Alex Cohen’s high school club works with Heritage Action for America

Our sister organization, Heritage Action for America, has a new activist. But he’s not your typical activist.

Alex Cohen is a 17-year-old high school student who founded a conservative club at his high school to “promote and educate youth on Heritage Action’s mission.” Heritage Action organizes grassroots activists and pressures Congress to advance The Heritage Foundation’s conservative ideas.

His first order of business, Cohen told Heritage Action, is “getting everyone on the topic of defunding Obamacare.” He would also like to showcase and explain the Heritage Action Scorecard to the members of his club. Action’s Scorecard grades lawmakers on how they vote to advance conservative principles.

At a time when conservatives have found it challenging to connect with young people, this is an encouraging story indeed.

Heritage Action plans to recruit more activists like Cohen. Find out how you can get involved with Heritage Action.

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