As America’s top conservative think tank, Heritage is constantly researching, vetting, and recommending individuals to the President as viable candidates for nomination to judicial offices. Meanwhile, our sister organization, Heritage Action, is committed to engaging and encouraging the Senate to get committed constitutionalists judges confirmed.

In a recent article, John Malcolm, the Vice President for the Institute for Constitutional Government and Director of the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at Heritage, states:

President Trump, ably assisted by White House Counsel Don McGahn and his team, has nominated 25 highly-qualified men and women to the federal bench.  There are currently 138 vacancies, with 22 more on the horizon.  The president has his work cut out for him, but reshaping the judiciary by appointing constitutionalist judges may well become the defining feature and most lasting legacy of the Trump administration.

Read John Malcolm’s complete statement>>

Approximately 390,000 cases are heard in the federal courts each year. Only around 70 make it to the Supreme Court which means the vast majority lie in the hands of one of the 849 federal judges.

As lifetime appointees, nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate, the impact of these judges is long-lasting. They hold considerable power in deciding today’s most important legal and political issues, which emphasizes the importance of filling these positions with committed, conservative appointees.

So far, President Trump has demonstrated a dedication and willingness to appoint conservative judges, outpacing his predecessors in making conservative court nominations.

Thank you for helping save our federal courts from activist judges.

Do you think enough people realize the importance and impact of courts, especially federal courts, in shaping the direction America takes on key issues of national concern?

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Jerry Metcalf - August 4, 2017

No not unless it impacts them directly.

Samuel W. Baugh - August 4, 2017

No. But hopefully they, all of us, are waking up to this fact of life.

Bob Davis - August 4, 2017

A great many do, but I fear most don’t.

Appointing judges who believe in the Constitution is possibly the best defense in saving this great Republic.

I strong urge you to push each and every opening now, and in the future.

Kathleen - August 4, 2017

No, I don’t think most understand the impact of judicial appointments – it may be all Trump will succeed at – but crucial to our country & constitution!

Robert Donaldson - August 4, 2017

NO ! The communication skills of the Republican establishment makes Obama’s appeasement skills look warlike.

Jack Reinhard - August 4, 2017

Yes the Federal courts play a large part! Liberal judges have supported the increase in restrictive agencies that attempt to strike out conservative management of Federal agencies.

donna keith - August 4, 2017

No I don’t, not enough Americans are paying any attention.

Joe Dowd - August 4, 2017

Color us complacent, or we wouldn’t be in this situation in the 1st place. We better learn fast.

Jean-Jacques Vitrac - August 4, 2017

Of course not. This is part of the problem. And Republicans – outside of this White House – are to blame for their lack of reactivity so far, even when we have a majority in the House and Senate.

F. Michael Russo Jr. - August 4, 2017

There is little doubt that historically, federal judges appointed to the various courts have allowed personal bias and ideological views to inseminate those cases which impact issues that rub against such views. While there is no vetting process that is inviolate surely past judicial decisions and first person opinions written by nominees can offer perspective into selecting future nominees for federal court positions. Law when abused by ideological bias cannot be allowed especially due to the lifetime tenure of such posts. If law can be driven by personal views, it is perhaps the most damaging element available to those who desire to apply their personal agenda to every single U.S. citizen and must not be allowed to fester and destroy judicial objectivity.
such will threaten our very republican democracy. We recall Jefferson railed against lifetime appointments most specifically due to this very matter, suggesting all appointments face a routine reapprove vote by either Congress or the people versus lifetime no review appointments. Thank you

Sharon Stanley - August 4, 2017

No. How can they. Being taught properly in schools, in universities is not happening. Should be mandatory in K-12 to move to next grade and for HS diploma, each year one or two mandatory classes: US history, US Constitution, government

Shari Mildon - August 4, 2017

No, unfortunately I find people I talk to woefully uninformed about most of what are government and judicial systems do. We need to educate the kids again, (and their parents along with them).

curtis hicks - August 4, 2017

We the Americans people want conservatives constitution judges in are court’s

Harley Hunter - August 4, 2017

Absolutely NOT! They are clueless, let alone apathetic as it does not impact them directly, so they think ignorantly. All goes back to education of our history, let alone how our supposed Constitutional gov’t is supposed to work – there is none & what is delivered is a liberal lie.

Ira C. Rigger - August 4, 2017

No, unfortunately . A combination of the communist invasion of our higher educational system during the time Russia was our ally and the establishment of the NEA we have an overwhelming number of indoctrinated citizens rather than educated.

Earl H Morgan Jr - August 4, 2017

No, most people do mot become aware until it affects them, or they see it affecting someone they know

Retta - August 4, 2017

No, they don’t realize how much it means to our nation.

Congress needs to stop stalling and get President Trump’s appointees placed into office immediately.

James T White Sr - August 4, 2017

No, most citizens are not aware of the significant effect these judges have on the daily lives of the people. Our current educational system has to do a better job of educating our students of how the justice system works.

James E Monaco - August 4, 2017

No. I think maybe 20-30% of my fellow citizen/voters understand the significance and potential consequences following activist judges’ decisions – whether sitting at the Federal or State level.

Patricia – August 4, 2017 - August 4, 2017

No, I don’t think they understand and the day may come when they wish they could. It is good that President Trump understands the importance.

PHILBROOK K COLLINS - August 4, 2017

NO! Too many times judicial appointments slide in under the radar for most Americans.Unfortunately that is why we have such liberal idiots in our court system, to the detriment of the country!

Jay Drobnik - August 4, 2017

NO!!! How many appointments are sitting waiting in the senate for RINO McConnell to bring to the floor? So few people know what this means. Further more, so few of them even care. How Sad!

Dale Christiansen - August 4, 2017

Probably not,, but I believe the American people are becoming more aware and they will see the benefits of the conservative Judges as they start producing a change in our society. Keep up the good work.

Russell Fulton - August 4, 2017

Demonstrably, no. And the worst part, I think, is that most of our benighted citizens believe that only the Supreme Court matters. (Naturally, the media hoopla which surrounds SCOTUS nominations aids and abets this myth.)

Jean Carmouche - August 4, 2017


Ananta Gopalan - August 4, 2017

People have been brainwashed to believe that the judiciary can make policy decision through courts. Making laws through the so-called activist judges (I call them illegal) is unconstitutional. Only the Congress has that power. However, the Congress has punted their power away. For example, Roe V Wade ruling becoming a statute is unconstitutional.

Enoch B. Thweatt, Jr. - August 4, 2017

The work of Federal judges is relatively unknown to most of us ordinary citizens. Yet, my plate is full, so how can I or anyone else find time to learn what more than 800 judges handling so many cases every year absorb so much information, even if it were available? Perhaps Heritage could monitor these decisions and issue a brief about some of the obnoxious cases, especially where juidges write their own laws.

John Bodmer - August 4, 2017

No, unless they are directly affected. I am encouraged by what the president has ben able to accomplish while being stymied by the Republican Senate and the ULTRA left media and the Democrats.

James Templeton - August 4, 2017

Sadly, I do not feel the average American pays enough if any attention to judicial appointments. Either that, or then actually don’t mind the appointment of judges who do not feel bound by our Constitution,

Robert Laing - August 4, 2017

America-hating judges have done considerable damage to this country, not only in preventing us from keeping Islamic terrorists out of our country, but also by turning criminals lose whenever they get a chance. Our citizens keep re-electing them because it is against the law i n many states to expose these judges for their criminal activities.

Rhonda - August 4, 2017

No I do not think very many people understand this . I am a strong conservative and I am just learning about this myself. So I encourage you to spread the news as much as you can to uninformed conservatives. And thank you for the GREAT work you are doing for our nation! Maybe you could educate them on Sean Hannity and other Fox programs.

Armand Carreau - August 4, 2017

Absolutely not! We the People have no idea of how the courts are supposed to operate or that they do not make law. Not even the President understood the first injunction on his Muslim ban was never addressed in the first opinion. So he could have put his ban in force. The possible loss of tourists and college attendance was peripheral.

It is interesting that the district courts are now promoting original intent, or at least Trump’s original intent.

Ed, I notice you have mentioned a few times about judges and Justices being “Lifetime Appointments”. Please remember they “hold their Offices during good Behavior” only. We may need “good Behavior” to be defined as confining their opinions to Constituional Principles, so that we can throw the idiots out, and quickly.

Linda - August 4, 2017

No I do not. People just don’t think much about it, until it affects them.

G. ALLAN BARNES - August 4, 2017

No, sadly, most people are not fully aware of (especially) lower courts impact important issues of national concerns. When Harry Reid invoked the “nuclear option”, it was for the express purpose of “stuffing the lower and appeals courts” with Obama loyalists. It will take more than a generation to reduce that cancerous influence on the courts. Which is why it’s imperative to step up efforts to get nominations in, and the Senate off their . . . butts to confirm. However, the democrats can be counted to resist and obstruct as usual, but it’s particularly galling that the mainstream, establishment, moderate (progressives) rino Republicans are helping them.
I’m making a list of moderate/progressive GOP candidates to take to the voting booth for the mid-terms. So, I’m putting rinos on notice, that I’ll no longer tolerate them hiding their progressive beliefs behind the GOP brand.

Marilyn Kivettt - August 4, 2017

No. Most people are clueless and don’t know the importance. Send in the conservative judges ASAP

John Humiston, MD - August 4, 2017

Yes, I think they do. Unfortunately, liberals understand this well, as legal avenues are a main tactic for them, because they cannot sell their policies to the electorate. Thus legislation from the bench.

Jerold Miller - August 4, 2017

no most people seem to ignore the impact
the Judges have on our lives

Royal A. Brown III - August 4, 2017

Many do but too many don’t. The leftist judges sitting today appointed by Clinton, Obama and even Bush are defying the Constitution by legislating from the bench based on their own agendas. We must replace vacancies with Constitutionalist judges. POTUS Trump should defy the lower court injunctions when he has the law on his side such as with the Travel Ban from terrorist countries.

Elaine Liming - August 4, 2017

I do but most people don’t take the time to understand why this is so important to us as citizens. Our culture needs a revamp after Obama. We need judges to know the Constitution well and keep our laws strong and fair. Enough of the PC crap–( pardon my English) the past * years have been a nightmare . PC is like a wave of water from the ocean that covers the land and them goes back to the sea; you don’t know the damage it has done till the action of the wave returns to the sea. Good judges will not accept PC junk.

James Glennie - August 4, 2017

NO! We no longer teach Civics in our schools and that has been the case for several years. Some time back there was the term “dumbing down of America”.
I am convinced that the elimination of Civics classes is a part of that plan and it has succeeded in that our American population has no idea what our judicial branch, or any other branch of gov’t., for that matter, is responsible for and how they come to be. Sad!!!

Pat Pfeiffer - August 4, 2017

No, and this is especially tragic when the judiciary is charged with upholding one of our basic freedoms,( freedom of religious expression and being allowed to follow one’s religious convictions,) and it fails to do so. Hard-won and scarce legal dollars are then required to litigate for natural rights, awarded by our Constitution and our God.

Julia Schmidt - August 4, 2017


Vickie Edson - August 4, 2017

No, so many are completely brainwashed of moral absolutes and the tremendous importance of them..

Richard Deters - August 4, 2017

NO! Too many citizens don’t comprehend the long lasting effects of decisions made in our lower Federal courts.

Albin S. Rothermel - August 4, 2017

I agree with the assessment. It is perhaps the main reason I voted for Trump: First, to have a more “conservative constitutionalist” appointed to the Supreme Court, and secondly, more conservative judges.

Nancy Beutel - August 4, 2017

Our culture tends to reward those in entertainment more than people who are doing the real thing. Our general ignorance of what is real and important in life is fueled by TV shows featuring those who impersonate people working hard in a profession such as physicians, or judges with real authority under the law. I learned once to my consternation the discrepancy between the income of a fake judge on TV and that of our Chief Justice on the Supreme Court. Judge Judy’s income was even years ago many times more (I think 42 times) that of Mr Rehnquist. It was a staggering difference and horrifying. Our kids were being educated at home at the time, and grew up to value what is real partly because we hardly ever relied on the television for information except for an occasional news report. But there is hope! It’s good to be lifelong learners. There are many resources for anyone who wants to learn more and more about our heritage, and what works for the good of all. Though few may rival the Heritage Foundation for breadth and depth of up-to-date research on crucial fronts where ground has long been ceded to entropy, many incentives exist to keep us working to ensure a first rate education for generations to come.

John Olofson - August 4, 2017

No. Heritage’s political action arm should join with either their counterparts at the NRA or the Senate Conservative Fund, or both, and really laser focus the senators who are hopelessly in league with the members of the Swamp. These senators should be reminded, constantly, that they are subject to recall every six years.

Karl - August 4, 2017

No, but thanks to The Heritage Foundation many are finally learning the importance of appointing judges who follow and obey our constitution. Life is good at times.

Pat White - August 4, 2017

Well said, Nancy Beutel! and others!
While “no” is not the predominant answer I was hoping to find, it is reassuring to know that so many are beginning to realize the truth of the situation and are willing to express it. As we stand for the truth and speak about it others will be encouraged to do the same. THANKS TO HERITAGE for all the years of preparation done to bring us to to this place of action!

Carolyn Caine - August 4, 2017

NO, I don’t think people realize the importance and impact of courts, especially federal courts.

Tom Lanners - August 4, 2017

Absolutely not. Obama did, and with the help of the establishment Republicans, filled the Federal Courts with liberal judges. Obama hates this Country, and did irreparable harm. If there was any type of justice in this Country, we sure wouldn’t pay the man a pension for the rest of his life.

J - August 4, 2017

No. I think the basis has been the instructing and subversive teachings in public schools and in colleges/universities about the U.S., our system of government and the understanding and support of such. With that foundation and ease of life’s basics compared to most of the world apathy is instilled and sourness toward the U.S.

Anne M. Barrett - August 4, 2017

The liberals discovered long ago that the way to control many outcomes was to control the courts and the schools. Having Trump in power is going to make an impact on the court system, but getting a toehold in our education system is going to take a lot of hard work! Thank God for Ms. DeVos.

Camille Hattrup - August 4, 2017

No. Apathy and ignorance are firmly planted and the seeds of communist indoctrination are obvious.

Katherine Van Gorder - August 4, 2017

If they are performing their job properly, Judges (at ANY level) are bound and beholding to being impartial, and not be invoking their own agenda. We should consider a law allowing the un-seating of any Judge who cannot do that. I have personally been a victim of two cases of Judges who ignore the facts and the current laws and rule by their own volition, This leaves the ‘perpetrator’ getting a reward and a pat on the back, while the ‘victim’ gets victimized by unscrupulous Judges! If we protect our constitution, this would not happen.

Glenn Billings - August 4, 2017

I understand that the nominees are not being confirmed by the Senate due to Democratic stonwalling. Therfore what good does it do for Mr. Trump to make nominations?

Sally Ann Milavec - August 4, 2017

Sadly, most Americans are just trying to survivie and raise a family. We have trusted for all this time that our judges and leaders were constitutuionalists and patriots. I think about 90% of the people have no understanding of how the liberal legislating judges have been in control and the harm they have done to our country.

John Orth - August 4, 2017

they absolutely do not. most people believe anyone can appeal any issue all the way to the
supreme court.

David R. Snyder - August 4, 2017

Jerry Metcalf hit the nail on the Head!! Our motto in America should be: There is nothing wrong, until something happens.

William Frost - August 4, 2017

No. Most people don’t even think about anything that doesn’t affect them. They do not know how much it really does affect them. It’s a shame.

Mary Orders - August 4, 2017

I think they are starting to. The problem is the way they are elected. People are only given a short snippet about each candidate before they are put on the ballot. One has to make a largely uninformed guess as to whom to vote for. You are not really aware if they are more liberal or conservative. I yes I believe this affects their opinions. There should be some way out that the voters know these candidates and not randomly pick them.

Tommy & Kathryn Carter - August 4, 2017

No. Most Americans do not seem to realize that judges are supposed to follow the U. S. Constitution as written, not as they would like it to be.

Martha Ann Tanner - August 4, 2017

No. I don’t think most people understand that federal judges are appointed by the president….for life! I was extremely concerned with the number of liberal judges that Obama appointed during his tenure. I think that most people assume that judges are politically impartial.

James Kedrow, PAC, LTC(r) - August 4, 2017

No. Even a 30 year M.D I work with told me that most of her peers and friends are clueless.

ofby4thepeople - August 4, 2017

No and they probably don’t care. However, I would like to see term limits on judges and that they are removed from the bench if they don’t uphold the law or make up their own laws. No judge should have a job for life nor not be held accountable if they are not doing their job.

Jamie Atkinson - August 4, 2017

I do believe that the 2016 election woke a number of people up as to just how much damage has been done by the Obama administration, It’s becoming more obvious every day as they continually overstep there boundaries. What I’d like to know is whether the judges that President Trump will be appointing, will they be able to do something about the extremes that are going on in our education system. I don’t know if I’m right in the way I’m interpreting the constitution, but isn’t it basically unconstitutional for the federal government to have anything to do with our schools ? So that common core, etc. Could be thrown out immediately and we can go back to teaching our kids Civics and American history, as well as getting rid of the PC policing that appears to be happening? I’m simply concerned and wondering where we start to roll back the damages ?

Lenny - August 4, 2017

Most people are SHEEP, EXCECPT for the MS 13 and the other GANGS. You should investigate how many gangs there really are in this country.

John L. Thompson - August 4, 2017

Give president Trump the same 8 years
that Obama had to replace these judges
with Anti-Constitutional ones & Trump
will rid & replace all of them,& make
America great again.

Ken Yockey - August 4, 2017

I suspect that the majority of citizens don’t understand the judicial role, and how it can affect their lives until its to late. Is there a standard for repealing any judge, based on poor rulings. Or is it like the fox watching the chicken coop. If people can see the why a ruling is bad, then maybe action can be taken to get the judge removed. (9th Circuit Court is a prime example.)
If there is a criteria, it needs to be published so that people can gage how well a judge is doing their job.

Ken Bakerman - August 4, 2017

I like Mary Orders comment. Does a ballot list the Party Affiliation of a Judicial candidate? If it does, I vote for the Party if I haven’t met them or heard of them. As to the question , I am in the “No” cateragory!

Ginny Cooper - August 4, 2017

No, many people do not realize the impact these courts have on their lives. Here in NC, we are in the US 4th Circuit. The governor and AG are Democrat, and the Legislature is veto proof majority GOP. The governor and AG know the 4th Circuit is liberal.They sue, and pursue every bill, regulation, or decision they do not like; knowing it will get to the 4th circuit, and likely the desired result.

Ragnar Liljequist - August 4, 2017


Charlie - August 4, 2017

No most people are either totally or some what ignorant not just with our judicial system but with our legislative and executive branches of our government . To acquire knowledge would require radical changes in public schools and collages . Abolish the D.O.E. , end the union control of educators , Keep history true not some fictional garbage that promotes a political agenda .

Richard G Edmonds - August 5, 2017

No, I don’t. However, I believe more and more people are becoming revitalized about politics and the direction this country going and will become more educated about our society, current events, and start speaking out.

Stuart Hough - August 5, 2017

I think most people just “go with the flow”, thinking they will never be in a criminal court as a defendant. What they don’t realize is a truly Conservative judiciary protects the Constitution, our rights and our laws. Without this bulwark, we would be a nation of “rule by popular whim”, which is a very dangerous thing indeed!

Marilyn Mills - August 5, 2017

I had no idea there are so many cases. We
absolutely need conservative Constitution
minded people as judges.

Daniel Green - August 5, 2017

No, I think this is one critical area where
we can make a lasting difference in helping President Trump in nominating Christian conservative judges. This maybe the most important area that President Trump will perform, appointing Christian conservative judges!

Nan Marcotte - August 5, 2017

Appointing conservative judges is perhaps the single most important and far reaching impact that President Trump will have on the future for our Constitutional government. For many reasons, but for this one above all others, it was vital for a Trump victory.

Nancy Shaffer - August 5, 2017

HISTORY Classes in all levels of High School need to be required to teach current affairs, general constitution requirements for country, and citizen responsibility for our country.

JoAnn Goodson - August 5, 2017

No they do not. Most people probably do not even know anything about how our republic is constituted. Most especially young people educated in the public school system. They know nothing,understand nothing.

Barbara Lauzon - August 5, 2017

No, I don’t believe that the people of our country know how many judges on our Supreme Court are working for themselves and faction of which we don’t approve.
How can we let them know this fact? Any ideas other than money? Some of us have very little.

Janet - August 5, 2017

No because a lot of older people do not know what goes on in our government and older ones are not using the computer to find out.

Karl E Rothrock - August 5, 2017

I agree with Shari Mildon who wrote:

No, unfortunately I find people I talk to woefully uninformed about most of what are government and judicial systems do. We need to educate the kids again, (and their parents along with them).

Mike Horey - August 5, 2017

No! I hear to often, “I don’t care, it doesn’t matter to me”, when I speak with friends or others about our government and the courts! I blame the far left progressive media owned and controlled by the richest people in the world for pushing their agenda of “ONE WORLD, NO BORDERS” through lies, fake news and misinformation!

Dick - August 5, 2017

It is extremely important, and many don’t stop to think about it. Thanks to the President and thanks to you. Help him fill all the vacancies. Future generations will also thank you.

Maurice - August 5, 2017

I think that the judicial activism is or should be entirely illegal. That is the solution to having judges legislating from the bench, no matter what political bend they may have. That is the root cause of much of the problem.

Barb - August 5, 2017

No. All most people think about is will the new person give them all of the things they want. They do not consider the Country or other people.

Al Billings - August 5, 2017

No, people are to involved in their own self interest to realize the importance. Most people are only interested in immediate personal rewards.

Barbara A Slusser - August 5, 2017

No! I agree that we have permitted our schools to neglect the importance of teaching how our unique government works and how priveleged we are to be free to govern ourselves through elected officials and the responsibility to hold them accountable when they stop representing those who elected them.

Vic Williams - August 5, 2017

In the balance of segments of our republic, our courts need to be the least activist and the most conservative. Laws and the Constitution are to be interpreted on their face and on their

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - August 5, 2017


Linda Balulis - August 5, 2017

I sure didn’t. Thanks to the Heritage Foundation I do now!

Ray Butts - August 5, 2017

Unfortunately, NO! The average voter does not realize the impact of our courts on history.

walt huhn - August 5, 2017

No, Most people have no clue as to how
important our judicial system is. Neither
does McConnell or the Senate for that
matter know what a priority it is to get
our judges confirmed.

John Ross - August 5, 2017

I personally had no idea there are 849 federal judges in our country. Incredible! And appointed for life! Does our form of Constitutional government have a chance?

Burma Mealor - August 5, 2017

The fact that Mueller has moved the grand jury to specific Activists judges courts should tell you just how bad Obama placed and staffed our judicial system with unAmerican values and unConstitutionalists shows just how far gone our judicial system is for a fair and balanced operational aspect. They were put there to stop or stall anyone who would undo the awful policies he put in place against America the Free!

Paul Harrison - August 5, 2017

No, I don’t think most people know the
importance of having constitutional judges
on the bench. Lately it seems a lot of
judicial decisions are made on feelings and
feeling can’t be trusted only facts.

Retired engineer - August 5, 2017

Probably not. However, I think that understanding is dependent on age, to a significant degree. Based upon the liberal atmosphere of most colleges today and what is being taught, we’ve fostered the issues we now face. The prevailing attitude toward free speech, for example, has been twisted to mean something entirely different that was intended by our founders – or how it was interpreted 40 to 50 years ago. Many court decisions have aided in this misconception.

Mary Honecker - August 5, 2017

No. Many people don’t know the names of local judges or their stands on issues; so high courts are mystery.

Janet Eden - August 5, 2017

No, but therein lies the saving grace for our constitution.

Robert Marshall - August 5, 2017

Many people do so realize but it will not br enough until all realize. That should be our goal.

Gail Ruppelius - August 5, 2017

No! There needs to be more AWARENESS via electronic media and immediate Civics classes restored to our educational academics from elementary thru university. Instructors at all levels should be continuously monitored to provide constitutional rights not their own political agenda.

Marijane Vandivier - August 5, 2017

No! When are the Republicans going to grow muscle! Get the middle of road lukewarm ones like McConnell & McCain OUT! “Let your yes be YES and your no be NO!” We need conservative judges again!!!
Appoint those who will stand for the American people and American values.

glenn cronier - August 5, 2017

I do not think that people realize how I government should function under the constitution.

Don Kothmann - August 5, 2017

The vast majority of the population does not have a clue nor do they care. We are fighting a huge battle with very few troops!

Ann Marie - August 5, 2017

No, I guess the news didn’t start covering these appointments until recently. For me, I wasn’t aware of these Judges until I was over 50 years old, a few years ago, even though I hold a Bachelors degree and am a news junkie. I think conservatives don’t find themselves or their families involved in the court system as often as others, thankfully.

William Coates - August 5, 2017

No. The courts have become very dangerous to individual liberty as judges are appointed who have strong personal opinions about social matters and are then eager to intrude on the legislative function in their rulings. Unfortunately, judges are selected from among lawyers – and current law schools disregard the Constitution and enshrine precedent, leading to a creeping liberalization of legal and ethical standards as other lawyers are permitted to ‘push the envelope’.
Another problem is the practice of allowing outside parties to have standing to sue in matters that do not directly affect them. Government regulations are often written to allow anyone to sue regulators over almost any decision, and then negotiate a settlement in their favor when it fits the agenda of the regulator – giving tax money to the complainant.

Barbara Tunget - August 5, 2017

No, the majority of our people do not realize how important this is. We need to keep Sharia law out of our Country and with the judges President Trump is selecting he is making sure we will. .

Donald Waggener - August 5, 2017

No, often the decisions are under the radar. It is important that the voting public do their homework on judicial candidates so they select ones that align with the Constitution and aren’t activist judges. In NC judges are last on the ballot and their political affiliation has not been listed, but may be in the future because of our State Legislature.

Roland - August 5, 2017

Get the Liberal Judges out our court system.

Colleen Waugh - August 5, 2017

No, I don’t. I think some real education is necessary. Everyone is focused on the Supreme court appointments, but I feel that the appointments to the federal courts is as important if not more so, due to the fact that the Supreme court can only hear so many more cases per year, while many decisions are handed down and upheld that affect our country on a daily basis.

Jo - August 5, 2017

I did not know there are 849 federal judges. Please keep us posted on judicial appointments- I would like to see the 138 openings number continue to decrease. I think liberals, at least those on the inside of their operation, know a lot more about this than conservatives. It seems like they have been appointing activist judges for years and conservatives are playing catch up.

Nancy Johnaon - August 5, 2017

No! Everyone should understand our Constitution. Hillsdale College in Michigan has a free 10 session on-line course. Go to: “Hillsdale College Constitution” where you can sign up. Parents, grandparents and anyone who interacts with our children should use this learning tool to teach our next generation themselves. With the liberal teachers and professors embedded in our educational establishment, the children are not being taught enough of, and unbiased, American history in most of our schools. It’s time for change!

Theresa Lancaster - August 6, 2017

NO! Absolutely not. I am not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence. It seems like we are at a point in our Country’s history of which a significant number of the populace know very LITTLE of the Common Law, legal precedent and the workings of a Constitutional Republic. Even worse, they don’t care and have absolutely no training in the science of Logic. The Mainstream Media and publicly funded universities operate, without impunity, as propaganda machines. Corruption at both private and government levels knows no bounds. Despite an historic election, our government, especially key members of the GOP, continue to pursue policies that do not better the lives of Americans nor humankind. Can we undo the damage of the radical Left with the appointment of Constitutional conservative federal judges? It is only one tiny step in the right direction.

Mary P - August 6, 2017

Most Americans do not realize the importance and the impact of our courts. Yet, I believe many that do are committed to undermining our Constitution and changing our country through the courts. And their voices are loud and deeply rooted in our educational system. In today’s world most people educate themselves on the Internet…if it’s there, it must be true! I’ve often thought that if our constitutionalists educators and think tanks could “infiltrate” the internet with the facts, those who are not already lost may bump into the Constitution and what it says. But more importantly, we must continue to support those institutions, schools, and foundations committed to Constitutional government.

DONNA PAGE - August 6, 2017

No. I had never given it much thot..Thanks for the wake up. Your email is going out to my entire email list.

Henry C. Holder - August 6, 2017

I believe the majority of people pay no attention to federal court appointments. We do not realize the importance of these appointments, including me. Perhaps efforts should be made for people to realize the importance of these appointments.

Gale Champion - August 6, 2017

No, I don’t think they know the importance of these judges. President Trump can make a big impact by appointing Conservative judges if the Senate will get them pushed through.

Robert Bartlett - August 6, 2017

What can be done about the many Judges that are appointed at various State and Local Governments?

The Voters do not have a voice in these appointments. The only time we get a chance is when their terms are up for extension.

Then we get virtually no information on the cases have they have judged. So they are kept in Office until they are caught and Publicly exposed.

JW Janick - August 6, 2017

Not only no, but heck no! “Waters World” TV ‘man’-in-the-street interviews on Fox News, although small samples, showed an awfully bad display of civics, political knowledge and current events. Is civics even taught anymore in H/S or beyond? While in this venue, where is it mandated or Constitutionalized that federal judges and Circuit ones famous for ignoring the real law, can’t be removed for bonehead decisions? Isn’t there a review group as there is for State judges to yank them for cause by voters or legislators? I appreciate the opportunity to comment.

Rip Blaisdell - August 6, 2017

No, because the media does not cover the stupid decisions that are handed down. Elected judges should have their liberal decisions publicized before elections instead of reviews by other liberals.

Judy Brown - August 6, 2017

Unfortunately the majority does not understand how judges impact our society for years. President Trump has the opportunity to make an impact on our court system by appointing conservative judges that will abide by our constitution.

Margaret Brewster - August 7, 2017

Unfortunately most citizens are oblivious to the impact judges have in the legal system.It was a judge that started the whole marriage issue.

John W Curnow - August 7, 2017

No, I don’t think any of us realize the importance of getting these conservatives on the bench at various levels. Keep up the good work !!!!

Kathleen Wiley - August 7, 2017

I don’t believe people even think about judicial appointments outside the Supreme Court since they’re not really in the news. The appointment of those federal judges are critical and will help re-shape this country back on track.

Richard Kelsheimer - August 7, 2017

No, I think the Heritage Foundation, Heritage Action and Sentinel organization is a good place to start that education process. Their are other non-profit groups that appear to have chosen to focus their attention on this specifically “Judicial Watch” it would be helpful to have you provide some enlightenment on them?

Joe Chavez - August 7, 2017

Most respondents do not believe that most Americans realize the importance of federal judge appointments. What is needed is the rise of a major newspaper that matches the resources of the New York Times, the major liberal rag newspaper, to help educate Americans. The New York Times spreads its message by distribution of its stories to numerous city newspapers in the U.S. that republish NYT stories intact including NYT’s liberal bias. This includes good newspapers like the Las Vegas Review Journal owned by conservative people. Joe Chavez 8/7/17August 7, 2017

QUINTON HALSEY - August 7, 2017

i think most people don’t care

Natalie Johnson - August 7, 2017

No,Ithink most people are not aware of the power these judges have and the importance of following the consttitution as written.It is time for people to wake up.

Philip C Heitz - August 7, 2017

For few years now I’ve stated the Greatest Problem in the USA is a Failed Judicial Branch of Government.
And they are, at the Federal Level, 1/3rd of the Government. We reasonable citizens who observe Facts instead of Fake News, do not trust the Justice System any more and all Politicians who think that lack of trust is bad are culpable in supporting injustices. To reestablish true Justice all citizens, including Politicians and their Elitist Friends must be held Liable for the problems they create just like every one else.
Forcing citizens to pay to correct problems they didn’t cause is an Injustice.

Mike Poole - August 8, 2017

No, in fact many people do not even have a clue about what is happening around them or what impact federal judges have. We need constitution following judges not activist judges! I am afraid that the Republican establishment has forgotten this and won’t be much help!!!!!!!!!!!

JOHN GLASS - August 8, 2017


stephen palmer - August 10, 2017

I read through the comments on this piece and was kind of surprised at how many people realise the importance of judicial appointments are but agree that the public is unaware of the importance of them. I have proof of why, very close at hand. My family does not spend 5 minutes looking at the challenges that we face as conservatives every day. The excuses are many and varied, too busy with kids programs, too busy at work, tired when I get home, what good will it do i’m just one of the masses and I understand and see that. I am unfortunate enough to be fortunate enough to spend 5-7 hours a day following and responding to conservative issues. I know that they can’t do that. I guess that in the end it will be up to people like us who take the time to be up to date on what’s going on in our Country and to respond to the articles in a positive conservative way. It’s the best I can hope for for our future.

David Cole - August 11, 2017

Since the days of our founding fathers from George Washington, John and Abigail Adams, Jefferson and John Quincy Adams, patriotic Americans, alert, educated and devoted to our form of government have made our Country what it is today, except for the defective irrational politicos and judges that have cause enormous setbacks historically. We need good laws and better judges

Glynnda White - August 13, 2017

NO, I think the average citizen is ignorant of the importance having constitutional judges on federal benches. This ignorance has been forwarded and taken advantage of over the years by libs. The bench vacancies must be filled by serious constitutionalists. It is amazing to me that there are this many seats available and also gives me hope. I was feeling that it would take about 20 years to correct this situation but we now have a serious opportunity to turn our nation around regarding federal judges. I appreciate the work Heritage is doing on this one.

Ann Sharon Pelletier - August 13, 2017

Nope! The average American can relate to traffic courts and divorce courts and joint custody courts … but the reshaping of the federal courts requires them to read and comprehend the impact on their lives.
We really need this in our country now. I wish much success in this endevour.

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