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At Heritage, we bring the best and the brightest minds together to boldly address refugee policy.

This summer, Heritage experts Olivia Enos, David Inserra, and Joshua Meservey wrote a report titled “The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program: A Roadmap for Reform”.

Their report asserts that the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program should be used neither as a service to mass distribute global migration rights, nor to solve international conflict.

Rather, it should be reformed to assert American leadership, tangibly help partners and allies, and rescue some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Last Thursday, they briefed Admiral Hall on their report at the National Security Council. He was very receptive and promised to pass it to the new Senior Adviser for Refugees.

James Jay Carafano, the Vice President for the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy and E. W. Richardson Fellow, said of their work:

“While others have obsessed about the numbers and bans, we have focused on substantive reforms to actually make the program better—reduce abuse, enhance security and promote assimilation. Our work has not gone unnoticed. I have gotten constructive feedback from NGOs on all sides of this issue.”

Plans to make their roadmap to reform a reality are in the works.

What do you think should be done about America’s refugee program?

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Steve Wolf - November 24, 2017

Send every one of them back

fred grant - November 24, 2017

send them all back to where they came from ….let them apply and come here legally..the right way

Rosecleia - November 24, 2017

This refugee program is very dangerous due to the fact terrorists are taking advantage to come as refugees. So, like President Trump once said a safe zone has to be create to accommodate them and with the help of many countries. This is the right thing to do to prevent a chaos in many countries that accept those “refugees”

dennis k dressler - November 24, 2017

Refugee’s should be cared for in their own country where most call home and will eventually return.Regardless of whom the enemy is, the collective free world need to provide safe haven and life’s necessities in the refugee’s homeland where they will stay, rebuild and make their home a better place to live. Not come here to change our ways and our country to their liking. That is what muslim’s are doing now and if we do not expell all of them we will regret it in the near future.

Ananta Gopalan - November 24, 2017

Refugee program must be heavily restricted as it has become a tool to infiltrate into our country to cause harm to our citizens. We should not be beholden to globalists to coerce out our national security and interests.

Joseph C. Jaramillo - November 24, 2017

Until The Homeless Veterans situation is corrected, and all American Citizens are prioritized for assistance in finding work or being retrained for occupations there should be a FREEZE on all immigration or refugee resettlement. This is not to say we shouldn’t give aid in their countries of origin, just not bring them here for now.

Bob - November 24, 2017

As often happens when emotions start driving the conversation, nothing good will emerge. I suggest, like the president to stop immagration for a period time. We need to vet and catorgize people coming to our country, because it is a fact that we can’t open our doors to the entire world if we hope to maintain our culture and way of life. After the early 1900’s immagration we stopped for 40 years, so everyone new could assimilate with our culture. We’re losing right now and most of the younger people don’t realize what that change will mean for their future. I hope we as a country can come together on this life or death issue.

Robert S. Allen - November 24, 2017

You are on the right track. I do think that their ability to communicate in the English language is important, indeed vital. If they din’t have it, they must evince a desire to learn.

Sandra Sansing - November 24, 2017

The path that Heritage is proposing is excellent. It is what we need. As usual Heritage is spot on . as long as immigrants were/are coming here willing to assimilate and become part of the USA everyone wins. ” Out of the many one” . Any culture that wants to keep their “old country language and customs ” alive can do it within their home and family. I lived next door to a Greek family who spoke only Greek in the home.when the children started to pre school it was hard for them at first, but the 4 year old who first met my4 year old quickly picked up English and excelled. He was valedictorian of his high school class and received a full scholarship to Vanderbilt. All the Greek heritage was honored and the new country was honored too. They were business owners and loved the United States .

Don - November 24, 2017

Start from scratch. Primary emphasis must be on proven skills needed by USA after extreme vetting on character, competence, and commitment to USA.

Libby Huyck - November 24, 2017

The refugee resettlement program should be immediately disbanded, not reformed. The agencies involved are all corrupt and only interested in cheap labor. For more info, see Anne Corcoran’s post at:

Diane E Arbogast - November 24, 2017

If we want to keep this nation the Great Nation that it is, we must keep Sharia Law OUT. It is not what our forefathers wrote into Our Constitution. We must vet on character, and whether they are willing to assimilate into our society, not create their own.

John Wagner - November 24, 2017

1. Freeze the immigration program.
2. Deport all illegals.
3. Create an education program to assimilate all immigrants we keep so as to teach them the “Story of Our Country” and what it means to be an American.
4. Require their attendance.
5. Deport them if they fail or do not attend.
6. Require they learn English.

James Kelly - November 24, 2017

“God Bless America” is still in fashion by Freedom Thinking People.

Martha Slowik - November 24, 2017

For those seeking to become assimilated into our
diversified “melting pot” 21st Century America a
basic history of our strengths and failures must
be taught and tested before citizenship “rights”
granted. These “rights” should specifically be
understood as freedom to achieve personal goals
while respecting the dignity of all others in the
community where each new American dwells.

Raymond Campos - November 24, 2017

The assertion that, ” the US Our Refugee Admissions Program should be used neither as a service to mass distribute global migration rights, not to solve international conflict” in the referenced report is “right on”. Unfortunately, our immigration policy has turned into a tool to grain political favor by both parties.
Like with too many other politically hot potatoes the solutions is not reform but merely enforcing the laws and regulations that are already in place. In this case those that address assimilation, having a job prior to admittance, learning the English language, etc. Our immigration was not intended for refugees to be a drain on our country but rather for them to contribute to the betterment of our society. It shouldn’t about what can America can do for me, but what can I do for America.
The one thing that is needed is the building of The Wall. Until this is done its all lip service and no one will take us serious including our enemies.

Cheryl L. - November 24, 2017

Perhaps what is really needed is a staging area in the middle east before those wanting to leave and come here can stay safely and be vetted before they get here. Most of these people would be better suited to stay in the country of their origin, customs, and beliefs. Saudi Arabia has huge tent cities (suited for that climate) where they could live while being vetted, allowed to take language courses for the country they wish to emigrate to, and learn the customs of the host country. If they can’t assimilate, they shouldn’t be sent to a western country. It has already caused a great deal of turmoil here in the USA in cities like Dearborn, etc.

Richard Elder - November 24, 2017

more clarity of a refugee” vs. an immigrant” refugee flees” for his life; immigrant seeks USA benefits.
We should accept fully vetted “refugees’ and aid their resettlement. URGENT provide humanitarion safe havens’ in their own lands-PRIORITY

Rene’ R. Barrios - November 24, 2017

Our whole American way is changing culturally due to overwhelming refugees being let into our country. Why? We don’t owe the world anything. We contribute to everybody for disaster, hunger, medicine and much more and to countries that don’t even like us but want to destroy us. It is foolish to continue to do this. The people we let into our beautiful country don’t even want to assimilate but want to establish their own communities with Sharia law, hateful relligious beliefs and terrorist attacks upon us who are providing a better way of life for them. Put them in safe zones within their countries and let them continue to follow their beliefs instead of bringing them over here to change our way of life. Stop the corruption of our civilization by bringing in elements that will eventually destroy us. Can’t anyone see that it’s already happening? Is President Trump the only Wiseman among us?

Morris Short - November 24, 2017

We cannot save the world. We already have taken in more refugees than we can afford. Shut the program down now.

David R. Snyder - November 24, 2017

I believe the problem has festered for decades and is at a point that it is impossible to “do the right thing to SOLVE the problem” Politicans have looked for VOTES instead of living up to their “Oath of Office”

Mary Carpenter - November 24, 2017

Keep America safe, completely vet all immigrants, not be intimidated by the Left, uphold Federal law(s) on Immigration. Jobless Americans, not hired because of immigrants, also increase the welfare costs in the USA, which are huge. Proper, legal immigration will help that issue as well.
Open borders only make it worse.

Enoch B Thweatt Jr - November 24, 2017

The people now in the U.S., some with families, who entered by other than legal means, are very different in many ways. I spent four years writing a book (A Humane Solution to the Illegal Immigration Problem) and learned many things about the people who did not come to harm us, or change our laws, or force their language on us. I lived in a part of Nashville, TN that is one of the most international zip code areas in the state and got to know some of these people individually. I believe in keeping the laws of our land, but for a few, and it may be just a few, could there be some other kind of punishment? I wrote from that perspective and suggested ways to solve the problem. While writing, I soon realized that all true citizens need to be protected (though some will not think it important) to avoid confusion. This could help solve the voter fraud problem which is far more serious than most of us realize. I have more to say about how to solve this problem, but this is not the proper place for more details. By the way, my book is not on the market any more, but I will send a free copy to whoever would use the ideas to solve this very complex problem. One other thought: I would require much more of any new immigrant than is now required, written and spoken English, a real understanding of our Constitution, and the writings of our Founding Fathers, and especially for those who entered illegally, a record while in this country of no arrests, no voting, and an effort to do what good citizens do. And, there is a way to learn which of these “illegals” actually measures up. But that is enough for this time.

Bernice - November 24, 2017

Start from scratch..Follow the original laws..

Ragnar Liljequist - November 24, 2017

All I want for Christmas is a wall.

dee - November 24, 2017

for one stop giving them freebies , yes we are a melting pot of many cultures – fact the melting pot has boiled over & is costing the tax payers trillions ! this is outrageous ! our country comes first always !!! put an end to this problem stat ! we are not the welfare department for the world !

Clare Adair - November 24, 2017

If the 59,000 Hatians have committed very few criminal incidents, why not instead immediately deport 59,000 Somali, Yemeni, Hesbolla and Isis “refugees” whose records of criminality are considerable.
Meantime, eliminate the program altogether and come up with something that does not permit them to stay for SEVEN YEARS.

Edward Dunne - November 24, 2017

The hidden migration built into liberal execution of refugee program is an abuse of the system to widen general migration and bring voting support to the left and dependents to our shores. Refugees should be refugees and not just migrants. People who are actually being actively persecuted and who share our beliefs and want to be a part of our system, should be considered for refugee status only.

John Doner - November 24, 2017

The power to set immigration policy rests with the Congress, not the President. In earlier times, we tailored our policy to bring to the U.S. those who would in all likelihood be self-supporting, and would be of value in terms of improving the skill sets of our workforce. We shouldn’t adapt a policy to play international politics or to arbitraily take in refugees. There will never be an end to the flow of potential refugees, and we cannot make up for all of the bad governments in the world.

William Coates - November 24, 2017

Refugees understand their native land’s government is a failure, and they understand its culture. They represent an opportunity to correct the failure, if they learn how and why our system works, and then are willing to return as change agents.
Compatibility with our Judeo-Christian culture (not the perverted parts of it) is important; Islam simply is not.
It will be necessary that they learn English quickly, and have or develop a marketable skill and local contacts.
Our State Department is a failure, and must understand that free enterprise, property rights, religious tolerance, and personal honesty are essential for a viable nation-state to exist for long. We are not here to play power games or global chess with dictators, or to absorb the people that other nations dump. We were called into being to be an example, not a global umpire.

Don - November 24, 2017

The conflict is between Christianity and Islam. All immigrants must willingly assimilate into our culture and obey our laws while they are here.

Clyde Randolph - November 24, 2017

WE SHOULD do what most every other nations are and would do, Anyone wanting to come here, does it the legal way, and
fill out the necessary papers, let our officials determine who comes and when they come. and this transgender think is
Making God cry, who ever thought we would get this far.

Julia - November 24, 2017

Legal immigration ONLY.
shut Refugee program.
Provide these people safety in some neutral places near to their original countries, not in America.
If we will continue refugee program (in any
shape) and illegal immigration America is gone.
It should be done ASAP with executive order. Otherwise, we will loose our country. Actually, we already are…
Please, do something, save America . It is getting worse and worse every day everywhere.

Jo Morris - November 24, 2017

We should stick to the original program we’ve been using for years while we hopefully get America back to normal and know where we’re at, then look into the refugee programs. But, to just let them all come in, to me is dangerous…knowing IsIs and bad people are coming in with them. This whole situation and many others, call for common sense.

Dewey Reinhard - November 24, 2017

Bring the refugee program to a complete halt until we re-establish total control of
of our borders and other aspects of the program that are detrimental to our county.
Make America Great Again!

Tim Vendettuoli - November 24, 2017

The RAISE Act seems to me to be a great step in the right direction. I will be very interested to read this report and compare it to the framework of the RAISE Act.

Junius Stearns - November 24, 2017

Everything should be merit-based unless persons or groups who could & would quickly assimilate into American culture were in serious jeopardy of losing their lives or freedom (e.g., as were German Jews shortly before the breakout of World War II).

Colleen Olhausen - November 24, 2017

It is my belief that in today’s world, immigration policies need to be stringent. We can no longer expect that immigrants who come from a culture vastly different from ours, can be expected to assimilate. Contrary to Pres Obama’s view, we are a Christian nation, and we can expect that Christian refugees will assimilate and become productive citizens. I favor the immigration laws already in place and illegal for whatever reason is unacceptable. The folks I know who are legal immigrants are law-abiding, productive members of our community. That, in my view, is the ideal.

ron tirapelli - November 24, 2017

My belief is that only those wishing to come to America have something to offer the United States. A skill of some sort that will benefit the U.S. so they don’t become a welfare recipient. They should wait in line to be vetted like everyone else that has a desire to come to this country

Roland LaChance - November 24, 2017

The law is on President Trump favor, the judge that rule against president trump should be impeached in accordance with the US Constitution. Article III, the judges, both of the Supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good behavior. ruling in violation against existing laws violates the US CONSTITUTION.

Carl Eckles - November 24, 2017

I believe that it is highly dangerous to have a policy of accepting Muslim immigrants due to the theocracy embedded in their religion. Western civilization is founded on ideas from the enlightenment and Judeo-Christian values. We are accepting too many immigrants to assimilate and our educational system seems to be constitutional-limited government.

Janice Cotant - November 25, 2017

I have always trusted the Heritage Foundation. After reading the proposed changes I feel they are missing the boat. The refugee resettlement program is bad for our country. It is also bad for Europe. The only people who really profit from this program are the contractors and since the new director has been involved with the Catholic Bishops group he already has a conflict of interest, in my opinion. The money the contractors receive is based on a per head basis. The contractor’s fees are for the most part paid by tax dollars. The salaries of some of the heads of these humanitarian organizations is astronomical, often high six figures. The cheap labor they provide big businesses does not offset the money cities have to pay in welfare and education. In addition, the chain migration that follows adds an even bigger burden to the cities and the country. I want the program shut down. If I want to support a refugee I will use my money to do so. If not, I don’t want my taxes used for this program. I would spend it on our homeless. I would give college scholarships. I would lower tuition rates for college educations. I would make America great again. You should have Ann Corcoran on your board so you know the whole story. You may be too ingrained in the swamp to really see what is happening. Jan Cotant, Gaylord Michigan

Ann Corcoran - November 25, 2017

You have left an important element out of your “reform” plan—US citizens who must pay the enormous cost of the program (at all levels of government) and endure the social and cultural upheaval the program is creating in many American small cities. What about advancing US citizen interests first, before foreign policy ones? Or, is this milquetoast reform proposal really about advancing US business interests—cheap labor?

Laurence Jarvik - November 25, 2017

Why don’t you invite Ann Corcoran to debate your experts at Heritage? Admiral Hall could moderate the panel. Would make a good C-Span broadcast, imho. Contact Ann here: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com.

Gail - November 25, 2017

I wish Heritage would promote SKILLS based immigration, and not NEEDS based de facto immigration cloaked in refugee status. Helping others around the world is a proper role of the United States, but it does NOT have to be at our detriment ! We could much more easily and economically set up secure camps in the vicinity of where people are fleeing from, so that they may return when the hostilities end. But that wouldn’t feed the beast of The Establishment Right of CHEAP LABOR or Establishment Left of Guaranteed VOTES. Methinks The Heritage Foundation is on the Edge of The Swamp. PLEASE advocate for PUTTING AMERICA FIRST, NOT PUTTING AMERICAN CORPORATE AND POLITICAL INTERESTS FIRST

S. Alexander - November 25, 2017

No more Muslim refugees as they refuse to assimilate despite the millions of taxpayer dollars we spent trying to appease them. First generation kids of Muslim refugees hate the US and are the first to try to join ISIS or cause harm to the US. WAKE UP! Yes to persecuted minorities like Yazidis and Christians, and no more taxpayer funding of the resettlement contractors – let them raise their own money.

Dennis Fowler - November 25, 2017

Enforce existing law. If reform is needed, it should be with similar intent.

Laura - November 25, 2017

You have no idea what is happening to our towns and the threat to our American Freedom or our way of life. Come and visit St. Cloud MN or Bloomington MN or Eden Prairie or any other of the towns seeded with Islamic Refuges. See how they live on welfare. See how they push there way of life on us. See how they insist on Sharia law instead of the Constitution. The problem is that Heritage clearly hasn’t study Islamic law or Islamic Religion. Islam is a POLITICAL, ECONOMIC institution first, then a religion system. It’s sad to see that Heritage hasn’t studied what it is all about. I’m wondering if Heritage has taken on some “nice” Islamics on their team that is teaching them about Islam without understanding their doctrine of lying to those that are not Islamic to further their cause.

Hester - November 25, 2017

No more immigration whatsoever, especially cheap labor refugees, until the 35 million illegal aliens who already snuck into our country are all deported. That is sane, the Refugee Ressettlement program is not.

Fran barnett - November 25, 2017

Disband this program and focus on American citizens. Hurricane victims and others that have had a geological catastrophe. Why do you want to import pathology into our country as well as introducing disease?????

PJ - November 25, 2017

NO Taxpayer $$$s for refugees, stick it to the corporations who are on the receiving end.

Mary - November 25, 2017

Stop bringing dangerous unvetted people that hate us into this country. No interest is there from them to become part of American culture only to dominate and destroy with no after plan. There have already been proven examples of radical immigration groups alienating themselves within and from our American culture. Shut the program completely down. In the past individual churches would sponsor their own families and ensure their love of American values put it back in their hands. Taxpayer funds do not allow the sharing of faith values.

Shannon - November 25, 2017

Lately it appears the answer to every global intra-country conflict now appears to be to allow a powerful group of people to push a different group of people out of their country. Western countries have decided to take sides in these conflicts by providing a route for the less powerful group to flee the area more quickly — just what the powerful group causing the problem wanted!

It that a sustainable strategy?

W.Randy Holman - November 25, 2017

Heritage Foundation. GTF outa the bususiness of putting these low IQ, low pay, non assimilating, non working people in our country. Butt out.stay out. Start working on reforming job situation for American workers. Or move your butts to Rwanda and start there.

Bruce Hannen - November 25, 2017

The Heritage Foundation is making a huge mistake when it comes to this issue. I can no longer support an organization that advocates for the importation of “refugees” from countries that would rather see us wiped from the face of the earth.

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - November 25, 2017


Sue Thomas - November 25, 2017

As as an American proud of our country this proposal is insanity. Altering communities with cultures that have no interest in assimilating and destroying our own culture. Is the Heritage Foundation going to pay the costs of education and more. Resettlement is force not by choice and a billion dollar industry. Americans want this to stop. I agree with Triump safe places should be established in their own countries. We only have to look to Europe and the destabilization of especially Sweden. Our taxes should not go to organizations that are destroying us and providing cheap labor especially an example in the meat industry. The finding of resettlement needs to end. How many more? We have become the world’s safety net at the expense of our own people. The Heritage Foundation intentions I feel underneath is supporting corporations and cheap labor not saving the heritage of Americans.

Sue Thomas - November 25, 2017

As as an American proud of our country this proposal is insanity. Altering communities with cultures that have no interest in assimilating and destroying our own culture. Is the Heritage Foundation going to pay the costs of education and more. Resettlement is force not by choice and a billion dollar industry. Americans want this to stop. I agree with Triump safe places should be established in their own countries. We only have to look to Europe and the destabilization of especially Sweden. Our taxes should not go to organizations that are destroying us and providing cheap labor especially an example in the meat industry. The finding of resettlement needs to end. How many more? We have become the world’s safety net at the expense of our own people.

Kim - November 25, 2017

Reforming the USRAP? That’s easy, just cut off federal funding using our tax dollars as it exists today (at a fee per head amount). Like any other charitable organization, they should be made to source their funds from private and corporate donations. Transparency and operating under the cloak of secrecy disguised as humanitarianism doen’t happen when federal funding creates bloated salaries that demand ever increasing refugee placement.

Christine Klein - November 25, 2017

Stop importing third world, low to no skill, immigrants into the United States. Immigrants from war torn nations such as Angola have only seen war & torture in their countries and they do not know how to settle disputes with each other without using violence. African immigrants like Somalis do not assimilate to American values. STOP bringing illiterate, uneducated immigrants to US!

CAROL LAITINEN - November 25, 2017


Sonia - November 25, 2017

Please listen to what your readers are writing here. The refugeeprogram is a huge money laundering scam. These refugees are not being vetted appropriately or stringently. The refugees are pawns in a cog of politics and slavery. Big meat, chicken, and yogurt are using it for cheap labor and the Democrat liberals are using this for votes as well as cheap labor. The bubble in Washington DC is ignorant and too elitist to know what is really happening to “real” America. Are WE the people your guiney pigs? We are seeing our small towns change to what BO would want, to make us suffer because we don’t deserve the greatness of the USA. I go to Sam’s club and I hear more foreign languages than I do English, and see more covered heads than American baseball caps. I do strongly believe the USA is being changed on the inside and Washington DC is living on the mountain top while WE the people work and raise our families in the mud and muck of others who don’t want to be here and don’t want to accept our culture or language. Travel to Minnesota, Montana, and even Michigan to see what REAL America is doing day in and day out to survive. I don’t want my country to be taken over by others who live off of us like maggots on apiece of beef. My mother came here from France in the 50’s, became an American, speaks English and has contributed to our culture, work force and family makeup. My mother hates what is happening to her country, and so do I. Wake up!

Christina Jeffrey, PhD - November 25, 2017

Does Trump realize that the best officers left the military in disgust after our politically inspired, shameful and unnecessary defeat In Vietnam? As the old cold warriors were replaced by social justice warriors, the military became more and more politically correct. Eight years of the Obama regime pretty much finished it off. I love the real military; my father attended a military College, graduated in 1941 and went straight to war and was in the Pacific until the war ended. A brother, a husband, two sons, and now a grandson, all served but one must look very closely at the officer class to be sure they are of the real military, patriotic and naturally conservative though apolitical and not SJW.

As far as the Heritage report goes, a re-write is needed. Most of the people here commenting on the report seem to have a better grasp of the real business of the refugee contractors than the report writers – the idea of shutting down the existing program right now is truly the best first step to reform of a program that has abused tocal citizens everywhere “resettlement’ programs have been established, not to mention Americans, especially recent legal immigrants and Americans who have been displaced from the workforce and the state and federal taxpayers who fund All this nonsense.

Tony Stieber - November 25, 2017

Its simple, take their free handouts away. Stop paying them cash. Most of these people will only work for cash because they don’t want to lose their free foodstamps, dissability, etc, etc, etc. Take our country back. Its starts with you.

John D. Horton - November 25, 2017

The United Nation’s High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) makes the intial decision about which “refugees” will be sent to the USA. The member countries of the UNHCR are 80% Muslim. These Muslim countries are using the UNHCR as a covert “missionary” effort to spread Islam throughout the world by sending 98%+ Muslim “refugees” to non-Muslim countries, like the USA, to be paid for by the US taxpayer. The US should not participate in this deception as it is obviously a violation of First Amendment Separation of Mosque and State (i.e. the US government will not promote or fund any religion such as providing endless welfare to Muslim immigrants which was never done with any other religious group). See the the book: “Stealth invasion : Muslim conquest through immigration and resettlement Jihad” https://lccn.loc.gov/2016035955

Margaret Starry - November 25, 2017

The Refugee Program in Minnesota is a total disaster. We’ve had a shooting in our Mall in St Cloud, and many other incidents that the governor covers up. We have CAIR come to lecture us whenever the Muslims are caught or they fear a perceived “backlash”that has never occurred. Our County has been in the red for the last several years and when citizens ask questions they are ostracized and labeled as “haters” for just asking. Our schools are failing, our St Cloud state university enrollment is down 16%! More and more family and small business owners are leaving and the native poor are unable to get low income housing because refugees are always priority, even in the Habitat for Humanity housing. Muslim youth gangs cause trouble at the high schools and public parks. The hospital has become saturated with Somali refugees and their birth rates are skyrocketing. In this Catholic founded Hospital they find crucifixes destroyed and trashed by Muslim workers and Muslim patients who are offended by them. The scales are definitely unbalanced. This has to stop.

I thought Heritage Foundation was a trusted group for honoring our American principles of individualism and independence. Now I am left wondering. Please re-evaluate your stance on this dangerous program.

Thank you.

John D. Horton - November 25, 2017

The Whites in South Africa are being genocided but I don’t see the refugee industry getting too excited about it? Why? Wrong color? Wrong religion (i.e. Christian)? The politically Left refugee industry wants to propagate the idea that only coloreds and non-Christians need to be “saved” through the refugee program that is why they only bring in Muslims and colored people.

Gloria Jones - November 25, 2017

Our daughter and family are missionaries in Germany. They must demonstrate proficiency in German in order to keep their visas. I think the US should have this same type program, that refugees and immigrants here must show proficiency in the English language within a certain time frame in order to continue to live here. An exception might be for those older than 60 or 65…it gets harder to learn new things as one gets older. Another needed reform would be the allowing of immigrants, once granted status here, to bring all their relatives here to join them. Those relatives should have to go through the normal process for obtaining entry permits.

Gloria Jones - November 25, 2017

I have been reading the other comments posted and I believe many are correct. We need to gain total control of our borders, by a wall or other means, before any more immigrants are allowed into the US.

Christina Jeffrey, PhD - November 25, 2017

Christina Jeffrey, PhD – November 25, 2017

I wonder if the Oresident realizes that most of the best officers left the military in disgust after our politically inspired, shameful and unnecessary defeat In Vietnam. As the old cold warriors were replaced by social justice warriors, the military became more and more politically correct. Eight years of the Obama regime pretty much finished it off. I love the real military; my father attended a military College, graduated in 1941 and went straight to war and was in the Pacific until the war ended. A brother, a husband, two sons, and now a grandson, all served, but one must look very closely at the officer class to be sure they are of the real military, patriotic and naturally conservative but apolitical and not SJWs.

As far as the Heritage report goes, a re-write is needed. Most of the people here commenting on the report seem to have a better grasp of the real business of the refugee contractors than the report writers – the idea of shutting down the existing program right now is truly the best first step to reform of a program that has abused tocal citizens everywhere “resettlement’ programs have been established, not to mention Americans, especially recent legal immigrants and Americans who have been displaced from the workforce as well as the state and federal taxpayers who fund All this nonsense.

Michael Reidhammer - November 25, 2017

“Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the terrorist behind 9/11, reveals Al Qaeda wanted to use America’s lax immigration laws to infiltrate the country’s legal and welfare systems and “impose Sharia from within.”

Shut the damn so called refugee program down.

Sandy - November 25, 2017

End refugee resettlement.
No one truly wants to leave their homeland,
They just want their homeland safe and economically sound.
Look again, this time for the benefit of the people, not big corporations.
The federal government should not be in the charity business.

Bob - November 25, 2017

I see refugees who have been settles in our town using food stamps, on welfare, getting free heating oil, etc…and they drive cars newer than most of us!

It is time to STOP the madness and stop the refugees…send them to a country near where they came from!

Thomas F Stark - November 25, 2017

I truly believe that all stakeholders in the immigration issue would best be served by a system that does several things:
1)assists refugee populations in a way that precludes permanent settlement in the U.S. but rather temporary shelter until their homeland is stabilized. People are better served by return to their native environment than attempting to force assimilation to a culture that is often foreign and bizarre by their standards.
2) Permanent immigration should be limited to those possessing skills that are in short supply within our country and those possessing the financial ability to immediately be self-sufficient. We should not be absorbing all the third-world poor into our already overburdened welfare system.
3) Immigrants should NOT be subject to full citizen-level civil rights. Those should be earned with citizenship. Commission of a criminal act should result in trial and if convicted, deportation should not be delayed by costly appeals. Allow for one review by a different judge as an appeal protection, but do not allow it to drag out.
4) Eliminate birth-right citizenship unless the parents entered legally and have been in the country long enough to be eligible to apply for citizenship and have actually applied for citizenship.
5) Sufficient funding to complete a physical wall or barrier and supporting technology to make it far more difficult to enter illegally.
6) Evaluate the need, following completion of the southern border barrier, for additional enhancements to the northern border as there is a likelihood that illegal penetrations will increase there once the southern border is secured.

Jo - November 25, 2017

I don’t understand why illegals should be treated better than many US citizens, and why they should sneak into this country and then receive benefits paid for by law-abiding citizens. If someone is here illegally, they should be deported.

arlie hammons - November 25, 2017

I’m a gay conservative why would I ever support bringing in someone that would kill me in their country? And as a veteran I would much rather my tax dollars went to support the many needs of our veterans.

Jesse de Orleans - November 25, 2017

You think tank folks have no concept of how bringing in these “vetted” refugees have decimated our towns: TB, MEASALS, flesh eating bacteria, lepordsy have all made a come back bec it’s the UN WHO IS PICKING THESE MUSLIMS TO COME HERE! Why are they not medically screened? My partner was from New Zealand a first world country and we paid big money for a FULL PHYSICAL, chest X-ray blood work etc before even leaving for us or filing petition for green card! Don’t tell me these people are being screened the truth is in Minnesota, TB THE INFECTIOUS SORT THAT IS ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT, has THEM HARD! The point is, they should be taken in by their own people ( Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon etc) these people bring all their fanatical learning and attitudes with them when they come here! They act like they deserve everything they want, won’t work, won’t learn English and rape etc is up in cities that have these unsuitable people in them ! SEND THEM BACK! They’re supposed to go back if no war right? Somalia-send them back! Afghan-send them back! We do not want or need millions of these unsuitable for western society with our freedoms they spit on and whine for sharia law! You are the worst sort of panderers.. bec your lying about the impact these people have on our school, hosp, and our happy safe lives.. We don’t want them here! No more! None of your propaganda will convince me and millions like me that this will EVER BE GOOD FOR USA!! Deporting them WOULD BE GOOD FOR USA! Not allowing them in ever again WOULD BE GOOD FOR USA. But u care not for USA, but to carry water for the ghastly USA HATING UN! LEARN THE LESSON OF EUROPE NOW SO WE DONT BECOME WESTERN EUROPE OR SWEDEN! Halt Muslim refugees and save the Christian arabs. They’re the ones facing genocide courtesy of Islam! Do something good for America! Stop bringing these murderous non English speaking infected Muslims into America! They can stay in a camp close by so they can return and BUILD THEIR COUNTRIES BACK UP! They will need every man woman n child to do this so they need to be close now war is done in Syria!

cathy simicich - November 25, 2017

When you settle these refugees in an resettlement they live in that settlement and never assimilate with Americans whom live here. Many years ago the Polish, Irish etc. came here and were happy to become Americans now it is a different story. When people apply to come here we must fully investigate them and allow only people who want to become Americans forget about these program.

James Simpson - November 25, 2017

The Heritage proposal gets this much right: “should be used neither as a service to mass distribute global migration rights, nor to solve international conflict.”
But the refugee resettlement program was ill-considered from the beginning. And the Heritage’s proposal guarantees that it will continue to be used as a mass population distribution tool – its original design, targeting the U.S. and the West specifically, because this redistribution is not going toward any of our enemies. They know better! The refugee program ignores the American people who pay for it, trampling on our rights, increasing crime, terrorist dangers and a litany of other costs, with virtually no opportunity for us to make corrections. Heritage needs to take an honest look at the program. In its current form it mush be abolished entirely.

Jo D. - November 25, 2017

I am against one world, no borders.
I put ONLY the US of A first in my mind.
I have lived a long life and have seen our country go down hill day by day. Our
Culture is being destroyed. I feel this is all a communist, hardcore move on my
Beloved country. All immigration should be put on hold until lawful citizens have
Jobs and crime goes down. Then only legal immigrants from all countries, not just a select few countries. I believe supporting all illegals is un-American.
The Christian, God bless America.

margo Ratcliffe - November 25, 2017

Please don’t believe that “reforming” the RAP is going to help the over-burdened states and local communities who bear the brunt of masses of poverty-stricken individuals coming in to deplete their local resources. GET RID of the whole thing and the agencies that are enriching themselves in salaries by getting paid per capita for these immigrants with Federal dollars. We have a family member totally disabled and we aren’t able to get her in a nursing home. It angers me that these immigrants who come here are IMMEDIATELY placed on Medicaid while our own citizens cannot get access to the help they need. I strongly support Heritage, but you need to work to abolish–not “REFORM”–this system that is helping to destroy our country neighborhood by neighborhood.

LaNell Barrett - November 25, 2017

The earth is tilting on it axis as everyone ‘flees’ to the U.S.A.
Taking in those who are refugees I compare to the Trojan Horse within our ‘gate’s.
Fight for your own country, as we are fighting for it!

Shawn - November 25, 2017

Not all human cultures are the same. And their errors take generations to purge. It is time to stop all immigration. Please do not be naive about immigration and assimilation. Learn the latest from sociologists themselves, read “Do Immigrants Import Their Economic Destiny?” for a start (at evonomics.com). Thank you.

Dick Manasseri - November 25, 2017

Heritage should have the wisdom to call for a complete halting of the secretive and dangerous refugee resettlement program. Your experts did not explore the Shariavilles that exist right now in Michigan. They did not address the Sharia-related crime we see here with active cases of FGM, no-fault rape, and honor killings. Here-Now. The NGOs involved here have broken the law repeatedly by not providing prior consultation. Samaritas and the USCCB
have planted over 11,000 refugees in Oakland County without the required prior consultation. Why doesn’t Heritage call for the prosecution of the NGOs that continue to violate the existing law?

karen gilbert - November 25, 2017

We do not need any more refugees or immigrants for the us tax payers to take care of. your “study” is bogus and you have no idea what they affect our local communities! enough is enough

Virginia Gomez - November 25, 2017

I am very very disappointed in the Heritage Foundation. I had great respect for your articles, but I am NOT happy about your ideas regarding ““The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program: A Roadmap for Reform”. Really?! I have written to and called my Governor (here in Utah) but have never gotten a response from him whenever I ask the question regarding the re-settlement of Muslims that have been or are being resettled in Utah “How many of those Muslim Refugees are going to be resettle near “your personal residence or your gated community?” To date I have received NO answer. There is a homeless issue here, but yet the interests of refugees are put ahead of those homeless U S citizens and our Veterans, too. Is Heritage Foundation aware of all the benefits that Refugees upon arrival receive??!! Here they are: BENEFITS TO REFUGEES
Many Immigration Benefits Are Available to Refugees
To qualify as a refugee, a person must meet the following definition from Section 101(a)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA):
“any person who… is unable or unwilling to return to, and is unable or unwilling to avail himself or herself of the protection of that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion….”
Here are four things to remember about immigration benefits available to refugees:
* Refugees (as distinguished from asylum grantees) receive a broad range of benefits and services (e.g. complete Furnishing for FREE or Subsidized Housing) that are NOT available to U.S. citizens who are homeless and indigent.There are still significant numbers of aliens resettled as refugees who are in fact admitted under the Lautenberg Amendment and thus do not have to meet the evidentiary standards for establishing status under INA 207. The related Specter Amendment includes Iranian nationals in this special category. Congress has reauthorized the loopholes annually in the 1970s.
* Only refugees who are designated as eligible for a presidentially designated “priority program” are offered resettlement. The third priority for refugee selection (P-3) is referred to by the Department of State as the “Anchor Family Program” because it is almost entirely derivatives of previously settled refugees, justified on the basis of “family unity” rather than protection from persecution. For example, adult children of previously settled refugees are in this priority category due to the CSPA legislation.
* Entrants on certain Special Immigrant Visas also receive a high level of public benefits similar to that granted to refugees. Please note the word “FREE” and “not available to U.S. citizens who are homeless and indigent.”
So, Heritage Foundation, I have the same question for you or your members
“How many Refugees have been resettled in “your personal community -gated or not-or near your members residence?” How many states have your members visited to see how well these refugees have assimilated, like in Minnesota, Idaho, Ohio (where the Gov. told his constituents that if they disapproved of his approval of welcoming more refugees, that they have the option of ‘moving out of his state!’, New York, etc. How many cities are your members planning to visit and do an extensive investigation to see how well these ‘refugees have assimilated’ and how many Muslim imams or Muslim families will you also interview regarding their views in “assimilating” and their views or thoughts on our U S “Constitution”? All one has to do is look at all the terrorist attacks we have so far suffered to see how well these refugees have assimilated..How many Muslim imams or Muslims (here in the U S) in general, have vocally expressed their outrage over the terrorist attacks committed here or in the Middle East against Christians or non-Muslims?
The terrorist attack that just recently occurred in N Y, is that an example of how well refugees have assimilated
(Saipov had been here since 2010); so this refugee had plenty of time and opportunity to assimilate..
What about “our personal” safety, Heritage Fd. how do plan to assure us that we (in our neighborhoods) won’t be free from terrorist attacks within our shores? How are you going to force certain ‘religious’ refugees to assimilate while the whole resettlement effort is being done by contractors who have no interest in teaching refugees to assimilate? What about our US citizens’ interest?! What of States Rights and the feds shifting costs to states? Anything about the US Treasury heavily funding ‘religious’ NGOs which then operate in secrecy? Anything about the Social and Cultural impact roiling communities that are overloaded with refugees? How about some answers to ‘ALL’ my questions..

Cathy - November 25, 2017

With all due respect, The Heritage Foundation failed to disclose how the refugee resettlement program impacts individual citizens of the United States. The federal government brings in refugees and dumps them into communities leaving citizens of the local county and municipalty with the cost. These costs include human services, entitlements, and public education. These local governments are forced to raise taxes to cover these costs. The sad part is that non-profits receive federal grants and act as “free” employment agencies for factories particularly the meat-packing industry. Big business and other organizations benefit at the expense of others. Many of the refugees are loyal to a separte legal system, which they call a religious system, that conflicts with the US Constitution inflicting additional pain on the citizens of these communities. Did you also know that these individual citizens are almost always shut out of this resettlement process? These citizens are not considered stakeholders even though they pay taxes that fund these communities. The (not so) funny part is that the United Nations decides who is resettled in these communities. US citizens don’t even get to choose who they may, or may not, want to help. Please revise your study to include the rights of individual citizens. Since you are an organization that supports limited government and the rights of individual citizens, I am sure you will research this further.

James Soares - November 25, 2017

There are plenty of Europeans in Western Europe who are suffering under unjust oppressive rule at the hands of the their own government and the recent invasions. Also white South African farmers are being murdered at an astonishing rate. These groups should be our top priorities: most already speak English, have high civilizational capacity, will assimilate easily, and broadly share our values. We don’t need any more third world refugees!

Donna - November 25, 2017

The best cue for the refugee program to eliminate it! They don’t assimilate, for the most part, and they send people here who want to kill us. We don’t have a worker shortage….not that the majority have any skills. We don’t have any extra money to give way to them or illegals when we have issues here with our own people. Keep them in the Middle East where they belong.

Al - November 25, 2017

End the program. Communities like Harrisonburg, VA are buckling, financially and socially, from the strains of refugee resettlement. Thousands of new students to educate means more schools – including possibly a new $100 million high school – and an incredible drain of resources trying to educate students from all corners of the world. Just dealing with the illegal immigrants who all speak Spanish is a massive financial drain for the schools. Adding Kurds, Russians, Central Africans, and more has destroyed the school system. It’s ruining the sense of community. It threatens to push out every middle class taxpayer and turn the entire city into a massive “multicultural” ghetto, with all the ethnic violence that brings.

Please, stop this program.

Robert Trent - November 25, 2017

I’m sick and tired of these NGOs that use a thin cloak of religion to cover for their U.S. taxpayer funded business. America is already the most generous nation on the face of the earth when it comes to issuing permanent resident visas.

In addition to the immigrant visas, most Americans aren’t aware of the “Temporary Protective Status” (TPS) program. Under this program a U.S. president can disgnate a country as being TPS eligible. This is mostly done after devastating hurricanes, or like in the case of China (Tianamen Square), after a government commits widespread social injustice.

If you go to the website for U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, and click on the TPS button you will clearly see how magnanomouse America really is. Unfortunately, granting TPS has been twisted way out of porpotion for what it was intended. The “temporary” can last a decade, or more. All the people granted TPS, including those that entered America illegally, are granted work authorization, and issued a temporary social security card.

Enough is enough! The word “vetting” is nonsense when it comes to people from third world countries. There simply are no legitmate institutions in those countries, and no reliable records.

I know all of this from having spent twenty plus years in immigration law enforcement.

Let Chobani Yogurt, and Perdue Chicken pay a decent wage, and a safe working environment, American workers will come. They won’t do this as long as the USG keeps stocking their processing plants with the equivalent of slave labor.

Mary Laforet - November 25, 2017

I believe Safe Zones should be set up. We are the land of opportunity but only if we can further assimilate and despite the fact that is one of your goals, many cultures especially from the Middle East have no intention of doing anything but destroying the US.

Ralph Aguila - November 25, 2017

The refugee programs during the Cold War (e.g., accepting Hungarians, Cubans, and Vietnamese) are not applicable anymore. Even Obama ended the Cuban refugee program. So what possible benefit do we get from allowing Somalis and Afghans into the US. The Global War on Terrorism is not too hard to fight, just don’t let the terrorists in and we win. So please stop all immigration and stop allowing refugees into the country.

Laurence Jarvik - November 25, 2017

I wish Heritage would sponsor a panel with diverse opinions on this issue, to consider alternatives not discussed in this report—such as supporting a temporary moratorium on all refugee resettlement until the system has been fixed, as President Trump promised during the campaign and the only plan with a mandate from the electorate.

Barbara D - November 25, 2017

What has happened to you guys!! You have lost your conservative rudder. How about the excessive costs, the burdens to local communities, and the profound impact on our culture and voting trends. We are sick of paying for DC’s self-serving programs, and especially of those that entrench ever more Democrats in power. If Heritage wants a permanent “progressive” majority of the radical Left, why don’t they just come out and say so?

Are you, Heritage, influenced by the Chamber of Commerce, which sees mass immigration as an absolute good. CofC could care less about the rest of us.

See Ann Corcoran’s post at: refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com

Jane - November 25, 2017

You have really missed the boat on this one! As a sustaining member and trust benefactor of Heritage, I am VERY disappointed in this report. The refugee resettlement program fleeces we taxpayers to benefit the nine NGOs and brings to local communities many people who do not wish to be in America or become Americans. They destroy our heritage, traditions, local services and the very concept of e pluribus unum. The program should be disbanded and we should move to a merit based system for immigration with extreme vetting. Humanitarian safe havens in countries or regions of unrest should be provided through the United Nations so that people can return home–where most really wish to be–when safe. I expect that you will be revising The Heritage Foundation recommendations!

Janice Taylor - November 25, 2017

Trying to get my arms around the Refugee Reform Proposal and finding it difficult due to the many (sophomoric) platitudes. (1) No mention of costs to U.S. tax payers, who (for beginners) fund 26% of UN Budget. Federal funding into America’s 106 sanctuary cities in FY 2016 was $26.741 BILLION. (2) We see time and again that DHS and USRAP are NOT capable of sufficient screening. (3) The U.S. is ALREADY admitting record numbers of refugees and immigrants who are NOT assimilating. They are mostly very poor people with limited educations, who will need a couple of generations of care by the U.S. taxpayer before they can return anything to the economy. (4) Once in the U.S., they almost immediately lobby to bring family members and friends, as well.

Caro K. - November 25, 2017

The United States is $20 trillion in debt. We cannot afford to take on the responsibility of caring for indigent refugees as we already are over-loaded with faltering towns, an opiod crisis, stagnant wages, insufficient housing, civil strife, etc. Stop the refugee program for five years, until we are in better shape to consider such a commitment.

In 2007 Gregory Clark, chair of the Economics Dept, University of California, at Davis, published, “A Farewell to Alms.” You can compress his 377 pages into six building blocks of a successful society:
1. Stable institutions
2. Creation of well-defined property rights
3. Low marginal tax rates
4. Innovative ideas
5. Free markets and free trade
6. Avoidance of armed conflict
All of our energy is spent trying to help millions of people caught up in disasters, often of their own making.
The first foot forward should be knowing WHAT WORKS, teaching what works, and helping those caught between the learning and the application of that wisdom stay as close to their home countries as possible, with MINIMUM relocation.

We should not suck up the best and brightest of those faltering countries, leaving them less capable of making their homelands successful in the future.

Mike Elmore - November 25, 2017

Until this government has, at the very least, a balance budget how can you be OK with borrowing more money to spend on refugees? This is not the principles of conservatism. Come on, this is crazy, not only are you burdening the federal government with more debt, do you not know what this does financially to the communities with limited resources when they say enough is enough? It’s impossible to stop the flow once it starts for these communities. Refugee resettlement is not immigration. Once you figure this out you might understand the problem. Then learn who makes all the money and has a vested interest in the resettlement program. The majority of the NGO’s are religious organizations. This kind of chaps me to know that I am made to borrowing money, not only to fill the churches coffers but to fill their need to feel good about themselves. Where’s the separation of church and state?

LMS - November 25, 2017

The program should be halted immediately. It has become a lucrative business funded by taxpayers who are stuck with the costs, but who have no voice in the process. You need to go into communities with large refugee populations and ask schools what their costs are (additional teachers, interpreters, social workers etc.) You need to ask state agencies how much they are spending on Medicaid, food stamps, cash assistance, etc. You need to look at the Form 990’s of the resettlement contractors and see how much of their budgets come from tax payers and how little come from charitable donations (in many cases over 90% taxpayer funded). Interview people who have lived in apartment buildings with refugees and you will get a different story than the rosy picture you are trying to paint. Do your research! Clearly you have ignored the people directly impacted by refugees (i.e. taxpayers) and the impact on schools, medical facilities, social service agencies, and communities where many of these people do NOT assimilate (nor do they want to).

Leo Taylor - November 25, 2017

ZERO REFUGEES, no more . Help refugees in safe communities in their own countries.

stephen palmer - November 25, 2017

It is without question that something needs to be done about those who come across the border. People from all over the world are coming in through Mexico and countries south. This Country is over run by foreigners who have no skills and can’t even speak english. They are affecting our economy and our safety. I only see one solution and that is to build that wall completely across our border with one entry point manned by border patrol and military on rotating shifts. If the proper paperwork showing a skill and an ability to speak our language is not presented then they should be sent back where they came from. I know that this is a long term solution and will take time to implement but is a must do program. Our biggest problem is the liberal/communist democrats who will fight this like the wild animals they are.

Christina Jeffrey, PhD - November 25, 2017

Christina Jeffrey, PhD – November 25, 2017

Does Trump realize that the best officers left the military in disgust after our politically inspired, shameful and unnecessary defeat In Vietnam? As the old cold warriors were replaced by social justice warriors, the military became more and more politically correct. Eight years of the Obama regime pretty much finished it off. I love the real military; my father attended a military College, graduated in 1941 and went straight to war and was in the Pacific until the war ended. A brother, a husband, two sons, and now a grandson, all served but one must look very closely at the officer class to be sure they are of the real military, patriotic and naturally conservative though apolitical and not SJW.

As far as the Heritage report goes, a re-write is needed. Most of the people here commenting on the report seem to have a better grasp of the real business of the refugee contractors than the report writers – the idea of shutting down the existing program right now is truly the best first step to reform of a program that has abused tocal citizens everywhere “resettlement’ programs have been established, not to mention Americans, especially recent legal immigrants and Americans who have been displaced from the workforce and the state and federal taxpayers who fund All this nonsense.

curby - November 25, 2017

Not to mention the excess burden that HONEST Americans have to pay for. America was not settled by letting ANYONE come here. Refugees should be settled in their own country or pretty soon Americans will be refugees…

Richard Falknor - November 25, 2017

Any serious report recommending reform of Refugee Program should detail illustrative on-the-ground operations; the wishes of communities to resist placement of refugees; effects of Big Meat and other industries to use lower-cost refugees as a key part of their workforce; and how to cope with the serious peril of sharia supremacism. Report should be the result of thorough oversight, not a puff piece for the Deep State’s embrace of USRAP!

Garnett Rope - November 25, 2017

Most of these so called “refugees” are invaders. If they are muslim and believe in the koran and shariah law they CANNOT be allowed to come to the US. It is traitorous to do otherwise. Period.

Art - November 25, 2017

Like “vetting”, is “assimilation” another phony word? How long has the American negro been here? After 100-200 years does anyone consider them assimilated?

Kent H - November 25, 2017

Refugees should be settled in the nearest country with a similar culture to the refugees. It is not our responsibility to take in refugees who have an antagonistic culture to the United States. Such refugees cannot be assimilated and it is not desirable to attempt to do so.

Jack Harper - November 25, 2017

You are way off the mark with this. You are forgetting the American People.

You sound like fools on this issue and should do some real research into this corrupt and damaging program.

The real authority is Ann Corcoran who has been reporting on this issue for years. Read her blog and learn the truth.

I have been a supporter of Heritage Foundation but will be no longer if you don’t get this straight and quickly.

It is a big world outside the beltway and you need to look at it from this side.

John Wier - November 25, 2017

Send them home with the senators, congressmen from the great states of California, Oregon, Washington, and New York.

Frank T. - November 25, 2017

For years, I’ve been trying to convince the Maine Heritage Policy Center to invite speakers knowledgeable on the threat of creeping Sharia and the negative impact Catholic Charities has had on Maine by seeding Muslim refugees into Portland and Lewiston. They can’t be bothered since it doesn’t fit their agenda. Really?

Brian - November 25, 2017

End the program entirely. There’s no reason to compromise our safety for the sake of political correctness.

John Hunt - November 25, 2017

Hello Friends,
The best thing the USA could do to help vulnerable people groups is to shelter them near their home country, then repatriate them to their home town to rebuild their nation. They would be among family, in their own culture, language, etc.
As President Trump has said, we can help 10 times as many people that way. Much better than uprooting to resettle.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

J Nat Prince - November 26, 2017

Agree, Stop Benefits to Illegals (reduce abuse), Build the Wall (Enhance Security), Blend in (Promote Assimilation). Yours is a good focus. While it is great to do the think tank and related paperwork, the best statement to all concerned would be to start construction of the WALL! Keep up the good work.

Jennifer and Keith Lorensen - November 26, 2017

This “reform” effort by the Heritage Foundation is why I no longer financially contribute to this organization or participate as a Heritage Sentinel.

Heritage clearly has no idea what “refugee resettlements” have done and are doing to local communities across America. Assimilation? Who are you kidding? Mosques that actively preach violent jihad are in these communities and more are being constructed. Islam does not believe in assimilation. Islam is about conquest.

Many of the refugee resettlement organizations that are handed bucket loads of taxpayer money plant the refugees in communities and run off with the money without looking back. Taxpayers are then left on the hook to pay for the refugees welfare, housing, education, health care, etc. Many of the organizations have suspect financial records and should be audited much more closely.

We want the current refugee resettlement decreased significantly or stopped.

It is appalling that the Heritage Foundation would agree with the Chamber of Commerce and support open borders/refugee resettlement after the multiple terror attacks being committed by “refugees” brought to America under the auspices of making America more diverse.

Lori - November 26, 2017

The current refugee programs are ruining cities. My hometown is referred to as Somaliville. Very unsafe drivers. High cost to taxpayers for treatment of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. Not seeing any assimilation just demands for more benefits. This only helps many meat packing factories increase profits while local citizens tax dollars pay much of the refugee costs. The refugees use so much of the HUD housing that other citizens go without. Stop the programs.

CHARLES SMITH - November 26, 2017

First of all ISIS has continually stated that their fighters will be infiltrated into the refugee population. This refugee invasion is nothing more then Hijrah–conquest thru immigration. I will NEVER approve of any program that uses the word “reform”-Dictionary meaning: make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.” Just how does one force refugees to ‘assimilate?’ How does ““The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program: A Roadmap for Reform” plan to “improve the program and at what “cost” to the states or the safety of its US born citizens? What of Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis, where Shariah cops make house checks to make sure Somali refugees are not becoming too Westernized, and Hamtramck, Michigan, where the call to prayer is blasted over loudspeakers in Arabic. Is this what one calls “assimilating?” And here is another example of NOT assimilating :Islamberg, a private Muslim community in the woods of the western Catskills, 150 miles northwest of New York City. Islamberg was founded in 1980 by Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, a Pakistani cleric. Federal authorities say Gilani was also one of the founders of Jamaat al-Fuqra, a terrorist organization believed responsible for dozens of bombings and murders across the U.S. and abroad. This town is a guarded compound. Though there is nothing wrong with people living in isolation, but the fact that “they’re not at all open to visitors”, not at all open to scrutiny tends to make someone think that there’s evidence of sinister goings-on.
In closing all one has to do is look at what the refugee invasion has done to the European countries such as Germany, UK, Sweden which is now considered the Rape capital of the world and people are afraid to walk out at night! This is NOT how we want to live here in the US! The Boston Bombers had a very good life here, but still they decided to place bombs where innocent women, men and children would be killed. Not all Muslims are terrorist, but terrorists have been Muslims. Look no further at the Ft Hood terrorist or the terrorists from San Bernardino..I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point. But one last question I have is this “Why aren’t these refugees resettled near the private homes of our state “senators, our congressmen/women, the Governors mansions, or near the homes of every state Attorney General?? or in the gated communities of the very wealthy?? Please provide me with answers! If this is about welcoming refugees who Heritage Fd. and all our government officials want to continue to bring in (even though our own FBI director stated that there is NO way to fully vet these refugees); why are they not being “resetttled” into the communities where all our govt officials live??

Angus - November 26, 2017

No, they have been traumatized enough. They will be much more comfortable being cared for in familiar, HOME, surroundings. You go THERE and save them.
Have you noticed the Sociopathic lack of human empathy, sympathy, or concern for the victims of these invaders. Not only are there no MSM “human interest” stories about the Invader’s Victim’s traumas, their stories are actually DENIED by MSM, Politicians, and the very Priests that are supposed to comfort and care for “Their Flocks”. Scumbag “priests” betraying their own People, there will be a special place in Hell for them. What sort of aberrations and mutant “Shepherds” WANT to pour vipers and wolves into the midst of their flocks?
These monsters “GET OFF” on little girls and boys being gang raped and murdered.

(1) Charity and “good works” are done with YOUR money and time. Taking MY money and giving it to someone else is THEFT. We bring puppies into our house, poisonous vipers and skunks are banned. Do not make the REFUJIHADIS walk all the way here ,,,, You go to the REFUJIHADIS’ homeland on Your dime after all, they will feel more comfortable at home.

(2) Remember, Democrats are the people who didn’t care when 70,000 factories closed across America, but then rioted in the streets when we denied entry to foreigners from a few terrorist-laden countries.
(3) You are all concerned about them but you do not give a FIG about how your own neighbors feel. Who made you god, to just invite anybody & everybody into Our house, without asking the OTHER RESIDENTS if it is okay? Go see a psychiatrist.
(4) They can get a card as an illegal to ensure they get welfare but it’s racist for people to have to get an ID to vote legally. http://investmentwatchblog.com/90-of-middle-eastern-immigrants-to-the-united-states-do-not-pay-income-tax-and-receive-money-from-the
(5) Oh the “ELITE” worry about all these unwashed invaders okay ……..but only when the invaders get CLOSE to the “ELITES” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4865806/Brussels-gets-tough-migrants-numbers-escalate.html

Angus - November 26, 2017

Politicians and PedoPriests that “Open the Gates of the City/HOUSE” to raping pillaging, murdering, home invaders, are PERSONALLY Criminally & Financially Liable for the damage they cause. Get it into the heads of People injured by the home invaders, that the deep-pocket Politicians & Priests OWE YOU 100% REPARATIONS. Make these Accomplices start PERSONALLY PAYING for the damage they cause then see what happens. Get some hungry lawyers after the assets of those churches and politicians……. Quit letting the Politicians & PEDOPriests create chaos and bloodshed and walk away. Make THEM pay a price.
FREEZE the “sanctuary official’s” personal assets as a BOND for reparations payment.

Angus - November 26, 2017

So many Americans “GAVE ALL” securing the borders of this Nation. By what right do these political/pedopriest parasites throw away those sacrifices? How dare these politicians/pedopriests spit on the sacrifices of so many American Troops. Refujihadis are being brought here to live in the home of American Troops that they killed. Thanks to betrayal by politicians and the pedopriests of America. We killed countless “communists” because the Commies were going to take our JOBS, Our HOMES, and Our WAY of LIFE.
Well our treasonous politicians are GIVING them away.
Why are we wasting TRILLION$ on weapons to fight Russia and China? Our borders are wide open to pillaging, raping, mudering invaders and the PEDOpriests & politicians “welcome” them.
All the Russians & Chinese have to do is drop their weapons and WALK into America and Europe, demand refuge and WELFARE and make themselves at home. Our PANSY ASSED MISSleaders will give them your Social Security and Country.

Edward Durfee - November 26, 2017

The USCCB Migration Fund is 97% funded by the US Treasury. Does Admiral Hall know that? Is that OK with him? Not only that, these same contractors meet “secretly” with mayors and council to present the package of Federal money that is available if they accept these so-called refugees. The time is NOW to halt the refugee program. We are flooding our towns with people that mostly do not wish to be American or accept our culture. Why? These refugees should be sheltered near their homes and returned when the time right. Not uprooted and forced to live in a society that is foreign to them. Besides, do we have the funds to continually aide ALL?? Stop TODAY!

Marie - November 26, 2017

Wow. I read your entire report. Most of it is spent on talking about the HUGE problems associated with refugees (terrorism from 2nd generation refugees, few skills, poorly educated, unemployable, lack of assimilation), and then you go on to list all the cartwheels we will have to go through to address these problem…but you NEVER ask the people who are supposed to implement these solutions whether they even want to! You want SCHOOLS to start civics instruction and give regular reports on English instruction. Is this something local taxpayers want to fund? You want CHURCHES to get more involved. News to you: my church is already struggling financially. We don’t have resources for that. You want to give VOLAGS even more money? Geez! They already get MILLIONS of taxpayer funds. You want more PRIVATE sponsors? Wow, are you delusional. Most people can barely make a living for their own families, let alone refugees. You want the private sector to help with refugee “economic performance?” News to you: they already do that! And replace American workers in the process (meat packing companies, for example). In sum, there seems to be very little benefit from this program for American citizens, only problems and costs.

Gary Henderson - November 26, 2017

Are their plans consistent with the common sense and desperate need to reestablish control of the program back to American hands, with the interests of America first and foremost. The Muslim dominated UN, George Soros, Barack Obama et al, allow for blatant discrimination against Christians, Jews, and infidels of all descriptions, and the interests of Islam Sharia and the Caliphate are promoted at all costs.

Gary Henderson - November 26, 2017

“Others have obsessed about numbers and bans” is the reason behind the failure of “our” current program, because the program is not “ours”, it is intended to benefit globalist, caliphate interests and not American sovereignty. Duh, Heritage Foundation.

EMS - November 26, 2017

You use to have a sponsor to come to the US. That sponsor was to feed, cloth and house the immigrant. The sponsor was to provide paid work the immigrant so the immigrant could earn his own way when he arrives. We must get not be a country that supports immigrants as welfare people. The people coming into our country now DO NOT want to be Americans. Rather they want their own country to be here in America. Many of these immigrants do not speak English and have no intention of ever learning English. Our children are suffering in a school system that has to pay for educating nonEnglish speaking children. I owned a school years ago. I admitted some children who didn’t speak English with the understanding that English was the only language spoken in our school. These children learned English very quickly and adapted readily. Now the schools have to cater to the immigrant…in my opinion that’s backward. We new to PUT AMERICA FIRST

Joanne - November 26, 2017

The report’s observations about the Match Grant program are naive and is only one element of the report that should caution any reliance on this report. Central issues like the federal cost shift in violation of the 10th amendment have been completely ignored, an issue ORR has embedded in the Match Grant program. Actual cost of the program which also ignores the welfare usage costs of both state and federal dollars is also ignored by the report.

Janet Farkas - November 26, 2017

How about if the taxpayers who are being forced to finance this program get some input?

We need our dollars spent on our own citizens. We have too many “refugees” already.

I do not want my country’s culture wiped out by immigrants. The NWO is not in the best interests of the U.S.

Bert Benet - November 26, 2017

While the taxpayers opinions don’t seem to matter on this topic all I can say is NO, NO, & NO. This program is ruining states, cities, & towns and costing taxpayers billions. STOP with these programs that benefit special interests and start listening to the people who pay for all this nonsense.

Frustrated Citizen - November 26, 2017

They should be helped in THEIR countries and with any surplus funds we have AFTER we have solved our our own domestic unemployment and homelessness. Many of our young citizens can’t afford to buy a home even though they work full-time. Why give our money away and ignore them? The benefits should not be plentiful for foreigners. Respecting our laws ( No Sharia here) and support of OUR culture is also non-negotiable. Agreements to assimilate are essential with consequences laid out if otherwise.

jzim - November 26, 2017

Have you paid attention to the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) before this year? Do you know the cost shifting of the USRAP to state taxpayers? Do you know the cultural and economic impact on communities? Do you know the the secrecy by which the federal government and nine contractors (paid almost exclusively with taxpayer dollars)*** place refugees in American towns and cities? How can you be certain ‘religious’ refugees will assimilate while the whole resettlement effort is being done by contractors who have no interest in teaching refugees to assimilate? What about the interests of U.S. citizens?

Luonne Dumak - November 26, 2017

Thisnprogram was started in 1980’s by J. Carter. It should be disbanded completely. People can apply to become citizens on thei rown merits and needs. No one should be allowed in without a job waiting for them. It is not the job of America to bring on people from other countries because of the problems within their Countries. Stay were you belong and fix your own Counrtries. Get rid of family reunification and the myth of birthright citizenship. No welfare for anyone that comes to America. English must be the law of the land.

Camille Patterson - November 26, 2017

My idea for reform: let the ppl who want them here voluntarily pay for them & your salaries: house/feed/medicate them; voluntary “charity” only. You’ve no right to our money forcefully; that’s called slavery/indentured servitude. What you’re doing is obscene! You’re using indentured servitude, or slavery, if you like, to bring in people who refuse to assimilate into western values by stealing our, (citizens’), money to pay for people we DON’T WANT; not to mention the exceedingly high salaries you pay yourselves. If you want to help ppl, help those already here in America! I bet you won’t post this! You’re overfilling a bucket that’s already full.

LL - November 26, 2017

Any program funded by American tax dollars that is not completely and fully transparent should be immediately shut down. This program is disqualified on all levels. There is zero transparency.

Cut the cord. The sooner the better. Our money would be better spent on our own homeless vets. It’s time to put America First!

Robin - November 26, 2017

Why not have main support programs that are GENUINE charities, not programs that mostly rely on taxpayers’ money, help care for these folks while getting on their feet? The towns that are chosen to ‘welcome’ incoming refugees should be advised beforehand, making sure there are available jobs, uncrowded schools, enough medical facilities, and adequate housing. And ASK the community if they are able and willing to support these newcomers without any drain on their own needs.

Marilou - November 26, 2017

As a former employee of a faith based refugee resettlement agency, I saw a good bit of SNAP (food stamp) fraud and cash assistance fraud. I saw refugees and Special Interest Visa (SIV) entrants come in from certain countries and indicate they had no cash. They did have cash but did not declare it as that would have prevented them from receiving Refugee Cash Assistance. I saw a man claim his “minor” son when the son admitted to me he would be 22 on his next birthday. Another man brought over his “daughter” who was not his daughter at all. Many refugees from a certain country paid a “translator” to translate the driver’s license test. He translated all right; he gave them the answers. This was known by the staff at the agency but no one was moved to do anything. Misplaced compassion!

B Devin - November 26, 2017

We have witnessed in this country and very prominently in Europe that the new wave of refugees DO NOT wish to assimilate nor embrace our freedom loving way of life.
I support charitable help to groups INSIDE their country, and if that is not possible because of unrest, then the establishment of a safe zone close to their country where they may return once the conflict is resolved.

Nicole - November 26, 2017

Well, first you need to consider the cost to the taxpayers. There should be requirements for entry, for example they should not be eligible for any public entitlement programs, they must have some work experience and be able to support themselves. Our welfare system is out of control as it is, so I am completely against adding to the burden financially to the tax payer. An alternative is to send them home and have a UN rebuilding program where they can rebuild their own country rather than come in other countries and not assimilate or be productive members of the society. If we use Europe as a model, France, Brussels, England, then it is easy to understand assimilation is not working and often those who live in the towns where these people have been dumped become “no go”areas to the countries citizens. Some are very violent toward non-muslims, so unless you can make sue you have only allowed peaceful Muslims who want to embrace our culture and abide by our laws don’t make the mistakes we see have been made in Europe.

Bob Dewberry - November 26, 2017

We have far too many Muslims in our nation. Stop allowing them to settle in the US.

Cindi J. Fey - November 26, 2017

The USA is not a dumping ground for all of the world’s refugees. Like others have stated before me, we need to send them all back an start over again. Resident Obama had no right to allow such a massive influx of refugees into our great Nation because it has taken so much away from our citizens, put us all into great harm, and changed the immigration laws for the utmost worst as those allowed here are trying to change our way of life into the life they just fled from. Sanctuary cities should be defunded and those refugees deported back to where they came from and all of the criminals pardoned from prison should be located and returned to their countries as well.

Par - November 26, 2017

The refugee program should be stopped and investigated. It is too dangerous as terrorists have said they are infultrating the refugees. Tax payer money should not be used….contractors should be raising their own funds. Americans should be filling those jobs….America first.

Joan - November 26, 2017

That you shadow banned comments for this post shows your lack of commitment to the American people.

Shame, shame on you, Heritage Foundation

Author Steven Lawrence - November 27, 2017

Hi Joan, we do not “shadow ban” comments. We welcome and encourage all feedback from our members–even if their comments do not align with our stance on an issue.

Thanks for reaching out and let me know if you have any questions!

Michelle bowman - November 26, 2017

The refugee resettlement agencies need to be disbanded. This is not a charity it is a global liberal project to line their own pockets and bring in more liberal voters. These contractors are living off of taxpayers and we do not like their motives. We have had enough. We also do not like the fact that Heritage consulted with the Trump National security team to sway them to this way of thinking. Way wrong and americans are not going to take it. Change your thinking Heritage Foundation or risk the wrath of your supporters.

Laura - November 26, 2017

The Heritage proposals are VERY discouraging. What about the 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016 elections do you fail to understand? The US citizenry does NOT want continued mass migration into this nation of persons we will have to support into infinity and who do not have the will or resources to adopt our culture of Western self-reliance and patriotism. END the refugee program and protect people we owe protection to locally, NOT HERE! ALL immigration should be suspended for at least 40 years while we try to absorb the horrible results of the current debacle. This is the core issue of our era, and Heritage seems clueless.

skai - November 26, 2017

Refugees who entered America while their country was at war or had political problem, And when that war is over and there is a stability in their own countries MUST be sent back ASAP. .

Sandra Wicks - November 26, 2017

The 1980 Refugee Resettlement program needs to be scrapped. Since it’s inception, Congress has failed to hold even one hearing. The VOLAGS run this program with zero oversight, making it rife for fraud and abuse and it is. Communities are forced to take refugees they do not want or need. The VOLAGS get the refugees signed up for entitlement programs and then leave. They make an average of $1000 per head and do not provide the R&P abstracts they are required to provide. The VOLAG feigns ignorance when asked and when pressed become belligerent. States are left holding the bag and forced to pay for interpreters, health care for mental disorders and exotic diseases, housing and food programs, and the schools are ill-equipped. With the Race To The Top and No Child Left Behind requirements, ALL kids are left behind due to the ignorance and lack of language skills these kids have. In order to fairly capture the costs of these refugees your organization needs to address ALL the costs, not just the cost the VOLAG incurs. These are generational welfare recipients because they bring NO skills. The are NOT doctors, lawyers, or engineers but unskilled, uneducated third worlders who have zero interest in assimilating or integrating. Do the study correctly and disband this program. After 30years, The US has done enough.

Sheri Lucado - November 26, 2017

The refugee program should end. The public should be made aware of the volunteer organizations that are completely funded by more taxpayer debt. As Numbers USA says, help 12 refugees near their home, for the cost of bringing one refugee to the USA. We have enough refugees now. Illegal aliens should be removed, overstay visas booted out, the border wall /system complete, chain migration ended. Then discuss extreme vetted refugees. Much to do FIRST.

Susan - November 26, 2017

Refugee admissions will never serve the interests of the United States as long as United Nations plans such a decisive role with funding from DOS to self-interested agencies whose salaries rely on per-head payment. Who analyzes what skills are necessary to compliment and not replace U.S. workers? Requires complete overhaul.

Susan - November 26, 2017

Also the bias against those whose faith is Judeo-Christian has been outrageous given our role in disrupting the middle east and the subsequent genocide of Christians and religious minorities. Why is the United States more responsive to Muslim-majority nations? This causes steam to come out of my ears.

Garnett Rope - November 26, 2017

No muslims allowed in the US. If they believe in the koran and shariah law, they cannot be allowed into our great Constitutional Republic. To bring them here is treasonous. Our government officials should be arrested for what they have allowed already. Keep the US sovereign, stop the refugee madness, build the wall.

John David - November 26, 2017

We need border control this includes building a wall. All the illegals need to be rounded up and sent back to there home country.
We need to take care of our veterans and homeless people who are American born natural citizens.
The Refugee settlement program needs to be abolished immediately. this program is a feeding ground for certain groups that is cashing in on the tax payer dollars.

Karen B - November 26, 2017

Why should we help these people? All they want to do is come here and change our law’s to their’s….We help them and what do they do? They murder us……Enough is enough!

Joseph B Cristel - November 26, 2017

Forget your ” reform”. This whole program needs to be dismantled, melted down and cast into a new form that is greatly downsized and is totally in the interests of the American people. And forget about “promoting assimilation”. How’s that working out for Europe?? Not. Wake up!

Sonya Jones - November 26, 2017

The refugee program does not bring in future Americans. It is bringing Muslims that refuse to assimilate. The forge their own hostile communities and want nothing but Sharia Law for the entire country. There ARE No-Go zones in the USA. There are 22+ militant training camps where it is dangerous for even law enforcement to go. It is time to STOP the Muslim invasion of the USA! Many refuse to work. Our taxes are NOT meant to support invading terrorists. STOP the refugee program. Quit paying for our future destruction!

Don Decker - November 26, 2017

In almost all cases, refuges should be aided where they are found. This will allow for the dollars to go farther and help more people, and for the refuges to be able to more quickly return to their countries of origin. Having these refuges brought to the United States should be a very rare and unusual occurrence. Otherwise, this is simply a back-door immigration strategy.

Terry - November 26, 2017

The refugee program must be stopped. We can not support all these people with free stuff any longer. They need to stay in there own country, if they want change than they need to stand up and change their country. To many of them that are all ready want to change are way of life and this is not acceptable. The tax payers need to wake and stop paying to bring these people in.

Anita Howell - November 26, 2017

There is a need to end this irresponsible ploy of bringing “refugees” to the U.S.A. and expecting/forcing citizens to fund them through our tax dollars. The organizations facilitating these programs are raking in enormous sums of money for their own use and are interested in placing the foreigners on welfare and then ignoring them.
The program is harming our citizens’ work possibilities and our safety. THIS MUST BE STOPPED!

Hal Rounds - November 26, 2017

Immigration has deteriorated into invasion. Stop all immigration immediately, and start over with a policy of permitting immigrants who present bona fide qualifications that will benefit the USA in economic contribution, values that support our own, and proven skill in some field of value, in our language. Any who become dependent in any way on welfare, etc, must be automatically disqualified and deported.

Barbara Skinner - November 26, 2017

It is absurd to resettle refugees here on a permanent basis. This becomes another immigration program rather than an attempt to help people survive so they can return to their homelands and rebuild their lives. The Center for Immigration Studies looked at Syrian refugees and found we could help 12 or so for the expense of bringing one refugee to this country. We need a moratorium on immigration and an opportunity to breath and assimilate the huge number of foreigners already here. Yes, let’s help those in need, but as President Trump has said: we need to be smart about it and we need to put America first.

American Woman - November 26, 2017

Refugees/migrants are better served by being placed in programs within their own regions, so that they may be comfortable in a culture similar to their native culture and be able to return home readily as soon as possible, such as now that ISIS is all be destroyed in Syria. American citizenship should never have been part of the solution, just as it has not been part of the solution in other nations affected by the massive influx of refugees/migrants. I believe that the demand for a cheap and malleable labor force and the push for a global redistribution wealth is the driving force behind this entire “problem.”

Carol - November 26, 2017

The Refugee program needs to come to a complete halt. It should not matter rather they are the most intelligent to the least intelligent. We the tax payers are paying for this and it takes away food and other items that are needed for out loved ones. There is no possible way for you to know rather someone is a terrorist or not. The bottom line it needs to stop altogether. All forms of help needs to stop for eternity and no fast tracking to citizenship.

Mary Brewer - November 26, 2017

I have a problem with bringing in refugees when I look around and see many Americans still in great need. Hurricanes, homelessness on the rise here in Florida, drugs rampant, vets in need of more assistance and in many cases just assistance. Why pay the coffers of VOLAGs to bring refugees here just to provide the agencies with more tax dollars. Americans FIRST.

Dave Vance - November 26, 2017

End it don’t mend it! We can’t vet them effectively and they are not our responsibility. Let the surrounding countries take them in!

Patricia Stebbins - November 26, 2017

Please be advised that I am totally opposed to this massive number of ‘immigrants’ and want the program stopped immediately! It is NOT a humanitarian effort but purely done to fill orders for cheap labor for food packing conglomerates. And the cheap wages leave American citizens on the hook for housing, food, medical and education costs to make up the difference. Further, the oil rich Arab countries are well able to care for their own people without letting the United Nations distribute them around the world. This world wide people distribution is part of the ‘New World Order” plan to destroy independent nations and their economies, freedoms and cultures ! It needs to stop NOW – in spite of the demands of the globalist/islamic/communist cabal that has been eating away at American independence for decades!

Bonnie Jarman - November 26, 2017

I am canceling my monthly donation to The Heritage Foundation tomorrow. Obviously my idea of American heritage and the foundations idea of American heritage do not mesh.

Quentin Johnson - November 26, 2017

Deport all who are found guilty of any crime other than the crime of being here illegally.
Give the rest a choice of working for amnesty now or be deported without further processing. Refugees should also be given theses choices and if they decide to stay, place them in internment camps such as the Japanese had in WWII, until their records and background are thoroughly checked.

Aileen - November 26, 2017

We must start taking care of our own and not the world. We have given and given and very few really appreciate America.
Take care of our vets and stop bring problems to our country.

Jane Bate - November 26, 2017

We should be accepting only those in greatest and legitimate need, and whose ideology is harmonious with our Judeo-Christian ethic. Additionally, the refugees should be sponsored on a volunteer basis by families, churches and synagogues, not by the government. We taxpayers have not been given a voice in this at all and, in fact, have been deliberately shut out by refugee agencies refusing to give us answers to our questions or include us in planning meetings. This system must end!

Peggy Christensen - November 26, 2017

I’m in complete agreement with you about the need for our immigration/refugee program needing to be “fixed”. The foremost need in America is to drastically improve the care for our veterans who have more than earned and deserve the best we can provide . . . IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR US TO PROVIDE “FREE EVERYTHING” TO PEOPLE WHO COME HERE EXPECTING JUST THAT. Too many Americans have died in their own country at the hands of criminal illegals and they need to be removed/deported ASAP. America cannot take care of the rest of the world at the expense of her own people.

Carole Haynes - November 26, 2017

Send them back to where they came from. Boot out those who have overstayed their visas and don’t allow them to return. We need to stop immigration for awhile. For those who do come in, there should be no entitlements. U.S. need for specific types of skilled workers should be top priority for allowing immigrants to enter U.S. No chain migration. Must assimilate and learn to speak and read and write English.

Thomas - November 27, 2017

Very few Muslim refugees will assimilate, most refugees will have a negative financial impact on the communities that theyre assigned to, and some will present a danger to those same communities. Why would a conservative organization promote something that will eventually turn red counties/states blue? (see VA)

Getachew Dires - November 27, 2017

Immigration should not only be to the west. The Arab world should absorve some from Africa and Middle East.

Also US embassies need to do MAXIMUM VETTING of refugees before entering. What has been done for the past few decades we’re shams. As a refugee myself I know a lot of mischievous things done

PG - November 27, 2017

We have many economic problems in the United States, political corruption, poverty, illeracy, low skill job loss, healthcare crisis, poor educational system, failing public education, increased drug abuse caused by many factors, political polarization, lack of Congress to work together to find solutions, lack of governmental transparency, broken immigration system, mental health crisis, hunger especially our less fortunate, homelessness these are just a small portion of the problems facing US. We must pay down the national debt. These are where our tax’s should be going. Not to a refugee industry that is, political, corrupt with total lack of transparency, which doesn’t care about the communities where they place refugees and the effect on the local communities. Your report lacks credibility and the reforms suggested are uniformed. This program needs to be scrapped not reformed. I was amazed that your organization is pandering to “ religious “ NGO’s greed and abuse of a program that should never existed.

betty - November 27, 2017

the refugee program is out of control. not everyone coming is a true refugee. some are coming for economic reasons. taxpayers cannot afford this. we need to take care of our homeless, and our own citizen needy. I witnessed fraud myself when a muslim lady used EBT to buy groceries, then drove off in new Cadillac suv. it’s best to set up safe camps in their own region which is more effective for the people and the u.s. taxpayers. we should not accept a singe refugee who is an ‘unknown’ and who does not LOVE the u.s. and OUR way of life. it is best to stop all refugees until this is cleaned up. there are just too many.

Nancy - November 27, 2017

“First, you need to know that the Heritage Foundation, a huge ‘conservative’ think tank in Washington, hasn’t paid one lick of attention to the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) until this year, until Trump entered the White House.”
I won’t donate any more money to Heritage Foundation if you don’t do anything about the ‘refugees’… They are not refugees. They come to America to breed with multiple wives, fill up our hospitals, kill our way of life and kill Americans and use up the welfare for American citizens who are deserving of social services.

Chris - November 27, 2017

Let’s see,spend billions to bring people here,give them money to start businesses,pay for housing,transportation,encourage them to breed..Meanwhile,countless Americans are sleeping in TENT CITIES,and doorways all across the country.With 95+ million out of the labor force..NOT DEPORTING ALL ILLEGALS,AND ANY REFUGEE THAT HAS BEEN BROUGHT HERE WITHIN THE LAST 10 YEARS IS TREASON…How about giving some of that money,just once to American taxpayers..?? How about a $10,000 check for every American that has worked at least 5 years…Oh no,let’s give it to 73 I.Q. Congolese…

Denise - November 27, 2017

We want a complete halt to the entire program!
And I agree with Ann…These so called Heritage Foundation experts sound more like a product drafted by the US State Department espousing its foreign policy and cheap labor goals with no consideration for the impact on US taxpayers and citizens in refugee-stressed towns. The entire refugee & immigration department needs a major purge, restructuring, and new leadership that aligns with this goal: Congress needs to pass and fully fund the WALL + RAISE act + E-Verify + VoterID + EndDiversityVisa + EndAllChainMigration + ENGLISH1st & required + STOP with the damn multi-cultural social experiment. It does not work when you’re importing people that hate us. And get the Islamist influence out of our schools. NOW! And while we’re at it… Border Patrol agents need hazard pay and more benefits. #AmericaFirst We voted for this!
Bottom line… ?refugees until after major reform that we – as citizens who voted for Trump – approve of, and only after our country and our communities recover from the past 8-15 years, with a balanced budget and major debt reduction and quite a bit more unity.
It’s OUR country, our values, and our money!

Michael Dersch - November 27, 2017

Hello: I hope that this message finds you well. I donate to your Foundation. I’m very concerned that you do not advocate stopping ALL immigration at this time. There can be a limited number of exceptions, yet we MUST go back to basics. Get our OWN house in order first. Over population and destruction of the environment is not acceptable. We CAN thrive economically and socially with intelligence, hard work, and quality over quantity. All else will fail.

Patricia Spayd - November 27, 2017

We need a complete GAO audit of the Refugee Resettlement Program ans how much it cost the taxpayers and what HUGE tax payer funded salaries are paid to the 9 VOLAGS who run the programs. I find them appalling and glutted with relatives on the payrolls of sub-contractors of the CEOs and staff. I am a retired federal auditor and never have I imagined such a generational glut of a fat-cat program! Audit and disclose all funded salaries to the American taxpayer and Congress.

Matt Orr - November 27, 2017

Your very first stated goal is bad: “to assert American leadership.” Where did you get the idea that that is any priority for the average citizen? We can’t slow down our own bankrupting via semi-socialized medicine or keep our government schools and colleges from teaching kids to hate our culture, and you want to assert leadership abroad. Start over.

Russ Milo - November 27, 2017

Thank you for a thoughtful and honest report. The USRAP has a long history of helping those in need. In these times, the program is needed more than ever as a diplomatic and humanitarian tool.

Chauncey Chapman III - November 27, 2017

Kill the program, there is no advantage for the US to continue to do the UN’s bidding

Victor - November 27, 2017

I believe we could aid these citizens of another country so much better and more effectively and efficiently in their own countries. Refugees here now have proven a disdain for true ‘assimilation’ and as such they are much better off being cared for in ‘safe zones’ in their own countries. It is not fair to anyone to allow immigration to America when immigrants have not intention of assimilation! American & International interests are better served by sharing costs with other countries to rebuild the infrastructure and economies of these countries! Until then, I’ll vote for the politician that supports a FREEZE on all immigration until such time that we can guarantee the safety of the American public.

Emery Richard - November 27, 2017

We need to end the refuge admissions program. It is cheaper and better for the refugees to help them in the area where they live

Greg Serbon - November 27, 2017

What does the refugee program offer to the American citizen? For years this program has served as a shelter for illegal aliens seeking to stay in this country. We can’t even vette the legal immigrants properly we allow into this country let alone anyone from a country at war. If you ever hold another refugee forum, how about having someone critical of the refugee process on your panel? I’m tired of these one sided forums here the illegal aliens or open border activist are the only ones represented!

jean publiee - November 27, 2017

it shoudl be shut down entierely.it is an economic program not a refugee program.the fake charities that are making themselves rich on this program are disgusting. $500,000 a year salaries for charities 0 that ius excess and disgraceful. taxopayers are being extorted for all these foreigners. shut the goddam door

Marie - November 27, 2017

Your report states that 67% of refugee men are employed, but only 60% of U.S. born men are. Wow. How did that happen? Is it because there is COLLUSION between the so-called “non-profit” VOLAGS and companies that want dirt-cheap labor? (like Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service’s side deals” with two major meat-packing companies …using tax dollars to displace American workers. The refugee resettlement “process” has become a BIG business, and you should be ashamed for supporting it in any fashion.

Patricia Reynolds - November 27, 2017

We need to end the refugee program for all but Christians. We are too generous and are inviting our enemies into out borders so they can carry out their goal to kill us and destroy America. A very thorough investigation of those seeking safety needs to be done and only those who are found to be friendly and in true danger allowed into America.

Judie Conant - November 27, 2017

Please STOP this influx of illegals who do
not like us. We need to take care of legal
residents and get them on their feet so
this country can function better. The first
immigrants here took care of themselves
without all the free handouts this new
group are getting. They worked hard and
did very well. We are fools if we think the
Muslims are going to fit into the American
way of life. Their focus is on taking over
and getting rid of the non-Muslims.

Rudolph W. Barich Sr - November 27, 2017

Since i was aeound when POTUS Regan gave amnesty to all Illegal aliens, with the assurance that Congress would act to “fix” the Immigrant situation, I have been so disappointed at the obvious lack of concern/leadership in Congress!!!

No end in site, as the DNC is still working on removing the first POTUS to try to do something since Regan!

ralph parker - November 27, 2017

I am disgusted with all the hatred espoused towards refugees. For the last 21 years, I have volunteered with refugees in the refugee enclave of Clarkston, Georgia and i have met hundreds from 10 different countries. It clearly appears thatthe immoral president wishes to clear America of foreigners. Essentially every American is indirectly a a refugee as our ancestors came to America for religious and economic opportunity, I am, puzzled why so called “Christians” oppose refugees. I recognize that Islamaphobia is prevalent, but most will have to reconeile that with the fact that most Muslims want a safe life in America and do not support Sharia etc. How many of you have looked at the other side and met a refugee and learned of their horrific experience? What would you say to my Burmese Muslim young man of 27 who after graduating college served in the Peace Corp for 2 years in Burkina Faso? His brother will graduate college this year and is committed to th emarines for 5 years and his sister plans to be a pediatritian. How about the young Afhan friend in medical school? I have worked primarily with Bhutanese refugees the last 10 years and give out a small scholarship to Bhutanese highs school graduates. Over 94,000 Bhutanese Nepalis have settled in the. US. I am not award of any violent crimes ever committed by these refugess. They have been victims at times. Two brohers bot got Gates Foundation scholarships and our in graduate school. One youngman has a full ride at M.I.T and another young woman at Agnes Scott college.i would like to share essays my applicants for my scholarshipp have written about thier journeys, hopes and feelings about the US, Contact me if you would kike to read them. Many refugees have American flags. Co to a naturralization ceremony and you will be impressed. Statistics shoe less crime committed by refugees and immigrants and some surpressed have shown refuges o provide economic benefit long term, In our area Bhutanese have purchased over 300 homes, Statistics show there have been 67 public mass killings in the US, mainly by American from 199-2013-think Las Vegas, Charleston, Sutherland Springs, attacks on Sikhs in Wisconsin, Jews in Kansas City, and mosque shootings etc. The Meshketisn Turks from Russia and Bosnian Muslims have succeeded in resettling, There are minor crimes and whit collar crimes but far less than in our black communities What shall the 600000 Rohinga do-Bangladesh and Burma do not want them-should they be in refugee camps and stateless forever? We have around 300 Rohinga here in Atlanta and they are a simple and kind people. I do not suggest we absorb them but we should take some-where is compassion? I understand the the refugee system need reform, I hate to say it but I would stop Somali resettlement. Who is going to work in the poultry and beef plants, do landscaping and housekeeping etc if not for refugees. Employers tell me it is hard to get Americans to do menial jobs, Evenif there was $15 minimum wage, many Ameicans willnot do dirty jobs, Immoral Trump wants to stop the Diversity Lottery because of the NY event but over 80 people were killed between Las Vegas and Texas. Please open your eyes and search your sole for some compassion. i support a 75,000 limit. Th evetting process is good and it takes at least 2 years. The majority of Syrians are families. Ask yourself what you would want if you were forced from your home. Politically< i am an independent progressive and I hate labels.

not1word - November 27, 2017

Refugees should never have precedence over US citizens. Visa programs should never hamper American citizen’s ability to land jobs. As others have noted, aiding refugees in their country of origin is a better policy. Integration into US culture should always be stressed in any resettlement.

Mike Davis - November 27, 2017

Refugee Program should be vetted to the highest level of security of our country. There should be one door to enter for all persons immigrating to this country with the exception of political and religious persecution in their homeland – but must be highly vetted to insure they are who they say they are. If not, do not allow the refugees in.

SK BABBCOX - November 27, 2017

I cannot say it any better than has been stated:

“Libby Huyck – November 24, 2017

The refugee resettlement program should be immediately disbanded, not reformed. The agencies involved are all corrupt and only interested in cheap labor. For more info, see Anne Corcoran’s post at:
She’s absolutely nailed it.

Holly Cortez - November 27, 2017

Our system is broken and needs to be halted. It does serve as a per head money maker for the placement contractors and big business may benefit from a cheaper labor force, but this is off the backs of the American tax payer. Also local communities must aide these individuals for quite some time.

Dottie - November 27, 2017

This may be stating the obvious, but perhaps you’ve noticed that the majority here want a serious reform of the USRAP or a complete halt to the program instead of the ‘reform’ prepared by Heritage Foundation “experts” with no consideration for the impact on US taxpayers and citizens in refugee-stressed towns.

Tracy Beckett Townley - November 27, 2017

Every “refugee” has to be temporary, untill their own countries are safe to go back. Let them rebuild their homes and cities. They have been given plenty of money to do so. Better yet, why not send builders over there to insure the homes are built.

Don Barnett - November 27, 2017

The obviously hastily written report is filled with confusing statements, misleading statements, fabrications and omissions which are found on almost every page. I have selected statements from just 2 pages (7 and 8) as an example of the report’s factual problems:
“Matching Grant Program … matches every $1 raised by a VOLAG with $2 in federal grants, up to $2,200 per person”
Misleading: instead of “1$ raised”, it is 20 cents raised with the rest of their “dollar” being donations which the Volag did not pay for – used furniture, clothes, cars, volunteer time. In reality, they provide just 10 cents for each dollar they get from the feds on this program.
“VOLAGs receive as much as $1,800 per refugee from the State Department’s PRM to cover these costs. “
Wrong: Hard to tell what is meant here, but the Volag gets $2,125.00 per refugee – including children. This is a flat amount not an ‘up to’ amount.  Of this, $1,125 is supposed to be spent on the refugee.
“after the initial resettlement benefits expire, HHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) may help refugees access various forms of assistance, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Medicaid for those who meet the eligibility requirements.”
Wrong: Refugees are eligible for benefits upon arrival. If they meet eligibility requirements, they receive them upon arrival – not after “resettlement benefits expire”. (there may be a 30-day waiting period for some programs- hard to get direct answers from ORR on this.)
“refugees may receive TANF for five years, and SSI and Medicaid for seven years. ”
Misleading:  SSI and Medicaid are lifetime entitlements. They must obtain citizenship to receive SSI and Medicaid beyond seven years as virtually every intending refugee knows. They can receive citizenship 5 years after arrival. (This point is not clarified in the report or in the footnotes.)
“Refugees are required to obtain a green card granting legal permanent residence within one year of arrival. Upon obtaining a green card, refugees are eligible to access benefits from roughly 90 means tested government welfare programs according to the same income-eligibility standards applied to U.S. citizens.”
Wrong:  Refugees can access the 90 means tested government welfare programs upon arrival. (again, there may be a 30-day waiting period for some programs. ORR needs to clarify.)
“ Refugees also become eligible for Social Security and Medicare after 40 quarters of employment “
Wrong:  Many refugees go straight into Medicare (and Medicaid) if they have certain medical conditions. 

Tom Balek - November 27, 2017

Legal immigration levels should be substantially reduced including refugees. A more efficient and humane way to help refugees is to provide direct economic and logistical aid in and near their home countries rather than ship refugees here to a strange culture and spend substantially more in the mostly futile effort to assimilate them. The US government and state dept. should also be much more strident about defending human rights and freedoms.

Jillian - November 27, 2017

The modern refugee admission program must be stopped and completely overhauled. It has become a lucrative business almost entirely funded by taxpayers, unbeknownst to the majority of said taxpayers! The major players have a religious name (Catholic, Lutheran, Hebrew, etc) but examine their financials and the bulk of the funding comes from the federal government – with no ability for the taxpayer to opt out funding these businesses. It’s outrageous. Ultimately, we all suffer – taxpayers are fleeced, the refugees aren’t provided indivualized support and assimilation fails to occur. The only winners in the current system are the refugee resettlement businesses masquerading as charities…shameful.

James Egan - November 27, 2017

The numbers of refugees should be drastically reduced and the organizations that have been responsible for the resettlement should operate in a very transparent way and resettlement should be accomplished only with the permission of the local community affected and the cost should be assumed by the Federal Government.
Only refugees that have a reasonable chance of assimilating (do not hold values that are seditious to our government and our laws) should be considered. Otherwise, they should be assisted in their home countries and not relocated to the USA.

Judy Warner - November 27, 2017

I’ve long admired Heritage’s attention to the people affected by government actions — the victims of asset forfeiture, the cake bakers and nuns, and so forth. I hope you’ll send Kelsey Harkness or another investigator to report on how citizens and communities are affected by refugee resettlement. As you can see from the comments, this a real issue that harms many people, especially in the small cities where refugees are often resettled. These places often lack the resources needed and have to deprive their own citizens of services in order to fulfill federal mandates for translators, special education, extraordinary health needs, and so forth.

K. Serra - November 27, 2017

This UN refugee resettlement scam MUST stop! This is NOT helping America one bit! All it is doing is causing us tax payers to have pay higher taxes to pay for these ingrates! We have to beef up security at tax payer expense because of terror threats where ever people gather now, i.e.:Malls, Concerts, Sports events, Christmas celebrations, etc, etc, etc! How is this good for anybody??? I used to think the Heritage Foundation was on our side, but you’re clearly on the side of the globalists!

Nancy Cuddeback - November 27, 2017


Ralph Long - November 27, 2017

Come on, Heritage Foundation! Let’s get serious about reforming the Refugee Admissions Program or you will lose my financial support. Please rethink your weak reforms outlined here. Our values must be shared by immigrants, and they must be capable of making their way in life without taxpayer support. We have enough freeloaders of our own!

Richard Koethe - November 27, 2017

I disagree with the findings of the Heritage Report. While I am a supporter of the Heritage Foundation I do not feel in this case that the Foundation has presented a comprehensive or accurate assessment. I feel that the entire Refugee Program be reexamined completely and that NO refugees be allowed to enter the country until a full, comprehensive examination is completed. The fact that cities and localities have little to no input or even advanced notice of the arrival of refugees into their community is a major concern. The fact that the 9 federal contractors involved in the refugee process have a vested interest in greatly increasing the number of refugees and are compensated accordingly is a matter of great concern. There is little to no preparation for the refugees upon entry into this country and thus are being moved into locations that are best suited for someone else, not necessarily them. I simply don’t trust the Chamber of Commerce or the employers such as the meat packers to participants in the program. They are acting purely out of self-interest and looking for the lowest-paid workers. Finally, there is little to no control over the refugees “final” place of residence. Just because they are settled in one area doesn’t mean they will stay – thus, we are seeing greater and greater refugee populations in a small number of locations, completely changing the local communities and they are NOT assimilating into the culture of this country.

James M Brennan - November 27, 2017

Islam should be banned is this country. We are wasting our military manpower fighting overseas while freely importing this enemy into our country. Not only that we are, appointing them to high security positions in our government! This is why I am not supporting Heritage any longer. Until we address this basic threat to America we are doomed.

chris - November 27, 2017

I think the overall idea is to change the west. I am sure the powers that be are well aware of the consequences of polar opposites being introduced into our little cities of America. There is a game plan for sure, but we don’t have the info or the long term intents of our leaders and change agents.

May those of us that are writing comments here that are “prayer warriors”, please intensify your efforts to the Almighty to forgive our sins, turn from our sinful ways, and ask for healing in our land. Perhaps we will receive clarity and decernment that will allow us to sort out tangible means of resolving these serious and potentially fatal circumstances we find ourselves in.

What I have seen in St. Cloud MN these past few years has been a slow and systematic decline of a previously vibrant, clean, prosperous small town.

We have city leaders that respond to the local citizenry with threats, and high-handed arrogance when we question the secretiveness that surrounds the refugee program.

I think it is important people in other parts of the U.S. know this.

Keep questioning officials even if they keep dodging you. Annoyance is what they deserve. After all, I’m annoyed too.
Why should only one party be annoyed?

Dave Gorak - November 27, 2017

We don’t need more refugees or immigrants; we need more good jobs for Americans.

Antonina Penna - November 27, 2017

We need to stop this refugee program immediately. To just drop people off in states, cities, towns, without no warning to those areas, and not helping with assimilation, is a travesty to them and to the American who pays for all this. These so called humanitarian groups are in it for the money and nothing else. My grandparents were immigrants. I never learned their native language as they only allowed English to be spoken, the only flag they flew was the American flag, their three sons fought in WWII. Refugees should stay and be cared for in their own countries. If and when any wish to come to America, they come in by applying in the legal way.

R. Wayne Fournier - November 27, 2017

I’m sorry to say that Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch is correct, your think-tank staff is WAY behind when it comes to refugees coming into America. You should read her blog and pay attention. I know she is truthful in her reporting because I have done a bit of fact-checking on some of her past blogs. P.S. You made a mistake dumping Jim DeMint.

Gary - November 27, 2017

You guys must be living with your head in the sand. Of course I did see that the main guy has been influenced by the Catholic Church which basically says it all. I have watched this invasion for 17 years and all I can say is the money and our government are the main culprits in this issue. Another issues is that we don’t have a two party system anymore as they are both corrupt and money talks. To speak truth would be beneath any of them. So why should we trust the Heritage Foundation to be any different as the same powers are influencing all parties involved. the deep state is being revealed and if we all pay attention we the people can have a say in this.

Jay Louis - November 27, 2017

The refugee program is destroying our country. Refugees are more interested in material help from our tax payers and not assimilation. They are tribal and do not understand the values our country was founded on. They don’t understand the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution and the deliberation that went into creating the most successful self governing nation on this earth. Therefore the masses do not know how to preserve our constitutional republic and in their voting undermine the efforts to preserve it. We are seeing a precursor to what is coming out way in western Europe. The refugee program is a disaster and will plunge our nation into turmoil. Guaranteed!

Kel57 - November 28, 2017

I also think we should put a freeze on immigration. They need to be helped in their own Country.

John Hare - November 28, 2017

Shut it down, let them make their own countries livable. This massive influx is a clear and present danger to American citizens.

Bobbie Patray - November 28, 2017

I don’t see anything here about States Rights and the feds shifting costs to states. I don’t see anything about the US Treasury heavily funding ‘religious’ NGOs which then operate in secrecy. I don’t see anything about the social and cultural impact roiling communities that are overloaded with refugees. How can you say this is comprehensive without addressing these important issues?

Sue Beaulieu - November 28, 2017

The immigration program has been seriously mismanaged. We need to take care of our own people first. The huge refugee and immigrant influx has taken a negative toll on our country. They drain taxpayer dollars earned by hard working, citizens. Crime rates increase in overcrowded immigrant based communities. Immigrants are not required to pledge allegiance to our country. They are given opportunities that legal citizens do not. Make no mistake, Muslim ideology is NOT in sync with American values and beliefs. I support bringing in Christian refugees who are victims of Muslims in other countries. Why aren’t we giving them safe haven?

Michael S Dersch - November 28, 2017

“I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”
― James Madison

Frank Daruki - November 28, 2017

Fred Grant: refugees do apply to come here, through a legal process which is the right way. Do some homework. Refugees are the most vetted immigrant coming to the USA and will not be permitted to come unless they are approved and accepted. Only 45,00 Refugee will come to the USA in 2017!!!!

Frank Daruki - November 28, 2017

Refugees should continue to be allowed into the USA and the number should be increased to 75,000 total for the entire country. That is less people that goes to a Detroit tigers football game on any given Sunday. Think about it.

Mary becker - November 28, 2017

I think it’s time for a moratorium on refugees, much like the one the US adopted in the 1920’s in order to assimilate all the new refugees to our country. The tax payers are fed up with the cost of the USRAP, it’s time to take a long break & focus on making sure existing refugees learn our culture, language & history.

Colleen Olhausen - November 28, 2017

Dear Friends At Heritage; As a monthly supporter of Heritage for a number of years, I am concerned about the recent road map for reform presented by Heritage. The USA has an immigration policy of long standing in place and this is the policy I believe should be followed. Failure to do so has already impacted our nation negatively.

K Johnson - November 28, 2017

The goal of those who praise the refugee program is to create an unskilled underclass of cheap labor as prescribed by the US Chanber of Commerce. The meat packing plants, for instance, have drastically cut wages and are staffing their facilities with strategically settled refugees. The “volunteer agencies” that resettle these people are mostly funded by the government (a.k.a. the taxpayers) and these greedy agencies can pocket half of the per head resettlement allowance. The costs of the refugee program are outrageous; twelve refugees could be helped in their own countries for the cost of settling one in the US. And please don’t forget the cultural impact of importing hoardes of people who value sharia law above the US Constitution and who consistently refuse to assimilate. D.C. is complicit in deliberately seeding our country with progressive voters who seek to destroy America from within. Heritage Foundation has taken a stand for the systematic destruction of America and has lost my respect in the process.

Michael - November 29, 2017

I don’t care how you process a “rattlesnake”, at the end of the process, it is still a “rattlesnake”. Muslims should not be allowed into this country!!! They are spineless human beings.

Bill L - November 29, 2017

The five points following the statement that “USRAP is a net positive for the country; it advances American interests in five key ways” are complete BULL. With one exception to that list.
That is point 5, “Alleviating human suffering”. I agree that peppering these individuals among the citizenry of America has alleviated the suffering of the refugee, but at what cost? Has it alleviated the suffering of those communities impacted by yet another hungry, unskilled, needy, demanding refugee and their numerous family members? If anyone thinks that after centuries of generations of Islamic indoctrination that some forced English classes are going to change the hearts and minds of the majority of these people they are delusional. Look to Europe for an easy example.
Let’s help those deserving in or near their own homelands and not force them on communities to deal with.
If the Heritage foundation wants to continue down this leftist path watch your contributions dwindle and rightfully so.

An American Patriot - November 29, 2017

All Immigration should be terminated immediately.
Our country, traditions, history, values & religion are under attack.
Our country is in debt…brought on by orchestrated wars, unchecked refugees/illegal aliens and purposeful wasteful spending by previous administrations to destroy the very fabric of our nation.
There should not be over 3500 mosques, Secret Jihadist Training Camps threatening violence and interlopers that Demand Americans bend to their every desire & command.
There have been more than a slew of random killings, stabbing, Decapitations, Assaults, Rapes & savage violence occurring in every State.
MS-13 Gangs, Illegal Aliens, Refugee Resettlements should not be on USA soil.
They are fomenting undue hardship & danger to our civilized society.
The American people work hard and pay taxes, but Politicians have squandered it on themselves and a quest for power and control.
Sombering common sense is needed.
President Trump’s Agenda is The People Agenda!

Marie Joseph - November 29, 2017

There should be ZERO ‘refugees’ (migrants) entering the U.S.

Furthermore, it is extremely disconcerting that an organization that cynically deems itself the ‘Heritage Foundation’ is (in actuality) just another lobbying group for the interests of corporations, Big Business and the state of Israel. What a disgrace you have become! I hope the pieces of silver are worth it!

It is blatant semantic manipulation to call these alien people ‘refugees’ and then (as they will inevitably become) ‘Americans’. Semantic deception abounds in the refugee industry.

The refugee industry, with its corporate/governmental/’nonprofit’ sponsors, is a CRIMINAL SYNDICATE.

Ruth Gray - November 29, 2017

I can no longer be a member of Heritage Foundation. You are not realistic about the dangers this country faces by allowing people to come here with such different values as ours. We are not the only option. We must save people in their own countries. I have to wonder if you are receiving money from refugee contracting companies. I no longer trust your motives.

Edward Oliver - November 29, 2017

What our USA in my opinions needs is to have a legal program that would help those desiring to become American Citizens legally and have no issues that would hinder their acceptance in becoming an American Legal Citizen if they meet all of the legal means of this becoming a reality for those in desire of becoming legal American Citizens and do so by following all official directives that are to be accomplished and do so by the Letter of our Laws!

Barbara Griffith - November 29, 2017

I think that before any more refugees from the Middle East is allowed into the U.S. every politician should be ask to visit the website gatestoneinstitute.org an read the articles as to what has happened to Europe since millions of refugees were taken in by all of the countries of the EU it has turned into a dangerous fight between police and the gangs of refugees that are now acting like tribes exactly like the do in the Middle East. They fight each other as well as cause all the trouble they can to the population as well as the police. The police can’t even stop someone to check for a drivers license unless they are attacked by not less that 40 men they have to call for help as they are having bottles along with rocks thrown at them.
The more of the refugees that are brought to the U.S. the more problems we will have. Help them close to their own country. In other words shut the refugee program down. We have enough trouble with the illegal aliens from Mexico and South America.

Marie - November 30, 2017

The 75,000 “cap” is a bogus number because each one of those 75,000 can then bring in countless relatives, so the actual number is many multiples of that. The “two year vetting” process is only that long because the government is incompetent and slow. Remember that Obama in 2016 was able to speed it up to 3 months and brought in a record number of refugees right before the election. This study does not address the elephant in the room which is WHY are we are bringing tens of thousands of refugees here in the first place, when clearly there is no benefit at all to U.S. citizens and taxpayers.

Leah Romm - December 1, 2017

As a law student who cares deeply about these issues and is engaged in refugee casework and policy, I would offer the following recommendations:
Given the profound economic contributions of refugees to the communities they are resettled in, particularly in the rust belt states, refugee resettlement must be restored to FY 2015 levels of 85,000 refugees admitted per year.
Further, refugees must be provided with the right to have counsel present at their interviews at no cost to the government. This will, in turn, make the process more efficient and procedurally sound, and it will save taxpayer money.
While security checks of refugees are critical, they must be reviewed to ensure that they are not unnecessarily duplicative or burdensome, as this drains intelligence resources and needlessly delays the applications of refugees who are literally in life-or-death situations. Similarly, background screens must focus on actual risk indicators rather than fruitless and stigmatizing nationality-based determinations.
Finally, it is imperative that we make good on our promises to Iraqi refugees who worked as translators for American forces. Currently, they face a great deal of delay and stalling in their applications while facing peril and threats in their now-unsafe homes. It is critical that their applications not be indefinitely delayed, or this country may never again find foreign allies and assistants.

Michelle H. - December 2, 2017

Restoring the prior FY15 cap of 85k resettled refugees a year is the smart thing and the American thing to do.

Refugees who come to the US and their have a demonstrably positive economic impact on their communities, particularly the smaller and rural communities where they are often resettled. They already go through far more rigorous security checks than other foreigners who come to America for work or tourism.

Concrete proposals: The system’s already-burdensome security checks can be made more rigorous and precise, but vague fears that persecuted women and children will cause damage (which they have never done) to the US should not be used as an excuse to leave them in harm’s way. Allowing refugees to have their own legal counsel present at their resettlement interviews will enable those with valid cases to make their cases more efficiently, while enabling the government to more accurately identify those families with valid claims and a justified need to be resettled in the US.

Remember — among the refugees and immigrants who will be affected include those who supported the US military, religious minorities (including many Christians), and those who advocated for US-style democracy and human rights in their home nations. Allowing such individuals into the US will strengthen, not weaken, our nation. Preventing them from becoming American is not only inhumane, it’s also unwise.

Janet - December 2, 2017

I fully support what Bob wrote on Nov. 24. Halt all immigration for a few years and then bring in those who can make a contribution to this country. Any refugee program must set limits and must be temporary.

Lexi - December 3, 2017

The Executive Order freeze on refugee processing is preventing Iraqi translators and U.S. wartime partners, who assisted our troops in Iraq, from coming to the U.S. Whereas previously our wartime partners could have come under a Special Immigrant Visa, that program is no longer an option and they have to apply as refugees subject to the freeze on processing. These translators proved their patriotism and love for the United States by risking their lives to support our troops and keep them safe. They risked their lives to fight for us, so they are not a security risk, and now we are breaking our military’s promise to them to keep them safe. We should reinstate the Special Immigrant Visa program for Iraqi wartime partners so they do not have to apply as refugees and can come to safety. Sen. John McCain and other Republican legislators support keeping this promise to our wartime partners.

Alexandra Lewis - December 3, 2017

The Refugee Program should allow representation at interviews at no cost to the government. By allowing independent, non-governmental refugee rights organizations provide counsel, the process of vetting will be more thorough and the interview process as a whole will be more efficient, ultimately saving the federal government money and making the process safer and more efficient, both for America and for refugees. Moreover, iraqi citizens who acted as translators or provided assistance in any other way to the US Military during the Iraq war should not qualify for indefinite detainment. In fact, their process should be expedited–if the US military saw fit to accept their assistance, the federal government should see fit to give these brave men and women priority in the legal resettlement process, especially given the US’ role in the current instability in Iraq.

Sarah - December 4, 2017

In light of economic contributions of refugees in rust belt communities, restore the refugee resettlement program to FY15 levels of 85,000 refugees per year.

Melissa - December 5, 2017

Iraqi P-2 and SIV processing should be streamlined with bonafide family members to bring the entire family to safety together. While Iraqi soldiers who have given up their safety in their home country to help the US and allies abroad deserve to be resettled in the US, their family members are equally at risk and must be brought to safety at the same time. The current process leaves vulnerable families with young children to be harassed by local militias after the eldest sons–who served with the US military–are successfully resettled. The sacrifice is made by the entire family and it would be more efficient to protect these US allies together as one unit. This will also increase the likelihood of independence, as the family will be better able to support itself when unified.

Tori - December 5, 2017

Hardworking men and women who served side-by-side with American troops abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan should not be indefinitely delayed, left vulnerable to being persecuted or killed for the very service that we relied on. Translators and support personnel who faithfully carried out their duties, plus their families, should be expediently resettled to safety in this country, where they can contribute to our economy and live in security.

R.Gale - December 6, 2017

According to a list compiled by Refugee Resettlement Watch, two struggling western Massachusetts towns are among the latest targets to have hundreds or thousands of refugees dumped on them. These communities, like earlier ones affected, will be saddled with more crime, more social and educational costs, and higher unemployment. Why don’t these Heritage Foundation people bring Somali’s and others into their tony Maryland and Virginia suburbs if they’re so concerned with ‘reforming’ this program? I think the answer is obvious.

Ariel B - December 6, 2017

In light of economic contributions of refugees in rust belt communities, restore the refugee resettlement program to FY15 levels of 85,000 refugees per year.

Linda Eberhard - December 6, 2017

Until abortion is illegal in this country, we must accept some refugees who are not harmful, obviously not fallen & of the Light of God. We must discern & support other countries in fight to make abortion illegal. The danger is when evil (abortion etc..) is seen as normal.

Michael Carroll - December 9, 2017

The so-called 2 year vetting process is nothing but a farce. You can’t vet someone in a war-torn country. Refugees don’t bring prosperity, except to manufactors who want cheap labor, and will replace Americans with those who will work for less. Each refugee cost taxpayers, at minimum 6,000 dollars a year, that doesn’t include all costs such as free housing, food stamps, free medicaid. Hiring language teachers for them. They moved into low income areas,and take jobs and housing, from the Black and Hispanic community. These are just a few reasons why they should be kept in safe areas close to their home countries, where they can go back home when their countries are safe from war.

Sarah Hunter - December 9, 2017

-In light of economic contributions of refugees in rust belt communities, restore the refugee resettlement program to FY15 levels of 85,000 refugees per year.
-Provide refugees with the right to have counsel present at their interviews at no cost to the government, making the process more efficient, more procedurally sound, and saving the taxpayers money
-Review security checks to make sure that security checks are rigorous and that they are not needlessly duplicative or burdensome, burdening intelligence resources and needlessly delaying applications for refugees in life or death situations
-Ensure that Iraqi refugees who worked as translators are not indefinitely delayed
-Ensure that background screening focuses on actual risk indicators, rather than nationality-based determinations that DHS have found fruitless.

maggie martin - December 17, 2017

How is importing INBRED/low IQ 3rd worlders different from the slave trade?

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