“Our duty to ourselves, to posterity, and to mankind call on us by every motive which is sacred or honorable, to watch over the safety of our beloved country…”  Thomas Jefferson, 1809


The members of the Heritage Legacy Society have shown their enduring love for America by making a commitment to safeguard our founding principles for future generations.

The Heritage Legacy Society is comprised of members who have remembered Heritage in their wills, trusts, or other planned gifts.

We are extremely grateful for their support and want to introduce you to one of our Heritage Legacy Society members today.

Meet Norman Metcalfe

Given his MBA and life-long experience as the chief financial officer of several major public and private companies, it’s no wonder Premier Associate and Heritage Legacy Society Member Norm Metcalfe takes issue with a Congress seemingly incapable of balancing a check book.  Fiscal conservatism first led him to Heritage more than 20 years ago, but his appreciation and understanding for all the work Heritage does—and more recently, Heritage Action—has grown exponentially.

“It’s frustrating to be one citizen out of 320 million,” says Norm. “Supporting Heritage is a chance to guide the policies of our country. From the work you do in Congress to getting the message out to the American public through channels like the Daily Signal, I appreciate the breadth of Heritage’s impact. One person can’t do very much, but Heritage has a big enough presence to make a significant difference for all of us.”

Norm recently made an inspired decision to name both The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action the ultimate beneficiaries of his IRA.  “Leaving my IRA to my children would mean more than half of it would vanish in taxes. Giving it to Heritage through my estate is tax effective and will make such a difference.”

“I worry about my children and what the country would have looked like after 8 years of Hillary Clinton.” says Norm. “It’s heartwarming to see President Trump has already adopted 64% of Heritage’s Mandate for Leadership recommendations, even higher than Reagan’s 49%. That’s a real tangible for me to take away as a supporter. For Heritage to strategically get in there early and help steer this great ship in the right direction shows tremendous initiative.”

“I view Heritage as true north for our country,” says Norm. “Sometimes we get off track—these things tend to go in cycles—but when opportunity arises, Heritage is the north star America needs.”

Please join me in thanking Norman for his commitment to preserving America for the next generation.

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Bill King - April 7, 2018

YES WE CAN restore our Republic/Constitution and “Hang it-Celebrate it & Teach it” this Sept 17-2018!
We need to also restore Civility with Ethics-Morality being taught K-12 and to teach the golden rule to teach respect for life to our young-youth so they become productive-independent respectfull citizens! Let’s restore our Constitution and fight to keep the AMERICAN Dream alive. President Trump needs to hang a framed copy of the Constitution on the wall in the Oval Office on Sept 17th it’s birthday and have a freedom party in the Rose garden and to have Civics-Ethics classes introduced K-12 in ALL schools to teach the founding documents to preserve our freedom and liberties! Favorite political quote “Action will define YOU” : President Trump let’s celebrate our Constitution this Sept 17-2018 and beyond and make history for this amazing document; the single source of every AMERICANS citizens freedom and liberties! Let freedom ring…

Bill King - April 7, 2018

REAGAN did not do it- will Trump?
We need to celebrate-Teach our founding fathers wishes-dreams for our Republic to remain free-prosperous and free for future generations to enjoy freedom and liberty!
Let’s “Hang it-Celebrate it & Teach it”
so “that glorious Liberty document” our Constitution is celebrated-taught in 2018 and beyond!

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