When Heritage Associate Lynda Schultz was younger she, like many, identified herself as a liberal.

As she matured, entered the working world, and raised a family she came to see government in a different light.

A published author of southern fiction, Lynda first became conservative when she and her husband Howard started their own business in North Carolina. When she was getting the business off the ground, she had no help from the government. When her business hit a rough patch, not only did she not receive a government handout, but was obligated to pay them first, before she paid her employees.

The only time the government intervened into her business, she says, was when it was sold, and capital gains taxes were taken. “When I found out that one third of our profits had been paid in tax obligations and federal regulations. I thought the top of my head was about to blow off!”

Lynda with her Repeal Obamacare bumper sticker

Lynda has a clear vision of what issues conservatives should tackle first to bring America back to her First Principles: “Debt, and a close second is entitlement spending. However, the two are tightly linked.”

Lynda, who frequently volunteers for food banks in her hometown, also says she would like to see an immediate end to most forms of government welfare. “As a society,” she explains, “we have an obligation to take care of those who are in genuine need. But sitting at home collecting checks from the government because you are ‘working the system’ is not fair to those who go out, work hard, and earn a living every day.”

The payments people receive from the government come from other Americans, Americans who, like you, have jobs, families and obligations. Lynda quotes Walter Williams: “When you take money from one person’s pocket to put into another person’s pocket, it’s stealing. Neither the government, nor I, has the right to take things from people and redistribute it to others.  Nowhere in our Constitution does it state that the government’s role is to redistribute the money of its citizenry.”

Lynda and Howard SchultzA daily reader of the Morning Bell and a supporter of our sister organization, Heritage Action for America, Lynda is very involved with Heritage and the North Carolina Committee for Heritage she co-chairs with her husband Howard.  Her passion for Heritage is so great that she has been known to recruit new members in her local supermarket.  She said she and Ed Feulner keep a running tally of her latest recruits!

Were you always conservative? Why do you consider yourself conservative? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Daryl MacGregor - February 10, 2011

Lynda Schultz is a dynamic and empathetic person. Her goals are admirable and her hope for the USA to return to it’s core values is admirable. She and Howard are committed and resourceful. There is nothing this couple cannot accomplish together. They are working for our future.

Courtney Pierce - February 10, 2011

What a wonderful article! I agree with Daryl MacGregor, there is nothing this couple cannot accomplish together. Our country could use more people such as Howard and Lynda Shultz.

Brenda Murphy - February 10, 2011

At long last, the energetic and vibrant voice of reason has emerged from the bastion of liberalism, Chapel Hill. Lynda Schultz has the fire, the drive, the imagination, and the strategic planning skills necessary to “fire up the base” and help return our nation to its core values and timeless principals of liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. The Schultz’s are a creative and dynamic couple. Together, they are the kind of visionaries that will help redirect our country back to its greatness and restore the ideals of American exceptionalism at the grassroots level and abroad. Thank you for this article. It’s a keeper.

Clarence Whitefield - February 10, 2011

I agree with Daryl, Courtney and Brenda. I was delighted to meet Lynda and Howard this past year and I have enjoyed being with them at Heritage Foundation functions in Durham, Washington and Raleigh. Every time I’ve felt inspired by Lynda’s enthusiasm and drive. She’s a vivacious young lady whose conservative outlook should make all of us more optimistic about our country’s future!

Patricia Griffin - February 10, 2011

When Howard and Lynda Schultz are inspired by their passion, it is certain they will create “change”. Taking a stand for what should be the inalienable rights of American citizens is right up their alley. Having created the American Dream not once, but twice, has given them perspective about what the true small business owner struggles with to be successful. They represent the best of our countries entrepreneurs, who continue to drive the economy in spite of governments unreasonable taxation. Great article Lynda.

John Amanchukwu - February 11, 2011

Spoken like my good friend Lynda! As a young black male I must agree with everything you have said. I don’t believe in “hand outs” but, I have received “hand ups”. I am astonished when I hear that people would rather sit home and wait on a check rather than get out and make there own. What happened to PRIDE and SELF-WORTH? I must say that Howard and Lynda are a God send to North Carolina. The impact that has been made by the Heritage Foundation can be felt and heard. This great STATE is better because of YOU!

Will Jeffords - February 11, 2011

Lynda and Howard are great people. I applaud their enthusiasm for speaking out against onerous taxes and the current environment of runaway government spending. Keep up the great work!

John & Lou Ann Geis - February 11, 2011

We’ve known Howard & Lynda since they became our next door neighbor in 1996 when they had their employment business. They then moved on to their highly successful TLC, The Learning Consortium, where they really learned the problems created by big government. This led them to the Heritage Foundation and within a few years they founded the Carolina Chapter, the 13th in the USA. We’re proud to be friends of this energetic and successful couple, and know that they will continue to make the contributions the USA needs to help get our government back to operating by the Constitution. A wonderful story of a great gal and we hope that more like her will be heard from!

Clyde Hunt - February 11, 2011

As a member of the North Carolina Committee for Heritage, it has been a real pleasure working with Lynda and Howard Schultz. Our goal is to alert all Tar Heels to the “perils of progressivism” and to do all possible to make our North Carolina a “red” state now and in the future. With Lynda and Howard’s continued commitment and outstanding leadership, I am confident we will accomplish our goals.

Clyde L. Hunt Jr.

Helen Payne - February 11, 2011

I was born into extreme poverty and remember the school bus passing by because Mother was too proud to send me to school with no food. With only a high school education I married a high school dropout, and the 2 of us worked together and put him through law school. I remember Mother saying, “I don’t mind if they take from my paycheck and give to those who CAN’T work. What I mind is them taking from my paycheck and giving to those who WON’T work.” I agree wholeheartedly.

Frank Jaworski - February 11, 2011

I guess I am genetically predisposed,
“If you’re under thirty and not a liberal you have no heart, if you’re over thirty and not a conservative you have no brain.”
—-Winston Churchill
“A conservative is someone mugged by reality”
—-Irving Kristol
People who claim to be socially and fiscally liberal, are actually fully conservative both fiscally and socially when the government begins digging deeper into their pockets.
As mentioned above we all have a predisposition to logic….it’s just a matter of time. It’s a (r)evolutionary thing.

Larry Hester - February 11, 2011

This is a truly remarkable story. Having grown up in Durham
I know how tremendously difficult it is to have conservative values in the the research triangle area particularly withe very close geological locations of Duke and UNC who espouse and indoctrinate their students and the public with far left socialist policies. I was a student at Duke and my brother went to UNC. Keep up the good fight.

Great article.

Charlotte Roberts - February 11, 2011

I have watched Howard and Lynda Schultz’s interest in political realities move to passion for restoring conservative values to the country and transform into inspired action. The Heritage Foundation made a wise choice in naming them co-chairs of the NC Community Committee. They will proudly and publicly take a stand for their beliefs.

Jane Behan - February 11, 2011

Until 1978, my husband and I were both quite liberal in our thinking, and our voting. That year, we started our own home-based business, and started talking to some influential business leaders who “opened our eyes” to the creeping evils of socialism, and how that could eventually threaten free enterprise. My father, as well, who had been a staunch democrat for years as a successful farmer, changed his political affiliation because of the change going on in our country which concerned him very much. Needless to say, I have great concern over what is happening today, but am very grateful for the leadership and voice of Heritage. Reminders of our Founding Fathers’ Principles we cannot hear enough. Thank you to our strong conservative leaders! Jane

Jeanne Stotler - February 11, 2011

My grandfather was JAG, USA, served in Span. Am. war, and at border dispute under both Teddy Toosevelt and J.J. Pershing. My earliest memories were of him yelling about FDR and his liberal ways. My parents worked at the Main Navy on Constitution Ave. and I heard all the comments oming from there and from there I formed my opinion of working for your self and teaching others the same. I was widowed young, my children ranged from 5 YO to 23 and I went back to nursing school and supported them, in doing so I taught them, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, it wasn’t easy but worth while. My youngest son is a Rocket engineer, others have good jobs, daughters have great families and all are independent. We are 13 generations from the Mayflower, Richard Warren, distantly related to 2 signers and have a score of famous names on out family tree, we are Americans and want this country to continue as deemed by the founders.

Marlene Knowles - February 11, 2011

When I was a young mother I always tuned to CSpan to hear Congress in action. I found myself siding with conservatives on issues and knew where I belonged.

james - February 11, 2011

I was a democrat until two years ago…
But, the democratic party of today is not my father’s
democratic party.

m allison - February 11, 2011

I have contacted Harry Reid’s office numerous times to ask if Yucca is such a bad idea why did he allow $35 billion dollars of tax payor funds to be spent before he stopped it. I get no answer. .

Bob LaRocca - February 11, 2011

When I was approaching 21 years of age my Father asked me how I was going to vote. I had no idea, so I began asking around. I returned a week later and announced that I was a Democrat. My Dads reply was WHY? In which I promptly replied “because I am a working man.” His reply was that everyone works for a living, what’s does that have to do with being a Democrat? He said go read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. The first year that I was eligible to vote was 1964. I read Conscience of a Conservative and I was hooked.

Lynda C - February 11, 2011

Fascinating to read how many citizens came to be Conservatives. My path is rather convoluted from Left to Right, though I actually did vote for Reagan against Brown, Sr. in the 1966 California Governor’s race because we were punishing Brown for some infraction, never thinking that Reagan would really win. The laugh was on us. Only until he died did I recognize President Reagan’s worth to the nation and the world.

John Fowke - February 11, 2011

Because I believe in a smaller government, live within our means, protect our borders, the second amendment, a strong military, a fair tax, and term limits.

Joyce Notte - February 11, 2011

My mom was a conservative when she was alive and my dad is a liberal. When I was younger I was pretty liberal and was a registered Democrat but didn’t pay too much attention to politics despite my mother always encouraging me to do so. The horrific terror attacks on 9/11 woke me up and have been concerned about our national security. Since that point in time I have been voting for Republicans. After Obama was elected I remember feeling very depressed the day after election day. I refused to watch Obama’s inauguration because I could not stand the media and the world gushing over Obama because he was the first black president. To me the color of his skin is insignificant. It’s what you do that matters, not what your race is.

I began listening to talk radio and joined the Heritage Foundation to learn more about the damage Obama is doing to this country. His spending is out of control and his policies are terrible for our economy and our country.

Once the discussions about Obamacare began heating up, I started taking action. I made contributions to conservative candidates and followed the progression of that law being shoved down our throats. Immediately after that, I officially changed my party affiliation to Republican so I could vote for Republican candidates in primaries and I joined a tea party. Obamacare is wrong for this country. Federal Judge Vinson has ruled Obamacare unconstitutional yet Obama is ignoring it. What an outrage.

I am the mother of a young adult with a disability who has significant medical needs. To make sure my son has good medical coverage, I have worked through out his entire life. During several years of part time employment I purchased health insurance at a significant cost (it cost several thousand dollars each year). I made, many sacrifices to be able to afford the health insurance but that was a priority for me. Never once did I expect health insurance to be just given to my family. Today I am still working at a very challenging job that I do not particularly enjoy but it comes with good health insurance. I always work hard and do my job well so I will continue to be employed. I am outraged that with Obamacare we have to redistribute wealth to others who perhaps have made poor financial decisions and others who do not want to make sacrifices and expect health insurance to be free.

Being conservative and especially fiscally conservative is the only way to get our country headed back in the right direction.

Phil Snodgrass - February 11, 2011

It is just natural for me. Both from a spiritual aspect and from growing up in a family supported by a small business. Also, I was self-employed twice when in my thirties. Then the final straw was when Walter Cronkite turned from reporting facts to supporting an agenda. I am 73. Been there.

Claws67639 - February 12, 2011

An American first then conservative, have always been a conservative. Live within our means and support the constitution and hang the stars and stripes!

Jan Elliott - February 12, 2011

What an inspirational story! We can be “cheerleaders” for TEAM TRUTH & REASON if we, as Howard and Lynda, “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” The traditional definitions of patriot and conservative are almost synonymous – wonder when we as a people will step back and realize our collective value? God Bless America!

J Karl Thomas - February 12, 2011

My Mom and Dad were always conservative.My Mom was
especially conservative. Mom only went as far a 8th grade
and Mom was smarter than most of the so called intelligent
people you see in politics and TV. Mom taught my Brohers
and I the conservitive Idiology. It has made my life better than most. Thank You

Damon - February 12, 2011

I was not always a conservative. After many years of reflection I felt that the conservative ajenda was more aligned with my family and my goals.

rowley - February 12, 2011

I grew up absorbing the knowledge and experience that influenced my values and standards which pre-dated the Baby Boomer redefinition of words and phrases.
My family taught me to dislike being labeled or categorized without individual identity.
The Borg mentality of a collective ID was not part of my DNA.
Do I believe in the independence and responsibility of the individual? Yes.

Verne Barlow - February 12, 2011

I waqs born way vbefore the stock market collapse in 1929. My father was an ardent Republican and even though many years the farm failed to produce a profit. He never once recieved any handout from the government even if it was available. My father never once told me how to live. He lived and I watched trying to copy him. My heritage runs to the very begining of this great country, for both of my great grandfathers came to these shores some one hundred and forty years before they ever got around to writing the Declaration.

Fred Hamilton - February 12, 2011

I’ve been a conservative for as long as I can remember. I too, consider myself right of Reagan.
I agree with everything Lynda says, but I would go much further. For instance, most of what the federal government does is un Constitutional and should be stopped. Departments that should be abolished, to name a few, are Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Interior, Dept. of Education, the EPA. Any law that gives the federal government authority to block a sovereign state from drilling for oil should be over turned.
What constitutional authority does the federal government have to prohibit monopolies? The Commerce Clause perhaps? The Commerce Clause has been abused since the earliest days of our country, but has been taken to extremes in the past 75 years. Its intent was to regulate commerce between the states period. Not meddle with the operations of private business, or set minimum wages or mileage requirements for automobile. So there needs to be some action to clarify the Commerce Clause in order to limit it to its original intent.
I don’t believe it ever occurred to the founders that one day our labor would be taxed.
One final thought, federal judges illustrating either malfeasance, or incompetence through their decisions showing apparent disregard for the Constitution and a violation of oath should be called out and put on notice that the people will not stand for their blatant abuse of authority. Recently four Supreme Court Justices voted to over turn the 2nd Amendment. In a blatant over reach several years back the Court ordered an Alabama Attorney General to remove the 10 Commandments from a state building. What part of Art. III gives that authority to the Federal Bench.
Fred Hamilton

John H Ross - February 12, 2011

I suppose that I have always been a “conservative”, both politically and in a practical sense. Being born in the very early 30’s, I was aware of the struggle that my dad and mom went through to keep our family fed and housed. I learned very early in life that hard work, honesty, and clean living were synonymous with being happy and that anything less just was not right. Now, many years later, my beliefs have not changed and I have come to understand the evil forces, that would try to destroy these firm beliefs, to be referred to as “liberalism”. I thank God for such organizations as the Heritage Foundation and for such people as the Schultz family.

Sharoyn D. Foster - February 12, 2011

If only more people would wake up and really educate themselves to what’s going on with our government like Lynda has done maybe we would not have so many “working the system”. She expresses the thoughts of many of us and takes action to make others aware . Great job with the Heritage Foundation Howard & Lynda! Thank you for all your efforts & enthusiasm.

Patrick O’Lone - February 12, 2011

Being from Chicago I thought the Democrats were the way to go! Then I found out if you wanted a job with the city you HAD TO vote Democrat in the primary elections
since they could watch how you voted! This was back in the forties and fifties under Kelly and Daley Sr. Then I saw how they STOLE votes to put Kennedy over the top, by registering DEAD people, having votes cast on voting machines BEFORE the polls opened, using ” walking around money ” to buy the homeless votes and other methods. Over the years I watched the ” Chicago Way ” spread through the democrat’s party nationwide and now we have Mr. Obama and his SOCIALISM breaking our country.

I don’t know how any one with a conscience could vote for a democrat!

Bud Mays - February 12, 2011

It’s fantastic to know we still have people like Lynda fighting the good fight. I love our country and our way of life and I detest the way we are headed at this moment in time. It is; however, only a moment and things will certainly change for the good….thanks for people like Lynda..Keep up the good work!!!!

E. R. “Bob” Eastin - February 12, 2011

I would not know your name were it not for HERITAGE. I will make it a point to follow your work…OR…can you put me on whatever electronic “sender” system you have. Missouri’s Todd Akin is one of the most responsible legislators I know. Are you familiar with his work? Bob Eastin

Bill Corey, Fl. - February 12, 2011

Many years ago, 1954, I had a temporary job collecting overdue bills from what we then called “dead beats”. As a young man I was amazed that there were people who spent their time and made their living “beating the system”. This “beat the system” was made possible by people that thought they were helping the poor. Unfortunately their efforts did little to help the truly needy since the dead beats got most of the help. Today, these same people are called liberals. With the help of that experience and a little common sense I became a conservative and have remained so ever since.

Edsel W. Mc Crea - February 12, 2011

I was born a conservative and I have moved to the right for the past 83 years. I agree with Daryl MacGregor.

Glenda DeShane - February 14, 2011

I think I have always been conservative, I would try to keep my mouth shut because when I expressed my opinion it just got me in trouble at school, church and sometimes at home. In the 1970’s a friend told me to read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I can not begain to tell you the excitment I felt as I read that book. Here was someone who thought like I did and I knew I was not along. If only we had know that what took place in her book took only a year or so and that it would take 30 years in real time for all she told us about to come to pass. It seemed imposible at the time. God Bless America, lets take her back!

Phillip Beane - February 14, 2011

I am a proud member of the NC Committee for Heritage, but I have also known Lynda and Howard Schultz for over 25 years.
With great intelligence, imagination, hard work and grit, I have watched them create and develop two great business endeavors. They are the epitome of entrepreneurship.
They were given nothing in this world except their devotion to each other, their brains and their guts.
They bring this same determination to their work with Heritage and I am proud to be working with them to return our country to its First Principles.

John Peiffer - February 14, 2011

I was liberal/moderate, not knowing any better, until my late 20’s (the late ’70’s). I had voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976, again, not knowing better, but was really disgusted by him. I voted for Ronald Reagan. As the ’80’s wore on I found myself paying more attention to politics. I could see that the Republicans, though not perfect, had ideas which were a lot closer to mine. Also, the Democrat party was supporting social and moral issues I found unacceptable (abortion and homosexuality, for ex.), and as a Christian, I could no longer associate with the party. I changed my registration in the mid-80’s.

The main reason I’m conservative is because I’m a Bible-believing Christian. Though conservatism is not equal to righteousness, it still is much closer to Biblical values than liberalism is.

Lynda Schultz - February 14, 2011

I would like to THANK everyone who took the time to post a comment and share “their” journey to conservatism. Some of you I know, some I do not, but this much I am sure; we are not alone, there are many like us who want to see the USA return to the founding principles on which this great country was built.
As a writer I once wrote a short fairy tale about getting lost in the Forest of the Progressives until I made my way to the Land of Heritage. There they did not call themselves a “village.” They called themselves a “family.” I am proud to have all of you in my Heritage family.

Sandy Straight - February 15, 2011


Patricia Schultz - January 22, 2015

I am proud of what u have done. I pray everything great for u. I was wondering if we are kin. Patricia Schultz. 2513794760

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