Heritage Young President's Club Member Wes Lippman

“America should be proud of what it is and what it stands for,” says proud American and Heritage Foundation Young President’s Club Member Wes Lippman.

So what does America stand for? In Lippman’s own words, his homeland represents:

Constitutionally-based self-government… a unique exception to the idea that people are subservient to their governments and that their “betters” must decide for them how to act, think, and thrive.

It is this deep understanding of American exceptionalism, Lippman explains, that has assumed a defining role in his life, both politically and professionally.

“I’m a conservative because I believe very strongly in individual freedom,” he says, “and that the size and scope of government must be constantly checked and curtailed.”

His belief in American ideals inspired Lippman to join the United States Marine Corps. “It was very important to me that I serve my country in a meaningful way, and the Marine Corps provided the perfect opportunity to do so. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and was a truly singular and life-changing experience.”

As a former Marine Corps officer and a young conservative,  Lippman, 29, finds himself most interested in issues relating to national defense.

“America is and should always remain a force of good throughout the world,” he explains, so we must maintain our capacity and strength.

Military strength is something to be proud of, he continues: “At no point in history has such a powerful country acted with such restraint and had such a positive impact on the rest of the world.”

After graduating from Dartmouth College and completing his military service, Lippman studied business at the University of Virginia. He now puts his MBA to good use as a consultant at IBM.

So how has Lippman kept up with politics amidst this busy life? “Heritage is one of the primary ways I stay involved in conservative politics and abreast of current conservative thought and research.”

Like many Heritage Foundation members, Wes Lippman believes deeply in our nation and her people.  We’re proud to have him at our side.

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Fred Sebly - May 11, 2011

There is no philosophical debate on the subject. We have a constitution every official in America is sworn ti defend and uphold. Don’t understand the constitution and the intentions of the founders? Read the federalist papers. I am fed up with the ignorant ones in MSM and the political pundents telling me what they “think”! Time to educate these destroyers of our free nation. We are doomed if we do not reverse our course. We are doomed culturally and economically. Lastly our liberty is at great risk. Will our representatives defend our constitutional rights or will it come down to us fighting a war? Patrick Henry said Give me liberty or give me death.

debra munoz - May 14, 2011

America is great because we were founded on the Word of God. We are Soverign because of God. We are blessed by His hand only, and NOT government. Prayer, hard work, freedom and the right to share our God given talents and abilities with others, to grow and believe the best in others and share our blessings with the rest of the world. Basically the U.S. is a light to guide the world in the ways of God. He is our freedom and our strength. He is the one who should be praised and acknowledged and thanked and blessed. America as a whole has gotten away from that and I believe the hand of God has been lifted from this Nation and judgement and calamity have seeped in allowing destructive forces to reside and destroy this great Nation. We, once again need to realize where our power and blessing really come from and return to the ways of the founding father’s. We must proclaim freedom in the land of the home of the brave. We truly are a land like no other.We stand alone in power and strength and we are established in the Word of God. and in righteousness with Christ as Lord over this country. But freedom and Liberty have a price, not only in our land , but in the people themselves. Jesus came that we would have life and have it more abundantly and because of Him freedom and liberty exsist.His desire is that we love Him as much as He loves us. That we would walk in His Will and purpose for our lives. That obediance to Him would be our choice.What do you suppose our country would be if we all knew the roots and sacrifice of the one’s who went before us, and that every citizen chose the freedom that God intended and walked in the authority that freedom allows. For where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. America—- BLESS GOD !!!! Debra

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