In February, Heritage released the 2018 Index of Economic Freedom.

And this past Monday, the Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross visited Heritage to discuss the Index with Heritage President Kay Coles James.

Watch the event below:

This product has become a benchmark of Heritage research and is used by nations around the world to gauge the progress they are making.

For over twenty years the Index has delivered thoughtful analysis in a clear, friendly, and straight-forward format. The Index is poised to help readers track over two decades of the advancement in economic freedom, prosperity, and opportunity and promote these ideas in their homes, schools, and communities.

The Index continues to validate the belief that the amount of economic freedom a country has will directly impact their progress–or lack thereof.

Read the 2018 Index of Economic Freedom >>

As a result of your membership, Heritage is able to provide a reliable benchmark for economic and market freedom for countries across the world.

What are your questions about the Index of Economic Freedom and the United States’ standing?

Comments (2)

David - April 14, 2018

Is the improvement in the U. S. rating mostly due to the reduction in regulations?

Al Wunsch - April 15, 2018

Looks, roughly, from the data that you can see the U.S.A. improving to a peak in the 2006-2008 then decrease out to 2018. Was glad to hear the Sec talk about spending. Feel the Pres needs to address the deficit in context with his MAGA program, especially since he wants to take on infrastructure which is, at least in the short run, a spending issue.

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