The so-called Affordable Care Act may die on the steps of the Supreme Court. That will depend on the Fifth Circuit, and the Supreme Court Justices later on. Last week, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor, a George W. Bush appointee, granted a motion to strike down the Affordable Care Act.

Marie Fishpaw, Heritage’s Director of Domestic Policy Studies, and John Malcolm, Vice President of the Institute for Constitutional Government, wrote a joint commentary discussing what happened and where to go from here. They also highlighted the Health Care Choice Proposal, the next logical step for Congress to consider if the Court voids Obamacare.

States that received waivers under Obamacare were able to innovate around the burdensome regulations and reduce premiums for their residents. The Health Care Choice Proposal would build upon that experience. In the end, Fishpaw and Malcolm write, “[it] would lower premiums up to an estimated 32 percent and ensure that everyone can access a quality private coverage arrangement of their choice.”

Because of your support, Heritage stands ready to help you regain the healthcare freedom and choice lost under Obamacare. We are ready to replace that failed program with something that costs less, and returns the power of choice to Americans everywhere. Thank you for standing with us on this issue.

Read John Malcolm and Marie Fishpaw’s commentary here.

Read the Health care Choice Proposal here.

Should the states make healthcare policy, or should the federal government make a new policy to replace Obamacare?

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Cecil Boyd - December 22, 2018

Let the states make the terms.

Ann Hilburn - December 22, 2018

States should make healthcare policy. That is not a responsibility for the federal government.

Kate - December 22, 2018

There should be both federal and state insurance programs which would be the choice of the citizen.
The costs of prescription medications needs to be addressed as well as ObamaCare’s Death Panels. Also, health care professionals need to be paid well, or they will or not work in HealthCare leading to a shortage of physicians.

Many US. citizens are not well-informed and ae frightened of eliminating ObamaCare. There needs to be a major HealthCare Communication Program to the American people.

William Coates - December 22, 2018

States should do the job. Their fiscal limitations are such that they cannot be all things to all people. They cannot print money, and their borrowing is subject to market constraints and credit ratings.
If states overspend, they will overtax and suffer losses as people and businesses go to more prudent states. Politicians must live with trade-offs and limits.

Maggie McMullan - December 22, 2018

The ¨sheep dip” approach does not work for all sheep. The states, led by their constituents, should come up with their own unique approach.

Sinclair B. Doggett - December 22, 2018

States must be involved but the program must unfortunately include the federal government as well. Insurance must be available like auto insurance that is nation wide so citizens can compare insurance programs and make all programs as competitive as possible so we all have many choices.

Howard Cannon - December 22, 2018

There should be no health care policy. If an individual wants it they should be able to buy it without government overreach.

Sinclair Doggett - December 22, 2018

I feel a group should be formed consisting of an organization like Heritage, small and large businesses, insurance companies, hospital assn’s., medical equipment suppliers. NO government or regulators of any kind! This group needs to start with a clean slate and start from scratch. This new program would NOT allow businesses or any other groups to pay for health coverage for any person. Drugs would be dispensed by local pharmacies but prices would somehow be posted so we could compare prices. Patents would somehow have to be addressed. Insurance would be like auto insurance sold nation wide to everyone with or without preexisting conditions. If we could eliminate the insurance coverage then each person could decide who and what but I’m not sure just how that would work especially for people that really can’t decide things for themselves. This group would be an amazing group to cover everything but I think it is possible. The most important thing is to keep all government or controlling entities out of the program. Eliminate all medicare programs and let everyone buy their own health program.

Vickie Suarez - December 23, 2018

States. Policy should involve free market solutions. Ideally, we should get the government out of the health insurance business altogether. You need to educate the people on the importance of consumer driven decisions and self-government. When civil government provides cradle to grave care, we will become mere subjects, slaves to government. What government gives, it can take away. Be bold. Free the market.

William Cornwell - December 23, 2018

Allow health insurance to cross a all state lines.

Cox - December 23, 2018

States should be responsible for health care programs. This is not for fredeiral government to control.

linda dick - December 24, 2018

Some of our States are as political as our Federal Government. Let the Voters have a voice and vote.

John Wier - December 26, 2018

Get the feds out of health care. The feds can state that health care providers can cross state line to provide health insurance. The state should open all boarder to health insurance companies.
Let people decide what they want covered.

Frosty Poston - December 26, 2018

I agree with Ann Hilburn.
States should make healthcare policy.
That is not a responsibility for the federal government. Healthcare is not, and should never become, an entitlement.

kathleen Krumholz - December 26, 2018

States should make healthcare policy.

Robert Gardner - December 28, 2018

Before Obama Care, there were problems with health insurance. For two families in similar situations, premiums could vary by 10 times.
I believe the problems were created by excess regulation.
I also believe that the healthcare problems should be fixed by eliminating strangling regulations and let a free market set prices.

RJ Rucker - December 30, 2018

why are we not helping open the doors for
prepaid medical. Like med share etc.
Promoting preventive health care. Hospitals would make more money and give more personal care. Major mind shift,
the more beds we keep empty the healthier
our customers are.???????

nancy jones - January 3, 2019

NO FEDS;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;STATE POLICY;;;;;;;;;;BY VOTE;;;;;;;;;;;;;;ACROSS STATE LINES;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;GOOD LUCK!!!

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