Michael Giobbe

Michael Giobbe views his membership in the Heritage Legacy Society as a sound investment

To say that Heritage Foundation member Michael Giobbe knows a thing or two about finance would be quite an understatement considering he’s spent his entire professional life working on Wall Street. Given Mike’s thorough understanding of finances, it should come as no surprise that one of the ways he’s chosen to support The Heritage Foundation’s work is to establish multiple charitable gift annuities.

“There’s only so much I can do as an individual,” says Mike. “Supporting Heritage is a way for me to turn my resources into action. It’s important for me to have a voice on Capitol Hill, and Heritage is that voice.”

Mike was immediately intrigued by the idea of using charitable gift annuities to support Heritage’s long-range efforts, and he’s established multiple annuities over the years. “I’m the kind of guy who can’t help analyzing my finances from every angle, and gift annuities make a tremendous amount of sense,” says Mike. “I receive fixed income at a very competitive rate based on my age, but that’s not even the whole story. When I factor in all of the tax savings, I’m actually receiving an effective payout rate that’s much higher than what’s printed on the rate table. I’m obviously no stranger to all of the financial products that exist out there, and I can tell you there isn’t much that even comes close to what I’m receiving from my annuities with Heritage.”

“My number one reason for supporting Heritage is that it’s a way for me to have my views represented in Washington, but I still can’t help wanting to be smart about my bottom line,” Mike says. “I have a lot of appreciated securities in my portfolio, and the out-of-pocket cost of making a gift like this makes it an easy decision for me. The older I get, the more I need to limit my market exposure and increase sources of fixed income. This is exactly what charitable gift annuities offer. Heritage’s planned giving staff also makes giving securities extremely easy. I appreciate the way they immediately follow up with the tax benefits resulting from my gift so that I can plan out the rest of my year. Details like this are important to me, and it’s just one of the countless reasons why supporting Heritage is always a first-rate experience.”

If you are retired or nearing retirement please click here for a confidential, no obligation personal illustration of benefits to learn how a charitable gift annuity could benefit you. For more information, please call our Heritage Legacy Society office at (800) 409-2003 or e-mail us at [email protected]. We also encourage you to visit our planned giving website at myHeritageLegacy.org.

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