America’s communities, not governments, can offer real solutions to address the problems facing millions of veterans.

That’s the message of Veteran Nation, a documentary about how we’ve treated those who wore the nation’s uniform.

Organizing a screening of Veteran Nation is an easy and effective way to get your friends, neighbors, and colleagues engaged in serving the nation’s veterans. Much of the video above, for example, was filmed at a special screening in Dallas organized by a Heritage Foundation supporter.

Find out more about how to host a screening in your community.

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James Watson - February 7, 2014

Actually, a question. Why are so many different organizations asking us for money to help veterans? Would it be better for there to be just one combined organization for this?

It seems the military should be taking care of every veteran instead of other orginizations having to do this. Why can’t they?

We do contribute to some of those asking for help and will continue to do that but from our could-be-wrong
view, it could and should be different.

James Watson - February 7, 2014

Is Veteran Nation the solution to my thoughts and questions about there being one (1) organization to meet the needs of veterans rather than several ones as there are now??

Shouldn’t the military be taking care of its own? Is it that their budget is that much too small? Meanwhile we will continue helping through those asking us for a donation and hope for a more sane use of tax money.

I am a ww2 veteran and didn’t need government help. thankfully, but did benefit from college tuition.

Joe Willis - February 8, 2014

Would like to start getting the Morning Bell Weekly when or if possible. would br very greatfull.
Thank You
Joe Willis

Author Katie Nielsen - February 10, 2014

Mr. Willis,

Thank you for your comment, I have added you to the Morning Bell list and you should receive it tomorrow. It does no arrive, please check your spam folder.

Thank you!

Katie Nielsen

Mark S. Gietzen - February 8, 2014

We would like to show the film at our April meeting.

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