Seth Mitchell is trying to find a good fit as a Hollywood actor and producer. He is not interested in simply fitting in. With youth, energy, and good looks on his side, the sky is the limit for the talented Pepperdine University graduate. As strong values instilled by dedicated parents guide the Pennsylvania native, Mitchell refuses to sacrifice his beliefs to get ahead in an industry dominated by liberalism.

“Conservatives really need to get back on the ball in terms of the culture war,” Mitchell said. “We need a strong voice here in Hollywood.”

While a young Ronald Reagan arrived in Tinseltown as an FDR Democrat before finding his conservative conscience, Mitchell came to Southern California already knowing he came down on the right side of most issues. He was studying political science and music at Pepperdine when Mitchell said “the acting bug bit.” As his training progressed, the aspiring artist began to worry about Hollywood’s culture influencing America’s laws.

“I have even been numbed to a lot of the propaganda that’s out there,” Mitchell admitted. “I don’t think people realize how what we watch and take in affects who we are.”

A Conservative Voice in Hollywood

Thanks in part to a contact he made through The Heritage Foundation, the ambitious conservative now has a powerful forum to bring an alternative viewpoint from the “left coast.” As a writer for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, Mitchell spotlights films, TV shows, and Internet productions that appeal to a conservative audience. He is also involved with Act One, which strives to find opportunities for Christians in the entertainment industry.

“Our culture should be praising families again,” Mitchell said. “Without that family unit, we lose a building block to creating a community and a great nation.”

As he strives to bring balance to a liberal stronghold, it is not always easy for Mitchell to be part of his new community. During the 2008 election campaign, Mitchell recalled an Obama-Biden supporter’s attempt to scare him away from the McCain-Palin ticket by suggesting he would die because of Republican health care policies. Still alive and kicking, Mitchell sees rays of hope for conservatives in a state devastated by entitlement spending and high taxes.

“There are a number of people here who are willing to listen and talk to you a bit,” Mitchell explained. “I’ve been trying to show them that there’s another side to Christians and conservative people from what they have been molded to think.”

The American Spirit Reawakened from Coast to Coast

Mitchell believes that as more people witness fading constitutional rights and economic freedom, an awakening similar to the Reagan Revolution will sweep from coast to coast. Part of the reason “the American spirit is coming out,” according to Mitchell, is because of unique new opportunities for young people to get involved. The Heritage Foundation is at the very top of Mitchell’s list of organizations that are truly committed to reaching his generation.

“At a recent Heritage event I learned so much about all the debt that will plague us for the rest of our lives,” Mitchell said. “Now that we’re graduating from college and trying to start our own businesses, we have this huge weight on our shoulders.”

While enthusiastic about continuing his online writing with Big Hollywood, Mitchell would also like to establish an independent production company, and act in films that show a different side of American life.

“It’s very dangerous when one mindset or one worldview has an iron fist that controls the American heart. I think it’s very important that Americans have an alternative viewpoint.”

What do you think about Hollywood’s role in influencing our culture? Would you like to see conservatives have a bigger voice in Tinseltown? Tell us what you think about Seth’s story.

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