Orit Sklar

Orit Sklar

As a young conservative who grew up in New York and now resides in Atlanta, Heritage Foundation member Orit Sklar is no stranger to public policy and constitutional debates. Her love of country and conservative values run so deep that she never gets deterred by liberals. She knows she is fighting the good fight.

The 27-year-old Sklar is a champion of individual liberty, economic  freedom, traditional values, and American exceptionalism. Her family faced persecution in Russia and Eastern Europe before they emigrated to the U.S., so she knows just how exceptional America is.

And she truly understands the devastating effects of big government. As she exlains:

My family emigrated to America from Russia and Eastern Europe; in both cases they faced extraordinary persecution at the hands of big government. It’s their stories of hardship abroad and success at home – along with a deep appreciation and understanding of our nation’s history – which inspire me to promote and protect the founding principles that made the United States a nation where opportunity abounds and you are free to pursue your dreams.

Sklar, who advises conservative college students on campus activism, calls conservatism “the modern counter-culture movement.” No matter how difficult it is to advocate conservatism on campus, she warns students against “shy[ing] away from expressing our principles to seek popularity or acceptance over doing what’s right.”  Above all, she urges conservatives to avoid the liberal trap of compromise, especially when the choice is between big government and limited government.

While an undergraduate, Sklar was censored and discriminated against by college administrators for her passionate promotion and defense of conservative ideals. In response, she filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Georgia Tech for violating her rights to free speech and religious liberty. This lawsuit changed her life. Sklar had planned on becoming a civil engineer, but soon realized that “my place was on the front lines of our nation’s public policy debates.”

Today, Sklar is on these front lines as a communications and fundraising consultant for conservative causes. Her current goal is similar to so many Americans who believe this election is pivotal, determining the course of our country for generations: “doing everything I can to ensure that conservatives win back the White House, the U.S. Senate, and build a greater majority in the U.S. House on November 6.”

Sklar is a member of Heritage’s Young President’s Club–because it is to Heritage that she turns “for insight into public policy, first as a student and now as a young professional.”

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