Only ten days remain until the deadline for the sequestration cuts to hit. They are broad and sweeping, and will ultimately be ineffective. But they are law.

The federal government needs to cut spending immediately. But President Obama is urging Congress to cancel the sequestration budget cuts, which go into effect on March 1, and replace them with more tax increases.

The Heritage Foundation’s Amy Payne explains that, while not ideal, the sequestration cuts have to go through. “If Congress does not replace the sequestration cuts with smarter cuts—like eliminating Obamacare funding or other ineffective programs—then the sequestration cuts will be our first step toward getting serious about federal spending,” she writes.

The key weakness of sequestration is that it focuses on the wrong problem. It targets national security and defense programs and leaves broadly untouched entitlement programs like welfare and food stamps. Leaving our nation open to attack is a “fool’s errand,” Payne says:

Trying to use defense cuts to balance the out-of-control entitlement spending while we still face growing threats (Russia, China, Iran, and al-Qaeda affiliates) is a fool’s errand that will create a hollow military and do nothing to fix economic troubles.

Any step toward serious spending cuts should be applauded, though. And future budget deals definitely should not involve tax increases:

Real program reforms and a balanced budget are the only way to solve our continuing fiscal crises. So it is critical that Congress keep its word and follow through on these spending cuts to prove it is serious about bringing our budget into balance over the next 10 years.

America needs a balanced budget, one that avoids tax increases. But President Obama has already pocketed a $618 billion tax increase, and lawmakers should remember that when President Obama uses the word “balanced,” what he really means is more tax increases.

Heritage’s Patrick Knudsen explains the stakes:

Government spending and debt are both too high, and this threatens all Americans with a weaker economy and a lower standard of living. Every opportunity to reduce spending and put the government on the path to a balanced budget must be taken. Anything less is a path to defeat.

How would you balance the budget?

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Ed Liberatore - February 20, 2013

The first thing that I would do is reduce the size of government and undo all of the red tape that is strangling our economy. Then I would revise the tax codes to make it a fair and balanced approach to increase revenue which would stimulate the economy and in turn reduce the un-employment rate. At this point I would work on entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

George Warren - February 20, 2013

In reference to broad cuts in Government spending it’s not to late to be a little CONSERVATIVE; this applies to Democrats, Republicans and Independences. George

Curt Crook - February 20, 2013

Flat tax, balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and immediate return to 2008 budget levels

Edwin R Perkins - February 20, 2013

Get rid of (defund) duplication of budget items.
Defund foreign aid.
Go from there.

Jim Johnson - February 20, 2013

For now we need to allow those cuts to kick in. We have not been able to get any significant spending cuts until now so we should take what we have and keep it. Speaker Boehner should immediately blame this on not having a budget, as required by law, and announce he will not allow any further monetary bills to be presented or voted on until a budget is passed and accepted. Then, when the deficit limit is reached he can demand a budget, with spending cuts, before he even considers any increase in the deficit limit. Use what we have and stand firm!! If no budget is passed and the deficit limit is reached then we get automatic cuts, so have won again!

Claudia LeFevre-Lowry - February 20, 2013

I would STOP SPENDING, let sequestration happen, and then cut another 10% off every department except defense.

Steve - February 20, 2013

Cut foreign aid to countries that are our foes, stop aid to Illegal aliens, cut entitlements to career welfare recipients and limit welfare to Four years and require drug testing. Cut all unnessasary government programs and kill Obamacare, put term limits on senate and congress to two terms with NO retirement benefits for any of them. Change the tax code to a Flat tax and end loopholes. Start drilling for oil and natural gas immediately and use our resources to become energy independent. Eliminate the EPA, DOE, homeland security and the patriot act since these three agencies alone are proven to be corrupt and a drain on our tax dollars……..

Henry Schreiber - February 20, 2013

To help achieve a balanced budget, do the following:
Eliminate the Dept. of Energy
Eliminate the Dept. of Education
Eliminate the EPA
Eliminate Pork spending
Reduce federal pensions
Repeal Obamacare
Cut out federal subsidies to non-economical energy projects
Reduce red tape for new nuclear power plants
Reduce costly over regulation of Business
Enact mandatory two term limits on all legislators
Practice transparency in legislation debates
Tie legislative salaries, pensions and benefits to
actions to bring about a balanced budget
Cut corporate and individual taxes to encourage full
employment and business creation/expansion
Don’t waste money on “human- caused” global warming;
it is caused by natural phenomena which are not
under human control (glaciation and melting cycles)
responding to solar and terrestrial activity.

Yolanda Curry - February 20, 2013

I believe sequestration should happen. We have entirely too many government programs that overlap each other providing the same services, etc. These should all be filtered and cleaned up. Also each program contains an amount of fraud/waste which should be addressed prior to any additional funding being granted.

Romolo Sama - February 20, 2013

I would limit ANY form of public assistance to those people that are physically unable to work.mental disability would not qualify unless the person must be institutionalized.i would disallow any public money for student loans other than for those students majoring in subjects preparing them to work in vital occupations.This was the standard for draft deferral and I believe would prevent students from incurring debt that can never be repaid.

John - February 20, 2013

Obama has spent billions on phones, vacations and giving
Our money away. He and other members of congress
Should be kicked out because they are doing like Barney
Frank and his buddy Obama did. Bush told them to
Fix the RE market. They didn’t. The bankers got rich, the
Country got screwed and they blame it all on Bush.

Wayne B Getchel - February 20, 2013

That is going to be pretty hard. For starters I would eliminate the Dept of Energy entirely. Second I would severely cut back on the Dept of Homeland Security. We have thousands of returning GI’s which will really explode in the next year or so. Use the returning GI’s for Homeland security force. They are already trained and experienced and know how to follow command authority. Something the Our current employees in The Dept of Homeland security can’t seem able to do. Most of the current crop of security folks aren’t even smart enough to come in out of the rain without being told to do so. These two items will not balance the budget but I am sure there are other Departments within the government that could be eliminated or reduced in size.

michael mullenix - February 20, 2013

Eliminate all congressional benefits. Abolish depts. of Energy, Commerce, Education and Labor. Social security into closed escrow investment acct. administered under contract by private industry set aside for retirement only. Eliminate SS disabilitay. If you enter a SS field office 95% of people will be able bodied under 65. Establish contract with govt. and or private industry investigatory; agencies to clean up Medicare and Medicaid fraud especially by illegal aliens and froeign nationals. Hundreds or perhaps thousands of people cross the Mexico border daily with Medicare and Medicaid to shop or seek medical treatment. I have witnessed this personally. Finally cut all discretionary spending by 20 % across the board. Each agency tasked to slash thier own budgets regardless. People will not die or starve no matter what any 20 year old coed thinks.

Joan Coleman - February 20, 2013

1.Entitlement Program – When people on this program make more than people who work 40 plus ours per week, that is wrong. Cut this budget in half leave out things like cell phones. I don’t even have one, why should they?
2. Cut OUT Obomacare. We pay for that tax plus all the “pork” that has been put into it plus our own health insurance.
3. Cut the wages of ALL Obama’s (and Mrs)personal “helpers” (secretaries, aides, personal trainers
staff of assistants, etc.
4. Put ALL (Pres. & Congress) on same benefits programs (ie: insurance, retirement etc) as the regular people like us.
5. STOP all monies to countries who hate us.

Serge Kidaloff - February 20, 2013

At the present time….where our economy is…and probably will not improve….the only way to balance the budget in the midterm coming election…is to vote out of office three quarter of all Democrat on the hill, and replace them with Republicans.!!!!!!!!

Terry - February 20, 2013

How would I balance the budget? Get rid of the Socialist O:(bama .How stupid could we be to give him $618 billion tax increase. Defund Obama care. Take back the $716 billion he stole from Social Security. While we’re at it, find out who said to “stand down” to the jets waiting to rescue our 4 men. Why is Obama NEVER responsible for anything he does or says. I apologize to the Heritage Foundation for any part of this comment found to be out of line.

Sharon - February 20, 2013

Cut salaries of congress and their “perks”.. Cut duplicated services and offices there-of, DEfund- ACLU, EPA,NCLB, NLRB,NEA,Dep’t of Education, no federal monies for wind /solar,cut foreign aid, Audit the Fed,audit freddy&fannie. Close the dep’t of Ag.

Ernest Reese - February 20, 2013

How to balance the budget?

1. Give all US businesses a 3 percent tax credit for increasing their US employees by 5 percent within 12 months. Employees must be hired and work within the confines of the USA.
2. Place an immediate freeze on all civilian federal employees hiring and pay increases. Start a RIF of civilian federal employees, including executive branch and White House political appointees, by 10% within 6 months and 15% within one year.
3. Freeze all Executive Branch budgets for 24 months. Begin a reduction of those budgets to 2008 levels within 24 months to be completed by 2016.
4. Place a 36-month moratorium on all Affordable Patient Act provisions.
5. Place an immediate moratorium on all illegal immigrant reform until after the 2016 election.
6. Implement registration requiring all federal employees including the Congress and their staffs to be a part of Social Security and Medicare rather than their current separate programs.
7. Restrict the EPA from any further rulemaking activity whatsoever until Congress has reviewed and re-authorized all their enabling legislation. The President will appoint a blue ribbon bipartisan panel to report to the Congress within 12 months the legal foundation for the authority of the EPA. If the bipartisan panel cannot reach an agreement within the allotted time then the EPA will be disbanded and removed as a federal agency by 2016.
8. The Federal Energy Department is permanently restricted from providing grants to any private industry or company in the USA. It is not the business of the US government to be an investment banker.
9. No federal grants or monies will be used to fund any non-US based institution, company or person.
10. The USA will decrease its foreign aid program by 50 percent within 18 months.
11. The USA will reduce its United Nations contributions by 20 percent within 6 months and will remain at that level or at a lower level until 2023.
12. The Keystone pipeline permit will be issued by the Federal government within 30 days.

Carol Chelin - February 20, 2013

If I recall, the current regeimr has already squandered fare more than 85 billion on special pals programs like Solindra and yet no one mentions it………..

Joyce Ferrell - February 20, 2013

Anyone who has been in a leadership role in management has made “non-devastating” budget cuts of 1-3%. Our core problem is we have a president who has not taken Management 101 nor worked in a managing leadership role.

phyllis hill - February 20, 2013

balance the budget…cut all grants…cut welfare …..limit assisatance for 6 months..cut all $ for education forcing higher ed to lower costs ….cut epa out of the govt…freeze all govt pay until our usa budget is balanced…limit all travel for obama and govt officials…

Kelly Ann - February 20, 2013

One of the first things I would do is go through the entire WELFARE program with a fine tooth comb and weed out billions in waste given to be who do NOT qualify, people who are raising generation after generation of family who learn to get on welfare when they CAN WORK !
Next, weed out billions in pork barrel spending! Joe Q. America can do without a 30ft tall statue of himself in a local park! … Waste, waste, waste!! Too much to begin too list…
Obama is cutting spending on our military, yet giving jets to another country that is in tatters and Im SURE somehow all that military equipment will somehow end up in the wrong hands and everyone will just act as if they JUST don’t understand HOW THAT HAPPENED…. He is making complete fools of us and laughing his head off all the while…. Meanwhile, weakening our own military, Hmmmmm… sounds like a plot to help destroy us!

Gary Oelrich - February 20, 2013

With no budget from the senate I would freeze federal employment back to 2009 levels as a start, then simply cut all programs 2 percent each year till we had a balance.
They should tell the senate not to forward any bills to them that require $ except emergency one.

The house is not doing the job they should be doing, with no budget they put a balance plan of their own in place, they control the purse.

Steve Perkins - February 20, 2013

The option available that seems most reasonable is that which a sensible personal finance individual would do: cut spending. The federal government’s size is out of control; eliminating ineffective entitlement programs; eviscerating the unconstitutional executive orders and regulations which are killing small business and job growth. Revenue would flow by putting some Reganomics to work.

John Wooley - February 20, 2013

Let sequestration be implemented. It is the only way we will get Obama to cut anything. Congress should get smart and permit the transfer of funds from one bucket to another.

chuck hinners - February 20, 2013

None of the federal agencies mentioned by other commentators is authorized by the Constitution.
Euthanize the Federal Government. Sadly, Republicans will not do the job since most are RINOs stricken with egoism and Potomac Fever. From a practical standpoint, we are dead as a country

Ron & Esta Hudgins - February 20, 2013

To balance the budget I would cut foreign aid by 50% at once, (2) O;bama HealthCare and Congress,all employees would be on one Health plan,So I would consolidate the two together(per the 28th Amendment of the Constitution. (3) Cut all funding to all labor Unions(their dues should be used to take care of their employees when on strike. (4) Cut all funding to NNACP ,their members should pay their own way,Not the tax payers. (5) Reform the Tax codes,by having a simple deduction the same for everyone,Incorporations . which would cut the cost of collecting taxes. (6) All politions would live and abide by the same laws as citizens. (7) No one would draw Social Security if they did not pay into it,(Include all illegals,. (8) Welfare would a temporary bases ,able bodied would have to apply for jobs,go to school to learn a new trade (paid by government)(those that are physical unable would be excused). (9) no one could not lay around without a job if able bodied,work picking up trash on the highways for DOTs.) (10) Cap on taxes could not be over 45%. and government employees could not be more than 12% of the private sector work force. (11) Elected politicians could only draw retire of 20% of salary for only 5 years after retirement or when they leave office.

Kenneth Bittle - February 20, 2013

To start off by balanceing the budget I Kenneth Bittle would put this worthless of a commander in chief and all his liberals in prision for the crimes they have commeted to AMERICA. He could not manage a watermelon stand on a street corner.First I would fire his whole Adminstration and and cut all welfare in3/4 in other words get off your ASS. I would also get rid of all his worthless ccar that dont mean shit to this country.No TAXES on any body. Cut ALL wastful spending even if it means speical benifets for all. Every intitalment lebs barfup does not work.Icould go on but the worst thing this so called gov.could do is try too take my constitutional RIGHTS away. This boy is a desaster to the world and mostly to this GREAT country.

Harold Shira - February 20, 2013

Start by zeroing out over a 3 year period the following departments:OSHA, EPA, Education, Agriculture and HUD.

Return to the states all responsibility for occupational safety, agriculture, education, the environment and welfare. None of these are legitimate concerns of the federal government.

Immediately eliminate all funding for: ObamaCare, the UN and all its branches such as UNESCO, foreign aid for Egypt and all Muslim controlled countries, all countries that have voted against the US in the UN at least 50% of the time in the last 4 years, Planned Parenthood both domestic and internationally, Legal Services Corp., National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities, Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Anne - February 20, 2013

All of the preceeding commenters have good ideas. The $716 billion should not have been taken from Medicare to help pay for “Obama Care”. Re: Foreign aid, STOP all foreign aid to Arab countries. Cut by 50% foreign aid to our friendly countries. Why borrow 40 cents of every dollar just to give away in foreign aid. Do NOT give F-16s and Army tanks to Egypt! STOP giving to all retired Presidents $180,000 for LIFE. Also end pensions for life to ALL U.S. Senate and House members when they leave or choose not to run again. They can get a real job. The OMB should review all Government agencies, and cut out duplication. Congress & the Senate needs to Balance The Budget by cutting spending !!.

Jane Crawford - February 20, 2013

With the short time we have I would let the sequestration go through. Unfortunately the Defense gets most cuts but I think that is planned by Pres. Obama. I think the press is “awfullizing” the position because I notice they say “we may have to furlough”… Just playing politics. I agree with Henry Schreiber’s plan.

John Collignon - February 20, 2013

Cut Funding of the Executive Branch to the average of George Bush levels (prior to Obama) – this could help eliminate (communist) “Czars” in the Administration and frivolous vacations and all of the other subversive activities of president.
Totally repeal Obama-snare (care).
Eliminate the Dept. of Education (aka dept. of brainwashing ).
Eliminate the involvement of the Federal Government in the student loan business altogether.
Eliminate the Dept. of Energy.
Eliminate the HHS.
Stop funding the killing of innocent babies in the womb (or outside the womb), whether in the US or all around the world.
Eliminate the EPA.
Just say NO to the Obama’s agenda – NO to ALL tax increases of any sort.
Put a moratorium on ALL Federal regulations in every department.
Mandate that there be NO Congressional deliberations that are not TOTALLY public (on TV, Radio, Internet).
Eliminate ALL “global warming”/”climate change” funding.
Eliminate ALL “public service” announcements on radio, which are thinly-disguised propaganda schemes and attempts to control radio stations and their programming.
Just say NO to Obama’s agenda; and you will be saying YES for We. The People!

Gary M. Altergott - February 20, 2013

I would go back to 2009 levels and let the games begin!. First, we would not have the Obamacare albatross, unemployment insurance would be cut back to 39 weeks, third, follow more closely the recommendations of the OMB, mandatory 40 hour weeks for Senate and Congress, eliminate Congressional pensions, remove all incentives and special perks: make them earn their salary and pay into Social Security and Medicare. Keep Defense budgets at 4.2% of GDP, prohibit all lobbyists, enact a Balanced Budget Amendment, rework the tax code to a Fair Tax or national sales tax, eliminating the need for the IRS and the repeal of the 16th Amendment. Reduce Federal holidays, bring the line item veto into play, eliminate all earmarks and create bills without any additional amendments. Campaigns should be limited to six to eight weeks, with three debates, consisting of the candidate and two additional advisors along true debating criterion. No media are allowed to moderate and the questions will not be prescreened for the teams. If they cannot think on their feet without prompting, perhaps another line of work would suit them. Answers would be limited to the issues facing the nation, without engaging in personalities. All candidates must present their plans and how they will be paid for. With the exception of the military and embassy personnel, voting will be restricted to the week of the election. Nobody votes without a valid picture I.D. Retain the Senate rules on producing a budget; failure results in cutting all spending across the board by going back to the previous year’s budget. Tighten the rules on executive orders, retaining the original intent of checks and balances as the Founders outlined them. Eliminate zero based budgeting.

Mark E. Galloway - February 20, 2013

Let sequestration happen! Remember, Obama agreed to them to allow an increase in the debt ceiling back in 2011. Let him enjoy the taste of this medicine.

Look, cuts are coming; they’re either going to be applied proactively or forced upon us by economic and market forces…

Avery Dimmig - February 20, 2013

We need to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment. In 1996 it missed passing in the Senate by one vote (a Republican). We can do it again. It will solve all the budget cutting, frivolous spending, and duplicate programs problems once and for all.

Arthur Gimson - February 20, 2013

Allow sequestration to happen, it’s peanuts in comparison to the total budget. Move Medicare eligibility age to match that of Social Security and move Social Secutity up to 70 over time. Take cap off FICA and Medicare taxes.
Reduce coporate tax, it is nothing but a consumer tax collected by corporations.

Ban all pork, earmarks and the like, nothing can be added to a bill that is not relevent. All legislation should be cost-jostified.

Enforce all laws, especially those pertaining to illegal migrants getting benefits.

Remove all limits on political contributions, corporate or individual, but require disclosure of all contributions.

No more unemployment benefits, get back to 26 weeks max and reduce them over the 26-week period and require those eligible to collect show efforts to find work.

Gar Mitchell - February 20, 2013

I think Henry Schreiber has it wired. I would include: Elimination of the Dept of Commerce, restoration of FICA for everyone, termination of all green energy programs, immediate approval of the Keystone pipeline,immediate elimination of all czar positions, prepare a five year plan to eliminate debt and make it a law that all Presidents will live within budget and not incur deficits.

Gar Mitchell - February 20, 2013

I think Henry Schreiber has it wired. I would include: Elimination of the Dept of Commerce, restoration of FICA for everyone, termination of all green energy programs, immediate approval of the Keystone pipeline,immediate elimination of all czar positions, prepare a five year plan to eliminate debt and make it a law that all Presidents will live within budget and not incur deficits. Reduce all Federal Salaies by 10%. Eliminate double benefits for all of Congress. There should be no bonus for lead roles.

Wilma Cole - February 20, 2013

In response to your question “How would you balance the budget?” First on the list is to pass a budget. I would start by listing all items that must be paid each month (as dictated by law), after that I would go down the list of all government output line by line, as President Obama said he would, but didn’t, and cut any program that is not essential. Institute a fair tax law and
simplify, so all people have to do is send in one form indicating what there income is and what they owe. Therefore, the IRS could be greatly reduced. Reduce the corporate income tax. Repeal Obama Care, Enforce the border, and set up a system to fine companies hiring illegal’s. Illegal immigrant’s should not receive social security disability, or retirement. Require members of congress to read the bills they pass, before they vote. Bills should not include any add ons, but should be about the specific issue at hand. Enforce the laws regarding illegals, specifically when they overstay there visa’s Cut off any government assistance at that point.

jayne hall - February 21, 2013

1. cut all salaries and expense accounts from the President on down.
2. change the tax code to a flat tax
3, severe cuts in foreign aid and dumb pockbarrel projects
4. pull funding for the UN
5. defund obamacare
then I’ll have lunch!

Harrison Butler - February 21, 2013

We sent these representatives to Washington with a belief and a mandate to do the right thing for America. It is time to do the right thing and pass a budget, decrease spending and balance the budget in a reasonable amount of time. If the task is to great, step down and we will find someone who is up to the task.

Robert Wright - February 21, 2013

1) Cut all current spending to 2011 level.
2) Require each agency, department, and project to further reduce spending by 5% immediately
3) Eliminate duplicate programs / areas of responsibility
4) Attack and eliminate fraud in social security administration, Medicare, Medicade, and disability programs
5) Defund Department of Energy, Department of Education

For now, let sequestration proceed. We can fix most of damage caused but everything is dependent on cooperation between our elected officials. They will have to stand up to the administration together. But, that ain’t gonna happen.

Don W Kincaid - February 21, 2013

Reuce or eliminate ‘Foreign Aid’ until we control debt. Why put the burden on the american people, cut the rideculous giveawayprogram.

Brian - February 21, 2013

First of all, I would consolidate departments. I read once that there are seven departments just for Indian Affairs. What else is there?
Next, I would eliminate ALL benefits for illegal immigrants.
Next, I would set up a review of all EBT card holders every 2 years. They need to justify why they need to continue receiving EBT.
Lastly, get rid of some of the perks the government officials get. Like plane rides at our expense. Also vehicles.

Charles - February 21, 2013

First thing is to throw obamacare out. Second thing is to throw obama out. Third thing is to read the Constitution and try to remember what this Nation once stood for.

Gracie - February 21, 2013

I would balance the budget by starting on the hard part first. #1 repeal obamacare #2 starting in 2015 raise the age for medicare by adding 2 months each year until it reaches the same age as full retirement for social security #3 NO early retirement for social security starting in 2016 by adding 2 months each year until it reaches full retirement age #4 raise the full social security age starting in 10years after the law is passed (2023?) #5 Stop pension funds for all federal government civilian employees and go to medicare, social security AND 401k #6 Eliminate the Federal Department of Education, Department of Energy, and Department of the Interior; it will take time but it is time to start letting the States take Education and the Pivate Sector the Energy. #7 Pass the FairTax H.R.25 asap and only pass the Flat Tax to get to the FairTax. #8 starting now cut the amount to the UN and all foreign aid by a small percentage and each year raise it by 1%. #9 Cut the regulations on all job producers by taking into consideration the impact on the economy along with safety and NOT on the possiblity of unproven alternatives. #10 Instead of cutting military more than discretionary spending, do the opposite.
I am a senior and if it would help my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren I would give up as much as possible right now, but only if it were spent carefully. Right now that is NOT happening.

Julia Jones - February 21, 2013

Cut Spending. Pass a flat tax no deductions.
I agree with Jim Johnson. Hold your ground and do not give in. Stand firm and demand a budget with spending cuts. Speaker Boehner and other Congressmen also have to make it clear to the public what is actually going on. The President keeps blaming them for what he has done. Stand up and defend your positions and actions. Quit kicking the can down the road. Do not let this drag out until the next Senate and Congressional election of 2014. I also agree with Steve and Henry Schreiber . You are receiving a lot of good suggestions.

Mark - February 21, 2013

Cut federal pay checks across the board for a start and abolish baseline budgeting so the left can’t claim cuts when reality is that there are no cuts only a proposed reduction of growth.

Jack Mertz - February 21, 2013

It is time NOW to start identifying those departments and programs which should be totally eliminated or severely cut back such as:

Education / EPA / Energy / Interior / IRS /

Planned Parenthood / NEA / PBS / Obamacare /

Also review Foreign Aid.

Surely we could scale many back to their pre-2008 levels without any real loss as Curt Cook suggests.
Also, let’s do real Tax Code reform by implementing the FLAT TAX.

Tom Schatz and his group Organization Against Government Waste has many ideas on how fraud, waste, abuse and duplication of services can be cut.

Let’s start to get serious and stop kicking the can down the road OR cutting essential functions. Give Obama an Entertainment Budget to limit his and Michelle’s vacations, e.g, the recent Million Dollar Golf Outing.

I just read some of the other posts — there are a bunch of great ideas suggested here. Let’s DO IT.

Andy Wren - February 21, 2013

By returning the 18 enumerated powers in the constitution back to the states, where they belong, federal taxes could be drastically cut and states could make modest increases in their tax rates.

Gwen Coleman - February 21, 2013

No incrrease of taxes to anyone. Deep cuts in the outrageous “pork”; put intelligent men and women in charge of administering benefits i.e. foodstamps housing subsidies, put a limit on the number of children an unweb mother could receive benefits for; cut back on the number of weeks nemployment paid. These are small in dollar amounts compared to the cuts needed but would add up along with the overspending of the departments of government on “lavish meetings”; waste of every sort imaginable.

Robert Husband - February 21, 2013


Bill Dawson - February 21, 2013

Ground Airforce One

R Frank Rydzinski - February 21, 2013

5% cut across the board in dept budgets except Defense
2% for them. 3% cut in employees for all depts., except military & Dept of Justice, the people who are doing the actual ground work, lawyers cut. Eliminate baseline budgeting. Start eliminating departments. Keep Defense, State & Treasury.

John Smith - February 21, 2013

I would reduce the spending to a rate that is lower than the tax rate, for starters, so that the debt would start going down instead of up. Some ideas would include the following:

1. Get rid of ALL pork spending.
2. Do some serious reforms to entitlement funding.
3. Go through all the taxes and regulations and eliminate those that serve no constructive use (ones that are only meant to fill government coffers).
4. Replace Foreign Aid with something that doesn’t cost us. Free market and trade could have some potential here.
5. Keep pushing for the Fair Tax until it becomes a reality. Getting these countless illegal immigrates to pay some into the system will help. The Fair Tax will also be harder to manipulate without it being seen by everybody.
6. Get rid of ObamaCare and also get rid of ‘guys’ we don’t need (czars, lobbyists, UN ‘advisors’, etc).
7. For the love of god, PRESENT A BUDGET!!!

Of course, all or most of these will never happen while Obama is running his circus in the Oval Office.

John Schimpf - February 21, 2013

Let the sequestration happen. To make it more palatable, allow the costs to be managed in various accounts rather than applying it across the board. In a budget of trillions, this cut is a tempest in a teacup!

John Foell - February 21, 2013

Cut, cut, cut – spending. Eliminate non-Constitutional programmes and functions. We have become a society which doesn’t argue if the government should even be involved in a given area (education, healthcare) but only how the government should be involved. With each new government programme, our Constitution gets a little more tattered and torn.

Marsha Davis - February 21, 2013

I’m afraid the two parties are too far apart to ever come together in this crisis. They need to understand that this situation could sink this country for a very long time. We already look weak, we are losing face to our allys, China sees our weakness, as do the people who hate us. We do not want our military to fight with one hand tied behind their backs…God Bless the Military they give us the chance to negotiate from strength.

Donald Conn - February 21, 2013

The only way to balance the budget is by instituting cuts and I don’t mean to the defense budget. They may need some paring down but not what is proposed right now.

Liz - February 21, 2013

Refuse some services and entitlements to illegal immigrants. From the FAIR website:
February 21, 2013
The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers

The full report is available in pdf format.

Executive Summary

This report estimates the annual costs of illegal immigration at the federal, state and local level to be about $113 billion; nearly $29 billion at the federal level and $84 billion at the state and local level. The study also estimates tax collections from illegal alien workers, both those in the above-ground economy and those in the underground economy. Those receipts do not come close to the level of expenditures and, in any case, are misleading as an offset because over time unemployed and underemployed U.S. workers would replace illegal alien workers.

Key Findings

Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers about $113 billion a year at the federal, state and local level. The bulk of the costs — some $84 billion — are absorbed by state and local governments.
The annual outlay that illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers is an average amount per native-headed household of $1,117. The fiscal impact per household varies considerably because the greatest share of the burden falls on state and local taxpayers whose burden depends on the size of the illegal alien population in that locality
Education for the children of illegal aliens constitutes the single largest cost to taxpayers, at an annual price tag of nearly $52 billion. Nearly all of those costs are absorbed by state and local governments.
At the federal level, about one-third of outlays are matched by tax collections from illegal aliens. At the state and local level, an average of less than 5 percent of the public costs associated with illegal immigration is recouped through taxes collected from illegal aliens.
Most illegal aliens do not pay income taxes. Among those who do, much of the revenues collected are refunded to the illegal aliens when they file tax returns. Many are also claiming tax credits resulting in payments from the U.S. Treasury.

With many state budgets in deficit, policymakers have an obligation to look for ways to reduce the fiscal burden of illegal migration. California, facing a budget deficit of $14.4 billion in 2010-2011, is hit with an estimated $21.8 billion in annual expenditures on illegal aliens. New York’s $6.8 billion deficit is smaller than its $9.5 billion in yearly illegal alien costs.

The report examines the likely consequences if an amnesty for the illegal alien population were adopted similar to the one adopted in 1986. The report notes that while tax collections from the illegal alien population would likely increase only marginally, the new legal status would make them eligible for receiving Social Security retirement benefits that would further jeopardize the future of the already shaky system. An amnesty would also result in this large population of illegal aliens becoming eligible for numerous social assistance programs available for low-income populations for which they are not now eligible. The overall result would, therefore, be an accentuation of the already enormous fiscal burden.

All studies assessing the impact of illegal aliens begin with estimates of the size of that population. We use a population of 13 million broken down by state.

In our cost estimates we also include the minor children of illegal aliens born in the United States. That adds another 3.4 million children to the 1.3 million children who are illegal aliens themselves. We include these U.S. citizen children of illegal aliens because the fiscal outlays for them are a direct result of the illegal migration that led to their U.S. birth. We do so as well in the assumption that if the parents leave voluntarily or involuntarily they will take these children with them. The birth of these children and their subsequent medical care represent a large share of the estimated Medicaid and Child Health Insurance Program expenditures associated with illegal aliens.

We use data collected by the federal and state governments on school expenses, Limited English Proficiency enrollment, school meal programs, university enrollment, and other public assistance programs administered at the federal and state level. Estimates of incarceration expenses are based on data collected in the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program in which state and local detention facilities seek federal compensation for the cost of detention of criminal and deportable aliens. Estimates for other administration of justice expenditures are based on data collected from the states by the U.S. Department of Justice. General government expenditures are estimated for other non-enumerated functions of government at both the federal and local level. An example would be the cost of fire departments or the cost of the legislature.

Medical costs that amount to 10 percent of overall state and local outlays on illegal aliens derive from our estimate of the childbirths to illegal alien mothers covered by Medicaid, the subsequent medical insurance and treatment of those children and an estimate of uncompensated cost of emergency medical treatment received by illegal aliens. The latter expenditure estimate is based on state and local government studies of uncompensated medical care.

The tax collections from illegal aliens assume eight million illegal alien workers, one-half of whom are in the underground economy. Those in the above-ground economy are assumed to have an average family income of $31,200 (60 hr. workweek @ $10/hr.) with two children.

The report notes that today’s debate over what to do about illegal aliens places the country at a crossroads. One choice is pursuing a strategy that discourages future illegal migration and increasingly diminishes the current illegal alien population through denial of job opportunities and deportations. The other choice would repeat the unfortunate decision made in 1986 to adopt an amnesty that invited continued illegal migration.

July 2010, Revised February 2011

The full report is available in pdf format.

George Cleveland - February 21, 2013

Immediately require that no legislation be introduced, enacted or voted upon until a budget is approved and signed by Congress.
Require that sequestration remain in place until a budget has been approved and a reduction of not less than 10% of the national debt be retired annually.
Eliminate all foreign aid to countries not directly involved in protecting US security.
Replace the IRS with a flat tax.
Require term limits for all federal elected offices.
Eliminate Congressional pension fund.
Eliminate the following:
* Corporation for Public Broadcasting Subsidy.
* Save America ‘s Treasures Program
* International Fund for Ireland.
* Legal Services Corporation .
* National Endowment for the Arts .
* National Endowment for the Humanities .
* Hope VI Program.
* Amtrak Subsidies .
* Eliminate duplicating education programs — H.R. 2274 .
* U.S. Trade Development Agency.
* Woodrow Wilson Center Subsidy .
* Cut in half funding for congressional printing and binding.
* John C. Stennis Center Subsidy
* Community Development Fund .
* Heritage Area Grants and Statutory Aid .
* Cut Federal Travel Budget by 65%.
* Trim Federal Vehicle Budget by 20% .
* Essential Air Service .
* Technology Innovation Program .
* Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program .
* Department of Energy Grants to States for Weatherization.
* Beach Replenishment .
* New Starts Transit .
* Exchange Programs for Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Their
Historical Trading Partners in
* Intercity and High Speed Rail Grants.
* Title X Family Planning .
* Appalachian Regional Commission.
* Economic Development Administration .
* Programs under the National and Community Services Act.
* Applied Research at Department of Energy
* Freedom CAR and Fuel Partnership.
* Energy Star Program.
* Economic Assistance to Egypt.
* U.S. Agency for International Development .
* General Assistance to District of Columbia .
* Subsidy for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority .
* Presidential Campaign Fund .
* No funding for federal office space acquisition.
* End prohibitions on competitive sourcing of government services.
* Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act
* Require collection of unpaid taxes by federal employees
* Prohibit taxpayer funded union activities by federal employees.
* Sell excess federal properties the government does not make use of.
* Eliminate death gratuity for Members of Congress.
* Eliminate Mohair Subsidies
* Eliminate taxpayer subsidies to the United Nations Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change
* Eliminate Market Access Program .
* USDA Sugar Program.
* Subsidy to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
* Eliminate the National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program .
* Eliminate fund for Obamacare administrative costs .
* Ready to Learn TV Program
* HUD Ph.D. Program.
* Deficit Reduction Check-Off Act.

Mary Kevan - February 21, 2013

Cut the dead weight. Get rid of all of Obama’s czars. Get rid of Obama Care and confine the President and all of Congress to DC. No more expense accounts.

Susan Jordan - February 21, 2013

It seems that the focus on how to address the deficiet is always polarized in these two narrowly focused areas defense vs entitlements. I often wish that information that Tom Coburn has presented to the Senate about duplicate programs that waste tax dollars and would free up billions of dollars in debt alone were publicized more. I think it is first in considering the waste and then the inefficiency such as prigrams in which government is involved but not effective that would gain more attention in the public. After all when I am called to be fiscally responsible trimming the fat from my budget is the first step I must take. Why should the government be any less responsible than I am financially.? I do not think our choice have to be to cut from the only 3-4 necessary programs the government provides such as defense, medicare, medicaid, and social security but from the other questionable 300-400 programs.

Daniel A. Rightmire - February 21, 2013

1.Flat tax, to expand the tax base, without deductions except for charitable donations.
2.Balanced budget amendment to US constitution, with appropriate exception for declared war.
3.Reform Social Security and Medicare, without penalizing those who have already paid into the system and are now drawing lawful “benefits”.
4.Limit contributions to UN proportionally to other contributing members.
5.Rescind Obamacare.
6.Limit federal workers pay, pensions, and benefits commensurate with non-federal workers (and that means senators and representatives in congress).
7.Eliminate Depts of Energy, Labor, Commerce, Homeland Security, Agriculture, HHS, Housing, Veterans Affairs,and Education.
8.Require congress approve all federal regulations with an estimated economic cost of over 500 million dollars.
9.Rescind Dodd-Frank.
10.Allow US corporations to repatriate foreign earnings at a tax rate no higher than US earnings, at the flat tax rate.
11.Require Postal Service to operate under a balanced budget.

Steven Linde - February 21, 2013

Military spending overseas needs to be cut back
reasonably. The flat tax needs to be in place
which would allow a dramatic cut in the IRS.

theodore nordmark - February 21, 2013

defund the u.n. cut out free phones,defund obama care,eliminate education department,down size dhs,irs and all other none esentail dept.cut out the billions socail securty that is being payed to illegal who have returned to there home countrys,only citizens who have retired to over seas location.

Leon Beverly - February 21, 2013

Roughly, the government is spending $3800 billion per year, revenue is $2500 billion per year and under sequestration they will be ‘forced’ to cut out $85 billion. The mentality of the legislative branch is laughable.

We must have a Flat tax!!! Balanced Budget!!!

Denny Converse - February 21, 2013

One can start to balancing the budget by terminating several Federal level departments. For instance, the department of Agriculture where 80% of its expenditures goes to food stamps, Department of Energy, and the Department of Commerce and of course the Department of Education. The level of duplication and over-reaching financial waste remains rampant and will only get worse under this administration and under any administration.

Joseph F. Kaltz - February 21, 2013

The first thing that needs to happen is to FIRE all the irresponsible, wreckless teenagers in Washington DC.
The second thing that needs to happen is to reinstitute a Truly Free Press that does not shirk its Constitutional Responsibilities to be the “Watch Dog” for the American People. The third thing that needs to happen is to reinstitute Webster’s Dictionary and the Correct use of the English Language and require all “United States Citizens” have a fuctioning use of it. The Liberals (Progressives like to change the definitions of words and their meaning). The forth thing that MUST happen is a “Balanced Buggett Amendment to the Constitution” for all the reasons stated above. The fifth thing that MUST happen is “Term Limits”. The sixth thing that MUST happen is the “Elimination of Base Line Bugeting”. The maximum rate of growth or increase should be TIED to and INDEXED to the rate of inflation maximum. The seventh thing that Must happen is “Total Reform of the Tax Code to a Flat Tax” set at the Historical Rate to GDP of between 15% to 20%, No More and Eliminate All Deductions! Tha last thing that Must happen is that the Government Must be reined in to The Duties and Responsibilitied laid out in the “Declaration of Independece”, the “Constitution” and the “Bill of Rights”.

Stewart Engelman - February 21, 2013

Eliminating all federal spending not pursuant to federally enumerated powers (about $3 trillion per year) would leave us with a $1 trillion annual surplus, which would liquidate the entire official federal debt within 15-20 years, assuming interest rates don’t spike. Further, most of the federal off balance sheet debt could be automatically abrogated (federal entitlement programs are not Constitutionally authorized, and non-contractual general fund bailout promises for federal agency debt can simply be cancelled). Not a penny of additional taxes would be required to eliminate the entire federal debt, official and off balance, within 20 years.

Victress Jenkins - February 21, 2013

Review all expenditures including the executive budget. Cut out duplicate programs in all areas. Social security needs to be strengthened for the current recipients – that is those who contributed to the system during their working years. Social Security and part A Medicare contributions were and are still required of citizens who draw a paycheck so it should not be consided an “entitlement program” like medicaid, welfare, & food stamps. Collect the taxes that are already owed but not yet paid.

Larry Ericsson - February 21, 2013

A complicated thing but is it too hard to see a need to reduce government entitlements and the absurd size of political benefits to themselves? Look at the cost of continued benefits to retired politicians. It is ludicrous to keep paying them after doing their terms. Look at George Bush who declined his presidential benefits, as I understand. Herbert Hoover put all of his salary in a separate account to donate to charities. That is fact.

Lisa - February 21, 2013

Why are you using the 85 billion dollar figure? Mark Levin has gone over the numbers on his radio show, and the amount is in the 40 billion dollar range. 85 billion is apparently an inflated number being used by Obama and his minions. Please check your figures.

Jerry - February 21, 2013

Obama and Democrats are just spending money on anything and everything that they can. There is no effort to utilize funds in an efficient manner. I understand that no proof of disability is required to get disability payments. Stop supporting green energy in the way Obama is throwing money at these companies, and whether they succeed or fail is unimportant. The budget needs to be cut a few % each year. Otherwise just the interest payments will consume the entire federal budget. A message needs to be sent to the American public explaining how everyone is going to suffer if this reckless spending continues. The message needs to be clear, accurate, and meaningful. The Democrats machine must be marginalized. Otherwise we will become a socialist dictatorship.

Donald DaCosta - February 21, 2013

Use the oriental philosophy of “death by a thousand cuts.”

All that’s ever heard about the huge budget overruns is the entitlement bloat, Social Security including disability, Medicare (now Obamacare), Medicaid, Food Stamps and a few others, like the military, are sometimes included. These are all touted by both political parties to blame each other for the impasse and excuse their inability to do anything of any consequence to address the problem in any meaningful, responsible way. It’s just too difficult and complicated or, as in Obama’s case, denied as a problem at all. “We don’t have a spending problem” he says as the country hurtles towards bankruptcy.

The reality is, like the parents who’ve spoiled their child and created a perpetual, adult malcontent, the Washington establishment has created an entitlement class that expects the government to fulfill needs once considered an individuals personal responsibility. Washington has thus created a large dependent class of voters who will undoubtedly and quite predictably be outraged by any cuts or elimination of benefits and will vote accordingly. This knowledge, whether belatedly acquired or known from the start, now drives the debate and explains the existence of the intractable stalemate.

Yet everyone that’s had any dealings with government run agencies knows that there is gross mismanagement, waste and inefficiency resulting from little to no attempt to control costs. The process is overspend every dollar in the current budget so as to justify the demand for more in the next. In every instance, “cuts” are reductions in pre-determined, pre-scheduled increases. Not just in the programs mentioned but in every single government agency from the Department of Defense to that providing housecleaning services for the White House.

How many times do we have to see a crew of a dozen or more city workers standing around while one person fills a small pot hole with blacktop followed by a Mayor pleading for a tax increase? Does any reasonable person conclude that this exhibition of inefficiency and waste is unique to this government activity? Or how about the infamous $600 toilet seat purchase by the Department of Defense.

Unlike the private sector there is little control over Government expenditure of revenue confiscated from that sector in the form of taxes and fees, costs critical to the operation of a successful business but considered a bottomless well of cash available for the taking merely by pleading and cajoling it from the taxpaying public. The solution to all government fiscal incompetence, redundancy and inefficiency is always and forever, raise revenue. Under the more socialist, Keynesian administrations, as that in place now, it is increase government spending (referred to euphemistically as “Investments”), increase regulations and fees, and increase taxes. Under a more conservative administration, like that of Ronald Reagan, it was lower taxes, eliminate unnecessary, bureaucratic regulations thereby increasing economic activity and raising revenue. The Laffer curve which demonstrates that taxation is not a zero sum game.

While the latter is infinitely more beneficial to the economy and to the citizenry at large, increased entrepreneurship, increased innovation, increased capital investment, annual GDP increasing at 3 to 5% and low unemployment, the waste and abuse becomes less of an issue but continues unabated.

Any solution to this problem will require a complete paradigm shift in the process of creating and funding the institutions the governed employ to act on their behalf. Any agency now structured as one independent of any congressional oversight, and most especially those whose dictates have a major impact on the economy, must be eliminated or restructured in accordance with this new philosophy. The EPA comes to mind as a prime target example. Government agencies and those they employ must be structured and managed in a way that encourages and REWARDS responsible, competent cost control; the government equivalent of the “Suggestion Box.” Properly implemented it is very likely that the future, intractable, predicted short falls in revenue and in funding for the so called major entitlement programs would become far more manageable with far less draconian changes required to achieve solvency. Simple enough? No! Not simple but absolutely necessary or America will collapse under it’s own bureaucratic, fiscally irresponsible weight.

Bill Angell - February 21, 2013

1) I would freeze all budgets at the 2010 levels and permanently remove the zero based budget process. Make every agency justify every item in their own budget.
2) Phase in 401K type retirement program for everybody.
3) Subject all government workers to the same laws, retirement and medical programs as the rest of the population.
3) Means test all social programs.

jim schropfer - February 21, 2013

For starters, eliminate base line budgeting, then reform the tax code.

Barbara J Warren - February 21, 2013

Reduce the size of government,get rid of the crooks in the senate .Have a flat tax and balance the budget .Eliminate the social programs not needed,Cut all foreign aid to all countries that are our foes .

Gary Morris - February 21, 2013

Cut all federal pay (not the military) by 20%. Cut the huge pensions for federal employees, especially congress. Get all of them on social security and medicare, like the rest of us, and terminate all the federal money to failed projects like green energy, and so much more!

Holly Chapo - February 21, 2013

How does every American family, even a family of one, know how to balance the budget? We determine how much revenue we will take in, look at our necessary expenditures, eliminate or cut back on the ones that are not critical and set aside something for saving and something for discretionary spending. On the federal level, all entitlements have to be examined and reformed. Some programs, like Medicaid are best left to the states to manage with block grants. If I had my way, I would eliminate departments or at the very least, significantly cut their budgets. The top of my list would be the EPA and education. And wasteful programs would be shut down. Waste in government needs to be addressed to save more money. And for good measure, I would stop paying John Boehner, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor. They are not worth our tax dollars.

Karen - February 21, 2013

First I would do an Executive order that any politician that will not have an objective discussion regarding all the bills submitted will go home without pay as they are not working for the US or state by their actions. Secondly they are to put a budget together within a set time frame. Third, flat tax to be decided by Congress which will need to be below 20%. Forth, every office will need to tell me where they are going to cut their budget by 20% & why to make a better informed reduction. Next I want to know what that office or department has done for the US and why they should remain. Shrink government. Just like Americans need to have skin in the game, foreign aid needs to have skin in the game. We need to look at the amount going out and is it really helping or hindering that country. In this arena, political correctness will have gone and then we will be able to discuss Obamacare to eliminate this bill. I am just getting started.

marie davis - February 22, 2013

every alphetbet agency would cut 20% now and any that is found inefficient afterwards would face being abolished altogether. all elected officials and their offices and expense accounts would cut 20% now and this includes the executive branch. the defense division would also get those cuts. we know they can do it because as of now they have so much extra that they are training forces on american streets and approving drones over american cities. to me those are indicaters of bloated budgets. they could also stop giving weapons to our enemies (bloated budget). most folks i know have cut no less than 20% of their budgets–it the feds turn.

marie davis - February 22, 2013

2nd comment — flat tax for everyone no exception. make it low enough that low income workers are paying no more than what they already pay for s.s. and medicare. gov should have to set that percent of all tax aside specifically for promised program and NOT TOUCH IT. plus entitlements should not be so available and profitable so as folks are comfortable in poverty.

Bob Wintermeier - February 22, 2013

Turn it over to Obama and let him take the blame for the problems he causes. The GOP should stay out of it.

Donna Strom - February 22, 2013

One important cut that should be included in sequestration is salaries/benefits of the Congress as well as our spendthrift President. Never have so many accomplished so little over the past 4 years and will continue for the next 4 years. How sad for our Country.

Lee Joyner - February 22, 2013

I would eliminate base line budgeting entirely. Then require a 1% reduction in expenditures across the board, year after year, till the budget is balanced.

Monesa Grant - February 22, 2013

Immediately cut spending to be in line with income. Then pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. If Senate refuses to submit a budget, then budget remains the same as from previous year – no automatic increases, not even for inflation. Fix the income tax system to widen the tax base. It makes no sense to have 50% of the population pay no taxes. (Plus, of that 50%, many receive “refunds” of refundable credits, such as Earned Income Tax Credit, which simply makes the IRS a vehicle for federal welfare.) No more borrowing, looting, crooked accounting. No foreign aid to countries who are anti-American. No gifting of weapons to any country who is not a long term ally. Eliminate government waste, fraud and abuse. Finally, work on term limits so that politicians are less concerned about their election status and more concerned with the country.

David Plummer - February 23, 2013

While there are many areas that must be addressed to balance the federal budget, there are two that should be included. One, the time has come to eliminate the possibility that spending amendments (pork) can be added to legislation. Second, investment in IRS audit staff offers a significant ROI. Small businesses, by the tens of thousands, deduct personal non-business related items as legitimate business expenses.

john depetris - February 23, 2013

politician no,hopefully wisdom and understanding if you work your ok ,picking flies out of pepper start there thats when its at its most healthy;nobody has for nothing and you can use this AtoZ ,tax not included.

Rodney Hall - February 25, 2013

All federal programs have to many high paid beauorcrats on the payroll. All “so called” intitlement programs should be left to the individual states to administer with minimal interference from the federal government. The federal government should get out of the education business and let the state and local governments control education. There should be better oversight in to government contracts. The specs for things purchased by the government should be made by professionals who know the products well and these specs should be more inline with industry standards. There should be a limit and more control over the spending of federal officials like high ranking millitary officers, senators, congressmen, and other appointed officials. A $4,000,000 vacation for any elected official should be considered extortion and they should be prosicuted. Our elected officials should remember that taxmoney does not belong to them but to the citizens of the US. Our constitution does not entitle anyone to a certain standard of living but the right to pursue that standard. A flat tax rate on income would be the fairest way to get revenue. The people receiving the most from the government are those who pay no taxes.

Jill Cook - February 25, 2013

Get Obama out of the white house…! He’s has a serious spending problem.!…doesn’t like to pay the bills already stacked up and thinks tax payers need to cough up more!
He’s not logical at all and screams “Foul” when he’s called on any attempt to control spending! A President who can’t even create a budget is out of control! Our debt isn’t as big a problem as this insane leadership is!

David H Brown - March 4, 2013

a. immediately eliminate “base line budgeting”.

b. Immediately cut 5% of the last years budget across the board.
c. next year the congress will have to look into what we spend. Its value, what it accomplished, etc and come up with a real budget based on how effective was the benefit of the money spent.
d. Seriously plan to reduce expenditures over the next cut our debt completely.
e. allow senators and congressmen to serve one term only via publicly funded elections.

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