persons is what it requires to keep a Post Office open. Why not 7 persons, 5 persons or even 1 person. Even a single surely deserves a Post Office, this is America. Get real, no wonder we are broke. There are ways to serve those persons in rural area’s without a Post Office. This is plain stupid.

gaylyn mcglauchlin - May 10, 2012

No, Congress, don’t block it. ; agree with many others, if small offices serve few and are within 10 min of another larger office, close it, let folks use a more profitable location, and save us tax dollars. I think we can do without Saturday mail service easily. Combine rural offices with UPS or FED EX offices; this would make good business sense. Have all political figures pay the same postal charges we pay. They should always be held to the same or higher standard, than us, their constituents. I don’t feel that postal jobs should be protected, just because it’s a government office, a tradition. Many have to lose jobs in these times, government jobs should not be so protected, on our dime. Obviously, this sort of spending is a problem!

Marlene Stubler - May 10, 2012

Business is business. If this post office isn’t showing a profit, it should be closed. Our country is going broke because we don’t hold ALL government offices accountable. Mail delivery should not be treated as a charity.

Loretta Canevaro - May 10, 2012

This is the ‘same old’ ‘same old’ crying story. The post office has been going broke on and off for years, but it continues to exist. It’s political malarky. Civil Service Employees have it all: job security, good pay & pensions.
Private industry can’t provide that much. What mades CSE so special?

Karin S Hardy - May 10, 2012

New Zealand’s Postal Service is privatized, and it is wonderful! Why can we not do the same here? Privatize our postal service or find out how they do it in New Zealand!

Deborah Calogero - May 10, 2012

I can’t even believe there is a question here. EIGHT people, and they only have to travel 10 minutes to another post office.. REALLY…What is our country coming to.

Dorothy DeWeese - May 10, 2012

Interesting how many people think that the post office is funded with taxes! Why is the post office the only one required to prefund retirement for years in advance? Is the post office subsidizing the federal government? What value do you place on the security of your mail? Would the big companies pick and choose where to deliver and choose only profitable big population centers? Why was there a mandate for universal service–to make money or to provide a service? Is the postoffice a business or a service provided to citizens? Before jumping to quick solutions, why not spend some time thinking about all aspects of the problem?

Patricia Wirth - May 11, 2012

All Saturday delivery should be stopped and the Post Office closed. I am rural small town and as long as I have delivery and my mail carrier will deliver my stamps, I don’t care which post office they come from. Consolidate. Use direct deposit. The numbers speak. Things must change.

Sally Green - May 11, 2012

Close them. I grew up in a rural area and we drove 15 miles each way once a week to get our mail in a P.O. Box. It was fine. It is all in what one is used to. I think the best thing to help the Post Office is to get Congress out of the administrative loop and let the management do its job. If they need to get rid of Saturday home delivery, I see no problem with that.

rowley - May 11, 2012


Andree Nip - May 11, 2012

I agree with Ray!
Ray Gagne – May 8, 2012
1. Stop all US Mail deliveries on Saturday.
2. Close all Post Offices on Saturday.
3. Close all small Post Offices that are within 10 minutes of a larger Post Office. Consolodate !!!
ALSO, why is the post office mandated to reserve a 10-yr pension fund for future retirees? It is my understanding that is what is keeping the post office broke. If that is true, then discontinue the plan which, to my knowledge, no other agency is compelled to do.

Karen McGinn - May 11, 2012

Many postal workers are also UNION representatives and while they work for the post office they often draw two checks and work AT the post office while doing their Union hours. The Retirement packages are killing the post office.
I don’t want to privatize the USPS. Fed EX-supports the golf challenge and I don’t want to support Fed EX . They charge WAY TO MUCH (corporate greed has taken over there) It costs more than the post office to get your “stuff” delivered.
Smaller post offices should be closed IF they aren’t operating in the black.

Conservative Wisc. - May 11, 2012

The postmaster general should have been fired a long time ago for continuing on this pace. They have been in the red for a long, long time. It’s pretty simply overhead exceeds sales = disaster. Keeping a post office open, paying rent, utilities and employee salaries is for 8 people with another 10 minutes away. I think the decision is clear.

[email protected] - May 11, 2012

Privatize the postal service

michael failla - May 11, 2012

Of course they should close, geez its a business and a business has to run in the black. If govt would get out and this was a private sector company these post offices would have closed or been consolidated years ago. Get a clue, government does not and never will run at a profit!

Rudolph K. Muzzarelli - May 11, 2012

We reside within the city limits of a community that has a small post office facility and local mail delivery but are also within 10 miles of a larger post office facility in another municipality. I agree that many small community post offices could be closed. I also understand that for some residents, travel to a nearby facility may be impossible. Many smaller community post offices have post office boxes but do not have local mail delivery; it is essential for those postal customers to be able to receive and send mail. For an individual who has limited mobility it is difficult or impossible to get to the local post office; a friend or family member may easily “pick up” the mail from the local post office box. If the small local post office is closed, a more cost effective alternative may be to provide delivery for that small community; a “mail truck” and delivery person will cost less than staffing and operating a building.

JoAnn L Newbern - May 11, 2012

My father retired from the USPS about 40 years ago. He walked over 3 miles each day delivering mail to the customers on his route – rain, sleet, snow, sun, heat, etc. Most of the mail was first class – if he had to deliver the bulky junk mail that makes up most of our mail today, he could have never carried the mail bag! I think that be reducing the number of deliver days (eliminate Saturday) and by eliminating junk mail we could see some improvements. I think that bulk mail pricing should also be eliminated. If it is worth mailing, it should be sent as 1st class mail with a first class stamp. This would cut back on the the wasted hours and money spent to sort junk mail that only gets tossed out anyway. I know the post office could be run much more efficiently and at a profit.

christiana dewey - May 11, 2012

I think if a post office serves a few and there is another post office within 15 minutes, it should close. Also, why don’t they just print one design on a stamp? That would save alot I would think. Thank you

reneemiller - May 12, 2012

Right now it’s “junk mail” that’s keeping the USPS afloat.

Yes, it is irritating to 90% of the population, and it’s a pain for mailmen who have to carry & deliver it. Much of it is odd size—either way too big, too small, or too thin to grip.

Because of the internet, emails have replaced a huge percentage of what used to be letters. I don’t think we’re going to be putting that genie back in the bottle any time soon!

Bulk business mail aka “junk” is also known as full-coverage. That means letter carriers have to stop at each house/apartment on their route to deliver it. My retired husband walked almost 15 miles daily on a hilly route in our town, and had 680 possible stops. Out of six delivery days, there were 4 or 5 full-coverage days—which means you carry magazines aka “flats” on the crook of your arm, large full-coverage newspaper shoppers cradled over the flats, with your first & second class letters in your hand. Small packages & next-relay letters & flats are in your bag. Try keeping all that straight when management is following you in her air conditioned car/heated car, timing you, because management that day said you only had 7 feet of mail to deliver. That was after a clerk leaned on your stack of mail for that day, compressing it down AND not taking into consideration that you have the full-coverage shopper plus a thin/slick/hard-to-handle full-coverage political flyer.

Oh, and to whoever said that union reps draw two lucrative salaries, you are misinformed. My husband served as union steward for over 20 years. Over those years, he made thousands of dollars worth of long distance calls on behalf of employees, and keeping a renegade postmaster from implementing draconian labor practices (such as adding 50 people onto a walking route that was already overburdened with 700 stops). The only “pay” he received for serving as steward was the refunding of his union dues at the end of the year (about $600) and mileage to union schools.

What this all boils down to, is that the mail deliveries of the future are going to be bills, birthday cards, advertisements and packages. If you take the advertisements out of the equation, mail volume would drop by over half. Without 50% of current revenues, the post office would be in danger of totally folding.

I touched on another issue in a previous post:
the practice of “PFP” (Pay for Performance). Management is given bonuses whenever they show mail is delivered using the least amount of labor and overtime. We’re talking THOUSANDS a year, in addition to bloated salaries. With this carrot on a stick, many postmasters are redrawing routes, and slashing the number of carriers. In our small town, 3 1/2 walking routes were turned into 3. But adding onto those routes means more time needed to case & carry. Nope. Postmaster threatened carriers with discipline if they weren’t back in the offfice by 4 p.m. even though it’s obvious extra time is needed.

I also posted that in addition to cutting back hours of service for small rural post offices, many rural area postmasters are being offered “early outs” with a $20,000 bonus to take it. This has been done many times over the past few decades. Problem is, if not enough PM’s take it, then they reach down into the carrier & clerk crafts. Those people have been carved down to the bone, as many can testify to the length of time you wait in line for a clerk. Oh, and when you see clerks walking around when there is a line out the door, it’s probably because they are either on break or punched in on a different level of work. Postmasters only have x-number of clerk hours allowed them, regardless of what the actual traffic says.

Buddy Clark - May 12, 2012

The postal system needs to be run like a business and if they aren’t profitable they need to be closed or re-organized under bankruptcy laws or whatever it takes to get those labor costs under control and the system profitable again. Once this is done and if they continue to show a loss then it should be given to a private organization and let them run it like a business and you will see the big difference. I could make it work so shy the hell can’t they?? Mainly because we keep bailing them out with the increase of postage and everything else. So what incentive do they have to change anythinng and do it right??

Cindy Smith - May 13, 2012

Let the people who actually work to deliver the mail make decisions instead of politicians and the uninformed public.

Thomas Transue - May 13, 2012

Place delivery on a 3 day schedule, MWF or TTS. The delivery force could be cut by a third and a lot of trucks sold.

Tom Donaghey - May 13, 2012

!. Remove government Regulations.
2. Stop Saturday Deliveries ASAP
3. Close all satellite facilities
4. Close all underutilized Offices
5. Phase in 3 to 4 day home deliveries – Monday – Wednesday – Friday would work just fine.
6. Continue to be competitive with small package deliveries.

Ioan Popa - May 14, 2012

In brief my comment ,
…………as ALLMOST as everything run by the government there is another example of OUR MONEY missuse by US postal services!I am asking WHEN the governement will do the right job,namely SERVING its people?Why it is so HARD to do the easy way and looking for effiency instead keeping such places like the one mention above,OPEN?THE private sector it is my answer!Sorry the workers themselvs should think the same.

Deborah McNally - May 14, 2012

Definitely close this office and have the customers drive 10-15 minutes away to the next one. I drive 13 minutes to the nearest post office !

john f burdynski - May 14, 2012

Consolidate into regional groupe areas and close small under used offices Stamps can be purchased at other retailers letters picked up by local postman and stop saturday delivery. We can all make these adjustments.

Renee Klodzinski - May 15, 2012

The Post Office should be run as any business in the private sector and take the necessary steps to operate without losing money. Government cannot operate anything efficiently.

Gary Morris - May 15, 2012

Another fat government dinosaur that devours tax dollars, probably overpays its’ workers and is pension and benefit heavy. All that need to be scaled back or see how the system might be privitized. Not in favor of that but like many other things, the government cannot discipline itself so long as they siphon their shortages from the tax payers.

Donna Rott - May 18, 2012

It is time to wake up, we cannot afford the cost of a Postmaster’s salary for just a few people. We must use commom sense and if it means closing a post office, then we must close a post office.

Joseph C. Beck - June 3, 2012

Serious consideration to consolidating the operation of postal services to a local store, that can provide the services and meeting place for postal patrons at very little cost but still provide the services expected. You do not need a full time postal person with all the obligations included.

Juanita Arnold - June 16, 2012

– I believe there is still enough business to continue with the USPS but there are ways to cut costs. Questions have to be asked – how many people are employed at that office; does 1 person do the job of 3 or 4? I know for a fact that our postal carrier, who has a vehicle, won’t get out to inconvenience themselves if a car is too close to the box. What happened to their old motto about snow, ice or …. The unions have ruined everyone but the USPS employees have the worst attitude I have come across lately. I am older and love the convenience of the post office, the drop boxes, etc., but there are ways to cut costs. I could probably show them how.

LeRoy Bergthold - June 25, 2012

If rural delivery would take care of these people then it should be used just as is for their country neighbors.

Nancy - July 16, 2012

Yes they need to consolidate smaller Post Offices, even 2 or 3 into one central facility. I think having perhaps a satillite sales office in a local store or such, as they did years ago, would save the cost of maintaining large buildings and provide service for folks like those 8 customers. Delevery routes can be managed by the larger facility just as it did by the small ones!
If the Government had not “robbed the funding” of the Post Office years ago, they would not in the situation they are… SO Let’s “Privatize the Post Office”

Robert M - August 30, 2012

The model of ‘we’ll save money by serving less customers and attracting less business’ has never made sense.
By not delivering on Sunday, you’re leaving 1/7th of your possible business on the table, wasted, and if they started Sunday delivery, they would have 100% market share.

How is this even a question? START SUNDAY DELIVERY!

jerry k weston - December 27, 2012

stop bonus payments to supervisors et al. They are already getting paid a good pay to get the mail out so why spend millions on annual bonuses to them? seems like bonuses are an automatic thing without regard as to whether the performance was well above and beyond expectations. stop the bonus payments and put that money back into your profit calculations

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