Kimberly Squire, Member of Heritage Young Leaders Program and Young President’s Club

Moving to Washington, DC from Los Angeles, CA was a huge transition for me — it was quite the culture shock. But my passion for public policy and conservatism was enough to lead me to accept an internship with The Heritage Foundation. And I could not be happier with my decision.

My time at Heritage has been a wonderful experience intellectually, professionally, and socially. I made the right choice!

Not only have I learned a great deal about our nation’s rich, conservative heritage, I have developed a deeper understanding of why I am conservative and how important the work that we accomplish here is. It was fascinating to attend weekly briefings and lectures from some of the nation’s foremost scholars on topics ranging from health care and entitlement reform to first principles and their relevance to today’s public policy debates.

On top of this intellectual enrichment that all of the interns received, I was fortunate enough to interact with the members of The Heritage Foundation on a daily basis. I can only say that I truly admire our members who were a delight to work with. My internship, and that of my 57 intern colleagues, would not be possible without each and every one of you. Thank you!

In fact, the work that The Heritage Foundation accomplishes inspired me to become a member myself. As a Young President’s Club member, I will remain part of the Heritage community long after I leave.

While I have many fond memories from the past five months, I will most remember the day all the interns went to Mount Vernon. We explored the beautiful grounds and learned about the principles and ideals that motivated our first president. And how could I ever forget being in the nation’s capital in the midst of the heated budget battle and what was almost a government shutdown? The debate in Washington certainly looks different from a front row seat, which is exactly what we have here at Heritage.

But now my internship has come to a close. It will be sad to say goodbye to my coworkers and fellow interns and take the next step in my career, but wherever I am, I will always be a part of the Heritage family.

Thank you to all of the supporters of The Heritage Foundation who make this incredible internship program possible.

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Janet Squire - May 18, 2011

The Heritage Foundation has been a wonderful experience for Kimberly, and as her parents we are really impressed with the Foundation and how Kimberly has grown along with the positive influence it has been.
Thank you!!

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