“The next leader of the free world must be able to powerfully project and defend America’s interests internationally,” Heritage Foundation experts Nile Gardiner and James Carafano point out in National Review.

President Obama’s mantra of leading from behind isn’t cutting it when it come to such a shrewd adversary as Russian President Vladimir Putin. Gardiner and Carafano explain:

[It] is simply not good enough when it comes to challenging Vladimir Putin’s regime. In the last year, Russia has grown more aggressive, annexing Crimea and fighting a proxy war in support of ethnic Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

And leading from behind doesn’t exactly lend itself to anticipating–and countering–Putin’s next moves. Looking forward, there are the two major components our new president needs to focus on:

  1. America must project military strength in Europe. We can do this by “establishing a permanent U.S. military presence in the Baltic region, expanding joint training exercises with military allies in Eastern Europe, and providing arms to help the Ukrainian government resist the Russian invasion.”
  2. European countries need to become economically independent from Russia’s energy supplies. Furthermore, “the next U.S. president must act to lift barriers to natural-gas exports and end the ban on crude-oil exports.”

Read their full article in National Review.

What do you think? Should the next president follow President Obama’s Russia policy?

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Mark - April 10, 2015

Following the appeasement course currently chosen by Mr O will ultimately lead to world war. The only strategy that can be understood by Czar Putin is peace through American Strength, and the political and moral will to carry out that strategy. Now we have neither the strategy, the political will nor the moral will to carry it out. Nor do we have the forces necessary to back the strategy due to the systematic downsizing and destruction of our military.

clifford cgorovoy - April 10, 2015

Nato has ceased to exist.Polish citizens are arming themselves anticipating that Russia will invade. Obama is a weak president and Putin knows that. The Ukraine is a mess. I would suggest that we forgo the usual primaries and for an election to be moved up. I would suggest that we abolish roe versus wade. And make abortion a felony. I would suggest that adoption be promoted.. I would suggest we pray to God and hug our kids. Throw their cell phones out the window.I would suggest that Hillary Clinton never run for office,

John Pratt - April 10, 2015

Peace through strength! MAD previously held Russia in check and should still do so. Unfortunately our gutless President will not make this clear. Install the anti missile systems in Europe and stand up to Putin!

Earle Pomeroy - April 10, 2015

Stop cutting the military. Bring back the draft. Build the military back up. Be a leader like FDR. Cut IRS, bring in flat tax, cut Obama care, let people buy into fed insur, subsidize, cut DHS, keep border patrol, cut TSA, bring in profiling like Isreal. Walk softly and carry the black box.

Herbert Branch - April 10, 2015

No! Obama’s policy is a stupid failure that only American Liberals could love, because it makes US look stupid to the rest of the world. And only Liberals want America to look stupid to the rest of the world.
Liberal ideology is wrecking every aspect of our nation. Even statists like Woodrow Wilson and FDR, if they were alive now, might be willing to say that Obama and his supporters have gone way too far “off of the reservation.” It has become that awful, in my opinion.

Henryk Zaleski - April 10, 2015

We should bury all the things President Obama enacted through all his means. Putin will huff and puff a lot less when he meets a US president he fears and respects.

Patricia - April 10, 2015

Why on earth would any intelligent person, running for office of president, want to follow the miss handled interests of this nation, by this president, for this nation.

Quenten Raney Jr. - April 10, 2015

I feel sorry for kids too young to understand what is in their future. Not one I would have planned for! And if hillary gets elected, or anyone like her, I fear another civil war will insue and nothing will remain of the old Republic except the memories!

Jesse Curtsinger - April 10, 2015

Gentlemen–Ithink the most important thing we can do for this country is replace our present tax code with a consumer tax on everything you buy–no exceptions. this wouldbe fair for everyone –goverment should be reduced we must have a balanced budget–we must have term limits.Our goverment has taken on more control of our lives than our constitution permits. there are several more important things that to be done but this would be a great stsrt. Jesse

Gerald Stickles - April 10, 2015

Leading from behind precludes a good view of whats ahead. Leading from behind provides a good view of “behinds” and limits the view of “a heads” which is most important when trying to lead and obtaining valuable input from other intelligent individuals. I value the input from “a head” rather than from a “behind”.

Art Meadows - April 10, 2015

Keep it simple by returning to the Reagan Doctrine. Arm the Eastern European countries with IRBM’s; reactivate the Defense Strategic Initiative; remind the KGB thug that we still have hundreds of stategic missiles, with mirv warheads on alert, plus nuclear armed submarines prowling the high seas; and pump oil like crazy to break his financial back. The redline has already been passed, let’s stop pussy footing around.

John Miller - April 10, 2015

The next President should follow the example of President Reagan. Peace through strength.
Our current president is an absolute failure at best in foreign policy at the worst he is ………. I’ll let history fill that in.
I’ll remind everyone of BO’s candid conversation with Putin, caught on a live mike. He told Putin to wait until after he was re-elected, when he could get more done. Putin has walked all over him since.

B. Durdan-Rowland - April 10, 2015

Whoever will be the next President , should NOT follow anything Bama has started in his failed years as President. We need a Conservative who believes in our Constitution and will follow the rule of law!!!!

Michael Miller - April 10, 2015

The next president should abandon any and all policies enacted under Obama. He is a complete failure on every front; economic, domestic, and foreign.

Robert Roark - April 10, 2015

Obama’s policy is a disaster. The one significant policy needed is to drastically increase American production of energy products so that we can greatly reduce the dependence of many European nations on energy supplies from Russia.

Gene Gosline - April 10, 2015

Obama/Kerry need to put pressure on Putin and Russia, we cannot wait 2 more years, in the meantime giving Putin free reign to further put his plans into action.

Russia is already acting more aggressively with military gamesmanship, budding up to N. Korea and China, etc.

Clif Banner - April 10, 2015

Non. Obama is ignorant about foreign policy — witness his last two secretaries of state.

Steven Johns - April 10, 2015

I think the next President needs to be advised by Ronald Reagan’s policies for dealing with Russia and emanate a clear agenda of stronger defense for protecting US sovereign interest backed up by firm consequences that Putin can understand.

Bert - April 11, 2015

Since the US is so far in debt I do not think that we should be establishing more military presence outside of the US. We should strengthen our military but keep them in the US.

Marc Noel - April 11, 2015

Absolutely not.

Norma Etheringtn - April 11, 2015

No, I think the next president should show a stance of strength and confidence with the defense policy to back it up. Obama makes us look so naive and seems to apologize for our very existence.
I appreciate your prospectives on our policies and rely on your wisdom. Thanks for all you do.

Elizabeth Wallace - April 11, 2015

Certainly don’t do Obama’s foreign policy. Everything he has done or not done has been a disaster.

David - April 12, 2015

I think the next U.S. President must strive to make Russia an ally. He must boldly confront Russia’s leaders to end corruption in their country.

Jerry Metcalf - April 12, 2015


Mabuballah - April 12, 2015

If a population of russophiles wish to break free from the puppets of the EU(Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk) the west installed in Kiev, what is that to us? Crimea was part of Russia before Khruschev lopped it off for his own purposes just 6 decades earlier, but who in the West ever talked about that?
This latter-day faceoff with Russia is the greatest of insanity — raising the potential for a devastating war (and a war of choice, at that) on the part of a nation (US) that is morally, financially, and politically bankrupt. Would someone please lock up and gag these neocons before they reduce us all to dust?

Jim Ehrenfried - April 13, 2015

we should first put out military back where it was before obama. Then create a coalition not only in Ukraine but in the islamic areas with a purpose of completely eradication Islamic terrorism. This world will not be safe until that is done.

charles haus - April 15, 2015

our present president is gutless and
the next , if there is one, needs to stand up and be a leader such as we have
had before. Right now the republicans
are wimps acting like democrats

charles haus - April 15, 2015


charles haus - April 15, 2015

As a former president said
speak softly but carry a big stick and be
willing to use it

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