In 2013, the Obama administration declared a diplomatic victory. They struck an agreement with Syria under which the regime would destroy its chemical weapons permanently and completely. But today, reports that show Syria never honored the deal, and we’ve done nothing about it.

Turing a blind eye to these violations indicates to Iran and our allies that they cannot rely on the Obama administration to enforce agreements in the future.

Heritage expert Jim Philips explains why it is important that President Obama enforce their agreement with Syria:

The Obama Administration cannot afford to continue turning a blind eye to the Assad regime’s use of chlorine gas and other chemical weapons against its own people.  Such ostrich-like behavior amounts to an abject abandonment of President Obama’s “red line” against Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Worse, it emboldens Assad to step up his use of those illegal weapons.

Continued inaction also would send a dangerous signal to Iran: that the United States has no appetite for confronting and punishing Tehran should it decide to violate terms of the pending nuclear agreement.

A firm stance against Syrian chemical warfare violations would reassure nervous allies, such as Israel, and show Iran that any violations of a nuclear deal will be vigorously monitored and enforced.

Do you think the Obama administration is doing its best to protect America’s international interests?

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James Williams - July 17, 2015


Roland O’Brien - July 17, 2015

It is patently obvious that President Obama’s aims are to weaken the U.S. in every way possible and as rapidly as possible. It is his legacy and his gift to Muslims worldwide. Congress does not have the intestinal fortitude to stop him. Progressives are clueless to what Obama is doing. How can they possibly not see the truth? And, to top it off, the true conservatives in the GOP are outnumbered by the RINO wimps.

Robert S. Licata - July 17, 2015

Hell no!

Rick - July 17, 2015

Obama HATES everything that our founding fathers believed in! He is a traitor to the USA and the fluke (hopefully) that allowed this “Manchurian Candidate” to be elected is the darkest 8 years of this great Republic. He should have been impeached but sadly The left wing democrats in enough left wing states may ruin our country permanently unless we take this next election at ALL levels!

John Newcomb - July 17, 2015

Policies of appeasement when dealing with rogue regimes do not work,just look at Europe and what happened with Nazi Germany prior to WW II. Pres. Obama should heed TR Roosevelt when he said speak softly, but carry a big stick.

Richard Southmayd - July 17, 2015

President Obama has no interest in confronting Syria – from a foreign affairs perspective he is a coward and that is the image he portrays to both our allies and adversaries.

David Arneson - July 17, 2015

He is doing nothing to protect our interests. He seems determined to allow others to destroy us.
Iran is probably only months away from testing a device. There is a large step from a device to a weapon, especially one that can be placed on a ICBM.

Doug Halbrooks - July 17, 2015

He’s just honoring the promise he made to “fundamentally change America” and he is doing just that by destroying her!

Larry DeBerry - July 17, 2015

Syria is and has been a problem for their neighborhood for many years. We are not going to solve the Syrian problem until their people find a way to solve it for themselves. I am sure their are people who live their that have good intentions but they are mixed in with many other fanatical groups. It hard to make an omlete out of scrambled eggs. We should stay clear of this country and only support those that we can trust. I am not sure how you can know this??

Janet Smith - July 17, 2015

Obama, rather than protecting American interests, is doing everything possible to destroy all alliances internationally. We are now seen as disloyal to friends & unreliable in our word.

Russell Sanderson - July 17, 2015

Absolutely not! Quite to the contrary I might add.

Alec Sawyer - July 17, 2015

Why do you even ask such a ridiculous question? Of course he isn’t doing what’s necessary to protect this country and perhaps other world nations. But what is anyone going to do about it? Nothing, but continue nonsensical rhetoric. What can you do but stir up us American patriots who love this country and despise the direction it is going, particularly under this Administration? What is Congress going to do, but cave to our President? No one in the Capitol has the backbone to stand up to President Obama and his minions and take a stand on this issue. And that is a sad commentary. Thanks for the opportunity to exercise my freedom to speech rights, but it won’t make any difference. I am just wasting my time. Sorry to be so cynical, but it is what it is. Just look around. Just pay attention. Maybe we will wake up one day and alter the course this country is headed. May God bless and protect America, because man sure isn’t going to do it. AKS

Michael Peel - July 17, 2015

He is a liar and a traidor and should be in prison.

Rose Marie Russell - July 17, 2015

I can not think of any thing good coming from this administration.

Darrel Palmer - July 17, 2015

Hard to believe he is a Harvard graduate, if this is the best they can produce pity on them. Obama is a total failure on any thing pertaining to agreements.

Dennis L Oyler - July 17, 2015


shirley porath - July 17, 2015

I believe he is deliberately undermining America’s safety and that of our Allies – especially Israel. I wish we could impeach him. His actions encourage Iran to bomb us out of existence.

shirley porath - July 17, 2015

His refusal to force Syria to honor its promises gives Iran and other enemies a clear signal they can do what they wish without fear. Can’t Congress stop this madness?

Paula Burkett - July 17, 2015

It is, and has been, apparent that Obama does not like America. Why doesn’t our country see that? As I see it, he does everything with the goal in mind of bringing our nation to its knees. Only those on welfare would support such a man. His Iran deal is just another, and a deadly, example of his efforts to destroy us. Only God can save this land.

Don & Doris Loeffler - July 17, 2015

This President is and always has been out to destroy this great Country of ours and now it is the world he wishes to destroy with this Iran deal.
Just how long (after this deal is in effect) will World War III start?
This must stop, he must be stopped.
Congeress must be strong and not give in.
Don & Doris

Karen Llewellyn - July 17, 2015

We have a weak president, a sloppy foreign policy, and no enforcement. This president is a catastrophe. Instead of protecting American interests, they have sold us down the river on every foreign front. Shame on everyone who voted for him–especially those who voted for a second term so he has had more time to destroy our rights and out standing internationally. I feel we area a laughing stock and a has-been nation thnks to this incompetent president.

Elbert Richards - July 17, 2015

Most absolutely NOT.

Chris - July 17, 2015

This entire century so far has been the collapsing of all of the American hope we have ever had. This Potus is finishing the job started by Wilson and his Federal Reserve. Also, the Segregation in this country did not exist until Wilson and the other liberals stuck it to the military.
We need a disconnected person with huge ego to blow this nightmare out of our pockets.

Jeff Cox - July 17, 2015


Tom Berenson - July 17, 2015


Jim - July 17, 2015

Truly the Manchurian candidate

Kenneth Putman - July 17, 2015

I thinks President Obama is doing all he can to promote the Muslim faith and cares little about the USA and the rest of the world. He is contemptuous of Congress and the American people as a whole.

Stanley Marcus - July 17, 2015

By signing the agreement with Iran which is as ill advised as Chamberlain’s with Hitler President Obama continues in his mission to minimize this countries world standing.

Jerald Ballanger - July 17, 2015

For the Obama administration to do its best to protect the interest of the USA would mean he would have to love the USA, the U.S. Constitution, and take responsibility for his decisions and actions. He doesn’t on the first two items and he won’t regarding the third.

jerry - July 17, 2015

Denesh D’Souza seemed to hit the nail on the head with his book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.” Obama thinks that the world would be a lot better if America were weaker and our enemies stronger.

Dolores Smith - July 17, 2015

No. He has no desire to protect America’s interests. He has made that profoundly clear.

Arlene - July 17, 2015

We all know the president intends to ruin the United States and he is doing a good job. I cannot understand how the House and Senate allow him to do all those executive orders etc. He is being a dictator and no one offers any resistance.

James L. Hewlett - July 17, 2015

President Obama’s unorthodox use of Executive Orders has been unconstitutionally used to weaken our country. The existing treaties have not been kept by Syria, why do we think Iran will keep any treaties?

larry knapp - July 17, 2015


Elizabeth Nottrodt - July 17, 2015

President Obama has never shown a real interest in the United States. It seems obvious to me that he is deliberately trying to undermine our security. I can see no other explanation for his bizarre behavior. He is not on our side not the side of Israel.
Why is this tolerated?

Kevin Sweeney - July 17, 2015

I think Obama has no interest in protecting America and/or is the worst “leader” ever. He is way out of his league.

Ron Kissich - July 18, 2015

The President has cut our military to pre WW II numbers. He has cut our nuclear missiles. He has made bad deals with Iran and Russia. Only a non-citizen would act in this manner.

Charles E. Millard - July 18, 2015

It looks more than ever like we have a “Commander-in-Chief” who has no desire to be the #1 Defender of our hard-won victories over those who would dearly love to see us capitulate to their demands and aspirations to see us become a second-rate nation.

Miriam Nestler - July 18, 2015

Do I think BO has our best interests in mind with his outrageous deal with Iran? Of course not! He hates America and wishes to take her down. Am I crazy to say that? I don’t think so.

Connie Brady - July 18, 2015


Donna Mariano - July 18, 2015

NO, his only interest is in pandering to terrorist. He believes that there is loyalty to him due to how nice he is about opening up pathways for their interests to move forward, not ours or Israels.

Pete Hunter - July 18, 2015

Sounds like a terrible deal for the world. Just another pack of lies from the chief in liar.

Paula Abbott - July 18, 2015

No. Iran does not value human and cannot be trusted.

Marian Carlson - July 18, 2015

Absolutely not. Obama’s actions internationally and nationally prove to me that he has no regard for what is best for our country or the American people. He has his own objectives and pursues them regardless of their consequences to others.

Kim - July 18, 2015

I am very scared of this deal and how committed our leader is to it. He has so Much power and seems we can’t stop him from reaching his goals. This deal will give nations who hate us more money to hurt us and all the people they hate.

James Connealy - July 18, 2015

Obama cares about nothing but Obama first and destruction of the United States as founded. This is all part of a plan that he has implemented and the Democrats signedoff on to put the U.S. in its proper place. We as a country have become a bunch of baby hating, gay and lesbian loving, Constitution ignoring, Muslim and illegal immigrant loving, freebie desiring, lazy, Agnostic big government tolerating, no voting zombies. With that said, we are still better than lots of countries, but I fear, not for long.

warren falter - July 18, 2015

today I raised my American flag to half staff in mourning to the marines that lost their lives and the thousands of other members of our military that won the war in the middle east.i will keep it at half staff until this president is replaced by a commander that can understand and know who our enemies are.

Edward Michael Mulcahy - July 18, 2015

Obama is continuing his quest to fundamentally change the US into a second rate nation.

Marian F. McAleenan - July 18, 2015

Our people are followers. Obama puts on a good show for them. Today’s Portland Press Herald has a great letter on page 6 by James Waterhouse. You might be interested to know that there are some sane people left in the nation.

Chan Bailey - July 18, 2015

The Obama administration is doing its best to weaken America in the international world. If not intentional this is a show of the greatest level of incompetence by anyone, ever.

Ken Marx - July 18, 2015

The Obama administration has no interest in protecting America’s international interests. They are out for one thing: legacy. Unfortunately for Obama, he will be remembered in the same breath as Neville Chamberlain.

Cynthia Aaron - July 18, 2015

I think the Administration is full of a bunch of naive idiots with the biggest idiot in charge. He is so determined to leave a legacy that he doesn’t care about anything else.

Jerry Metcalf - July 18, 2015


dan webb - July 18, 2015

Not in the least! The article succinctly describes the problem with the current administration–its lack of ability to create US leadership,,,but, that IS Obama’s goal overall: to make us equal(or below) ALL other nations. He stinks!

ROBERT HAMMONS - July 18, 2015


joeyg - July 18, 2015

What does it take to convince people that what Obama is doing is on purpose, that is to create chaos in America and throughout the world. Think Islamists etc.

m g moore - July 18, 2015

No, not now nor from the begining. He has stated he does not like this country, constitution. His desire has been the distruction of the country as we have known it heretofore.

m g moore - July 18, 2015

No, our stability does not appear to be his desire, rather the growth of the radical Arab World agenda.

Ann - July 18, 2015

Unfortunately I have known from the minute he said “…fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” that President Obama hates this country. Everything he does is meant to destroy it; shredding every document we hold dear, ignoring the 3 branches of government as equal, making his own laws, treating our friends as enemies and vice versa, ignorning Congress, and is apparently encouraging the Supreme Court to make their own laws by ignoring the Constitution.. The First Lady said we need to change our history, change our culture, etc. They both hate the US. It will take a long time to recover from this administration; or we may never get our country back. All I can do is pray for God’s help.

Kathy Bates - July 19, 2015

Obama is doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to protect America’s International interests. In fact, everything he is doing with regard to Syria, Iran, Isis and many other of his actions are endangering Israel and many other of the friendly nations we have.It is my opinion that Iran either already has a nuclear bomb or is close to having one and their ballistic missiles will be able to reach Israel and the U.S. sooner than everyone seems to think. Obama needs to be removed from office before he and his cohorts destroy the world!!

Terrie Zella - July 19, 2015

I do not believe Obama has ever had Americas best interests at heart in his dealings with other countries or here at home. It seems at every turn he is undermining the country. I grew up during the era of the Cuban missile crisis and MAD. (mutually assured destruction) This agreement will bring all the fears of that era back to the American people

Robert J Sonnelitter - July 19, 2015

Definitely not. Obama’s actions border on treasonous.

Henry C. Holder - July 19, 2015

The Obama administration favors Arab and most European styles of living. This way he desires and does things that will show favor to them. Also I think he is a coward, refusing to lead.

Darrell - July 19, 2015

Obama,s continued disdain for the security of the United States and it’s allies is appparent in all of his dealings with terrorist nations.

joe barrington - July 20, 2015


Dr. Donna Underwood - July 20, 2015

Obama sold the U.S. and all mankind out. The globe is endangered beyond our most far-reaching imaginations. Israel is a One Bomb Nation. Obama will go down in history as The President of Treason and the architect of world destruction.
May God Save Us All.

Bill Coates - July 21, 2015

No. Obama and his appointees and cronies merely want to live high on the hog while they shrivel America into an empty husk filled with warring minorities and special interests.

Reggie Farrow - August 2, 2015

To who it may concern; I’ve been looking for someone or organization that feels as I do pertaining to our Government, and it’s continuesly following what Law’s Benifits our President’s issues as He needs. I’ve thought our COMMANDER IN CHIEF is a plant. Reason for this ACCOUNT is there’s just to many incidents our GOVERNMENT/ PRESIDENT are doing that Obama is capable of doing by His Self. I continue to Read, and study the People He has in forming him on a Daily Basis pertaining to Foreign Affairs. The interesting issue on this matter seems to be coming from outside of his People, and also from his inner Teams. So during his last month’s of Tenure I BELIEVE the Foundation of this COUNTRY will be taken apart piece by piece. PLEASE, understand my concerns, and the possibility of HORRIBLE Acts that our GOVERNMENT will be in a Position of Rewriting the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I know this is a lot, but as I said from the Beginning my feelings. Also I’M A 100%DISABLED SERVICE CONNECTED VETERAN WITH MANY SERIOUS MEDICAL PROBLEMS .

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