An event about the Benghazi attacks held at The Heritage Foundation on Monday sparked intense, but respectful, debate about the 2012 terrorist assault on the American consulate that left four dead.

But once again, the liberal media took the opportunity to unfairly characterize conservatives. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank completely misrepresented what happened during a question-and-answer session during the event. He said the panelists rudely “attacked” and “pounced” on the questioner.

Milbank’s account was so incredible that others in the media leapt to Heritage’s defense. Politico, for example, pointed out that the video shows the panelists not mocking the questioner but thanking her. The facts just don’t support Milbank’s wild claims.

Watch video of the Q&A and see for yourself:

It’s precisely because the mainstream media has such bias that The Heritage Foundation started the Daily Signal: to expose the truth about what’s happening in America.

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Luke Bradley (@motleyblogger) - June 20, 2014

What a powerful question from Chris at the end! “Can you tell me who the head of the Muslim Peace Movement Is?”

Jim Hammersley - June 21, 2014

Fantastic, succent explation! I was saddened and motivated by the recent media attack on Florida Governor Scott Walker. No less than ten media outlets reported he was involved in a wide reaching, campain fund raising scandel. None reported he was exonerated in two different courts. How does one help to overcome such bias?

C. Peter - June 21, 2014

Wow! Thank you Brigitte for exposing a truth about the tyrannies that have occurred in past history. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. I hope this girl follows her heart and begins a campaign against he evil of sharia law.

Mark - June 21, 2014

Awesome response Brigitte Gabriel (what are you doing in 2016?)

ELLEN PURCELL - June 21, 2014


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