The National Christmas Tree. Photo: Flickr/White House

You better watch out. You better not cry. But you’ll probably pout. I’m telling you why.

There’s a new Christmas Tree tax coming to town!

Heritage Vice President David Addington explains that this is no joke: “President Obama’s Agriculture Department today announced that it will impose a new 15-cent charge on all fresh Christmas trees—the Christmas Tree Tax—to support a new Federal program to improve the image and marketing of Christmas trees.”

Excuse me? Improve the image of Christmas trees?

According to Addington,

the Secretary of Agriculture will appoint a Christmas Tree Promotion Board.  The purpose of the Board is to run a “program of promotion, research, evaluation, and information designed to strengthen the Christmas tree industry’s position in the marketplace; maintain and expend existing markets for Christmas trees; and to carry out programs, plans, and projects designed to provide maximum benefits to the Christmas tree industry” (7 CFR 1214.46(n)).  And the program of “information” is to include efforts to “enhance the image of Christmas trees and the Christmas tree industry in the United States” (7 CFR 1214.10).

The tax, imposed on sellers of more than 500 trees per year and passed on to consumers, will pay for this new marketing program.

The administration is already playing defense. They’re calling it a fee. But when the government charges a fee to raise money for a government program, that sounds an awful lot like a tax.

As Addington puts it,

Nobody is saying President Obama doesn’t have authority to impose his new Christmas Tree Tax — his Administration cites the Commodity Promotion, Research and Information Act of 1996.  Just because the Obama Administration has the legal power to impose its Christmas Tree Tax doesn’t mean it should do so.

With the economy still recovering from the recession and the jobless rate at nine percent, adding a tax to the jolliest time of year is not only depressing but unnecessary. The new tax hurts the businesses that sell these trees, many of them small businesses. And it puts consumers on the hook for increased costs.

Besides, the Christmas tree already has a great image. It doesn’t need any help from the government.

What do you think of this new Christmas tree tax? Do you think the administration has gone too far?

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gilbert doan - November 9, 2011

Just wait till you see the tax on EASTER EGGS!

Alison - November 9, 2011

“Improve the image and marketing of Christmas Trees?” Why is this important right now and HOW exactly does one plan to improve the image of something that every American already loves? Since when is the government interested in marketing Christmas Trees – don’t they have better things to put their brain power towards – like, maybe, how to solve their chronic problem of coming up with bad ideas?

Deborah Spirito - November 9, 2011

Just another straw on the American Camel’s back. I can’t wait until November 2012.

Bill - November 9, 2011


Joe Jax Fla - November 9, 2011

In my opinion, Obama has gone too far on everything. Why would HE worry about the image of a Chrisrmas tree anyway.

David Flanigan - November 9, 2011

The best way to promote Christmas Trees is to abolish the ACLU!

Larry Grauel - November 9, 2011

It’ s illegal — Impeach the President!

Bob Palm - November 9, 2011

What disgusts me more than the tax is the fact that Congress gave the President the authority to do so in

William Person - November 9, 2011

Take this tree and shove it!! Excuse my frankness but is there anything these idiots (both Dems and Repubs) will not tax?
The culture oin Washington has to go. Get rid of Washington and American life will improve a hundred times!!!!

Bernard P. Giroux, Dartmouth, MA - November 9, 2011

Obama is nuts.

Herb Cobb - November 9, 2011

It’s endemic! Governmental intrusiveness and pervasive penetration of American culture and society will be the final weight breaking the ‘camel’s back’. I suppose there will soon be weight limitations on the candy in Christmas stockings.

ALLEN DUNN - November 9, 2011

“Nobody is saying President Obama doesn’t have authority to impose his new Christmas Tree Tax ”


Eileen M Spina - November 9, 2011

How hypocritical! This administration does all it can to suppress Christianity by attacking the displaying of the Nativity scene amongst others things but now they are concerned about boosting the image of the Christmas tree. Sometimes I feel like I have entered the Twilight Zone!

James McGinley - November 9, 2011

The Executive Branch is simply “out of control” having too much, unchecked power. Obama has not come to the realization yet that he was only elected President of the United States not Emperor! Anyone that thinks this man is a stumbling, bumbling, fool without a clue, would be very, very wrong. He knows exactly what he is doing to destroy the biggest and brightest economy on the planet. He has his sights set on one World order, with himself in charge.

Oscar Brwon - November 9, 2011

No surprise here. But, to be fair and show proper diversity, they should add a new fee to menorahs, prayer rugs, and incense used by Bhuddists. The Constitution says they aren’t supposed to single out anyone for specail attention. Of course, they tend to skip the Bill of Rights when they bother to read the Constitution.

Pat Earnest - November 9, 2011

They’ve gone COMPLETELY over the cliff on this one. Besides, I thought they were against Christmas per se, that they wanted it to just be a “holiday.” What a bunch of hypocrites!!

Bill - November 9, 2011

Sounds to me like a tax on your religious affiliation.
If you are a Christian who celebrates Christmas, you pay a tax.
If you are another religion that does not celebrate Christmas, then no tax.
Way to go Obama Administration.

Juan Martinez - November 9, 2011

Fabulously dumb idea. Thank you Heritage Foundation for exposing one more idiotic government plan to meddle in private commerce.

David O. Olson Jr. - November 9, 2011

This is outrageous !……It hits the lower income bracket most severely,and will promote artificial trees made in China in efforts to evade this tax

GWM - November 9, 2011

This whole administration needs to make like a tree and leave (leaf) as soon as possible. The Christmas does not have an image problem other than idiots in this administration wanting to call it a Holiday Tree. So you appoint a board but have no funding for it so you come up with a new tax. My wife has hidden my shoes so I don’t destroy the TV every time his face is on it.

Marilyn - November 9, 2011


Marilyn - November 9, 2011

Forgive my spelling. The air we breathe!!

j.miller - November 9, 2011


Douglas Backes - November 9, 2011

It would take a democrat appointee to figure a way to promote sales by making a comodity more expensive and then crow about it! Unbelievable!!!

Tom H - November 9, 2011

How many Obama/Democrat/union supporters will fit on the head of a federal lifetime job pin? How long before it is not a Christmas tree, but a “Green Hope” tree? We (the government) can’t promote a Christian holiday, can we? So maybe an annual secular honor a tree day. You trust these people with a mission and a budget?

Thomas H. Seigo - November 9, 2011

Sounds a lot like the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas!” Obama is looking just like the Grinch these days!

JO - November 9, 2011

I don’t like this one bit. I may be cynical, but I can’t help wondering if the part about the government wanting to “enhance the image of Christmas trees…” doesn’t mean they’re going to pressure or force sellers to call them “Holiday” trees and using our tax monies to do it.

Dale Athanas - November 9, 2011

They have clearly gone from nuts to totally insane.

Johnny Hiott - November 9, 2011

I don’t think a president should or does have the authority to impose ANY tax on Americans. Just as presidential directives are unconstitutional and are not law. obama has successfully overthrown the American government and become all powerful due to a congress that is just as treasonous as obama by their doing nothing to stop him. Throw ALL of the bums out and demand a tax on politicians !

TOM - November 9, 2011


audrey daly - November 9, 2011

I thought that taxes and fees and laws were tobe made by Congress. When is KING Obama goingto stop with these executive orders| NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. We live in the land of the free not under the thumb of the government.

Patricia - November 9, 2011

I think they have all gone around the bend especially Obama. We are dealing with people that have no idea about the real world and how anything works. It is a sad thought that he could get in again. What is Congress thinking.

John A. Szeker - November 9, 2011

Once again, the obama administration has proven how inept and out of touch they are with the rest of the USA, Our Christmas season, including our trees, do not need any help from the feds. What we all need is less obamaism’s and more conservatism in our country. We need to get him out of office so that we all can get back to being freedom loving Americans, without any left-wing, commie/socialist regulations. As I have said before, obama is out to destroy the great country we knew, and rebuild it economically, financially and any other way he thinks will benefit his view of the world. I think he really sees himself as king of the world not just as our president..

James Harrison - November 9, 2011

Just another example of a socialist/communist grab for more money for them to use to line the pockets of Obamacrats and friends. And to hell with ordinary folks.

Mandy Box - November 9, 2011

Obama is looking and acting more like a dictator than a president. Who in the world would come up with an idea like this? The Christmas tree doen’t need the government to improve its image and none of us need a new tax!

Janiegirl - November 9, 2011

A Christmas tree tax???…just another way to take the joy out of Christmas. Obama the Muslim does’t give a toot about Christmas nor does he want the American public to care about it either. He’s doing everything he can to spoil it, plus make another government agency…expand our gov’t a little more! Merry Christmas!

Robert Shannon - November 9, 2011

Daffy Duck is at it again.

Rick Caston - November 9, 2011

Is there no limit to Obama’s desire to interfere and control the private sector? How many $100,000 government jobs will be created to help promote Christmas…oops….Holiday trees? I am amazed, with everything that is going on in this country and the world, that this administration has the time to be concerned about Christmas Tree sales! These people are nuts!

Doug Byrd - November 9, 2011


Margaret - November 9, 2011

I smell a rat there. The excuse, “to improve the image of Christmas Trees” is pure bull. I don’t trust the Obama Administration any more that I can throw them. I think there is something else going on there because I know they were always anti-business but now they have to attack the nice little and temporary Christmas business? This is beyond the pale. They really have no business imposing a tax or fee on the sellers of the trees. The reasons and excuses they are using just don’t fly.

Jon H. Clayton - November 9, 2011

This is another in the endless scheme of tricks the Obama administration has used to squeeze money out
of those who can least afford it, not to mention taking
“given” out of Christmas and inserting Taking. Seems
like they’ll do anything they can to take the notion of God, on Whose basis this country was founded, out of
everthing in this country. Just makes me sick.

Duane W Hertel - November 9, 2011

Who ever thought this up is totally stupid and should
be evicted from his position before night fall.

Herb Rogero - November 9, 2011

Seems like a muslim ploy for sure !!!!!

Jeff Copeland - November 9, 2011

If I did not have ringing in my ears from tinnitus already I surely would have tinnitis after reading about the unpopularity of Christmas trees. As Glenn Beck says often, my eyes are going to bleed.

Stan - November 9, 2011

Are they going to tax my Hanukah candles???

Howard C. Mayberry, Jr. - November 9, 2011

These Marxist opportunists never sleep, do they?

Fred - November 9, 2011

The scum of the earth doesn’t know what CHRISTMAS is
all about this is what happens.The SCUM in WASHINGTON
are without any feeling for the people who pay salaries &
they don’t give a hoot about us as long as they report to
George SOROS who is the man pulling the strings on the
most EVIL MAN on the plant. H O B. They are intent to
the LEADER to cause our great nation to fall. TO HELL
WITH OBAMA & HIS actions to cause this nation to

Jacque - November 9, 2011

But Obama doesn’t even believe in Christmas. It’s not about a tree anyway. It’s about the birth of Christ our savior. I won’t be supporting his tax. I have a fake tree purchased years ago.

Vonette Bryson - November 9, 2011

When does it stop. The hidden “fees” and taxes in the Obamacare are enough to make us cry. If the Congress that passed the income tax bill could have seen what it would become, would they have passed it or were they the destructive types that are now in the WH?

Peggy Briggs - November 9, 2011

Totally stupid!!

Mark R Kahler - November 9, 2011

Is there no depth this administration will sink to in their efforts to destroy America?

Charles Hager - November 9, 2011

This administration has completely gone around the bend!
Talk about a problem looking for a solution!

Jude Richardson - November 9, 2011

Good thing that the president doesn’t work for a living. If he did we would all go to hell much faster.

H - November 9, 2011

This Christmas Tree tax is BS…bloated Government Interference, to expand bureaucracy, to increase economic inefficiency. I am willing to bet that Christmas Tree sales will plummet in protest. )

Milt Gilmore - November 9, 2011

I thought the administration is now referring to the trees as “Holiday Trees”. So the Research and Information Act of 1996 no longer applies!

Gerry Roth - November 9, 2011

The Obama Administration already has too much of our money if they can spend it on paying people to think about doing things like this. And they have zero sense when it comes to public extortion: it should be more subtle, like the healthcare surcharge of 3.8% on capital gains was. And, doesn’t this amount to the equivalent of a “Dhimi” tax on Christians; a Jizyah?

Joe Robinson - November 9, 2011

That is to much, we pay taxes on top of taxes
Stop the taxes. There is to many give a ways.
What is there not to understand.

Bob Mazza - November 9, 2011

First – I thought it was a Holiday Tree. Has the President really recommended this on his own? I applaud his deep thinking in being able to set aside the jobless situation of the common man (Middle Class) he is dedicated to help – and instead put a tax on Christmas trees which will nab the wealthy when they buy their super trees, even though it will also snare the Common Man when he buys his. God help us .

R. White - November 9, 2011

They are insane! Truly psychotic! Crazy! Mad! Nuts!

Fred Lorenzen - November 9, 2011

This type of tax or fee is nothing new, we have check off fee on most small grains and livestock. The purpose of the fee of course is for promotion and research, but in my opinion it’s really a slush fund for the bureaucrats to vacation at exotic places with friends and family on my sweat. The pork producers had a supreme court ruling declaring the pork check off fee unconstitutional. I understand that didn’t the stop fee from being collected. There is both state and federal groups splitting the fee collections. The fee is mandatory and to have a referendum for a vote to discontinue the collections requires 20% of the produces to sign the referendum, but that number is virtually unknown, because it includes all individuals in the production of product. If the referendum was approved then a second vote by the majority would be need to discontinue the check off fee. The 20% vote for the referendum has never happen, therefor that stops the process to bring the issue to a vote, with the hurdle so high the collection will go on for eternity. Enjoy your next meal and realize there is a fee/tax on most entries that sent a bureaucrat on luxury vacation with the pretense we need their skills to promote the product.

Jim circle - November 9, 2011

Let the Christmas Tree industry promote their own product..We don’t need for the Gov’t to do it.

Glenda James - November 9, 2011

The tax in itself is bad enough, but to use the tax to create another government agency is over the top.

Larry N Chase - November 9, 2011

These idiots have got to be put OUT of office before they control EVERYTHING !!!! BOZO doesn’t even like Christmas so now he is going to tax them. What an IDIOT ??
BOZO = Obama

Bob Foster - November 9, 2011

Gov’t keeps giving the electorate the finger, doesn’t it!

Tim - November 9, 2011

This is beyond stupid.

inverbrass - November 9, 2011

I fear I am repeating myself, but obama is far more dangerousto our way of life than Osama, Saddam Hussein, Hezbollah and all the radical muslim sects in the world. They pale in comparison.

Don DeHoff - November 9, 2011

Wait a momen!. You mean we are going to use 15 cents of tax-payer ,money for that 100 foot Xmas tree at the White House, and I, with my 3-foot tree have to pay the same?—and exactly what is that tax for? We need immediate legislation that for any and all taxes and fees collected, there must be a specific use specified. Then whenever more tax or feex is collected than needed the collection must be reduced to that only required, i.e., road-tax for roads, bridge-taxes for bridges, social security for social security, etc. Back to the Xmas tree tax. much of the l5 cents will be eaten up in collection costs. How much longer are we going to ;put up with this group in office?—they are doing damage that may be ir-repairable.

James F - November 9, 2011

This just bespeaks this current administration’s plan to even remove or eradicate the very remembrance of Christianity from America. The unholy trinity of the ACLU, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and the Americans United for Separation of Church and State must have loved it. In any event, he must be relieved from his position in 2012.

Darrell Weaver - November 9, 2011

Yes I think the administration has GON TOO FAR, so what else is new? Once again they have found a way to hurt an American Industry. We can’t even take another year of this kind of abuse, much less another four!

Sandy de Castro - November 9, 2011

If said president really wants to help the Christmas tree business, he should LEAVE IT ALONE. Hasn’t anyone figured it out yet? Everything the government gets its greedy big paws on gets more expensive, less efficient, and suffers greatly. Next thing you know, the Christmas tree industry will need a “bailout”. Just say NO…..

James Hereford - November 9, 2011

Please — STOP gathering my money —- AND STOP SPENDING MY MONEY!!

L - November 9, 2011

Trust me – I am no friend of Obama’s. But this story has damaged my opinion of the Heritage Foundation. It is my understanding that the sellers of live Christmas trees asked for this because they have been losing market share to artificial trees. The Ag Department will assist them in marketing live trees, just as they have other agricultural sectors. Obama and his administration have plenty of policies deserving of blame. Why stretch the truth on this issue?

ed p laborde - November 9, 2011

Maybe if the tree seller gives $1.00 for each tree he sales to Obamas’ muslim buddies,we can aviod that Christmas tree tax.

Dennis M. Foster - November 9, 2011

I agree with your opinion. Where in the world did this bunch of idiots come from? The Christmas Tree has been a international symbol for hundreds of years. Millions of people and communities around the world put up Christmas Trees each season. There is no need to spend government funds (from our pockets) to increase advertising. The industry is doing just fine without government help. As Ronald said years ago, “One of the scariest statements is I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.” The government has already help us too much. Look at the hole we are in, and they put us here.

Dick McMains - November 9, 2011

This Christmas Tree Tax is a great idea!
However, someone should remind Mr. Obama that Christmas trees are used to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by all Christians.

Besides that, just remember the story of how the Angel got put on the top of the tree and pray that is where Mr. Obama ends up!!

Spencer D. Bulger - November 9, 2011

This type of fee has been used for years in the cattle business with much success in promoting the industry. I see nothing wrong with it.

Joseph McKennan - November 9, 2011

This administration is involved in a clandestine war against Christianity. Being a muslim- Christmas is probably offensive to him. What better way to strike a blow against the season than to apply a tax on christmas trees, It would also further his socialist agenda by legalizing ANOTHER tax making the government more intrusive into private lives and eventually to total control. The irony is that Christmas is as much a coomon man holiday as any other in human history. If consumers boycotted the trees another industry bites the dust — a GREEN industry. This tax proposal illustates completely how phony and insincere this administration really is. If not phony and insincere then hopelessly out of touch with who and what Americans are.

Don DeHoff - November 9, 2011

Another thought came to mind. “They are going to use this money to “enhance our understanding of Xmas”—those are “code-words” for destroying both the meaning and spirit of Christrmas—and the idea is ever so clever, as the Christians will be paying for their own destruction Sounds similiar to forcing a person to carry their own “cross” or rope to their “hanging” .Let “them” know that the accepted meaning for all, in this multi-cultural country, is “Peace on Earth and Good Will to All.—and yes, I am not a Christian, per se (How’s that for a play on words)?

Theodora S. Smith - November 9, 2011

I want taxes and government spending decreased.
As a US citizen, I feel violated – that ANYTHING Obama decides is not worthy can be taxed. I fear what is coming next, taxes on Valentine Day cards and stuffed Easter Bunnies.

Calvin Schuler - November 9, 2011

Obama went too far his first day in office. This is just one more example of government intrusion and excessive taxation/ fees/whatever you want to call it. Before long we will be paying fees for the air that we breathe.

Lee Appleton - November 9, 2011

I cant find anywhere in the Federalist Papers or the Constitution that even comes close to suggesting that this is something that the Federal Goverenment should be even thinking about doing.

Bill Colvin,Sr. - November 9, 2011

BAH,HUMBUG !!!!!!!
Are you kidding me?…….A Muslim sympathizer administration that wants to promote CHRISTmas trees?
Holy Sharia!!!!!!!

Franz Neubrecht - November 9, 2011

This is probably the most stupid tax I have ever heard of. It taxes at the heart of our Christian Holiday Season, It discourages growers, and purchasers. How about a tax on prayer rugs and the selling of the Koran? I believe the Congress has lost its mind!

JERRY W. WEST - November 9, 2011


Don DeHoff - November 9, 2011

I apologize for still another thought. If there is to be a Xmas tree tax, there has to be taxes on “items of interest”, for the Muslim Holy Days, and ditto for Catholics, Buddhist Hindus, etc—-equality under the law—and yes, let us not forget the Atheist..I wonder just how many of our elected officials will be able to look their constituents, spouses and children in the eye, and admit that they, by commission or ommission, are a party to this political travesty.

Richard Nadolny - November 9, 2011

Due to the restrictions of what can say in this forum, I am unable to comment on the proposed Christmas Tree tax.

Donald - November 9, 2011

Obama and his “Progressive” congressional leaders what more money from us to spend on programs that bring back campaign funds for their reelections. This is just another method “Progressive” Democrat’s use to get more revenues for their spending habits!

Sean Archambault - November 9, 2011

This administration has gone too far f/ it’s first day. The question is, how do we put an end to this insanity, and what safeguards do we have to keep bureaucrats f/ writing laws and running the country?!?

Jeff - November 9, 2011

This is truley idiotic! A tax on Christmas Trees to promote Christmas TREES!! Someone has got to get control of this Government.

Ron Gilley - November 9, 2011

There is no longer any need to argue that the Obama administration is totally out of touch with the majority of citizens of the United States. This represents an egregious example of an out of control federal government.

Carol P. Heimbach - November 9, 2011

To the OBAMA administration:


Yohan L. - November 9, 2011

The people in this administration are seriously out of their mind. They tax everything, and now they want to tax Christmas trees? I’m without words.

Patricia - November 9, 2011

this is the most assinine thing I have ever heard. Nothing else important to do??? Deal with Iran???

Phil Stevens - November 9, 2011

Concerning the Christmas Tree Tax:
We’ve all heard of the “Technological Imperative” – if it can be done it must be done – moral and social impact be damned. We now have the “Taxation Imperative” – if it can be taxed, it must be taxed – and Obama and the Democrats will find a reason to do it.
Is the Obama administration so out of touch with the American People and Christmas traditions to have never heard of Ebenezer Scrooge?

Gunther Winkel - November 9, 2011

As usual, the marxist administration is not only over-reaching, but looney. I would not be surprised if after a few years they would mandate – for a better image – that hammer and sickle and the islamic moon and star would have to be displayed on the trees.

JODI TAYLOR - November 9, 2011

So many of the things coming from this administration are so ridiculous that it makes me wonder if they are trying to distract us so they can pull off more dangerous stunts. SCARY!

Terri - November 9, 2011

I think this must be a spoof. I sure hope it is.

Marty Unterreiner - November 9, 2011

Do NOT put a tax on Christmass Trees!

Judith Weiss - November 9, 2011

To your question, has the administration gone to far? My answer in a word is INSANITY!


RL Johnson - November 9, 2011

This is an affront to any human being over the age of 2!! It is time to stop this black Nazi from taking total control of private citizens’ lives!!

Doug - November 9, 2011

Is that right? And all this time, I thought they were calling them Holiday Trees. Now suddendly they’re Christmas Trees.

Larry May - November 9, 2011

I am a definite conservative, anti-big government; but on this issue you need to know the facts! This is a check-off supported by the REAL Christmas tree growers (who will be paying the .15 cents). The Fake trees are killing us – china importing millions to a disillusioned consumer that does not know the benefits of REAL Christmas trees. A better informed consumer will want a REAL tree…. that’s the hope of the .15 cents.

George Schirtzinger - November 9, 2011

The Act authorizing this should be repealed and the board of the National Christmas Tree Association should resign for pressing since 2009 for a fee to goose their little piggybank. I am disgusted at their rent-seeking. If they need money, why don’t they get real jobs, or go see if George Kaiser will spot them a few mill as a “birds of a feather” honorarium.
This kind of nickel and diming of fees for this and that is rank deceit, and one of the features of life in CA.

Chris in California - November 9, 2011

Anything to hurt the idea of family, and Christian heritage. Yes I know the Christmas Tree has nothing to do with the birth of the Christ but it has become associated with him in our culture and our anti-Christian president will do anything he thinks he can get away with to remove us from our roots as a Christian nation.

Louis Fougere - November 9, 2011

This is disgusting. Don’t these people have anything better to do?

ogp - November 9, 2011

What’s next, a tax ( oh, I’m sorry, fee ) on Menorah’s. Or how about the promotion,research and evaluation of the Bible industry in the marketplace.Why don’t we impose a government tax ( fee ) on that too.

Mark Putnam - November 9, 2011

Leave it to the liberal democrats to beat the incessant drum about separation of church and state when a 2nd grade class decides to decorate a Christmas tree in their homeroom, forces them to call it a holiday tree, or worse yet a winter celebration tree, then turns around and decides they need a better image of the Christmas tree through taxation. Utterly ridiculous!

Mary Kiewlich - November 9, 2011

This president has done everything he can to undermine Christians in this country. This is just another one of his disgusting tricks. 2012 can’t come soon enough!

Nona Demetre - November 9, 2011

Another Board–how many members? what are the salaries? This is absurd!!! Waste of taxpayers’ money! He looking for a way to appoint more of his friends to government positions.

Patricia - November 9, 2011

Bah Humbug!

Bill Valentine - November 9, 2011

It reeks of cronyism and nepotism, not to mention another power grab to further their unrelenting quest for control of every aspect of our lives. It would be great if the Repubs had enough fortitude to block this blatant attempt to further their pathological ambitions.

This country is in dire need of a genuine leader. I don’t see it in the current roster of candidates.

Paul - November 9, 2011

What is next ?? The air we breathe ????

Timothy Watkins - November 9, 2011

Obama and his Adminstration are absolutely”NUTS”!!!!! They tried to slip one by the American People again! We, the American People, can’t wait for Obama to be defeated, his policies overturned and his Administration looking for new jobs!

D Sukosi - November 9, 2011

Tax the air also, don’t stop there. Socialism from the left, husein at his best. LOL

Barbara - November 9, 2011

Obama went too far long before he even thought of a Christmas tree tax. This move just tops off everything he does by his executive orders. He behaves like he has no constraints by the Constitution and so far I don’t hear Congress calling him out on his misuse of power.

Jeanette - November 9, 2011

This is really ridiculuous and I am opposed to it…..

Tim Miller - November 9, 2011

The man is power-mad. He has performed many instances of Constitutional abuse, and now this! When is someone in the House going to impeach him and stop these abuses of the Executive Order?

Greg McLeod - November 9, 2011

Communists do not celebrate Christmas so why do they care that they increase the cost. The message they devise will probably be along non christmas lines and with a “Green” theme.

Madelyn Gross - November 9, 2011

Have you politicians lost what little sense your supposed to have???Obama is leading you down the path os socialism much like the big three during the crap before world war 2. Bankrupt us with his crap then let the government take over. Who suffers?? the tax payers who pay their salaries.I’d fire them all. When are people going to see we are their servants and we are allowed to pay for their high living.

Brenda Thomason - November 9, 2011

If Mr. Obama wants to promote Christmas trees as opposed to just starting as many new taxes as possible, he might try staying in town for Christmas, attending a church service, and be photographed opening presents around his church on Christmas morning…. or he could pay the Christmas tree tax for the jobless, who are jobless on his watch, out of his own pocket. I think that would be jolly.

Levin Tull - November 9, 2011

It is somewhat misleading to call it a tax, as it is an agricultural check-off program, requested by the Christmas tree growers themselves, in an effort to add marketing punch. It is the LIVE tree they are tying to improve the image of, as they must compete against some negatives: needle fall-out, allergic potential, fire hazard, short life… There are reasons why artificial trees are so popular, and marketing could help.

Jane Harston - November 9, 2011

I certainly do feel that this is going too far. Tax on Christmas trees? We know ‘fees’ are taxes. Do they think we are completely stupid? I say no to this.

Paul A Kozel - November 9, 2011

I am enraged at another ploy by the leftest to take our money. We NEED to stop the corruption!!!!!!!!!

Maria Erlinda Martinez - November 9, 2011

Lenin taught his contemporaneous and future disciples: “The way to crush the bourgeoisie [to be understood as the middle class and up] is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

And Obama and most, if not all, surrounding him are, directly or indirectly, either disciples of Lenin or influenced by his teachings.

That’s it; just have the scruples to tell non-leftists the truth, and stop dancing on you toes around Obama and the utter destruction he is inflicting on America. Many of you must be versed enough to have realized, a long time ago, that Obama is a Marxist-Leninist, not of the Bolshevik strain, but of the “burnished” one, that is, Western Marxist, although he frequently experiences atavistic manifestations of Bolshevism.

susan aviles - November 9, 2011

I find it hard to believe Obama of all the things he could choose to create a fee or TAX on, he wants to use a symbolic Christmas Tree . I think the American people have no problem keeping the industry profits healthy by purchasing trees each XMAS. Besides, maybe the Fee/Tax might discourage someone at a time when just the mention of added fee/tax is the last thing anyone wants to hear from OBAMA.

Mike Cox - November 9, 2011

This is just another method of inserting the federal government into a place where it does not belong, and to create more government jobs, which will add to our huge and growing deficit, just the way Obama wants it. I think it is also another test, to see if taxes can be enacted without going through Congress.

Robert Chambers - November 9, 2011

Let the free market determine the quantity, quality, and price of Christmas trees. This administration continues to attempt to inveigle its way into every minute aspect of our individual lives–for its benefit and not ours. Enough, already!

marjie smith - November 9, 2011

This Christmas tree tax is ridiculous. People ought to just ban buying any real ones and go fake

RobertE - November 9, 2011

If they wanted too, the Christmas Tree industry could set up a trade group, charge members a fee, and promote. We have seen ads for beef, for milk, etc.

J Mathews - November 9, 2011

Yes it goes too far… What’s he going to claim? It’s bad for our health?

David Wehrly - November 9, 2011

Like to know who comes up these crazy ideas. We need to make wholesale changes in this so called government we have. We already pay 9% sales tax on items bought where we live.
Enough is enough. We elect these people and should be able to fire them also.
It really Sucks.

Em - November 9, 2011

The only thing I am grateful for is that the majority of WW2 Vets have passed on, including my Father. It would be so sad for those Vets to watch this country slowly die at the hands of the Muslim President Barrack Insane Obama who is not even a citizen of the United States.
God, if He chooses is the only one that can save us now.

Tom K - November 9, 2011

I’m appalled that Congress has abrogated its Constitutional powers by allowing the Executive branch to tax anything !!!! Article 1 Section 7 & 8 of the Constitution clearly places taxing authority in the hands of the Congress and specifically in the House of Representatives !!!

Jo Forgach - November 9, 2011

Since when does the Christmas tree need to have its image enhanced????? Exactly how many people will be on the “Christmas Tree Promotion Board” AND exactly what will be the cost of their salaries including all benefits AND exactly who will they answer to AND based on sales data from previous years EXACTLY how much of this new tax will be left after the overhead of salaries (and perhaps muffins for their meetings), office staff, offices, phone bills, etc.?????????
The Agriculture Department needs to CUT their spending and stay in BUDGET and STOP staying up nights dreaming up ways to further tax the American people.
Funny how it’s PC to say Merry Christmas, but putting a tax on the tree that represents the holiday – that’s OK!!!

L.Claudia Hanlon - November 9, 2011

This is just another example of the extent this administrations and its agencies will go to take the American people further and further into debt. It is the obsurd to insanity!!

Nick Carrozza - November 9, 2011

The new tax stinks, we need smaller government NOT larger!

Richard Gaskill - November 9, 2011

Just listen to the Beatle song,(Tax man).Obama is here to do one thing:Destroy our economy,and with it that of the worlds commodities food markets.Christmas trees?that`s nothing to what he`s going to do in 2012.

Phil Collins - November 9, 2011

The idea that some over-educated desk jockey has proposed a “Christmas Tree tax” is an ilustration of the insanity that occupies the current administration !! None of those bastards are smart enough to tell me what to do ! Acorn is a criminal enterprise and guess who was a major part of that entity–Obama! That makes him a “criminal” ! Major actions of this administration are also “criminal”! Obama is ANTI-AMERICAN and must be stopped !!!

Don Casler - November 9, 2011

You’re mean one, Mr. Grinch!

Yvonne - November 9, 2011

This man is out of his every lovin mind. You ask if he has gone too far. He went too far a loooong time ago!

O. H. Mittelberg - November 9, 2011

The Christmas Tree tax is another one of Obama’s no brainer ideas that continues to invade all our privacy and mettles in the business life and our personal lives of all Americans. I hope all this will end in 2012 with a new leader of our great Nation.

Phil Maersch - November 9, 2011

A “Christmas Tree Tax”? Why not a “Holiday Tree Tax” if they want to be PC consistent. This is comical, if not ominous. Who is going to get the revenue? The Tree industry or the Treasury? What’s next in the promotion game? Is the government now getting into marketing — for special interests? Let’s see: wrapping paper? Bows? Yes, turkeys! And keep all the receipts for the gifts you buy your kids because there’ll be a new line on the tax form with a special tax on that total. Even gift cards may not be safe!

Joann Reitenour - November 9, 2011

I do NOT approve of President Obama’s intent to tax Christmas trees. JR

Beverly - November 9, 2011

This from a President who has disparaged Christianity at every possible opportunity? What on earth is he thinking? I suppose it’s just another way to rip some more money out of the American family’s pockets.

I have a flash for all of you. If it’s possible cut your own tree, do it. I live in the Pacific Northwest where that is possible and where there are private tree lots that Mr Greedy has no access to. If you can do neither of these things and you can afford an artificial tree……… one. The President needs to know that like all taxes, he will get less and less, the more (and more) he demands. Do I sound angry? Probably because I don’t much like a Godless person trying to make money of the birth of Christ. Ugly, ugly, ugly!!

Jeff Yetter - November 9, 2011

The bureaucratic & political way to eliminate something… TAX IT!!

Jan Bandich - November 9, 2011


Clyde Radel - November 9, 2011

Christmas tree tax????? OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! Administration gone too far? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

C. Leroy Doverspike - November 9, 2011

I think the President is ‘out of his tree.’ He is crazy with power and does not know what a President is suppose to do. I am glad we have used artificial trees.

Darrell Lynch - November 9, 2011

This is assinine, but typical of the “White” house, these days!

Dexter Gill - November 9, 2011

Christmas tree tax (fee) is totally out of line and ludicrous and only contributes to the already over commercialization of Christmas. This only serves to provide more reason for the States to declare the 10th Amendment and regain control then ownership of ALL federal lands not specifically authorized in the Constitution.

Tovio Sox - November 9, 2011

It’s so comforting to see the Obama Administration is holding firm to its’ quest to detroy the economy of this nation, one industry at a time. This is not ignorance, this is CRIMINAL ARROGANCE!

Leon Beverly - November 9, 2011

People with a different mentality have to be put into the President & legislature. They are mostly tax & spend people. They have to be botted out!

Richard Drake - November 9, 2011

Just another horrible example of this “out of control” administration. IMPEACH OBAMA QUICKLY!!!!

Richard in Manvel TX.

Dennis Berg - November 9, 2011

President Obama overstepped the bounds the day that he took office. This is just another example of his “high-stepping” behavior. Let’s sending him STEPPING away from DC next year!

Ken - November 9, 2011

Absurd and ill thought out. Just like everything the current administration does. Our present leaders are mental midgets, small thinkers. A band of idiots. Dangerous idiots.

Baker - November 9, 2011

I see this as a blatant seizure of Christian tradition by the Islamists in the White House.

RDK - November 9, 2011

Are you kidding me!!! I guess some more of Obama cronies
need a paying job at the tax payers expense!!!!! What’s next????

Thomas Broussard - November 9, 2011

Common Sense does not exist in Washington DC !

Lester W Troxel - November 9, 2011

What do you want to tax next? Prayer?

Geoffrey - November 9, 2011

Has the administration gone too far? The administration went too far when it bailed out Wall Street. It went too far when it apologized to the world. It went to far when it pushed Obama Care on us. The administration is all about going too far. When will it stop.

KenWoods - November 9, 2011

Actually, it was imposed as a result of Christmas tree industry lobbyists who don’t like the reduction in sales due to artificial trees. Not a new concept under the 1996 law : “Got Milk?” is one example. However, I suppose that once the president realized that the administration might be promoting something associated with Christmas, he cancelled it. Surprise!

Anahid - November 9, 2011

If the wealthy members of the Administration gave up one White House luncheon/dinner party or 1% of their salaries towards the debt, they would not need to tax the trees and take away from the income of the people who depend on it for survival. Or, let them forego one family dinner outing a week. Where is the Obama admin. taking us? Get rid of them. They have been nothing but trouble.

Rebecca Morris - November 9, 2011

The Christmas tree industry would make more money this year if they would give trees away, and ask people for donations. It’s the only way I can think of for people to have Christmas trees, the tree industry to “make” money, and thwart the government out of receiving their absolutely ridiculous “fee”. Heaven help us!! Where and when will this infringement on our rights end??

Evelyn Dodd - November 9, 2011

Yes, the adminnistration has gone too far, without a doubt!

William F Mc Laughlin - November 9, 2011

This is a tax, Why do we need the government to promote Christmas trees.?This is a gimmick. The money is going else ware. Probably for Obama’s election campaign without a doubt. Christmas is a religious holiday ,if anything the government usually adds restrictions to the celebration by using the word holiday instead of Christmas,That’s what is going on in the White House this year.

JOSEPH BENDZINSKI - November 9, 2011

Obummer is the most god awful president this country has ever had. He is a traitor to his country. He should be tried by the Supreme Court and I think they should exile him permanently from the USA.

Reginald Smith - November 9, 2011

Looks like the Obama Aministrator community has been smoking the green leafy type stuff again. They need get into rehab before they seal their eternal destiny for looney land.

Janet Kowalski - November 9, 2011

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Talk about out of touch in Washington. The reasoning behind the new “tax”, and that IS what is proposed, makes no sense at all. How does the President have time for such nonsense? Oh, wait, by not doing his job!

Dale Thomas - November 9, 2011

This administration has been trying to kill Christianity and since that can’t be accomplished they are trying to kill Christmas! I can’t say what I want to say about if this nut gets elected again.

Richard Fitzpatrick - November 9, 2011

Obama is being true to his background and his view of the government as stated in his books; Audocity to Hope and Dreams of my Father. His youth was spent in Maylasia where his step father was a civil servant in a corrupt government. His father although Harvard educated was a minor official in an African goverment with depostism according to tribal affiliation. These experiences formed his belief system and is why he is not an American. It not about a birth certificat its about the value system you grew up with. His experiences were not American. He has shown he cannot function in our style of democracy. He believes in power for his own use and playing one faction against the other in order to dilute any power that might oppose him. Christmas has no more meaning to him than, fourth of July or the National Day of prayer. When the public understands his belief system, they will not be surprised by these power grabs and will vote him and his cronies out.

Karen Llewellyn - November 9, 2011

This from people who insist it’s not “Christmas,” but “the holidays”? These guys are totally, graspingly, nutcases.

hopefuljoy - November 9, 2011

Enough is enough….The Christmas tree is well known and doesnot need the government to promote anything. This is just another way for them to get into our pocket and to change us more.

Tina Bogani - November 9, 2011

I had a friend post a comment about the “Christmas Tree Tax” on my Facebook this morning – I thought he was joking. Can this administration get any more strange??!? Idiots working for numb-skulls being supervised by pin-heads! 2012 cannot come soon enough!

Kay - November 9, 2011

ABSURD ! More evidence of the Obama administration
badgering Americans so they can live off the public payroll.
I agree, this is disgusting.

Frankie1429 - November 10, 2011

Taxing Christmas trees is fine with me just as long as they don’t tax the Holiday Trees. Now that would be a crime. (The font used to write this comment is called “Total Sarcasm”)

Jim Gramps Hassinger - November 10, 2011

If we call it a “Holiday Tree” would he still tax it?

Betty D. - November 10, 2011

Sounds like the Commodity Promotion, Research and Information Act of 1996 needs to be thrown out. This particular use of these powers seems even more absurd in view of the fact “Christmas” is on the verge of being labeled illegal.

Kath - November 10, 2011

I’ve read several of the comments and I agree with what almost everyone says. Since we can’t call CHRISTmas Christmas why in the heck does he want to strengthen the Christmas Tree Industry? Obama should be impeached NOW for whatever reason someone can find. I think what he really is going for is to be a DICTATOR!!!! He’s already dictating with all his executive orders – so couldn’t that be his next aim?? I grew up in the 50’s and life was wonderful then. Now I am not sure if our country is even safe to live in and if we don’t have a change in 2012 I hate to even think of what 4 more years of this lying thug will do to us. Fake birth certificate, no one knew him at Columbia, even those in a class with him, and how was his education paid for?? So, so much we don’t know about him. Transparency my a–!!

ElizabethThomas - November 10, 2011

I thinkChristmas trees do just fine on their own without any help from washington Beurocrats getting involved’

Samuel Sanna - November 10, 2011

If you walk the street,he’ll TAX your feet !!

John Scribner - November 10, 2011

How come this tax is on being imposed on a Christian Holiday Symbol??? Since when is the government worried about Christmas trees when today we are to refer to MY Holiday Symbol (Christmas Tree) as a Holiday Tree. This administration and Obama can go straight to HELL!!!!

Jason B. - November 10, 2011

Are we surprised! Come now. Let us remember that a tiger when cornered, will act like a tiger. On the same level, a desperate politician who happens to be a tax and spend liberal, will act like a tax and spend liberal. Warning – there are wolves in the waiting in the GOP who spent like drunken sailors themselves last time around and would like nothing more than another shot at this thing. Obama doesn’t hide his stripes! Have you truly vetted the local and national candidates you support to be sure they are conservatives?

Shirley J. Morgan - November 10, 2011

This is the most ignorant, stupid, idea yet out of the Obama Administration.PROMOTION? RESEARCH? INFORMATION?

Does anyone that has ever celebrated Christmas need promotion, research, or information other than directions to a tree lot and the price of the trees? I think we all do that every year, don’t we?

GIVE ME A BREAK! The unions must need money for something! That seems to be his major concern. I really look forward to having a president that is the president of ALL of the people in the country. Hopefully soon!

Nathan Bryant - November 10, 2011

Theft by any foolish name is still theft.

Ralph Smith - November 10, 2011

Spend & Tax (Fee); Spend & Tax (Fee) That is ALL these idiots we continuosly reelect know what to do. They know nothing else.

Sara Van Ormer - November 10, 2011

What is the matter with this Whit House? I guess that CHRISTMAS does not mean ANYTHING to his CHILDREN and he is TRYING LIKE H— to RUIN it for EVERYONE ELSE. Time to IMPEACAH the NON-AMERICAN who lives in WE THE PEOPLE’S WHITE HOUSE.

J.L. Penfold - November 10, 2011

“I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree. . .
Taxes are made by fools like me
But only God can make a tree.”
Apologies to Joyce Kilmer from Barack

Barbara Lauzon - November 10, 2011

Get these people a book to read…

Willy - November 10, 2011

Further proof that the president is anti-religion. How better to destroy the Christmas tree than put the federal government in charge of marketing it.

Carolyn Shortt - November 10, 2011

I’ve heard it all now! A tee-total Grinch in the White House! This man is ridiculous!

Chris - November 10, 2011

Take the money we are paying for all the salaries of all these idots that come up with ideas like this and promote the sales with that money. I can not believe we are doing this like this when the country is so deep in debt and there are so many MAJOR things that we need to take care of and FOCUS on. 2012 can’t come soon enough!

Marcus Brown - November 10, 2011

This was asked for and pushed by the large Christmas tree growers through their association to help fund programs that boost sales of live trees. To ask the Feds to apply any fee (tax) for anything is letting the camel’s nose under the tent. It’s insane..

Geri Nichols - November 10, 2011

Especially with the nasty remark re Mr. Netanyahu, you would think the man would exercise some level of acceptable sanity. Does he actually have any?

Carlene Meyer - November 10, 2011

They really are going to make us buy EVERYTHING the way they want. Picking and choosing winners and losers in the Christmas tree area? I wouldn’t have dreamed this in a million years before this guy. Now nothing seems beyond belief.

Diane King - November 10, 2011

I think the major story here is that the federal government is supposedly trying, with the idea of this tax, to do marketing for a private sector industry. This is way out of the realm of government. It’s appalling to me that the government thinks it can do a better job of marketing christmas trees than the industry itself! It’s appalling that they think they know how to spend our money better than we do. Government’s role in our lives and in business needs to be cut way back.

Susan Brede - November 10, 2011

I think this was just a ruse, to get people riled up over something small, so they could quietly push through something much larger – the giving away of free internet to the “lower class” – putting a much larger burden on the working middle class to pay through higher internet fees, which will eventually be passed on to them, and higher taxes which the government will have to collect if they say they are going to fund this new give-away. There will always be a new giveaway that the leberal democrats will use to buy their votes. What is next?

Mike Ehinger - November 10, 2011

Come on!!!!!! Since when can the execuive branch levy taxes. Why doesn’t someone say something.

Wade Padgett - November 10, 2011

This administration has gone to excess in everything except doing their job and getting this country back on the path to solvency and common sense.

sara cohen - November 10, 2011

This is an attack on Christians, This is the overstepping of the dept of agriculture to take more control of the farmers land.

John Maphis - November 10, 2011

No one should be surprised by any such action taken by this administration. They should be more surprised by the lack of attention such action gets from the news media, either in print or televivion. If jobs are lost, the administration has “saved’ many more thousands. If we are worse off than 4 years ago, just listen to how “much worse” off we would have been.

David Scherer - November 10, 2011

We do NOT need a ‘Christmas Tree Promotion Board’!!!

Mark Bartosik - November 10, 2011

When does the tax on prayer rugs or on a manora take affect? This is nothing but a Christian tax! All we need to start seeing is brown shirts walking amoung us and we will know our beloved country is now in the hands of a dictator wantabe!

nancy - November 10, 2011

Government run amok! First they support every effort to ban Christmas trees in public places and then they add a fee to supplement the lost revenue to the Christmas Tree Industry! It boggles the mind!

Rusty Abq. NM - November 10, 2011

This President and his administration, along with some of the congress, are all a bunch of hypocrits!! Truth be known, they would do away with Christmas if they thought they could get away with it! Why don’t they try restoring a little “HONOR” to our country with meaningful legislation!

Var St. Jeor - November 10, 2011

I do not care what they “say” is the reason for the tax. The real reason is for the proverbial camel to get its nose into the tent. The tax would be their legal president. I must naturally ask, “Okay, so what will the tax be next year, and all the years after that?” Look, socialists have made it clear they do not like “Christmas.” They do not like the use of the word “Christ” in any form. They are very much against Christians and any public or private celebrations of Christian traditions. Socialists have fought to call the Christmas celebration the “Holiday Season,” or “Winter Festival” trying to eliminate Christ and the Christian tradition. It is “politically incorrect” to say “Merry Christmas,” we are told, we might hurt someone’s feelings. Socialists call them “Holiday Trees”, and other ridiculous names. So, (The big question), why did the Obama regime call the proposed tax a “Christmas Tree” tax, and not a “Holiday Tree” tax? Think about it for a second, you’ll figure it out.

Steve Ronan - November 10, 2011

One more ridiculous thing coming out of this out of control government! It is time to get back to the limited government that our founders intended!!!

Kaj Nielsen - November 10, 2011

I think our government has been sniffing more than pine needles.

J. Manning - November 10, 2011

Just another disgrace from a disgraceful Administration

David L Brown - November 10, 2011

I’m confused. Is this not promoting the Christian religion? Maybe they meant to promote “holiday” trees. Nothing this administration does surprises me any more.

Steve N Lunsford - November 10, 2011

Another attack on Christians and Americans. He is not a Christian or celebrates Christmas. Remember, Christmas is “Christ Mass”. We need to get rid of the super clowns like Kerry, McCain, Palosi, Obama, etc and get back to “basics”. Merry Christmas

Marcos - November 10, 2011

Yeppers, more jobs for government employees and pay offs to the unions in the end. This new fee only helps Obama in payoffs. A christmas tree is a christmas tree is a christmas tree.

Steve N Lunsford - November 10, 2011

ACLU = Anti Cristian Lawyers Union.

Ed & Hope Causey - November 10, 2011

This is about the most ridiculous proposal coming out of a White House that does not believe in Christmas. They plan
only Holiday Trees in the White House with no religious ornaments for decorations. Someone needs to to put the
“Christmas Story” from the Bible on Obama’s teleprompter
and force him to read on a national TV program. He is a disgrace to the Christian Religion.

John Detwiler - November 10, 2011

In truth the so called Reserch and Information Act of 1996 is illegal. Why? Well lets start with the Constitution which is very specific. Congress is the only body that can make Laws. They cannot deviate form this and designate this legal authority to anyone else without an amendment. Do you hear an amendment. And anybody Supreme Court or anything can cjange this.

J E Houser - November 10, 2011

YES. And in EVERY direction. Can you name anything that the Osuma presidency has done correctly?

J E Houser - November 10, 2011

We need a heavy snowfall. Let it all fall on Washington DC when the president is in the White House and the Congress is in session.

Anthony - November 10, 2011

The Christmas tree already has a great image but I wouldn’t expect anything less from an administration that is pro-muslim and anti-christian. They are despicable.

Charlie Mark - November 10, 2011

This was going way too far! How many idiots do we have in this administration? Let me count them–no I can’t count that high.

John Brooks - November 10, 2011


David Van Deusen - November 10, 2011

I bet the christmas tree farmers would like to use their prunning shears on the Obama Administration to help shape it up…and the consumers would likely be right behind them. Obama is not a natural born citizen and this ‘fee’ is just another example of why he never should have been sworn into office.

Arline Graham - November 10, 2011

I think this is appalling and just another example of how this administration is anti-Christian.

LINDA SIMS - November 10, 2011

Those people are beyond stupid. I can hardly wait to VOTE in 2012. Linda Sims

D.T. Radmilovich - November 10, 2011

I will invite Obama to San Diego, ask him to sit on the top of my 6′ tree, and immediately turn it into a 3′ tree topped with a presidential angel (read: devil).

Lorena Steffen - November 10, 2011

Way to go, Alison! You took the words right out of my mouth!

Elizabeth - November 10, 2011

This is just another way for this government to create another department that we cannot afford. Instead of making new agencies, they should be abolishing some that already exist. I am sick of Obama and his crew. All they know how to do is tax and spend!

Jim - November 10, 2011

This is nothing more that a scheme to use government bureaucrats to do the job that employees of a private trade association should do. Ultimately a power grab. The underlying law needs to be repealed.

Robert Bigelow - November 10, 2011

This is the most rediculous thing I ever heard! Funny
how the ACLU and liberal judges keep trying to BAN
“Christmas” trees, yet want to tax the people who sell
them to “improve the image and marketing of them”.
What BS! This is the most out of touch administration EVER!

J. - November 10, 2011

Unbelievable. I am one the small business sellers of Christmas Trees and this administration will do anything it can to put it’s hands in my pockets to take it’s piece. When will they realize that they can only take so much from us before it is not worth it to be in business anymore?

Michele - November 10, 2011

This is sheer hypocrisy and manipulation to suck more blood out of American citizens! Mr President, we are not amused . . .you are trespassing near sacred ground!

Gretchen Jaenicke - November 10, 2011

I’m sick of a dictator! And thank goodness he thought of it in time before everybody bought their tree! Let’s get some good minds behind curing the economic problems and quit spending money and time spinning wheels!

Grant Hansel - November 10, 2011

This should be initiated by the tree industry. But that’s hard to do when many of the trees come from Canada. Milk promotion is funded by the Dairy Farmers on their initiative- not the Ag dept.

This is a very hollow move by an administration whose only religious observance this year was a Muslim Holiday – no National Day of Prayer – it seems to be a left-handed attack on the Christmas Holiday–And where will the Obamas observe Christmas this year??

Faith Saleeby - November 10, 2011

Another way to mess Christmas up for many. Plus, a lot of people won’t buy real trees due to this Tax. Just another tax no one needs! Obama really wants to rule people’s lives. Even to the point of what kind of Christmas tree we have in our homes! Too bad Obama can’t think of something more important to do as President of the US.

Jim - November 10, 2011

Just another attack on Christians

Sanford Butler - November 10, 2011

This is in-freaking-sane. A better image for Christmas trees? What sort of malarkey is this? Typical liberal-speak. It makes no sense whatsoever, just like most liberal nonsense. The insane are running the asylum.

john - November 10, 2011

The joke we call “president” has no integrity……….so why bother? He made many promises during the election process in ’08 and his record of kept promises, even those that he had full control, is dismal.

William Taggard - November 10, 2011

This just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the lunatics have taken control of the asylum. God help us!

Jack Leishear - November 11, 2011

Obama the scrooge. I would like instead, to impose a tax on Presidential speeches or ( Presidential campaign speeches ) A very high tax!

Richard Bergman - November 11, 2011

Grower funded marketing orders are nothing new. The growers at least had a vote in a referendum and a majority vote prevailed. Only bad press delayed the implementation of the program. This was not likely an initiative of the administration at a high level but at a grower level. It does seem possible it was a desire to support employment in tree producing states since timber production has been so reduced due to onerous environmental “costs”. It is also a way to shift to live trees from petroleum made artificial trees.

Joseph Narciso - November 11, 2011

The Democrats never met a tax thay didnot like!

tony - November 11, 2011

No way , the christmas tree is an idol. it is a religious symbol and Obama is not the freaking pope, The establishment clause of the first amendment forbids him from promoting one religion over another. Butt out obama.

Lincoln Craighead - November 11, 2011

This is a perfect example of how much too far government has gotten into our lives. Whoever thought up this dumb idea must have more important things to be doing (or maybe has a meaningless job?).

Patricia Morrell - November 11, 2011

No one needs a tax on Christmas Trees! This is stupid!
Just a way to get more money from the middle class and poor people.

Linda Janicki - November 11, 2011

Sounds like the Grinch is trying to steal Christmas again. In the book the Grinch’s heart grew and he returned all the trees, toys, etc. when he found that it’s not what you get, it’s that you give. As God gave us His one and only Son on that first Christmas, the greatest gift of all! We all must keep praying that God will help and guide us through all this and that He will keep us in our faith in Him. God’s Blessings to All!

William - November 11, 2011

This is another idiotic idea emminating from the out of touch people in Washington. Perhaps this is a move to avoid making really effective choices… Like cutting $ Billions from the government benefits, or implementing the Fair Tax reform, or putting real immigration reform (including National E-Verify) in place, or making national right to work law a national reality.

George - November 11, 2011

The greatest threat to the future of the United States of America is the current administration in Washington!

Jerry Schaefer - November 11, 2011

Waiting for the other shoe to drop, next the feds. will tax Christmas carols.

Frank M. Saurage - November 12, 2011

Can anyone explain the common sense or Litmus test(s) applied here? No, as the Brits have said many times, “I think have gone round the bend”.
Our current White House incumbent and cronies are out of touch, without a clue of reality.

Donna Douglas - November 12, 2011

I truely wish that this administration would stop and realize Americans are hurting. We do not need hit with a increase of cost on a holiday tradition the tree. The increase in the price of Thanksgiving dinner is costing us enough this year. Just stay out of it. Farmers, Retailers and Nurseries know how to market there products.

Theresa Lussi - November 13, 2011

They’ve all lost their collective minds.

Marge - November 13, 2011

Another bizarre example of government overreach. This is absurd! Let’s keep the pressure on to fight this sort of thing every step of the way.
Thanks for the info.

Arvid Myhre - November 13, 2011

If the Christmas tree industry want to promote their product, why don’t they institute a “check off” among themselves? I would think this would a a part of doing business and it would keep the parasites in politics out of it.

Bentley Curry - November 13, 2011

My wife and I have been Christmas growers since 1981 and stauch supports of farm grown not Chinese made trees. I am also a member of Heritage Foundation and had believed it was the one DC organization that checked its facts but undoubtedly Mr. Addington has not made a complete recovery from being a beltway bureaucrat. Tell him to give me a call if he wants real information on Research and Promotion Check Off programs. I know you have my phone number since you have someone call once a week requesting more money, usually around the dinner hour.



Randy H - November 14, 2011

If the writer would check the facts, she would know that this “new Christmas tree tax” is a “checkoff” not unlike what many other agricultural industries have instituted on themselves over the years. These programs don’t cost the taxpayer anything as any and all costs are born by the initiating industry. Nor do they bring any moneys into the national treasury. With a little fact-finding research, the writer would discover that this story has nothing to do with the President other than that the USDA, which is under the Executive branch, is helping one of our domestic industries form a legal mechanism to pool their own moneys to fund promotion campaigns for their products. But, I guess that doesn’t fit her “demonize Obama” narrative does it?
Where is good, honest journalism???
The credibility of my Heritage Foundation continues to sink, and the agricultural industries here in this country are some of the collateral damage from this type of reporting. Sad!

John - November 14, 2011

What happened to separation of Church and State. This tax is biased as it helps “promote” (wink wink) Christianity…Where is the ACLU on this issue?

Mark Korb - November 14, 2011

Well, at least these are “Christmas Trees” and not “holiday trees.” Must have been a slip up there to use the polically incorrect label.

Keith Childress - November 14, 2011

It looks like the Commodity Promotion, Research and Information Act of 1996. needs to be repealed ASAP! If the President has the authority to to unilaterally impose new taxes for “Promotion, Research, and Information” of commodities; That could be anything. Imposing taxes without going through congress. Doesn’t the Constitution say that is just wrong? I KNOW it was not the intention of the Founders.

Paul - November 15, 2011

This is peculiar behavior from the leader of a party that has gone out of it’s way to destroy this sacred holiday. So according to the bamster it’s ok to say tax christmas but not Merry Christmas. I wonder how they get around the irony of that?

chris - November 15, 2011

Just one more things that shows Obama is trying to wipe out Christianity in the US. and make us a Muslim state.

Fred Ludeman - November 15, 2011

They have absolutely gone too far, as they always do.

Bob Moncrief - November 15, 2011

Why don’t the Christmas Tree growers get together and do there own tree promotion? Hire an advertising agency to work up TV and other advertising. The government does not have to get involved.

Gordie - November 22, 2011

This is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard of! Another tax to provide jobs for the Christmas Tree Promotion Board! Can you imagine someone ever admitting they worked for the Christmas Tree Promotion Board? They can’t make this stuff up!!!

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