This week on Forbes’ healthcare blog Avik Roy highlights The Heritage Foundation’s new video series that puts a personal face on the consequences of Obamacare. Roy writes:

One thing that the Left does well, but the Right does poorly, is talk about how real people are affected by health care policy. The Heritage Foundation has launched a series of videos to address this issue, and here is the latest.

In the latest edition of the video series, Heritage’s Rob Bluey interviews Dr. Martha Boone, an Atlanta urologist. Boone explains her frustrations in the video: “The frustrating part of my day is I have two employees that work almost full time fighting Medicare and other insurance carriers for work that I have done. I absolutely detest that part of my life. I never imagined that I would do work and then have to fight a third party for work that I have done.”

Watch the video below:

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Vonda Burkhart - January 28, 2011

ObamaCare has already affected my employer provided insurance; our deductibles, our co-pays, and the cost increased.

The nearer I get to retirement age the madder I get! I’ve paid into Medicare for over 40 years and I doubt I’ll get the full benefit of what now appears to be a tax.

Ron Thomas - January 28, 2011

To all my Liberal Friends: How is that Hope and Change working for you?

The headlines in my local paper read: ” Author: U.S. needs smarter approach to immigration”. Which translates to: “let all Illegals have citizenship, schooling thorough college level, and free medical services immediately as it is ‘Human thing to do'”.

How can you get any smarter than that?

Demetrius Stasiuk, MD - January 28, 2011

This ad strikes me as being self-serving, ineffective and even annoying. Portraying real patients with real medical issues who have been helped through our private medical system may be more believable.

Lynda Restine - January 28, 2011

This is informative. I enjoyed it because I just started 3 years ago to try to understand my government. I am 60 year old white female and under a doctors care for 4 disc in my neck that are laying on top of each other. My spine specialist said he would take care of me no matter what Obama does. My pain specialist says the same but I am still extremely concerned and have shed many tears over this. I am also Bi-polar. How will I be treated by my Psychiatrist and receive my medication if a shorts in meds takes place? I have no issues on my meds and I do well, but without them I am a challenge to deal with. My husband is a Southwest Pilot and we have great insurance but I am afraid they will defer to Obamacare. My husband & I are tea party member and have done the march on Washington 2X. I write my Senators & Representatives. I belong to several conservative places on line. Thank you for your hard work. Someday I would like to meet some of you.

Preston D. Parsons - January 28, 2011

Excellent effort, and none too soon; easily understood by most viewers. Dr. Boone is so obviously sincere, honest and committed to her patients and practice, as seems clearly demonstrated by her commentary, that it gives real credibility to the larger storyline at hand.

David Parrish - January 28, 2011

Repealling Obamacare is no longer just an important idea, it is fundamental to the safety and welfare of the people of this country. There are too many stories like this one to simply ignore. Those of us who voted for conservative candidates did so with the understanding that our elected officials will do everything they can to repeal this horrible bill. Now we are being told the the battle is not going to be won in Washington, it must be won in the public. Well, what happened on Nov. 12th? Did we not win the public debate? It doesn’t matter what happened in the Senate though great strides were made their as well, but what really matters is what is the constitutional responsibility of the representatives of the public in congress. Is it not to represent the will of the people. The people have now spoken. It is time that Washington listens. If that doesn’t happen, 2012 is coming.

Sharon Stupp - January 28, 2011

I have three doctors, a GP, an Endocrinologist, and a Gyn. The Endocrinologist has dropped Medicare because dealing with all the paperwork was costing a fortune. When you see her you pay the full bill before you leave the office. She is an incredible doctor but is young still paying the bills for her education, has small children and just can’t afford to deal with the government any longer as it takes forever for her to receive payment! This is happening in my area more and more!

Craig Cannon - January 28, 2011

I am totally opposed to Obamacare. Socialized medicine is a proven failure so why are the Democrats trying to push it on us? As a senior I am beginning to wonder if becoming an ex pat might be better than subjecting myself to the horrors of Obamacare! I detest Socialism and do not want to have to live in such a system!

bob_gutermuth - January 28, 2011

RanknFile–Medicare was designed for rich and poor alike. Medicaid was designed for the poor. My mother had to sell her house to get aid from the county and it too was poorer than her. Like I stated Medicare was for all and I intend to for it to be the public option and single payer


Juan Martinez - January 28, 2011

This video has excellent production values — good job, Rob Bluey! Unfortunately, she doesn’t really offer any proscriptions for fixing health care, besides the implied: “I need to be paid more”. Worse, there is really nothing that Dr. Boone says about Obamacare specifically — all of the problems that she has now or has had with insurance companies, Georgia Medicaid, and federal Medicare, these all pre-date the passage of the Obama Care Act. She doesn’t really address the recent Obama Care legislation in any way.
Still, she’s a very sympathetic case, These independent single practitioners are at a terrible cost disadvantage in the current environment. Most doctors these days need to be part of a group practice to make the economics work better.

Birge Sigety - January 28, 2011

Your piece on the doctors fight for payment and the foil of the things that should be done to correct the system are powerful. Keep up the research and ideas. I pass the information around to all my friends.

Dorris - January 28, 2011

Impeach Obama and his side kicks and we can fix the problem.
Yes it is that simple.I am thinking the very people we put in to help us are all using to much drama.
Broom and shouvel will work fine,just KISS system.

Gary Cole - January 28, 2011

ObamaCare will elimanate doctors in favor of an AI computer program. It will be a rare occasion that anybody can see anything other nurse, but the “In Crowd” would get to see a Dr. House.

Gran - January 28, 2011

One of my doctors has ceased accepting Medicare.

Howard Lee - January 28, 2011

Obama and other liberals champion the degradation of the individual with their nonsense.
When will people wake up? Obama is a weak, narcissistic arrogant man who relishes the privileges of the office and has no concept of the responsibilities of leadership. Nowhere is this more evident than in the healthcare bill, financial reform and his willful negligence in refusing to listen to Americans.

J Hansen - January 28, 2011

I am 70 now and my body is starting to feel it’s age. I am needing medical attention for the 1st time now and am concerned that as an older person I will be written off and not cost effective, counseled about how to die and left on my own.
Sorry this Dr is having trouble but I am sure it is only the tip of the ice burg. Guess us old folk better hurry to the Dr b4 it’s too late.

robert javorka - January 28, 2011

There are many scams involving government workers that it makes me wonder if the reason Dr. Boone hasn’t been compensated is that the money is being diverted by a small group of employees. Perhaps a retired doctor who has been kept on the docket as active and the money is sent to a phony address. As long as the workers don’t get to greedy this could be happening to a lot of doctors.
The money is going somewhere. Maybe (HAL) the computer is stealing it.

carrie Aliea - January 28, 2011

I am a government paid social worker who was just diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. My insurance is paid through the government. My doctor had a genetic blood test done on me. Without any knowledge I received a bill for $20,000.00 for this one single test. We now have another letter from the insurance provider that they consider this “experimental” and will not pay. I have a new baby, student loan, car payment and the other living expenses like everyone else. If you think that we are not getting the shaft in this country, I’ll trade places with you.

Fran Miller - January 28, 2011

I am one of those people the doctor talked about who fights Medicare and the commercial carriers to get my clients paid. When I started my business in 1993 my clients were seeing 25-30 patients a day to net about $150K a year (primary care doctors). Now they are seeing 40 patients a day to net the same amount! Medicare changes the claim rules constantly by way of local coverage determinations, down code or dispute the medical necessity of services provided-they work at making it as difficult as possible for the primary care physicians to make a living. They are demanding providers move to electronic health records-not to provide the patient with better care but so every patient’s records can be mined for details about their life style and habits without having to get the patient’s permission or approval for the information to be released!

Joseph Daigneault - January 28, 2011

The interview with DR.Boone had nothing to do with the new Health Care Law. Her problems with Medicare/Medicaid predated this new law. As I have said before I’m retired Military and never realized until I retired the problems that my fellow citizens have getting affordable Health Insurance. At least what you call ObamaCare attempts to address these problems. It’s a landmark piece of legislation so fix what’s wrong in it to make it better. My wife grew up in Sweden and cannot believe that we don’t have National Health Care.

A.J. Skiptunas III, D.O. - January 28, 2011

A few weeks ago our radiology group found out that CMS would no longer pay for Ct’s of the abdomen and pelvis as separate studies. The would “bundle” the code and pay us 1/2 the original payment (a few years ago “bundling” was declared Illegal under CMS rules). This is the most frequently ordered code in our practice (ordered MOSTLY by ER physicians) and will cost our practice more than $200K this year alone! I guess I now know how they intend to pay for “Obamacare”- out of doctors hides! They continually change the “rules” to fit their agenda.

rowley - January 28, 2011

The day after Obamacare was enacted I stopped my participation in medicare. At my age, the rationing of care and the limitation of Doctors that will accept medicare patients made the payments for medicare a waste of my small SS income. I can not afford to pay for care that will be with held from me and given to illegal aliens care and 26 year old kiddies
Why pay for euthanasia for the elderly, disabled and unborn?
Let the Fed put me in jail and be forced to give me healthcare. However, they will undoubtedly confiscate the payments from my SS.

D Wilson - January 28, 2011

My husband is a federal employee so our insurance “rules” have changed. Our doctors have to get permission from a panel to provide treatment. Our doctors said our daughter needed approx 6weeks hospital care. Insurance granted 2 weeks so at the end of that time, the hospital would have to discharge her. In a few days, she would have to be readmitted. We did this four times. It would have cost less to give her the treatment her doctors originally prescribed. This whole experience was agony for our family.

Selma Sothern - January 28, 2011

Obamacare is a bureaucratic nightmare. The full effect won’t come crashing down on us until 2014 – you know, things like rationing, death panels for grandparents, no real choice of doctors or treatment of illness, loss of private insurance. All these great things that Obama won’t mention before the 2012 election.
American healthcare isn’t 100% perfect but it’s the finest in the world. Republicans have the right plan to bring down the cost and make it more affordable to all employers and employees.
Right now there are state programs that pay most of the bills for those living below the poverty level due to inability to work. So no American is left without access to healthcare. – contrary to what Obama and the Dems are preaching.
Heritage, keep up the good job of getting the truth out to people!

Keith White - January 28, 2011

My part D prescripion drug insurance premium went up 100% starting Jan. 1, 2011 from 15.00 to 30.00 per month, and coverage on some of the drugs was cut by 25% or all together. My BC?BS secondary insurance went up 40% on premium and deductable went up 150% from 200.00 per person to 500.00 per person. Obama care is a joke ond it is not even started good yet. Our democratic congress and senat should be proud to do this to the American people, and thanks to Obama too.

EDWARD PERRAULT - January 28, 2011

I am eighty years old and beginning to feel the impact of the so called Obamacare. In addition to medicare I have private insurance. This year my private insurance went up an additional 200 dollars which brings my annual medical insurance payments to over six thousand dollars a year. How many more increases of that nature can my wallet stand? Being on a fixed income means doesn’t me with any flexibility and if more doctors begin to refuse to take medicare patients then what do I and many others do? This Robin Hood type of medical aid will break all our backs. It is hoped that many more people will take time to watch this video and begin to realize just what is happening to America’s wonderful medical care system which is staffed by first class doctors.

John Bielefeld - January 28, 2011

Crippling our Private Health Care is by design. Make it so impossible to be effective that the general public will get disgusted with it and want to replace private health care with a socialized health care system. Bad idea. America needs to spend more energy fixing and improving our current private health care system and at the same time having an efficient system for those that are ‘truly’ in need and cannot provide for themselves. But for the rest of us we are very happy with our private health care.

Mike Schwinn - January 28, 2011

Good message, good video. Music is a little too loud and distracting. Otherwise great work.

Other primary stories can come from small rural hospital administrators, nursing homes and I would like to see messages coming from patients too.

Barb Webb - January 28, 2011

I cannot understand the person’s comments regarding the doctor’s failure to address particulars of Obamacare. She has told us how government interventions do NOT WORK already. How are we supposed to have any improvement with further government control in this area?. We will only be going from bad to horrible.

Steven Miller - January 28, 2011

Obamacare is not about healthcare…it is about CONTROL. Anyone who supports this travesty proves there are useful idiots in the world, and also that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Jack Tracey - January 28, 2011

This Dr`s experiances are very similar to the three
phsicians i see on a regular basis. This administration is on a mission to destroy the greatest medical sysytem in the world.

al - January 28, 2011

yea probably few ppls realize the impact on health care workers career opportunities under obamacare. i figure less health care means less need for doctors and nurses. but thats ok the medical professionals and AMA has been lying to the public for decades .the hiv hypothesis has fallen by the wayside. hiv has never been visualized not has it ever been proved to even exist . the real cause of aids has seldom been realized in 6 decades . i gave up the white coat years ago ! al

Joe Medlock - January 28, 2011

How can the House and Senate Members that passed this bill sleep at night, knowing they have signed a bill that will destroy the best medical system in the world? Obama is so far left that he does not care. I believe it is his goal to have all existing US doctors quit, so they can be replaced with doctors from other countries – level the playing field. Or, to make those who have go overseas to get health care in the future. This is all part of his plan to destroy our country and distribute the wealth.

Lynn Bennett - January 28, 2011

In September 2010, my oncologist informed me that he could not order all the desired blood tests and urine tests that the biochemist wanted. The reason is that although the oncologist puts in the request, but the bureaucrat at the other end of the software decides whether or not Medicare will pay for that test. I asked him if Obamacare was turning him into a bureaucrat and he said yes. He said that his office had to pay $80,000. for the software that makes all our medical records public or available to the government. Many doctors he knows are simply not complying with government regulations on this but plan to leave their practices in three or four years. The penalty is $9,000./yr. for non-compliance.

Today I learned that the FDA has ordered McGuff Pharmaceuticals to stop producing intervenous ascorbic acid (IAA). Most of my cancer treatment has been alternative and I have done very well, survived for eight years and cancer still in remission. (I am now 71.) I have paid for all of my alternative care myself. IAA has been one of the major treatments but now the FDA says no, although scientifically it is shown to work and it has worked very well for me. Now I am forced to go to standard oncology, which is already being shut down, starting with giving only certain tests. One of the tests for which Medicare now will not pay is a urinalysis for cancer patients.

Unless Obamacare is repealed fully, I do not stand much chance of surviving my cancer in future because what the government is doing through the FDA is also limiting legitimate alternative treatment even if the patient himself pays for it.

Sally Stunkel - January 28, 2011

I agree that ObamaCare is not going to solve issue-just muddy the waters and take away options for healthcare. My husband is retired Air Force-and for the first 12 years of his active duty we had “gov’t medical care”-we had to wait for care-sometimes for several weeks-and if you needed “same-day” care you had to be up at 6:30 am and call for over an hour and even then you might not get an appointment. The last 8 years-they went to the private sector for care-with Tricare-and we paid a co-pay. Care got better, from my point of view, and we have “Tricare retired”, where we still pay a co-pay.
So between the 2- “gov’t insurance” and “private sector”=”private sector” trumps the gov’t every time.

Sharon Hohlfeld - January 28, 2011

I have worked in the Health Care Industry since 1977. My last job was a financial supervisor for a 23 doctor health center.

Medicare and Medicaid were ten times worse than the Insurance Companies, if you have a problem with the insurance, call them, if you have a problem with government…never mine it will not be resolved.

I have watched over the years more and more regulation, it was not the health care that made the charges go up, it was regulation and billing rules, then came HIPPA which made the billing process impossible for my staff, including the doctors.

The best thing we could do is go back to fee for service, with health savings accounts and major medical (100% coverage after $5K or $10K) If the doctors and hospitals did not have to bill your insurance the cost would be 50% lower, you would be just paying for health care not a big bureaucracy.

In 1977 you would pay for the doctor and nurse; now you are paying for the doctor,nurse, receptionist,billing specialist,medical records specialist, HIPPA Compliance Officer, Computer IT specialist, Office to receive bills to re-code for each insurance companies, Account Receivable Clerk to post payments and send insurance reviews and a Office Administrator to oversee that all of this bureaucracy is working.

Bob Norris - January 28, 2011

Intrusive government ruins incentive. My son will make more operating heavy equipment. I attended college and am now retired. This continued tyranny by our government is what our “Founding Fathers” were attempting to eliminate.
Todays liberals are nothing but socialists.

Wayne Haymond - January 28, 2011

You have done a wonderful job creating this video. The liberal left historically have been able to make their case to the public better than the conservative side of the aisle. This is a great effort. Many similar videos need to be created by Heritage Foundation exposing Obamacare for what it is, a fraud that will bankrupt America, destroy our quality of healthcare, and eliminate jobs. It simply won’t work. These type of effective, personal messages need to be seen on prime time national television. They are sure to wake people up. Let us hope. Thank you SO MUCH for what you do. I’m thrilled to be a member of Heritage.

John A. Quayle - January 29, 2011

My doctors (a family practice partnership) will all quit when Obamacare becomes fully implemented. Two of the three doctors will just retire. The young partner hasn’t been a doctor long, will find a new career.

Debra Crimminger Gatlin - January 29, 2011

It’s just this simple…remove punitive measures imposed by the intrusion of the Federal government into our private lives and allow free market to take over. The beauty of capitalism is that private business exists to serve (the government certainly does not) and in so doing, creative competition for profits will dictate price and equity. Customers will have free choice. Eliminate the restrictions of state-to-state commerce laws regarding insurance sales and the competition improves. I am a licensed health care provider and the future of this country (and my profession) scares me. Many of my colleagues refuse to take Medicare and Medicaid…sad for the patients who truly need our services. This will only get worse with ObamaCare.

Sally Nagel - January 29, 2011

ObamaCare pan has caused our provider to raise our already. I have some pre-existing conditions, when my husband retires, which may be this year,we will not be able to afford insurance from an independant provider. I have already told my husband that I will refuse Government run health care. Under this plan I would be at thier mercy, telling me where, when, and what they deem necessary treatment for me. I will refuse to be part of another entitlement program that takes away American rights, freedom and only pushes America further into debt which will can not be sustained. I will put my healthcare concerns in God’s hands and let Him decide when it is time to leave this earth for a better place! If I willingly trust ANY Government run program to take control of decisions for me, 2 things would happen…
1. I will have sinned against God by not believing His Promises and faithfully trusting in His pre-ordained plan for my life.
2. I will certainly die sooner do to a lack of quality of services that would be available to me when I need them.

William Bourbonnais - January 29, 2011

I am on Medicare. I have noticed that Medicare only allows doctors, hospitals, labs and clinics about 15% of their costs. At this rate as Medicare/Medicade expand through Obamacare our healthcare providers will no longer be able to stay in business and no one will spend the time and effort to enter those essential professions. We will no longer have superior or even adequate healthcare. In the short term my costs have been zero, long term I won’t have healthcare.

Justin Dobbs - January 29, 2011

Recently Medicare sold (closed) off their electronic billing gateway. I had paid a lot of money purchaseing billing software capable of billing through that gateway. Now I am forced to pay a fee to a 4th party to bill Medicare. I represent a one person independent OT practitioner. I am switching back to paper billing to avoid that fee. The paper billing instructions from Medicare are 106 pages long. All that to bill on one page of paper. This is depressing.

Justin Dobbs - January 29, 2011

About 4 years ago Medicare combined with a few top medical insurance companies to form National Government Services, Inc. When government and private business partners up it has a bad effect or result for the end user. Go to your Secretary of State website and do a business search for this corporation. SURPRISE

Justin Dobbs - January 29, 2011

Juan Martinez is an idiot.

pam hartman - January 29, 2011

Neighborhood clinics staffed by teaching schools, retirees (the baby boomers are coming) and funded by local corporations, local donations and not for profit orgs are the answer. Keep it local and out of government control. This would make people feel more confident and keep non emergencies out of the e.r.?

Jerry Stevens - January 29, 2011

The video was right on the money. I recently closed my outpatient physical therapy and sports rehabilitation clinic after 10 years due to the decrease in third party reimbersment and the amount of work hours it cost to get paid for services provided. The federal government sets the standard the the private insurance companies follow.

Oona - January 29, 2011

The green slide at about 00:13 is misspelled. Should be Obamacare, not Obamcare. Please fix.

Christopher L. Hugar - January 29, 2011

My thanks to the Heritage Foundation for what it does to promote a rational understanding of what is at stake for all of us. Lets hope November was just the start of a long term trend to get back to fiscal responsibility. In the scheme of things, we have not been profligat that long. Prior to Johnson’s masssive expansion of social programs, reality ruled both parties. Time for that again. What Heritage does will help make that possible.

Dennis Boyle - January 29, 2011

The Regime’s health control policy is already affecting me, like so many others, and it isn’t anywhere near full implementation yet. I am currently employed by a private not-for-profit health care organization. Prior to this year, we had three choices for health insurance. Two were provided in-house by the corporation, and the third was furnished by a large, reputable member of the BCBS network. That insurance was great. I could use it anywhere and the cost was competitive.

Because of The Regime’s takeover of the system, we have lost this option for coverage because it became too expensive for the corporation to afford, and our rates for in-house coverage increased dramatically. Just in my situation, Hussein’s lies have been exposed. I can not keep my doctor, I can not keep the plan I liked, and my rates have gone up.

Additionally, my employer is now talking cutbacks and has undergone several rounds of restructuring in an attempt to brace themselves for the coming mass of new government regulations. They now employ a regulatory liaison officer just for the purpose of staying in compliance with The Regime’s rules and regulations. This whole thing is pure insanity, and a blatant demonstration of the left’s insatiable lust for control.

George J ONeil, MD - January 29, 2011

I have practiced Ob/Gyn for over 30 years. I was in private practice and part time academic practice in Illinois for 27 of those years. I was forced to close my practice there due to non payment of medicaid (I was owed over 1/2 million dollars going back over several years). I was quite busy doing over 100 deliveries/year and a lot of gyn surgery, but practice overhead, sky high malpractice insurance and non-payment for services rendered by Illinois medicaid tanked my practice. I have subsequently moved to Oklahoma where I am in a hospital owned group practice. I fear for our health care system as Obamacare kicks in. My story is by no means unique. When I retire I am sure that there will be nobody to fill my place due to the inadequate number of new doctors in the pipeline. Considering it takes 8 to 12 years of post graduate education to become a physician and cost 500K or more is it any wonder that fewer people are going into medicine? Also because of the current practice conditions we are getting a declining percentage of the nations brightest students in medicine.

Janet Wilson - January 29, 2011

I worked in the medical field for close to 30 years and watched as fee for service, that is what Medicare was suppose to be, changed after the first year. The people who put these programs in play do not have a clue as to what the actual cost is going to be therefore they should stay out of it.

Joe Redd - January 29, 2011

I like the videos, but please lose the music or lower it at least. //…

Peter A. Lowry - January 29, 2011

As a Federal retiree, under Obamacare I can fully expect to lose my private insurance plan. I believe we are headed for the socialized mess of health care that we see in Britain and Canada, people dying of cancer before treatment can be allocated. Unless the Republicans can repeal this monstrosity, the future looks dim and painful. People think Federal retirees have it great. But, I can assure you that our insurance plans will be the first to fall.

Faye Yates - January 29, 2011

The longer Obama is in office the farther down our country goes down. I’m so sorry for the physicians who worked so hard to get their creditials to help the sick. And gradually there wont be any doctors. Perhaps that’s the goal to put us in the hands of Government health care so when no money is left, just take a little shot of poison to solve the problem of over population. The people who are for that will be a victom themselves. THESE ARE DARK DAYS! ONLY GOD CAN RESCUE HIS CHILDREN.

Robert Elmore - January 29, 2011

Your video series would be much better if the music was deleted, especially for me, as I cannot understand most of what is being said because of the music. I am one of many who has a hard time understanding conversation across a dinner table if the background sound is too loud or more than one person at the table is speaking.
I generally do not listen to your videos any more because of my problem but thought I had better, at last, say something.
You have a fine organization and I appreciate your coverage.

Thank you

Jennifer Principato - January 29, 2011

If you want people to really listen to your side of the argument, call the bill by its proper name. It is called The Affordable Care Act not the Obamacare bill. It makes you all at The Heritage Foundation sound ignorant. Try getting your facts straight before spewing out incorrect information, you are starting to sound like Fox News. It is called The Affordable Care Act and it is helping millions already.

Craig L Russell - January 29, 2011

It’s basically dishonest to link this doctor’s experience to the 2010 health care bill. The trouble she has with insurance companies predates Obama’s election by years.

Rachelle Kiklowicz - January 29, 2011

Her overhead was frightening to me. I’m sure a large part of that is the insurance she has to carry to protect herself from lawsuits.

Dr. Kenneth Pearson - January 29, 2011

I practiced dentistry for 30 years in vermont. Gov. Dean increased medicaid/ dr dynasour to the point that 60 percent of children were on the system. the reembursement was at the 60 percent of usual. When a typical dental office has an overhead of 65 percent we were working for nothing. Guess who had to raise fees and guess who had to pay the increase.At 59 I got out of the cost shifting .

Thomas - January 29, 2011

I can relate to the Dr’s frustration regarding health care changes. I am a health care provider as a therapist. I have experienced negative changes in providing therapeutic care to our elderly in Skilled Nursing/Rehab facilities. More and more it is about providing less and less in order to just survive financially. Patient needs are being forced further back on the list of priorities. I have been a therapist for many years and it is very difficult to watch these negative changes take place. And, we haven’t even started Obama care yet.

Louis Mehrmann - January 29, 2011

THANK YOU. Too bad the general public cannot see this and many of the other fine messages that you provide. I question whether or not the general public would pay attention anyway but the day will come when they will be effected by what is being forced upon them and then it may be too late to retreat.

Robert Mutchletr - January 29, 2011

My supplementary insurance does not cover any eye care coverage. My husband has Macular Degeneration so I am responding to this email. We are concerned that Doctors are going to stop taking Madicare patients because the amount of the reduction of the fee is so large. Also our Insurance has increased by $75.00 over the last two years living on a fixed income and no increases for two or more years does not help.

Johnny - January 29, 2011

I viewed your video, my heart goes out to the doctors and nurses for the problems they have with medicare. In comparison I don’t live in a $250.000 home, just a simple 3 BR ranch. I do have indoor plumbing and electric for now. I am retired and trying to live on a fixed income. I also don’t drive a hummer, just an old 7 year old van.
Now I also have my situations, just try keeping up with doctor/hospital care billings and what medicare allows and my part. My part I have no problems with, it’s just trying to tie all the paperwork to match with charges, allowance and co-payment. Try understand that enviorement.
I firmly believe this nation will never have a workable medical program. The idiots in D.C., which comes from their respective states cannot work together, hell or high water. Each has their own offence and defence. If Dem is on the offence the Rep’s are on the defence. It’s like a sports game (baseball, football, basketball or whatever). They are not for the citizens of this country, they are more interested in assisting foreigneirs and themselves. Get the corruption out of D.C. and this nation may survive, I said MAY!!


Tom Palethorpe - January 29, 2011

bamacare has cost me my insurance. Due to not really knowing how bamacare is going to affect the small company I work for, they have cut our hours and by doing that it takes away our company healthcare. Thanks bama

Brice Time - January 29, 2011

Lets see you live in the United States a land where you have the ability to come and go and do as you please for the most part.
Yet In countrys where the Government runs HC System you’re freedoms are not quite so vast.
So my only question is why would you wish to revisit what the founders of this nation fought to remove us from. “An overbearing government” that tells you who you can see, what you can do, where you can go, and when you can go if you even can.
I will not even get in the the burden of cost, but perhaps if you think your meds are to coslty ask why that is?
Can you handle the truth, such as in countries that have less freedoms than you, we here in the US are covering the cost for their meds? Did any of you know that?
There also must be a reason why when these countries leaders need medical aid they come to the US for such aid?
You know thats due to the stellar HC they have at home.
As far as I see the HCR passed by the radical left progressives in the 111th congress & senate is little differant that the passage of the Patriot Act.
Hello room 101 anyone?
Are you awake? Or is your head still stuck in the sand?
Do you really think that Government is the answer to everything?
Perhaps they should also help you put you’re pants on, oh wait thats only if you’re allowed to wear pants or even breath air. Think about what you’re actions mean in the long term, when you give away you’re freedoms for trinkets and alleged safety, are you really FREE any longer?

How was that FREE lunch?

Michael Kruger - January 29, 2011

Obamacare is a misnomer, as a cancer patient I have many doctors, for verious treatments and different areas of the body the cancer has spread. Two of my doctors have already quit because of this socialist agenda, my insurance has doubled, my deductibles have tripled, and my co-payments have also tripled! This is just a take over of health care and a step toward socialized medicine!

nikkii989 - January 29, 2011

I have to file for Medicare in 1 year and I am afraid. I have had medical benefits my entire life and now that I am a senior I am going to be told that I am not going to be able to have a service because I am TOOOOO OLD! I would like to tell my state senator’s and house members that they have to pay for my services if the federal government denies me services. I come from one of the bluest states in the union and it is CT. I did not vote for one of them and am in disbelief that they think the entire state wants ObamaCare. I am smarter and wiser than any of the ones elected from CT. What makes me madder is that they keep getting re-elected.

John Nelson - January 29, 2011

I know Obama care is going to affect my insurance coverage, I am retired, currently have a great plan for both my Wife and myself a with a 126 dollars a month contribution, otherwise we pay for nothing, and no ,limits, we pick our doctors. This covers all Medical. Dental, and Eye care. This will go away in 2014 it will be cheaper for the company to pay the federal fine of $2000.00 instead of the $7000.00 they pay now for our coverage. There goes a great insurance plan and coverage that I worked 34 years to get, we will be put into the Government plan with the IRS hanging over our heads and the threat of being arrested of fined if we decide not to go under the governments. Obama care is a bunch of lies and is going to hurt millions of people who now have company supplied health care particularly the Retired, we are being thrown under the Bus by Obama, and now our health decisions will be made by his bureaucrats in Washington D.C.. Sure hope I don’t need a kidney transplant.

Elizabeth Lambird DO - January 29, 2011

This comment is to the physician who earlier called this video self serving. The commentor is clearly out of touch …. are you still in residency or do you work in academia?
I opened my own solo practice 10 years ago and am a board ceritfied family physician actively looking to exit the profession entirely. The far left’s pushing of socialized medicine will utterly destroy medical care as the American people want it. Citizens want to choose their own physicians, make their own health care decisions without government dictates and intrusion.
I rent a 1500 sq ft office and my overhead is $250 an hour. I have not taken Medicaid in years (dropped out when found that my 161 pt panel was chewing up 4-6 slots a day at $15 a visit) and have not accepted new Medicare pts for several years either. The average elderly person has 6-11 issues that have to be monitored, documented, scripts written every 3-6 months to meet current guidelines of acceptable medical care, This comes out to about 45 minutes per visit if you hurry. The $87 I get for that 99214 just does not cover that time they take (and Congress wanted to cut that $87 by 25% 1/1/11). I do not skimp on care, but cannot accept responsibility for any more of them. The way we manage it now, is that the chronic disease management pts now load onto the schedule in red. Staff know to only sched 3 ‘reds’ per half day so that I can literally steal time from multiple younger 99213’s (colds, UTIs, ADD refills,,,,) to be able to care for the ones I have. I was open 10 -12 hours 5 days a week and half days on Sat, but now that I am 50, simply can’t keep up that pace. Just this month cut the schedulable hours to 40 a week, so with administrative time am still there 50-55 hours a week. Waiting now to see what impact this has on the cash flow.

The system needs reformed when the work horses of the system – the FPs peds and IM’s – are reimbursed so little as to literally be limiting access to their own services as the only way to stay in business.

Here in Kansas City, the entire metro is consolidating into a very few large groups ( as has already been done in Springfield MO with great success). This is the only way we will have any say at the table when reimbursements are negotiated. These automatic pay cuts for the Medicare pts will not cut cost of providing care because Washington cannot cut our overhead by fiat. They only serve to re-inforce to those of us out here in the trenches to not take responsibility for any more Medicare pts and be planning your exit strategy, as the government clearly taking active steps to control the entire industry.
As much as I hate to give up my autonomy, I would rather work with a conglomerate which allows physician participation than to have my medical practice dictated by some low level union federal government employee.

America: we have a problem. socialized medicine MUST be stopped.

Part of the overhead is simply the cost of getting here: I am down to $136,000 of the $191,000 debt I had to incur to be able to do this work. When my son gradutates from med school ( where he went AGAINST my urging), his debt will be $300,000.
We operate the practice very frugally, When I turned 50, I cut my hours from 64 a week to 40 a week, finally stopping Saturdays, I have had 4 weeks of vacation in the last 10 years, and when gone, called the office every 2 hours to answer phones calls that came in through the day. My staff only earns $10 -14/hr. We are fully EMR, sterilize our own equipment, do our own laundry. Where more can I cut or what more can I do to get the cost of care any lower?
You will never convince me that some govt agency trying to manage my practice from Jeff City or Washington with who knows how many layers of middle managers is going to be able to provide a lower cost care than I am currently providing, It just is not so. Nor will herding all of us docs into huge buildings to take advantage of “scale of economy” That is mixing up principles of manufacturing with service. THAT will only guaruntee pts having more difficulty accessing “their” doctor, and I promise you, I will not feel any compunction of ownership of such a practice, nor the willingness to personally sacrifice for the practice when I am one of several hundred employees, That is a recipe for both patient and provider dissatisfaction – NO- anger – no, likely rage. (is that why there is a provision for a 600 member presidential militia buried in the healthcare bill?) There simply is a floor on the cost of care and Washington does not want to acknowledge that – any provided service has costs. Simply cutting re-imbursements will not start a domino effect of cutting cost of care, no , it will only PREVENT ACCESS TO CARE FURTHER.

Please, America, take back our govenrment and leave the running of (all of) our lives to US – we the people- Self governance is what has made us great – If we do not stop this slide into socialism, we DESERVE what we get – most of health care provided by midlevels, fewer docs, more dissatisfaction, higher cost for rationed care and NO CHOICE.

Dr Elizabeth Lambird, Lees Summit, MO

Donald W Henry - January 29, 2011

My Medicare Advantage plan just increased by 95% getting set for the new health destroy bill. Being on SS this Killed my budget. Haveing been a engineer for 28 years and worked around the world and now on SSD for the last 7 years I feel I have a lot to contribute to this debate espescially the statement by the President ” The Mayo Clinic should be used as a example for a health care model”. I can tell you from first hand experience that NO ONE can afford the Mayo without medicare or some other non capped insurance. Would you like to hear more?

What do HOUSE AND SENATE MEMBERS earn per year and how much time do they need to be on the hill to be GIVEN A RETIREMENT?

I look forward to the answere!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Fields - January 29, 2011

Having formally renounced all claim in Socialist Security, I’m not accepted for treatment by any doctors. As soon as I state that I don’t use a number as an identifier, I’m cordially asked to leave.

Thet’s the depth to which government’s tendrils have penetrated my life so far. All I can do is pray that I don’t contract a deadly malady. How long will it be before I’ll be deprived of eat and drink for lack of the ‘Beast’s’ number? Not long, I venture to guess.

Bob Engelbretson - January 29, 2011

My first encounter with Obamacare was this past July when I had to pay $200 for a pre-op physical for cataract surgery in my right eye. When the same pre-op exam was previously required for my left eye it was covered by my insurance.

I am 73 years old and I feel that I fall into Obama’s #1 Care Category for Seniors “Take an Asprin and get a Wheel Chair”

Pat Hammonds - January 29, 2011

I disagree with Dr. Stasiuk. It’s not ineffective or self-serving. It is a statement rendered with truth and concern for where this country is headed. If you take note of what other people who are covered under private insurances are saying, you’ll realize everyone is or will be afftected by these federally controlled guildlines.

Cecelia Nowlin - January 29, 2011

Obamacare does not work well for all Americans. I would like to see a bill that does not rob from Peter to pay Paul. This is not the bill that will work for us. As a person close to retirement age (I have another 4 years), I am looking for something that will be good for the people and we haven’t found it yet.

Christina Parrillo - January 29, 2011

This is only the begining,

Martha Cuevas - January 29, 2011

Wow, it is good to know I am not alone. I don’t agree with Demetrius but the others who previously posted have about covered it. It is hard not to get upset when you feel like you jumped through all the hoops and now this. For those who pray, remember: “we have not because we ask not.” So cry out to God to have mercy on this country. We don’t deserve His mercy after trying to write Him out of everything but for those who believe He does hear and answer.

Kenneth Carter - January 29, 2011

I’ve had several discussions with my Doc about the effects that are already being implemented. If your disabled and a veteran you have two strikes against you in health care delivery. I know first hand of what I speak !

Anabell Phillips - January 29, 2011

My husband and I have been retired for six years. Medicare is very important to us, along with our tie in BC/BS which we pay over $500 per month for. We are both 76 now and fortunately in good health. Due partly to being able to see the doctors we require. I hate to think what we would do if ObamaCare becomes a reality. Maybe it’s the government’s way to eliminate the senior citizens, while paying for health care for the people that are in this country illegally.

Walt Long - January 29, 2011

We don’t need all of the red tape that comes with the gov’t. intrusion. W.

Yvonne - January 30, 2011

Repeal Obamacare in totality!!!! Tort Reform and a crack down on the unetical practices and charges in the drug industry must occur and the sooner the better! Why can we US Citizens travel to Central and South America and pay a premier doctor only $60 for a visit, go for lab tests and blood work in the morning and have the results by the afternoon. Something is wrong with the United States and it is greed in government. Our elected officials are paid by us with our tax money — cut their salaries and expense and put them all in a pair of pants that truly fit them as public servants! The entire US is sliding off the end of the earth! To hell with the Chinese and other countries that is what is burying us!

Yvonne - January 30, 2011

Hippocrates Oath is obviously no longer in existence in the U.S. thanks to the U.S. Government! Down With Obamacare.

Spencer Weiser - January 30, 2011

ObamaCare will be repealed because of the efforts of organizations such as a Heritage. The American people are finally getting to understand the false promises of liberal politicians ( these politicians reside in the Republican Party as well as the Democratic Party.)

Brad Thibodaux - January 30, 2011

Obamacare will have negative impact on many parts of the healthcare system. In order to cover 36 million uninsureds, many cuts will be made to all areas of health car. 500 billion dollars is being cut from Medicare and Medicaid over the next ten years. These are cuts that will affect the care and wllbeing of Senior citizens who are at that point in their lives, where health care becomes more critical. This 500 billion dollars in cuts will affect their quality of life and their longetivity. It appears that the two groups affected the most are unborn babies because of government approved abortion and old folks whose health issues appear to be of no concern to the government.

Alan Dechovitz - January 30, 2011

The fundamentals here are why Democrats win and Republicans loose, time and again. Here we have a doctor telling her story to a conservative audience. How many eyeballs have even seen this? 100000? 200000. Nope, posted 7 months ago and 27,000 viewers. If this were a Democrat story it would be on TV at 800pm, there would be an interview with an old black lady who the doc had treated for free but had now to go to the emergency room for critical care, the film would be her in the emergency room suffering while she waited with concerned family, there would be a panel discussing the movie and pointing fingers at the Republicans, then there would be a Congressional hearing with Senators and Congressmen rubbing the medias’ collective nose in the mess.
The Heritiage Foundation, just like the Republicans, is afraid to step into the mudpit the Democrats have created and sling some mud. The TEA party instinctively understands this. Its time for the patricians at Heritage and the RNC to learn this too. If professional conservatives keep smiling and intellectualizing, like a bunch of Bill Kryistols, we are done as a political force and I’m afraid, as great country.

Maureen M. Masson - January 30, 2011

As an RN who worked in an office for 29 years I saw first-hand what Medicare, Medical, lawyers and malpractice lawsuits can do to an office. My doctors were penalized because they kept their costs to the patients down. When they retired they were making 10 cents on the dollar.

I’m retired now, and my fury has intensified over the years watching lawyers tell doctors how to run their practices. No mention is given that it costs doctors around $420,000 to become physicians, and yet they are not expected to charge for their expertise.

I believe justice is what Americans should expect from their government. But no, justice in America is out of reach for most citizens because of the high cost of legal advice.

David Repyak - January 30, 2011

I fully understand Dr Boone concern. I am a pharmacist with a grocery chain of which we have
about 98 pharmacies. The reimbursements are so low that it will soon close every independent pharmacy in the country. My pharmacy chain loses so much money that the grocery part is having to absorb our large loses. Soon we will be closing the pharmacies and also the rest of the grocery. It is the drug manufactures that make the huge profits and give large kick backs to the insurance carriers for promoting their products.
It will not be long and all medications will be by mail order houses funded by the government.

Richard L. Copeland - January 30, 2011

I have found no doctors that I personally know that has said anything good about Obamacare. It is hurting our health
care industry. Obamacare is full of lies and it’s a shame
that the bill has not been revealed in detail in the public
media. This reminds me of Cuba.

Richard Peasel - January 30, 2011

I just became eligible for Medicare. The first difference I noticed between Medicare and my former insurance plan was as follows:
* Formerly, I had a contract with the Insurance company where I was liable for only certain co-pays. The Insurance Company had a contract with the doctor and hospital that I was only responsible for the Co-pays.

* My first experience with Medicare was that I had to sign paperwork at the hospital that I would pay any bill that Medicare declined. It was explained to me that sometimes Medicare would decline a procedure as not medically necessary and I would be responsible in getting reinbursement from Medicare.

Do we now have Washington bureaucrats coming between my doctor and me?

Angela - January 31, 2011

Obamacare was passed with bribes, backrooom deals, and I’m pretty sure threats to some of the congress and senate reps. and their families; This being the case just shows how “good ole’ fashioned arm twisting” will get you whatever you want; also doesn’t every congressional and senate rep. have free cadillac healthcare plans for the rest of their lives? They will never feel our pain of Obamacare.
On January 1, 2011 our employer provided health insurance renewal kicked in for this year. Tell me,aren’t our insurance premiums supposed to be less? Well ours increased 16% with less coverage, longterm disability went up 22%, and check this out: everyone who gets a paycheck should look at their Medicare and Social Security taxes; compare them to a year ago; we are all paying for Obamacare whether we want to or not.
My sister has MS and is afraid that because of Obamacare she will not recieve any more medical services because the government will consider her expendable. South Carolina has completely discontinued Medicaid. My gyn says she will probably close her practice when Obamacare comes full swing; she won’t be able to afford to stay in business.

David Lefever - January 31, 2011

To Demetrius Stasiuk, MD, you did not listen very closely. Her comments were not self serving. She spoke of very real patients that she had to let go because government does not pay its bill. The point is government IS the problem, NOT the solution. She also spoke of her love of helping people. How is that self serving? She deserves to make a profit for her efforts. Nothing wrong with that. At least she’s honest.

James Gustafson - January 31, 2011

We need free enterprise solutions to the problem. Get government out of the mix and let individuals buy insurance (with or without vouchers) so the most effective providers prevail.

Clark Jensen OD - January 31, 2011

I am an Optometrist. My reimbursement from Mediacare on a common test that we perform to help us detect and manage glaucoma and macular degeneration dropped almost 50% on Jan 1 of this year. The equipment is very expensive. The testing is critical to accurate diagnosis and management yet we can almost not afford the equipment if we can’t get reimbursed for testing.

It feels the government is penalizing those who are willing to work. Why?

Jim Brown - January 31, 2011

Obamacare must be repealed. It is a program concocted by Obama, Reid and Pelosi all whom are not Doctors and therefore not competent to even begin to write a program for over 300 million citizens. From the getgo the Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals and Pharmacies along with all others involved in health industry should be the only ones who’s advice and opinions should be made into a viable system and for the benefit of all.
If Obamacare was such an outstanding program why are so many companies getting a pass for having to be in this nonsensical program?
Jim Brown
Eastvale, CA

T Green - January 31, 2011

Medicare doctors found out a long time ago that it does not pay to take Medicare or Federal health insurance such as Military. How it has affected my family they told us with my child it was not necessary for him to have surgery (was not important for him to talk) well we took him to the outside non military ie government health care he had his surgery it cost us a alot of money gov did not cover it took years for us to pay but we were better off because the gov did not own the doctors or hospitals at that time. So as the doctor states in the videio it will greatly affect everyones life once the government is dictating what we can and our doctors can do…..
I think they need to use personal stories of people not just the doctors….

Linda Fusco - January 31, 2011

We have new medical coverage for 2011, as I was in the ER. and the doctor said (even though I think you should be admitted) you do not meet your medical coverages criteria they will not pay!
(for one month I was csickhad cronic phunoma -in and out of the doctors and ER hospital so many RXs had to pay for no co-pay until you reach $3000.00
Thanks Obama for screwing the American public

patricia - February 1, 2011

Our healthcare has already been affected. the price of medication has gone up and (service is worse), although we have insurance that covered the doctor, dentist, optometrist we were told by the dentist that we would need a supplement, which we got. So, we have managed to control our finances. HC will not. I have been helped under the private system. This HC bill is what I call a “one size fits all” bill…..trouble is, we were helping people before only they chose to waste money on everything BUT!

Terry L. Irwin, M.D. - February 1, 2011

I have been in private practice primary care (internal medicine) for 34 years. I love the practice of medicine but not the business of medicine. I have a successful practice but I do not know who would replace me when I retire as very .few doctors are entering primary care; too much work for the decreasing reimbursement, punitive forms and paperwork, need to pay employees for nonreimbursable services and to deal with the government and insurance companies who are so intrusive in our practice. Who will be the primary care doctors to care for the increasing population? Who will do the preventive medicine that prevents disease as this is largely the role of the primary care doctor. I can not see Medicaid patients unless I run a “doctor mill” which is not good care. If Medicare does not correct the reimbursement problem it will become like Medicaid and few doctors will be able to see Medicare patients and have a solvent practice. Primary Care in the future would become one huge ER with no continuity of care that the doctor-patient relationship provides. Congress appears to be totally tone-deaf to these issues.

Elizabeth Frazier - February 6, 2011

My husband has already lost 2 doctors, and this was before Obama care. Both said they could not keep up with the insurance requirements. He was going in the red, the majority of his patients were Medicare and couldn’t make his costs any longer.
He was working with 4 other doctors and just couldn’t see every patient even if could only make it every 10 min. So he quit private practice, and internist and was going into hospital staff
position. The other was going into Hospice. They were great doctors, and my husband wasn’t even in medicare. He just reg. insurance thru his job. They were wonderful doctors.
What other doctors are leaving their practices now?

shirley - June 28, 2012

Yet another Obama mess. The middle class will pay for this blunder again with increased taxes. Obama won’t be happy unless USA becomes a Socialist country run by a dictator aka Obama. Whenever the Gov’t becomes involved you can be sure it will be a mess. Our healthcare system will be negatively impacted, employers will go out of business, healthcare workers Doctors, Nurses & Allied heath care will be neg impacted. I don’t see anything good coming out of this half baked mandate. Gov’t oversight will force Dr’s to either quit or work harder for a lot less.

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