Demonstrators carry a giant mock pipeline while calling for the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline during a rally in front of the White House in Washington November 6, 2011.

Bowing to pressure from environmental groups, President Obama on Wednesday rejected a permit application by TransCanada that would have allowed construction to begin on the 1,700 mile Keystone XL pipeline.

The pipeline would run from Alberta, Canada to refineries in Texas and would have directly created 20,000 jobs for Americans and brought over 700,000 barrels of oil per day. The Canadian Energy Research Institute estimates that current pipeline operations and the addition of the Keystone XL pipeline would create 179,000 American jobs by 2035.

Heritage Foundation energy expert Nick Loris finds the President’s delay “stunning but not unexpected”.

At a time when unemployment remains unacceptably high, Iran is threatening the Strait of Hormuz, and Canada is looking to take this oil elsewhere, it is difficult to understand how the President could say no to thousands of jobs and an increase in energy supply from our ally.

Interestingly enough, while the President says the State Department did not have enough time to conduct a thorough study of the project’s environmental impact, the State Department has already conducted a thorough, three-year environmental review with multiple comment periods.

“DOS studied and addressed risk to soil, wetlands, water resources, vegetation, fish, wildlife, and endangered species,”  says Loris, “They concluded that the construction of the pipeline would pose minimal environmental risk.”

Keystone XL also met 57 specific pipeline safety standard requirements created by DOS and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. The pipeline would be equipped with 16,000 sensors connected to satellite that would monitor the pressure of the pipeline.

Read Nick Loris’s full report on the State Department’s findings and how this job-creating project has become a partisan issue.

What do you think? Is the President delaying shovel-ready jobs in an effort to cater to special interests?

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Leslie Cahill - January 20, 2012

We have a foreign government in the Whitehouse!

Michael Tappan - January 20, 2012

The president is pandering to special interests, in this case the environmentalists, but I wonder what the unions think of the obstacle he has raised to the creation of jobs.

Rick - January 20, 2012

Why should anyone consider what he is doing is other than pandering to SOMEONE’s special interest other than the American people.

Carolyn K. - January 20, 2012

There is absolutely no question in my mind that this is another step in Obama’s plan to destroy America!!! This project is a win-win proposition in the development of jobs and lowering fuel costs and increase of energy supply for the American people. His rejection is a blatant slap in the face of the American people. How many of these “slaps” are we going to take?

Walt Kowalski - January 20, 2012

Each day that I look at my children and grandchildren, I pray we will choose a President that has the USA’s best interests in their heart and mind.

Kim Shepherd - January 20, 2012

An idea. Let’s get a “recess approval” of the pipeline during a time when Obama and company take their next multi-week, multi-million dollar vacation.

Brad R - January 20, 2012

I don’t think this has as much to do with special interests as it does to the fact that Obummer does NOT want to create jobs. He wants people dependent on government handouts that he and his cronies provide. If they have jobs they won’t need those.

John Magin/ New York - January 20, 2012

It’s not surprising to me, his objective is the destruction of Capitalism and he has done a fine job. Where was the “Lamestream Media” when he was running for office, and why didn’t they know he wasn’t a natural born citizen. The law and Constitution mean nothing to this man.

Clara - January 20, 2012

I agree that this pipeline is a win-win proposition. If we don’t take the opportunity now, we’ll miss out on a great chance to help unemployed workers and the energy situation, and risk losing Canada’s generosity to help us. They’ll offer their oil to someone else by the time the govt makes up its mind and I mean to say that President Obama is one of the most selfish men I have ever known.

Dallas Dagenais - January 20, 2012

The Presidant is definitely bowing to his left wing political donors on this as well as many other issues. His Union backers should take heed that it is not what is best for the United States and US workers but what is politically in his best interest that drives this man. He is the most devisive President in my memory, whichi goess back to the second World War!

Connie Garate - January 20, 2012

I believe that Obama has no interest in America.
He is traitor to all we believe and mostly to those Americans who are out of work and our unsettling dependence on foreign oil. The Texas/Canada pipeline would have been a great boon to both.

Bill - January 20, 2012

When Obama unconstitutionally appointed the 3 people to the NLRB, it was obvious that this appeased the union bosses (where the money comes from and not the members) and he was now free to appease the environmentalists by rejecting the permit pipeline.

Carol Shriner - January 20, 2012

@ Kim Shepherd,

I say, let’s get a ‘recess approval’ of the president’s job the next time he goes on vacation! When he comes home, he’lll find out HE’S now out of a job.

Robert H. Werden - January 20, 2012

This is nothing more than another Obama step on his path to destroy our democratic republic. This flies in the face of common sense. Why doesn’t congress bring him up on charges and impeach him? Is congress so full of progressives that congress ignores the constitution and their oath to uphold it?

John - January 20, 2012

Of course, he is. That’s how liberals think. It’s also very predictable of Obama, personally, for that matter. Like Carolyn said, he just got in there for the sole purpose of harming the USA.

The pic is not much of a surprise, either, although I’m not sure what nuclear weapons and oil pipelines have in common.

I liked Kim’s idea. That would be funny if we did that. Of course, though, that would be against the law, so we better not. You know how the mainstream would react.

Daniel Altman - January 20, 2012

I expect nothing less from our socialist,marxist who would be king! He is running roughshod over congress
and we the sheeple.All that is missing is his scepter and
crown! God help us is he is re-elected!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

Diane Winston - January 20, 2012

No doubt about it!! This President is in campaign mode 100% of the time. Either that or he knows and cares nothing about the economy and the working class he professes to want to help.

Susan Byrnes - January 20, 2012

Even for President Obama this action is unconscionable! Does he really think he can get away with this outrageous disregard for the wellfare of the nation? I pray that the effort by Republicans in the House to craft legislation to override the President’s action will be supported by many courageous Democrats. This could be the beginning of true bipartisan cooperation to save this great nation of ours.

Charlene Albertson - January 20, 2012

Yes Obama is hell bent on destroying this country one way or another and not granting this pipeline is just one more slap at the oil industry. Living in Alaska he has messed with us big time causing major delays in gas and oil production here and causing job loss. Why he has not been impeached or arrested for violating his path of office is beyond me. It’s stuns me tomsee that there are so many people who actually believe he is doing a god job and all the right things. Obama is a communist who wears expensive clothes and calls anyone a racist who does not like his policies. I’m sad and scared that he will continue to be a dictator and refuse to step down if not reelected.

Miriam B - January 20, 2012

This government is determined to undermine everything that is helpful to the American people. Even without expensive study upon study upon study, it seems to me that the pipeline was indeed a win-win proposition. We buy oil from a friend (we don’t have many of them!), provide lots of jobs for lots of people and make oil and gas more affordable to the 99% he is supposedly a warrior for. The man is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Another turn off the water so the stupid smelt will not be endangered proposition! The man is dangerous to our health and well being!

Lili - January 20, 2012

Absolutely-it is all about him getting re-elected and not about the USA, jobs or keeping the Constitution–he is out to destroy us (or those backing this loser) he has not background other than what he says. I pray that the majority of THE US legal citizen wake up in time to safe our country.

Holice Pender - January 20, 2012

Mr Obama is not interested in creating jobs & making this country energy independent.This pipe-line would not only create much needed jobs but over the years go a long ways towards paying down our national debt.He wants us all to drive little rinky-dink electric cars to the grocery store & to work & then go home & stay there & not be out on the roads burning gas & contributing to global-warming that is going to destroy the earth.I heard him say one time that the price of gas needs to get as high as $7.00pg before the American people will begin to curb their dependance on gas to power their autos.I hope the American people will unite to FIRE this moron in November.

Eve Tomassini - January 20, 2012

Take heart, America! The oil company is considering completing the portion of the pipeline in the U.S. to transport oil from N. Dakota to Texas. They will complete the portion in Canada when and if they are allowed.

John Tirrell - January 20, 2012

Our President does not realize he is not an emperor. He feels he is above being answerable to anyone but himself. Listening to environmental groups is just an excuse to demonstrate authority he thinks he has but does not have constitutionally. This is a major reason why he must be defeated n November.

John M Chilcott - January 20, 2012

The man is NOT incompetent. The man is a sabeteur!

Patricia - January 20, 2012

It seem’s pretty obvious to me and other’s who have commented on this issue–he has another agenda, that doesn’t include job’s.

joelas - January 20, 2012

Now that USA has gotten rid of its number one enemy OBL, it should now get rid of number two enemy BHO.

Paul - January 20, 2012

I live in Montana, a state this pipeline would have passed through. Our residents are leaving in droves to work in North Dakota. Our state and our country are dying economically. I know a city council person in a town that would have been a major point along the way of the pipeline. They were anticpating up to 1,200 jobs to be based out of their town. Now they are gone! This president cares nothing about our country or our citizens! He needs to be removed immediately. Why isn’t anyone taking steps to arrest him?

Robert Wedge - January 20, 2012

This guy is the perfect storm combination of Saul Alinsky radicalism, incompetence, and narcissism. The actual well being of Americans isn’t even on his radar screen. He’s an embarrassment!

Charles & Charlene Burger - January 20, 2012

Would this have anything to do with Soros & the oil in South America?

Nan Reynolds - January 20, 2012

Does the nanme SOROS and his plan to deteriorate America ring any bells???Obomination.

Ken Lieseke - January 20, 2012

If judicial Watch has any influence at all, why doesent it lobby the President to sighn up for that pipeline?

Joyce Swanson - January 20, 2012

We must take advantage of the natural products here in North America. A pipeline from Canada to Mexico would be OK. Any environmental damage can be fixed. More jobs. Mr. President needs to stop bowing to the minority , meaning the environmentalists. These are hard times. We need jobs and doing this has cost aplenty. I am sick and tired of this attitude that he needs to bow to these people. Why???

Patricia Moore - January 20, 2012

Obama thinks giving in to the special interest groups wukll get him re-elected. That is all he cares about!! He does not care one bit about the economy or jobs for the American people.

Karen Llewellyn - January 20, 2012

The president certainly is tippy-toeing around the greenies. Yes, we want to take care of the environment, but it feels like most of the regulations these days place draconian limits on the cultivation of our own energy supplies. The industrial potential of this country is being hamstrung by environmentalists.

Tim S. - January 20, 2012

This is a re-election ploy. Just before the elections Obama will approve the pipeline claiming to have worked through all of the “problems” it had in its original form. This guy is the Grand Master of bait-and-switch politics.

Just Questioning - January 20, 2012

What do I thinK?

After reading a recent BBC article one has to rethink Keystone. The Dept. of State’s statement as reported in the BBC article advised that “This announcement is not a judgment on the merits of the pipeline, but the arbitrary nature of a deadline that prevented the state department from gathering the information necessary to approve the project and protect the American people.” is misleading and untrue.

But it would appear the that the Keystone Permit (1) was approved and issued by the US Department of State back in March 2008 with a “final” sign-off dependent on an approved “Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)”.

Following the 2.5 year EIS process, “On August 26, 2011, the U.S. Department of State issued for approval (by the Secretary of State – Clinton) the Final EIS for the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline.”

To fully appreciate what is going on one has to read the Dept. of State’s “Mission Statement” as signed and issued by Clinton in 2010. One of the core missions as stated is to “Stimulate market forces for transformational policies in alternative energy, electricity, development and reconstruction.” This is followed by the comment: “Traditional sources like oil and gas continue to be essential but all countries must promote responsible use and diversification of those supplies.”

Given that Keystone is not (i) alternate energy and (ii) does not diversify supplies it does not meet the “policy” requirements as established by Secretary Clinton in 2010 when she took over the Dept. of State.
IMHO, there is strong case to be made that this is a Dept. of State (Clinton) Policy Decision nothing more nothing less.

What is going on at the moment in WDC is a furthering of the Dems political agenda and has zero to do with the environment or the welfare of the US. To the contrary, future energy prices will be forced up to the point that so called Green projects can compete with conventional sources energy. It is called market manipulation. We have a energy policy…drive up prices and to heck with employment….all in the name of GoreGreen….…crony politics one wonders?

Leonard Hartman - January 20, 2012

Gross lying & deception are often used tools inserted into Obama’s speeches. He is not honest. “A man is as good as his word.”

Leo Scully - January 20, 2012

Obama is clearly playing to his own, or his hidden handlers, agenda and not to the betterment of the United States and the US Citizens. Under his direction he has greately accelerated the decline of the US which started with the 1936 election.

Esek Hopkins - January 20, 2012

obama has no desire to allow the Keystone project. He is an anti-American who set out to “fundamentally” change the country. Most people were unaware what he meant by that, but then most people never knew that the only “job” he ever had was as a communist street agitator. That’s some resume for a president.

Tonie - January 20, 2012

Of course, he wants to please the special interest people.

Robert E. Black - January 21, 2012

No surprise here. It demonstrates Obama’s opposition to doing anything which would help this Country succeed in creating new jobs and reducing our energy costs. A lot of people might become less dependent on big government if this pipeline is approved and he simply does not want this to happen. He clearly wants us to remain dependent on oil imported from Muslim nations he bows down to. Building the pipeline flies in the face of his grand scheme to thrust this nation into a Marxist/Socialist government status led by him! How can we be so blind to seeing his goals? May the Good Lord help us end the reign of destruction of this Nation Obama has brought upon us!

Gene - January 21, 2012

Obama will approve the pipeline just before the election, blaming Republicans for not providing him with enough substantial information to approve it earlier. Purely political from a man who could care less about the American Worker or the cost of energy. Six more months of misery for the economy than a miraculous change of position.

Mr. Jackie Ray Sutton - January 21, 2012

Obama will do anything he can to keep from doing
what Americans and Conservative Republicans want

Mr. Jackie Ray Sutton - January 21, 2012

Obama will do everything he can to not do what
conservative Americans want.

Jim McKie - January 21, 2012

The President is, again, wrong.

We are going to pay for this error, and the other errors of his presidency, unless we force him to change, or leave office.

This is blatant disregard for the citizens of the United States. One of his promises was to not bow to ‘lobbyists’ and her is a definite act of being guided by a distinct and limited visibility lobby.

James Lovell - January 21, 2012

This President is the King of Special Interests, specifically his selfish desire for re-election at the expense of the thousands of people this project will employ, both directly and indirectly.

Ken Lieseke - January 21, 2012

Heritage should use its influence to force Obama to sighn up for the oil pipeline

Peter Jenkinson - January 21, 2012

This is further proof that our president does not have the best interests of the country and the American people at heart. His goal is to fundamentally transform our country into his idea of a Marxist utopia.

Cheryl - January 21, 2012

Obama, a UN puppet, is putting forth the World Government agenda. He is attempting to bring down the last bastion of freedom, America, so that the UN’s world control agenda can be realized. Nothing he has done makes sense unless you realise this FACT. He does not have America’s best interests at heart..e is doing.

William W. Mason Jr - January 21, 2012

I am amazed, each day, at the unAmerican giveaways and policies exhibited by this community organizer and am amazed how the media lets him go on.

wilson graham - January 21, 2012

i dont believe in political correctness. i would rather shoot from the hip than to purposely deceive the public. at least you would know where i am coming from. it is time they turn there adminstration around and govern from our past forefathers perspective (constituationally) and quit this march to marxism. jobs will be but a dream if obama continues his path to destruction. also, why is the pipeline a union-only project. that should be a private contract job……….

Paul Goostrey - January 21, 2012

This president epitomizes EVERY virtue that past generations have fought to change! Racial bias, class envy, self reliance, you name it, he has set us back years. He is the absoute worst president EVER.

pete - January 21, 2012

Did BHO reject the pipeline as a pay-off to the Chinese Government for buying US Treasuries?

Robert John Fensterman - January 21, 2012

Concerning Obama’s decision to reject starting the Keystone Pipeline, Rush Limbaugh (as usual) has figured out Obama’s
corrupt rationale. By delaying his final decision until next year, Obama has kept both sides guessing — his supporters: the far-left “enviro-nuts”,still trying to influence his final decision with large contributions to his campaign “war-chest”, — and his industrial opponents, who will still try to influence him with large contributions. Let;s face it —
the ‘war’ in his campaign ‘war-chest’ is a war on the
American people! If we don’t defeat Obama in 2012, I believe America will be destroyed

John A. Szeker - January 21, 2012

Of course obama is once again catering to special interest groups, as he always has done. He is also further trying to destroy our capitalist economy, as he always has done, and install his version of his social agenda. How can one person (obama) have the power to stop someting that could benefit all of us? Whatever happened to our system of checks and balances? Obama must go.

Patty Brown - January 21, 2012

You bet he is playing politics as he makes no common sense not to OK the pipe line. And it is only one of the dozens of decisions and blunders he has implemented with his less than knowledgable staff and party members who DO NOT have the AMERICAN PEOPLE IN MIND. Newt will need us to help him Clean House.

Ken Marx - January 21, 2012

It has little to do with the environment and a lot to do with Obama’s Utopian dream. Everything he says (because he does very little) is aimed toward destroying the American way of life and creating a socialist utopia. We must overcome this abomination.

fred grant - January 21, 2012

oboma wants to destroy america and send our money to his people in the muslem countrys of the world..hang oboma while we still can save our country,and kill all the democrats in america god bless america

G Davis - January 21, 2012

This just shows that Obama could care less about our energy independence, jobs or the future of our great nation, only about keeping his left wing, environmentalist base satisfied. How much time does he need to understand that a major opportunity is slipping away. Oil from the middle-east is bad enough. What’s next? Buying Canadian oil from China? Gas prices over $5.00 gallon?

Steve Fitzmaurice - January 21, 2012

This is such a simple elemental decision to make. I can’t remember there ever being a leak on the Alaskan pipeline that has to endure much more difficult climatic conditions. Our Department of Energy, established by the brilliant Jimmy Carter was supposed to make us energy independent. I know this isn’t our oil. However, seeing as we’re incapable of taking our own oil/gas resources out of the ground, perhaps we should be doing it with our largest trading partner? Where’s the DOE on this? Probably still trying to find another worthwhile venture like Solyndra!

This president has to go. He obviously doesn’t care about jobs and the economy.

Robert & Carla Trutt - January 21, 2012

We agree that this pipeline is a win-win proposition.
If we don’t take the opportunity now, we’ll miss out on a great chance to help unemployed workers and the energy situation, and risk losing Canada’s generosity to help us. They’ll offer their oil to someone else by the time the govt makes up its mind

Patricia Wolff - January 21, 2012

The President certainly is not wanting to help the persons in our country who need jobs to feed their families. Everyone must ask God to help us, because our President continues to hurt us all.

Norman Lindley - January 21, 2012

One might wonder: Why does the president not want us to get oil from Canada, but continue to have dependence on Islamic countries? He has said he would always favor the Islamic point of view. Makes you wonder. Also, he is quick to subsidize off-shore oil production in other countries, notably Brazil where I understand his old buddy has oil interests, but will not allow it here. Hmmm

Brad - January 21, 2012

Dear Sirs,
I would like to think that you gentlemen understand that Obama and his team are rejoicing over all the negative media he’s receiving about turning down the Keystone Pipeline! With all the conservatives saying how he is killing “American Job’s” and being responsible for continuing our support for foreign oil, and is hell bent on green energy(using Solardyne has a prime example! the average American has no idea or care about this or Jeff Immelt’s money that Obama gave him from our taxes for solar panels that’s just going to wash back to his campaign!).

I’m hoping that you gentlemen do realize that the only reason the Obama camp is so quietly taking the negative hits on killing “American Job’s” and having the media continually sounding off about this, Is to solely trap each and every one of you, When he with his media machine in a few weeks are going to wholeheartedly agree with you when they unveil their “American Job’s Budget”!

This “American Job’s Budget” is going to include the whole amount you guys caved on in Nov. and will include the Keystone Pipeline with so much red tape that your track record of signing bills in hours not months like it should be, will not allow you to see that the project will inevitably be lost in EPA hell long after the money you give Obama is gone!

And lastly, Gentlemen if you do realize this is coming on the horizon then why for heavens sake are you not “SCREAMING” in a unison voice that the budget(why you have not been in front of the media daily since returning from vacation begging to work on the budget so as not to look foolish like you waited till the last minute AGAIN to address! But that’s a whole different can of worm’s)will not be tied to the Keystone Pipeline, and I think you should be voting in the house every Mon. on the Keystone Pipeline and every Wed. on a conservative budget! So what if Reid won’t bring it to the senate, How do you think this is all going to play out in the only public forum 90% of voters get their news from in the coming weeks,Obama’s media machine ABC,CBS,and NBC via 3 min. hit pieces. Best of luck to you gentlemen and more importantly to the way of life we were all raised up with in this fine country!

                         “May God Continue to Bless America”

Oh well, this is just one man’s humble option and thoughts,


werner keil - January 21, 2012

Have just sent an E-Mail to :Sen.’sSchuner,Gillibrand & Rep.Hinchey.Theres no doubt what the Pres. is doing for his pliitical base–The GOV.,Nebr.stated on TV that he sees no reason to wait ’til after the election to start g.Pres.taks out both sides of mouth..

D D Dupuy - January 22, 2012

It is obvious that the biggest illegal alien resides temprarorly in our white house. He and his admin. are not pro America. I vote we fire them all without pay.

Art the Patriotic Christian Conservative - January 22, 2012

Two of the most horrifying aspects of people like these are: they vote and they breed.

Bob Mcilvenna - January 22, 2012

Even Americans who supported the Obummer regime and the likes of Dingy Harry do not deserve this. Or maybe they do deserve this. The rest of us do not.

Rita Nutt - January 22, 2012

I’m not sure what the president’s personal motivation is to veto the pipeline, but it seems he’ll do anything to bring American economy to a standstill and destroy us as a world power!

M.J. Breitkreutz - January 22, 2012



leslie cahill - January 22, 2012

He, Bama O, is set to destroy the United State of America as we know it.
We will look like Venzuela, Argentina, Mexico, all the South of the Border countries. We will be working poor, the peasants. The “In, the Elite” will rule. Communism is where we are headed.

Larry Propheter - January 22, 2012

I Laugh. Obama is catering to his Enviromental Whacko base. Meanwhile, all those regular working stiffs who would work on said pipeline , are fuming. They want the jobs. Regular Americans want lower energy prices.
Can you say Jimmy Carter 2 ?

Jack Leishear - January 22, 2012

No doubt any longer that this President is bent on bringing this country to its knees economicly. The question remains, WHY? What does he have to gain by such an agenda?
If Canada would export its oil to China, who could blame them? We have already pledged $ to Brazil ( borrowed from China) to drill off its coast, which is destined for China. Since we know not where Obummer comes from, perhaps he is Chinese? He is certainly working in the best interest of the Chinese, not the American people.

Barbara B. Baker - January 22, 2012

The ONLY reason Mr. Obama rejected the pipeline was to reassure his EPA big money donor buddies that he, in fact, would protect THEIR interests, in return for $$$$$ contributions towards getting him reelected for another four term! Sad, but true.

Leigh - January 22, 2012

Obama needs to be impeached.

Curt - January 23, 2012

The obvious answer is yes… he is catering to “special interests”. Who this might be is the real question that should be asked. Not the people of the United States hoping to increase employment or increase the supply of affordable energy. Not our Canadian allies and business partners. Maybe the “green” electric/solar/biofuels no growth folks who can’t move their agenda forward without much higher energy costs so the economic inefficiency and government subsidies will be less visible?
I hope for change I can believe in – a new President.

Anthony Landry - January 23, 2012

I live in Louisiana, we have pipelines all this states, and believe it or not, without those pipelines most of this country would freeze to death becouse the north depend on oil and gas to heat there home and business in the winter. We still have pipelines that carry jet fuel to our airports since world war two and are still carrying it with out any problems,so why cannot we run a pipeline from Canada to Texas with out any problems?

Var St. Jeor - January 23, 2012

The answer to your question is no; although that is a secondary benefit to the decision. The goal of Obama and all the other leftists is to make transportation so expensive that we will minimize our travel, and buy tiny little government-subsidized vehicles or short distance electric cars (also government subsidized). They also wish to reduce our ability to communicate and take our money for more government subsidized projects. Travel and our ability communicate beyond our local area are huge threats to the socialization of America.

John Weidgans - January 23, 2012

This President definitely does not have the interests of jobs and the American people at heart. Whose interests does he serve if not the American people? If Obama wins a second term, the American Republic is lost!

Perley Patrick - January 23, 2012

Obama does not know who he wants to support. We only know he wants a socialist government

marion martin - January 23, 2012

This pipeline denial is understandable only if one connects it to the President’s agenda. He is not interested in expanding jobs in the private sector. He wants more people dependent upon the Federal government and voting democrat. A totally collectivist society is his goal. His decision was not the result of sheer stupidity on his part.

Jim - January 23, 2012

Obama loves chaos. As a radical Alinsky believer and user of the rules for radicals, Keystone is just another issue where he can keep the division between citizens growing. When patriots and conservatives take back America in our Nov. elections, we had better put some serious consequences in place for the progressives to ponder before they just go about waiting for another opportunity to dismantle the “Greatest” country on the planet.
Jim Brown
Eastvale, Ca

Marti - January 23, 2012

Fulfilling his dream…….to bring America to her knees.

JLK - January 24, 2012

Obama also helps all the Arab-oil producing countries by keeping us so dependent upon them. We should also be drilling, responsibly, in Montana!

Charles Smith - January 24, 2012

Comments herein express great urgency about the damage foisted on us. Newt Gingrich seems to tap into citizens level of concern. More vigorous combat seems obviously needed. How about Heritage getting more insistent, more threatening, more engaged to meet the degree of danger? The times require more of you.

Shirley Schmidt - January 24, 2012

Of course, how could anyone think otherwise.
Unless, and it is a frightful thought, but this becomes more and more like “The Manchurian Candidate” everyday. Has he made a secret pact with the Middle Eastern Countries to continue their flow of oil to the U.S. thereby financing and growing their countries powers, reducing ours and keeping us dependent on their oil?

Barbara Sutton - January 25, 2012

I am begining to believe that his interest are in the wrong place. We should be supporting our allies not our oppossers. Why are we forced to settle for answers that insult our intelligence.

fmoore - February 1, 2012

GOD HELP AMERICA! If we don’t get our priorities straight
ie. protecting the innocent(babies) and promoting
justice for the weak and disadvantaged, I believe that not
only will the jobs not return but we will see a second and
maybe even a third term for Mr. OBama given the level
of contempt against our laws and constitution that is now
being displayed.

ernie - February 11, 2012

He doesn’t have aclue as to what is going on. As a so-called “constitutional scholar” he is dumber than a box of rocks

Douglas J Morris - May 29, 2014

The XL pipeline should absolutely be built. We will create more US jobs and get oil from a friendly US ally and become more independent of foreign oil from countries who hate Americans. It is a win win situation which obviously our current adminstration does not recognize.

Jon Hughes - May 29, 2014

If Obama continues to act like a dictator and make decisions that hurt the United States, he is no friend to this country or it’s citizens.

Richard Christian - May 29, 2014

Most comments I noticed are from 2012. Now there has been no decision in two years. All fuel taken from the ground anywhere in the world will be used at some future time by someone. May as well find a relatively clean way to burn it to make power and create the jobs to push it down a new pipeline. Trucks and trains will haul it anyway if the line is not built.

Harlan - May 30, 2014

Build the pipeline. Our entire economy depends upon oil. We cannot grow food to feed the world if we do not have energy and oil is still one of the best ways to get energy. Try running a 300HP tractor on batteries or solar panels.

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