On a recent show, Rush Limbaugh cited The Heritage Foundation’s work to expose the dangers of the new START Treaty.

“I don’t need to tell you–because I have–that Heritage is all over this. You already know that,” he said. “But I want to share this with you because it’s a perfect example of the kind of work that Heritage does on our behalf, on behalf of the United States.”

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Rod Neumann - December 7, 2010

just a note with an observation. I am 100% behind the Heritage foundation and am thankful for all it does. I just have an administrative question what with all the powerful computers that we have, why does an individual get two ballots? Just asking !!

Mark Shockley - December 7, 2010

That’s what I call an endorsement! I started listening to Rush a little over a year ago on my lunch break.I look forward to it every day! He and The Heritage Foundation are huge influences in the conservative movement.

Joan Scott - December 8, 2010

Keep up the GREAT work you do everyday for ALL of us AMERICANS. God knows we need to be educated. With the present Adm. we have everything warrants close scrutiny.

james reilly - December 12, 2010

no matter how far obama seems to be leaning to thecenter /right .Dont trust him!! the republicans have him an the run .make no concessions!! the Bush taxs must be continued for all income levels. It is must for business especilly small business to survive.do you know anyone who was given a job by apoor person? i didnt think so.

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