There is a great need for national security leaders who can think critically about the issues our nation faces today.

To train and educate the next generation of these leaders, Heritage is partnering with the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security.

The Daniel Morgan Graduate School focuses its curriculum on educating and training leaders for the national security and intelligence communities. They aim to equip their graduates to face the realities of a dangerous world.

Through this collaboration, which is made possible through a generous gift from the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, Heritage will recruit students, provide resources to strengthen the curriculum, and help academy graduates find careers in the national security field.

Your support is enabling the training and education of these young conservatives. Thank you.

What are other ways we can prepare the next generation of conservative leaders?

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David Shiffman - December 9, 2016

The current Republican leadership in Congress MUST keep their words to the American PEOPLE, and ANNOUNCE PUBLICLY that promises to POLITICIANS will NEVER AGAIN take priority over what the people elected them to do.

D. Foreshoe - December 9, 2016

American Legion could be used for National Security on the regional level if a little training was done

Mark Everly - December 9, 2016

Preparing our next generation of national security leaders is important and much needed work. Other ways of preparing the next generation of conservative leaders might include training on the virtues of capitalism (especially relative to the other economic systems that have been tried or considered), on how capitalism and freedom are interlinked and mutually supportive and on how to effectively communicate these arguments to an increasingly un-educated general population in the US. Unfortunately, our schools, both secondary and post-secondary, have not fulfilled this important national need and this fuels much of the leftist gains that so threaten our heritage of freedom.

Lee - December 9, 2016

Have a balanced budget amendment. I balance my budget at my house. My state of South Dakota balances it’s budget. The federal government should balance it’s budget.

Jerry Metcalf - December 9, 2016

Clean out the colleges.

James G Truscott - December 9, 2016

Create college scholarships for students who want to become constitutional scholars and for those who want to study the evolution of conservative philosophy and political thought since the Enlightenment.

John Minichelli - December 9, 2016

Never demean your opposition
Always use and appeal to common sense
Don’t speculate –stick to the facts
Present your program as a positive to our nation and all Americans

Var - December 9, 2016

Repeal Common core, and get back to text books that actually teach things as they really were and are. Teach patriotism. Hold our students (K through University) to a higher standard. Teach English to immigrant students that can’t speak English well enough to survive our schools. Only then do we let them enter our schools, when they are ready to learn in English. Get Fed. Government out of our K-12 schools, they should be run at the state level. But set Fed. Standard that must be met. Hold schools and teachers and administrators accountable. And get the government grants and loans out of the colleges and universities so that the cost of higher learning will come down to realistic levels.

Jim Rego - December 9, 2016

In my view the best way to prepare the next generation of conservative leaders is to (by whatever means) thoroughly educate them on our fundamental principles, values and ideals. The probable best place to start is the U.S. Constitution. I’ve noted that there are numerous false ideas floating around out there about our system of government, it’s basic purpose, correct function and the Supreme Document that lays out the “ground rules” for an enlightened, civilized nation (the Constitution).

Example: How many people erroneously believe our Founders intended this nation to be a Democracy? Far too many! It of course was not conceived as such by our Founders and Framers. It was to be a Republic.

Example: How many citizens these days fully understand the difference between a “democracy” and a “republic?” Far too few!

Example: By definition, a democracy is “majority rule”. That also precisely describes a lynch mob. The only dissenting “vote” would be from the victim about to be hung. It also presupposes a level of wisdom and knowledge that is essentially non-existent these days.

In contrast to the “majority rule” of a democracy (a government of the majority), a republic is a government for ALL of the people, as guided and governed by the Constitution.

To summarize: Broad public education in our Constitution, it’s purpose, what lead up to it and how it impacts their *personal* lives today, is vitally needed. Done well, it could lead us to a new renaissance.

stephen h palmer - December 9, 2016

teach them to shoot

David Lang - December 9, 2016

Insure that the institutions that made this country great are required to be taught from grade 1 through high school and college. Insure that the functioning of our economy is taught. Teach students the reasons why this country, that is only 240 years old, is head and shoulders above those that are thousands of years old!

Robert Hattendorf - December 10, 2016

Implement Term Limits for the House and Senate. The president has term limits why not our congressmen/women and senators.

Sonie Thompson - December 10, 2016

We must teach our American Constitution in public schools! We must teach of our founding and founders! Our schools and students are taught mostly by progressive minded teachers, and we must change this. If you control the young, eventually you control a country. Please let’s put good American history in grade schools and beyond, in order to keep our liberty and freedom, and for students to realize the value of the free enterprise system!
We are a proud Republic and not a democracy, so please use verbiage like this when speaking to Americans.

Jerry Crosby - December 10, 2016

If we would stop putting illegal immigrants on every possible social welfare program and also discontinue the automatic citizenship for ‘born in America’ we would not need to expend huge additional resources on our southern border. They would slow to a trickle and many others would leave.

Rick Cunningham - December 10, 2016

In addition to teaching the Constitution we need to put it in context and teach the history of oppression and misery that preceded it. History up to 1776 gave our founding fathers (and the women who supported them, to be PC) the inspiration to grant government by its citizens. Currently, history dwells too much on the pyramids, cathedrals and wars of powerful leaders but ignores the oppression of the people required by the all-powerful governments. We need to emphasis how important and fragile freedom is.

Timothy R. Buttner - December 10, 2016

Research into what states are teaching in high school civics classes might be enlightening. Report the results, state by state.

Joe Healy - December 10, 2016

In addition to our schools failing to educate students concerning the positive results and relationships of capitalism and freedom, as Mr. Everly said, they don’t teach the critical importance of private property rights. Perhaps most importantly, we, as a society, have largely forgotten the necessity of teaching & practicing high standards of personal moral, ethical behavior. The more ethical a society is, the more freedom it can enjoy. If we don’t exercise personal, internalized control it will be imposed from outside, i.e. by government. Heritage should consider partnering with the Acton Institute (and others) in this regard.

Art - December 10, 2016

I would encourage you to work more closely with the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) organizations, starting in high schools across the country. Just think what a great partnership that would be and what might be accomplished. Just my opinion, but hope you will consider it!

Luan Knotts - December 11, 2016

We need to teach an entire year of accurate historical segments that show in an exciting way what happened before the Continental Congress, the writing of the Constitutions, and what makes our country great, on local accessible stations.

Luan Knotts - December 11, 2016

We need to teach an entire year of accurate historical segments that show on Television, and can be shown in the classroom, in an exciting way what happened before the Continental Congress, the writing of the Constitution, and what makes our country great, on local accessible stations. It needs to be as exciting as other things on TV to capture the imaginations of the young.
Also, in high school, we had no rules until someone did something wrong and then we needed to make a rule. It gave all the students a feeling of empowerment and more understanding of rules, laws, power, and responsibility.

Terry Ruth - December 13, 2016

Our Constitution must be taught in our schools by quality conservative teachers. The individuals elected for any office that serves our America country should be well verse in the Constitution with love for this country.

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