Raised primarily by his grandmother in the San Francisco bay area, Scott G. Erickson was taught to fend for himself in an often unforgiving world. Instead of depending on others to hand him opportunities, Erickson worked hard and earned his success.

“My grandma and the family around her always taught us the virtues of self-reliance and independent thought,” Erickson told The Heritage Foundation. “Growing up with those principles grounded in you, you apply those virtues in your own life.”

The 33-year-old San Jose police officer has spent more than a decade protecting the public, while also answering the call to help educate his fellow citizens. With B.S. and M.S. degrees in criminal justice, Erickson is using his personal experiences and unique insights as a writer for Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller. Homeland security is not only a central element of his career, but part of his core belief that the United States cannot rely on outsiders to keep Americans safe.

“The threat of global nuclear proliferation and the increasingly relevant phenomenon of domestic-born acts of terror underscore the importance of approaching these issues from a realistic position of strength,” Erickson wrote in The Daily Caller on May 7. “No longer can lofty rhetoric and diplomatic ideals alone address the dangers facing America. Vigilance and a firm commitment to the principles of peace through strength will remain the cost of security.”

Erickson is concerned that the Obama administration seems willing to sacrifice long-term security for short-term political gain. Failing to adequately confront a Holocaust-denying Iranian president who repeatedly threatens America and Israel could lead to tragic consequences, as could failing to recognize that attacks on Fort Hood and an Arkansas recruiting center were acts of Islamic terrorism. Erickson’s law enforcement and national security experience also makes him worry about another controversial policy decision by the president.

“Capitulating to Russian demands to remove missiles from Poland and the Czech Republic is a perfect example,” Erickson said with concern. “It’s very hard for someone to argue that removing plans for those missile shields made America and its allies anything but more vulnerable.”

Like recent Heritage Foundation Featured Fan Seth Mitchell, who is trying to spread the conservative message in Hollywood, it is not easy to champion the values of Ronald Reagan in San Francisco, arguably the most liberal city in the nation.

“It’s pretty out there,” Erickson chuckled. “Some of my friends in New York are surprised when I tell them they’re lucky to live in a place with diversity of opinion.”

Thanks to The Heritage Foundation, Erickson knows he is not the Bay Area’s lone voice of reason. After getting involved back in 2001 while completing an internship on Capitol Hill, he realized there are thousands of active Heritage members in his region. More than 500 supporters attended an event headlined by former White House Senior Adviser Karl Rove last September.

“There was a time when young conservatives who were passionate didn’t even know what Heritage was,” Erickson said. “Heritage has done a great job attracting younger people who have conservative values and principles that reach all demographics.”

Like his grandmother taught him, Erickson is depending on nobody but himself as he pushes forward with an accomplished law enforcement career, successful writing venture, and promising political activism.

“The election of Barack Obama motivated me to get involved, but the desire went back to when I was very young. My family always had vigorous discussions. Now, it’s time to talk more about the issues and our image in the world.”

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