Speaking at The Heritage Foundation Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) explained his push to defund Obamacare.

The time is ripe, Cruz announced at Heritage’s Bloggers Briefing, for Obamacare to be shut down once and for all. There’s bipartisan agreement that its wheels are coming off, he said. One Democrat even went so far as to say Obamacare is fast becoming a “train wreck.”

To ensure the public doesn’t become addicted to Obamacare’s subsidies, Cruz said, lawmakers have to act fast before they begin in fiscal 2014.

But Cruz warned that defunding Obamacare is not just up to the politicians. “No politician can win this,” he said. “Americans can.” If a grassroots surge against Obamacare is effective, he explained, then their representatives in Washington will have to listen.

Cruz sat down after his talk for an exclusive interview with Heritage’s Jackie Anderson. Watch a video of that interview below:

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DD - August 1, 2013

8/1/2013 just listened to AFA radio interview with MS Sen Roger Wicker about not funding Obamacare, after listening to him I am confused . If what he says is correct what Sen Cruz wants to do can’t be done. We need to know if what he is saying is true, if not we need a new Senator.

Phillipa Zylanoff, M.D. - August 1, 2013

There is absolutely NO way that adding layers of bureaucrats, millions of uninsured/ impoverished people, a laundry list of required benefits, can make health care ‘affordable’–except for the wealthy. Obamacare is nothing more than redistribution of wealth from the middle-class to the poor. It has nothing to do with ‘healthcare’. It does not increase doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies or any other aspect of the health system, and much more likely is going to cause a DECREASE in all of these! This does not include pharmaceutical companies to do R & D on new drugs, device manufacturers to increase function and mobility, and biotech companies to launch. The implementation of the ACA through the IRS is a nightmare. As a psychiatrist, I will not forward patient records to some faceless bureaucrat. I am not a ‘health care provider’ who sees ‘consumers’ in a ‘secondary care center’. I am a doctor who sees patients in my office.

Gaye McGann - August 1, 2013

If Obama care isn’t defunded, our Reps will be the blame for seniors losing their health care, they have already dropped the only hospital in our area that takes medicare patients. and I am reading more and more about death panels for seniors, Before Obamacare this was never a topic of conversation. Congress needs to defund Obamacare now, if there be a shut down so be it, Why should the elderly have to suffer for greedy young people,and wealthy businesses ? Who was it that helped build this country ? The Elderly and the elderly before us.

Warren Coats - August 2, 2013

Defund it? OK and replace it with what? What is the positive proposal Sen Cruz is making to reform our approach to health care? I am all ears but we don’t live in a void.

eleanor edmondson - August 2, 2013

If we had another Ted Cruz in TX, we would send him to Wash.

Thanks TED. We Texans Love You!!!! Great Work. Keep It Up.

Nancy Criswell - August 2, 2013

This law/tax was passed due to political favors and not because it is a great plan. It was passed against the will of the people who the politicians are suppose to represent. Obamacare will break the backs of the middle class and small business. Even supporters do not like it for themselves. Please repeal and replace!!!

D. - August 2, 2013

this was passed illegally and with too much arm twisting and threats to those who did not ‘comply’ and we all knew then that there was everything wrong with this whole idea. BHO administration is a corrupt, dictatorship that has hijacked the US Government from the PEOPLE and they don’t want to admit it,just like Bengazi that is now coming out with the truth, which is what we said from the get go about what was going on, aiding and abetting our enemies.
This is TREASON and anyone associated with this operation should be removed from office, including HILLARY and her corruption from before her husbands presidency when Vince Foster was murdered.

Billie Hale - August 2, 2013

Senator Cruz, Mike Lee, thanks so much for what you are doing to defund Obamacare. I have been phoning and writing letters to senators who have not signed on with you imploring them to do so. Also, I am encouraging my e-mail friends to become active with us. I was listening to Rush today, and he said that Congress had requested and received approval for subsidies to compliment their Obamacare. Is this true?

Juanita Turner - August 2, 2013

Even if the House defunds Obama care won’t the President just refuse to sign it? Received in the mail today another way–a constitutional amendment; but that procedure would take too long. Come on–there must be a way to stop this takeover of our health system.

Jeff Hale - August 2, 2013

Karl Rove says it would be a disaster to defund Obamacare. He thinks we should let it fully enable and let it fail under it’s own poor design. I don’t buy that for one second. Here’s what folks need to realize; Rove, Boehner, McCain, Graham, McConnell, et al are Democrats. Until we all get that, we’re just going to go the way of the progressives.
Obama has proven that he can unconstitutionally turn off parts of Obamacare and probably change or enable other parts of it at will. Our spineless jellyfish Congress will not even object to that. There are no checks and balances now. It is just theatre. Did you ever wonder why congress does not enact a special prosecutor to get in and get these investigations going? I mean, why not? Because they are also part of this. The are helping drag out and stall investigations so that they run off the date map. You see, now Obama says all the scandals are phony because our people have dragged this out so darn long. WHY ISN’T CONGRESS CALLING FOR A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR? It can only be because they are complicit with these scandals. I know; hard to swallow that one. But just look at the evidence.
So, once Obamacare is fully enabled, it will be a train wreck but whatever parts are so horrific that it costs them votes, Obama will just disable or change until he/they can get to single payer. It’s not that Karl Rove is wrong. It is that he is lying. If this and amnesty (the illegal purchase of voters from another country) go through, that is the end of the Constitution…PERIOD.
They are coming for our 401k’s next. Overseas they just go to the banks now and take out 10 or 20% or whatever they need of everyone’s account. You think they “Obama” won’t do that here? He’s already doing it by printing money. Oh yeah the stock market at 16,000. So what, your dollar is worth 15% less than it was four years ago. Yipee, everything’s great. Get ready for the next collapse. They’re allowing unqualified home loans again.

Brendan Lynch - August 2, 2013

Defund now. Let the government shutdown and refuse to take the blame. This is the Democrat party’s baby.

Lois Ann Rodriguez - August 2, 2013

Repeal/Defund Obamacare!! Many people feel Obama is using scare tactics to keep seniors. He forgets many of us have been down this road before. You know it has to be bad when Obama, his cabinet, and all politicians are exempt from it. Pelosi told Congress just sign it we will read it later. Many followered her like a bunch of sheep to the slaughter.I was taught you never sign sny legal documents without reading it for yourself, otherwise suffer the consequences. Politicians didn’t resd it in our behalf yet we have to suffer. If they had not been exempt. You can bet it would have never gone this far to start eith.. Come election time find out who voted for it and FIRE them! Impeach the rest who signed it into law!!

Mary Hinson - August 2, 2013

“Defund it. OK and replace it with what?” Mr. Coats asked.
There is no reason to “replace” Obamacare when it is defunded. We do not need HEALTHCARE by our government, insurance companies or medical doctors. Our health is our own responsibility.
Doctors and insurance are for sickness. We should all pay for catastrophic care when citizens cannot afford it or do not have insurance. And we should pay for our own visits to the doctor.
There are numerous ways to improve the cost of getting sick. Comprehensive is not the way.
Individual responsibility is the first step. I don’t neet a doctor or a first lady to tell me when I am obese.
Tort reform is the second step. If I am willing to risk heart surgery, I am willing to accept the consequences.
Individual responsibility is the third step. Get out of the habit of asking the government to be responsible for life and well-being. God gave us a brain; America has given us options not daycare.

Jan - August 2, 2013

I am all in favor of defunding Obamacare, or using any other tactic to prevent its implementation. This law has nothing to do with healthcare, but is a way to control the people and redistribute wealth, and will not even decrease the number of people without healthcare. When Democrats insist that Republicans must have a replacement plan, that is just a way to ensure implementation. We can remain with our current system of private (or employer sponsored) health insurance- at least until a real solution is found.

I commend Dr. Zylanoff for refusing to forward patient records to the government. All medical treatment (and especially psychiatric care) should remain private between the physician and patient. A diagnosis code to the insurance company is sufficient.

I also commend Ted Cruz and a few others for their efforts in trying to defund this program, or otherwise prevent this program from being implemented. They are looking out for the American people – most of whom do not want this program.

Wayne VanMeter - August 2, 2013

We desperately need to stop this dangerous move into
a life controlling bureaucracy that a majority of Americans do not want. Congress has the power of the purse strings, so I say DEFUND it NOW.

glenn - August 2, 2013

Regarding the delay of the employer mandate for one year. Many companies provide health insurance for the employee but offer no help on his/her dependents. A good group policy may run $500-1000 for an adult. Children as a group are generally about half the adult rate. Now it would be less expensive for employers to pay the $2000/yr penalty for not providing health insurance but if they do, then the employee cannot send his spouse and children to the exchange for subsidized coverage. Now the employer has two dilemmas. By dropping coverage and letting the whole employee’s family go to the exchange to get subsidized coverage would be economically helpful to the employee, and would save the employer a lot of dough. This is the problem. Unintended consequences. Disturbing the marketplace with arbitrary rules that encourage people to make “wrong” decisions. The end result? It puts more people into the exchanges where government can control them. This is going to be a problem and will blow up by the time 2015 comes around. And I am a health agent!

Ken - August 2, 2013

Please defund tHis mess. Government has made a mess of Everything they touch. Healthcare is next.

Stan Spraul - August 2, 2013

When will Republicans STAND UP? A vast majority of Americans don’t want it! Unions don’t want it- Postal workers don’t want it- Congressional staffers don’t want it. This is a NO BRAINER if they had any brains!

Rachel Verdon - August 2, 2013

Even as the economy crashed at the end of 2008, the Democrats plotted putting Healthcare above employment and food on the table, far more necessary for good health than a plate full of pills. So why are their priorities upside down? If the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act is defunded, will the obsessed Obama wave his magic wand, write another Executive Order mandating a Public Option replace the ACA? Maybe it is better to pick apart this Affordable Care Act piece by piece as a tax as Justice Roberts ruled, to save us from greater irrational moves by the President under the National Security Act.

Lloyd B Nielson - August 2, 2013

Its about time that the Republicans got some guts and stood up for what they stand for politically, and keep the religious aspects out of their politics. I myself am very religious but religion has no place in politics. They will never win if they keep on with this saying they believe in no government intrusion and then start telling the general public how to live and behave in their personal and most intimate private lives. This is a perfect time to start expounding this principle because Obamacare does exactly that and we despise governmental intrusion. Attack it for what it is, a huge intrusion into their private lives. Then keep away from abortion, gay marriages, and private issues that really have nothing to do with politics. TAKE A STAND AND STICK WITH IT.

Rachel Verdon - August 2, 2013

Warren Coats,
“Defund it? OK and replace it with what?” That’s the $64,000 question. We have RINOs and DINOs pushing the Public Option. I have not heard anybody suggest opening up interstate commerce and overturning the McCarran-Ferguson Act, a simple solution to restoring a competitive market amongst the 1,700 health insurance companies in America. I thought the Interstate Commerce Clause was intended by the Founding Fathers to encourage free trade across all state borders, not impede it.

Peter Burgess - August 2, 2013

I just don’t understand what is wrong with the medical system we now have in place. It seems that our elected officials just have to mess with things-especially anything that is the least bit controversial. I’m well over seventy years of age, and the medical service I and my family receive is excellent. The one thing I would like to see is the bureaucrats out of the medical service business. Leave it to the private sector. They know their stuff.

Catherine Wills - August 3, 2013

I do not understand why, when everyone is in agreement, we cannot stop Obamacare in its tracks . Bad law is bad law. Get it stopped before we everything we stand for is gone. What can we do to get this done?

Lloyd Scallan - August 3, 2013

At the very end, Ted Cruz hits the heart of the matter. Other Republicans are “scared”. We must face facts. The established Republican Party does not have the guts to fight. Until the entire GOP joins the conservative movement to turn this nation around, we all will see it end.

rowley - August 3, 2013

So far, Ted Cruz, my senator, has represented me 100% and exceeded my expectations.
Unfortunately, very few other Republicans and their consultants agree with me 40% of the time.
That is why I have never declared myself a member of a political party.
I may have to vote 3rd Party or write in candidate for the first time in my long voting life which began with IKE Eisenhower. My Presidential vote has been wasted on Republican candidate losers.
Establishment Republicans have lost my confidence. Libertarian have my vote on fiscal issues, smaller gov., fewer regulations, abolishing the Fed Reserve and many Agencies ie. IRS, EPA, ect. I”M not Libertarian on social issues or isolationism
Voting will become a waste of time if Obamacare and Illegal Alien Immigration Amnesty are not eliminated.
USA, as a Constitutional Republic, is more likely to fail under Obama Regime than it was during WWII and the Cold War.
This is the first time, in my 79 years, I have feared my own Government more than I fear our international enemies.

Audrey - August 3, 2013

I am one of the “Elderly” and reside in a blue, very blue state. Last night Sean Hannity;s panel discussed the fact that Obamacare will give points to hospitals who give the least care to seniors! Obamacare already strips millions from Medicare. Our country is allowing a slow death for the Elderly! We need to defund Obamacare now!

Ronald Mathieu Sr - August 3, 2013

I’m tired of the same tactics that the progressives are using,Republicans & Democrats & no one answering back in a way that the everyday person understands..

Deanna Dyksterhuis - August 3, 2013

When our representatives in Congress ask for an exemption from the law they pass; then why should “we the people” be required to obey that law? Obamacare is not the answer. It should be repealed. Defunding this law is a first step in relieving the people of a government that has gone beyond the limited powers entrusted to it in the Constitution.

Dennis Semenza - August 3, 2013

Ted Cruz is the best elected official following the Constitution. An oath, all officials have taken and few keep. ObamaMess will, if let stand; allow government to enter every private area of our lives. The Non-affordable health care act, passed, by the very people who voted to exempt themselves from the law. A suit brought forth to the courts would prevail based on the equal protection clause in the constitution.

C.L. Callison - August 3, 2013

The Obomacare is the worst thing that can happen to everyone in this country! It will not improve anything, and anyone who thinks so should read it! It is a huge, un-American, unconstitutional drain on public monies and to have the IRS run it is ludicrous. This is not WWII Germany, this is America, and having a Gestapo head something as important as healthcare is horrible. Our healthcare in this country is far better than almost every other country in the world. Why would people from all other countries come here for their healthcare needs if that were not true? Social healthcare has not worked well in any other country and will not work here. It is a nightmare.

claire bagley - August 3, 2013

Please readers, support the lawmakers who are working so hard in our behalf. I don’t want one bit more of Gov. control of my life. Pres. Reagan once made a comment that “nothing in life is more permanent than a new tax once imposed”. This admin. is socialistic and is seeking the ultimate control of our lives.

Charles H. Williams, MD - August 5, 2013

As a retired physician, I can certainly agree that our health care could use some improvement. However, this plan constructed by politicians and bureaucrats and devoid of any input from people in the trenches is a disaster. This type of socialized health care has not been successful anywhere it has been attempted. A workable plan could be developed by knowledgeable and caring people unrestrained by preconceived notions of gaining profit or control and addressing specific areas of trouble with our current system which overall works pretty well.

Dorothy A. Weinel - August 5, 2013

Why is everyone afraid of stepping up to the responsibility of defunding Obamacare? I wish that our politicans in Washington would quit worrying about their votes and do something good for the country instead of thinking about themselves. Why don’t they leave the 85% of the American people who pay into the system alone and work on taking care of the 15% who can’t afford healthcare? Instead they want to destroy everyone’s healthcare.

Ron Dvorak - August 5, 2013

Defund Obamacare asap and let the “freemarket” ideas that are already being put into place on a huge scale nationwide provide the necessary cost reductions to healthcare. Having spent my career in the healthcare profession, listen to physician comments like the one to the right by Phillipa Zylanoff, MD … he’s got it the most correct of anyone whose opinion I’ve heard … he’s hit the nail on the head!

Heritage is exactly correct: ACA can be legally defunded but time is short to do so. Contact your congressmen/women asap !!

Donna Etheridge - August 7, 2013

The first thing Congress needs to do is separate any bill relating to Obamacare from all other legislation, so they can debate and vote on it free from any other consideration. Then forget this nonsense about replace it with what. There is no need for the government to be involved in healthcare at all. If Congress wants to improve anything,they should consider allowing interstate insurance sales and tort reform and then get out of the way and let the free market improve the quality of health coverage.

Linda - August 9, 2013

Warren Coats asked what would we replace Obamacare with if we defund it to “reform” our healthcare system. I say a wholehearted return to the free market. The simple reason why people presently cannot afford to pay their medical bills is government already controlling most of it through Medicare, Medicaid and various other programs. I grew up poor and remember the 50’s when in a small town we had 3 doctors and they made house calls to our home. The doctors were very well off and no government middlemen. I worked for an HMO and can still remember a man asking an insurance company’s member services department for a drug his doctor would not prescribe for his. Yes, I am 73 and Medicare and Medicaid should be eliminated. This country has always had the best medical care in the world. I am afraid it is being destroyed, and the ignorant voter has asked for it.

linda - August 16, 2013

I couldn’t agree with you more about this Obamacare bit.
It has no reason to be pushed down the throats of Americans. I am in total agreement with you. This would only add government bureaucrats into the mix . We do not need that. I work in a local. I have seen and heard about local doctors who are dropping patients left and right because the insurance companies will not cover their doctor visits. Some patients come into the hospital and say, What am I going to do about getting a doctor that will accept my insurance. Then I see patients who are not able to pay for their medicines because the insurance has denied coverage. They are screaming at the hospital and wondering what to do. This ridiculous Obamacare . More and more low income people are coming into the hospital wanting help. It seems like everyone is in a bind.
The elderly are not able to afford their needed medicines.
I know what the Obamacare is wanting to do. It wants to put the elderly out to pasture while Obama is trying to influence the younger generation to his type of thinking.
Someday, Obama will be an elderly. Would he want to be treated the way that he is planning on treating the elderly in his health plan?
Keep up the good work, Ted Cruz.

chuck rice - August 28, 2013

We need to be careful regarding what can be done thru the Continuing Resolution versus The Debt Limit. Me thinks the PPACA or Affordable Care Act de-funding thru the Continuing Resolution will have much less impact than getting it done thru the debt limit. Remember, the Affordable Care Act is on “auto-pilot” funding where the majority of its funding is not subject to the Continuing Resolution whereas all funding is subject to the Debt Limit.

Donna Bass - October 8, 2013

Defund Obamacare. Congress has a right to defund anything the government cannot afford and have done it before. Our government cannot afford this, companies cannot afford this (more people not working or working part time) how are you gonna pay for healthcare with a part time job? The idea of the government forcing people to buy something and forcing companies to pay for health insurance is what gets me. This is not right, unconstitutional and needs to be stopped!!!

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