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Below you will find the top three videos from the past month-each with over one million views.

How Trump Saved Wollman Skating Rink


Pipeline protestors leave behind potential environmental disaster


Happy birthday, Ronald Reagan


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Clifford - March 10, 2017

I like these videos. More is better.

phil bourassa - March 10, 2017

Excellent! How are they being disseminated?

Richard Elder - March 10, 2017

pass the right health plan now with all promised features.
Leave obama care in operation (maybe a few essential fixes) Both plan are available Persons choose which; in 18-24 months Obama Care fully replealed and dissapears. Dick Elder

Frank Ogden - March 10, 2017

I liked them – fight on!

Barbara Himes - March 10, 2017

I like that while the videos are well done they are short and succinct. Thank you for that.

Gary Letchworth - March 10, 2017

Thanks Heritage for all you do to help bring our country back to sanity!

JH Wright - March 10, 2017

This is a good start we have to keep the heat on till we get it right, their will not be chance like this in my life time but we need this fixed right the first time for the American people and they better listen to what we say or they will be out of here for sure, they work for us the so called goverment this has to be total repelled like we said , all they are thinking is being re elected that dog won’t hunt tell them to get off their but and go to work that is what this country was built on, so don’t let up on them one bit keep the heat on high, l will be keeping tabs on them and have a nice day

Albert (Alberto) Castro Jr - March 10, 2017

Great videos! Keep spreading the conservative message and our values.

Ruth - March 10, 2017

I only had time to watch the pipeline video. I thought it was very effective to show the trash instead of just talking about it.

Bill Coates - March 10, 2017

Every little bit helps. Can you track how many total views? Hope they’re being forwarded or retweeted or whatever the techie terms are…

Tom Bennett AMSOIL JOBBER - March 10, 2017

DO not back down, keep these going.

HIGH PLAINS - March 10, 2017

The Video: “Pipeline protestors leave behind potential environmental disaster”: If this was Heritage’s attempt at propaganda in a veiled attempt to politicize President Trump’s decision to go ahead with the pipeline, I am sadly disappointed in the Heritage Foundation.

Nowhere in the video was there evidence of ‘mountains of trash’: all that was shown was the camp, and the people’s normal living conditions while staying there during the protest.
I am also concerned at the lack of respect shown to the native Americans doing their dance (and belief), by over-writing trash talk on top of the video recording of their ritual.
While all may not agree with their protest, they had the guts to camp out in blizzard, sub-freezing weather as evidence of their belief.

I am sad because I expect better of Heritage. This video reminded me, in reverse, of the yellow journalism Oregon Live put out during the Malheur refuge occupation.
It was not the occupiers of the refuge
that left the trash: by all accounts it was Kieran Suckling, the radical,
‘environmental protestor’ Director of the Center for Biological Diversity, and
his group, that trashed their camping site.
By contrast, video recordings and documented evidence showed LaVoy Finicum and others shoveling rat feces, and other filth, out of the buildings at Malheur, which had been left uncared for by the employees of that land.
I do not wish to read slanted reporting which is so easy to discern, in its attempt to legitimize the Trump Team. The Trump Team is legitimate in its own right; and has no need of soft-soap bubbles coming from over-dramatized
‘reporting’, that Heritage thinks is helping.
Whoever your research staff is, you need to do better. While you may think this is ‘an attack’: it is not. I am genuinely glad Heritage is doing its thing
(although I was super ticked off when Jim gave up being SC Senator: I really liked him and enjoyed his newsletter e-mails).
I do congratulate you on the effort to reach out to Americans, and your readers by promoting an open web-site for feed back.
In defense of the Sioux, and other Native American Indians, I would challenge any one to prove historically,
where they received fair treaties that were upheld unequivocally.
Heritage, your main support may come from wealthy conservatives in the upper echelons of society, but I would encourage you to find a way to re-connect to those adorable ‘deplorables’ that turned out in droves to support President Trump and his mandate to save America.

R.M. ‘Rick” Reeser - March 10, 2017

They remind us of some of the ‘lost’ history of what was, and still is great about America…we can hope younger Americans will ‘discover’ what it is that makes our great country work, even for the leftists and the whiners!

Robert Meyer - March 10, 2017

I think video should be produced based on current political events like the healthcare Act like the immigration order

Brenda - March 10, 2017

They are well done and clear messaged. The video about the pipeline protesters desecration of the area they claimed to be protecting with their protest needs to be run as a conservation ad by energy companies who already know how to protect the environment AND produce and transport oil and gas.

Gerald Dominick - March 10, 2017

I thought that they were GREAT!!!

Eric Wallin - March 10, 2017

The Dakota environmental disaster should be played on national news. Have you approached them about airing it?

Randy Malcom - March 10, 2017

Very good. I depend on Heritage to get the story straight. Keep doing what you’re doing, and expand your efforts if possible.

Kendra Johnson - March 10, 2017

I am very disappointed that you are even discussing Federal healthcare legislation. It is not the government ‘s job to provide this. I thought you represented governing by our Constitution. This is caving and has nothing to do with compassion for the poor and needy.
Don’t worry what the Left thinks; they will have a fit no matter what you do. Just do what is right.
You are not giving the electorate what they asked for. Let’s make a difference and give our future generations what they deserve.

Robert D Hosken - March 10, 2017

More videos! They’re attention-grabbers.

Renate - March 10, 2017

If the swamp rats in Washington would let our president lead, I think he would become the next President Reagan.

Kathleen - March 11, 2017

The videos are enlightening, entertaining and brief, perfect!

Rose Johnson - March 11, 2017

I do think this video needs more exposure; especially aimed at school children! It seems to me that our grade school children are being indoctrinated with global warming fanatics so why not expose them to this REALITY!

Martha Wheaton Robertson - March 11, 2017

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react-text: 101 Like /react-text · react-text: 105 Reply /react-text · Yesterday at 1:52am

Vieva - March 11, 2017

Don’t forget, “a picture is worth 1,000 words”, 3 good examples. And a picture of the Valdez Exxon oil spill on Alaska’s coast was chilling. Its hard to NOT remember. When I see millions of miles of oil pipeline on a map of America, I’m conflicted! How much of the volume of oil-related accidents are actually, publicly, reported? What is the total negative costs to our lives? How does it compare to adverse results of coal mining? And I have always supported Keystone! Let us proceed exceedingly careful!

Beverly Pelzl - March 11, 2017

I liked them. A lot of information in a short time.

Rosie - March 12, 2017

The videos were very informative. Interesting information that the public should hear.

Janet - March 12, 2017

I tried to view the videos but was sent to the Facebook site. I am NOT a member of Facebook nor do I want to join. So, I am not able to view them??!!

Veda Connolly - March 14, 2017

good job!!!!! Spreading the word! I love it. See if FOX news will play these, if they haven’t already.

Sonie Thompson - March 14, 2017

The videos are very good, but I think the pipeline group is a part of the OFA plan to cause chaos against Trump and all he is doing. I watched it on CNN yesterday, and they had a big Hollywood actor involved also. This is just not a bunch of upset people protesting Trump but a group of very well organized, funded part of the leftists. Go here.

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