In a recent interview with Fox’s Harris Faulkner, President Trump cited Heritage Senior Legal Fellow Hans von Spakovsky’s work in The Daily Signal. The piece addressed the popular liberal argument that claims President Trump conspired to violate campaign finance laws by giving money to Karen McDougal and Stephanie Clifford.

The President’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, pled guilty to tax evasion and financial fraud charges, but von Spakovsky takes issue with the notion that there were violations to campaign finance law, which were part of Cohen’s plea agreement.

As a former member of the Federal Election Commission, von Spakovsky notes that spending restrictions established by the Federal Election Campaign Act specifically do not apply to expenditures that would “exist irrespective of the candidate’s election campaign.”

Von Spakovsky also recalled that the Justice Department’s prosecution of similar charges against former Senator John Edwards resulted in acquittal. The claim that the President violated campaign laws doesn’t withstand scrutiny.

When you have the best legal minds analyzing the issues of our day, it’s possible to dismantle an attempt to use election laws as a weapon against the president. Thank you for giving us the resources to defend the truth and lay out the facts for all—even the President of the United States.

Read Hans von Spakovsky’s Daily Signal commentary here.

What should be done about the criminalization of politics, and the endless investigations against public officials?

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Dr. Fred G.Anderson - December 22, 2018

Term limits – turn over avoids obligations between congressmen and parties. Multiple reelections don’t create compromise; they create personal over public interests decisions. Experience should precede being in the federal congress, not gained there. Desire to serve, not personally gain = better results.

Robert Bean - December 22, 2018

Those who make unsupportable claims against a politician, including the President of the United States, should face harsh penalties and potential financial fines and even jail time. I support true findings and feel that Freedom of Speech, especially from political endeavors to harm an opponent, should never be allowed to contain lies for gaining advantage.

Kate - December 22, 2018

Political Slander should not be viewed as Free Speech.
False Accusations are manipulative time-wasters that destroy reputations in order to advance their ideology and should be loudly condemned by charging them with Sedition.
The U.S. citizens need to be ethical, moral people to have a prosperous nation.

Sandra Miller - December 22, 2018

Keep the UN out of our border security.

Craig Cotton - December 22, 2018

This political slander seems to be coming from the Democrats side of the table. This is very evident since the last Presidential election. Never have I seen such butchery of good decent people. The devil is certainty in the wood pile. Find out who these people are, and yes charge them with Sedition instead of fighting a “no win” battle in the courts over these lies and accusations. Quite evident that the Democratic Leadership is out to destroy the USA and Trump.
They won’t win against God and Truth.

Bill Hahn - December 22, 2018

I have been a strong supporter of Pres. Trump but he needs to settle down and stop “jerking” the system and various people around so much. The stock market is giving him a performance report card and he should please stop comments on the Fed.

Douglas Benson - December 22, 2018

First, prosecute ALL FBI, Justice Dept. and Obama advisors that have clearly violated their oath of office so that the populace cn have faith in our legal system again. Then provide ACTIVE oversight of the government morass and non-political employees including the ability to make charges. Congress needs more teeth in their ability to subpeona folks.

Anton Schramm - December 22, 2018

It is just incomprehensible the hatred from the liberal media and all Democrats unbelievable.
the do not care about the american citizen one bid. Usually
One worships God, the Democrats Worship Schumer & Nancy Pelosi. They will have the knives and poison ready to finish off Our President. God Forbid–

John Olofson - December 22, 2018

In addition to the excellent proposals above,
• Adopt 12 year term limits for both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court with lobbying prohibited for 6 year thereafter.
• Tighten disclosure laws for those whose net worth exceeds $X.

William Coates - December 22, 2018

The problem is human nature itself. Some personalities choose to seek power and money in the centers of power, whether state or national – or U.N. It’s quicker and easier than being productive and creative.
It might help if political campaigns could be limited to setting forth a candidate’s resume, rather than the policies and promises they want to implement. They should be judged by past accomplishments only; voters should not be betting on their own future benefits. That way we’d know what they can do with their own skills and earnings, not what they propose to do with other people’s resources.
Also, consecutive terms in office are the real problem. The collection of campaign funds for re-election is too much of a moral hazard for both the contributors who seek to benefit, and the people who are seeking to perpetuate their power. A term limit of ONE would help a lot. Then the people who make laws and policies would quickly have to live under them. They could seek office again to fix what they broke, if voters let them.

Chris J - December 22, 2018

Once candidates are chosen by Primary results…Do FBI background checks before the Presidential election on each candidate.

Kathleen Parr - December 22, 2018

Time to return to the Constitution…and live accordingly…I really don’t see where in the Constitution…any amendment needs ratification…Money is Power…but , Man Never Made Material as Resilient as the Human Spirit , that is why we the people must have Law and Order…Justice and Kindness…The Greatest Military…The only possible way you can have a flexible Government is of Like Minds…
I thank the House for backing their President Trump…I can honestly say this re: The Wall…Every Deplorable Stands With President Trump whether We are thrown off Social Media or where ever prohibited…Silent or Loud We are there for Him…Of Like Minds..
I do know this , it all starts at the local branch…#BuildTheWall

Connie Saccp - December 22, 2018

Legislate a law limiting expense and time
Involved in investigations. It’s ridiculous to spend taxpayer dollars so recklessly and without the consent of the governed.

James L Justice - December 22, 2018

President Trump’s salary for serving the United
States? $0. Is any other “swamp resident” foregoing their salary? Just asking.

Richard Schott - December 22, 2018


Peter Schoepke - December 23, 2018

Sever ties with United Nations! We need to follow our original constitution.

Anna Jean BLACKBURN - December 23, 2018

Wow. Finally…some good COMMON SENSE reasoning !
I believe your suggestion for a candidate’s resume would be an ideal replacement for policies and promises, which for the most part have been RHETORIC and LIES. IT has become a common quote that ” if a politician or hopeful candidate’s lips are moving it must be more lies!” We no longer can BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY.
WE need to make decisions for who we want as our representative based on their accomplishments.
Also I agree a term limit of ONE where those making laws and policies must live and abide accordingly as you hsve stated.
Yes, yes, yes!

DR Dwight Sanders Se - December 23, 2018


Reverend Mark A Lester - December 25, 2018

President Trump is for the People and unlike many who serve in offices he keeps his promises. But I think we have a right to say something against a President of the past who comes in and says that we are no longer a Christian Nation and tries to do away with our constitution and from the sidelines keeps pestering and lieing about our new President it is nothing short of Treason on all accounts. You all know whom I am talking about. He is trying to turn our Nation of Christiandom into Islam even though he is no longer President Prays God.

Robert La Rocco - December 30, 2018

As Long As Trump is in office it’s going to be a battle for however long but it is a battle worth fighting

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