Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is taking to the airwaves this week to encourage his listeners to become Heritage Foundation members. More than 704,000 conservatives are already Heritage members.

Listen to a clip from Rush’s program:

Learn how you can become a member and get your Heritage magnet.

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Joe Dague - January 19, 2011

Is it true that the Obama healthcare law will place a 3 1/2 % sales tax on the sale of our houses?
If so, why did it take months to notify the people?
How many other taxes and unbelievable things are in the law that we have not heard about?
If all this had been exposed shortly after the bill was rammed down our throats there would have been more of an uproar!
Even now too few people are against it! Someone needs to expose it for what it is and not just say, “It is a bad law”. People say, “says who?” We need details! Or has anyone read it yet?, Including Republicans!

Joe Dague

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