Judy with her husband Gerald Weiss

What does being a member of The Heritage Foundation mean to you? To Judy Weiss of Tucson, Arizona, it’s a home in the conservative movement. When she first became interested in our country’s Founding Fathers, Judy searched for a place that she could meet like-minded people who would also challenge her to continue learning about our First Principles. For Judy, “The Heritage Foundation was where I found that ‘home’.”

Judy is an active member of the Tuscon community committee, attending every Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action event in her state. Judy said of the event and of Heritage:

I felt very honored to be asked to attend this function and learned a great deal.  Being a member of such a distinguished organization like Heritage has given me the opportunity to educate myself, become more self-confident in my conservative beliefs and a stronger hope that conservative, traditional values will prevail in the end.

As a former nurse, Judy understands the importance of freedom keenly. Every day she saw why patients need to be the decision makers when choosing their doctors and treatment plans.

Judy, like many Heritage members, believes that conservative values are of utmost importance to pass onto younger generations of Americans.  She uses Heritage research to pass onto her family, and was a stay-at-home mother while her children were in school, ensuring they were instilled with the values that she treasures.

Judy is involved in a variety of conservative causes, devoting hours online and offline every day to educating herself and others as a citizen activist. This activism is important, she explains, because

I would not want to leave this world, this great country, America, without knowing that I had tried my best to do what I could do as one individual to restore the lost values and traditions of this country, for my children and grandchildren.  I ask God each day to help me in this important challenge.

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Dorothea Watkins - May 5, 2011

By now you are aware Judy Weiss lives in Tucson. Perhaps Tuscon is a part of “Tuscony”. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Author Nathaniel Ward - May 5, 2011

Thanks for catching our error!

kristine velazquez - May 5, 2011

Being a member of HTML has given me the ability to be aware of the way our government is now taking away our constitutional rights. I’m a retired treacher and graduated from high school in 1961, the last year prayer was allowed in schools, which was the beginning of the removal of our constitutional rights. Since then I have been involved in teaching only in religious schools and taught ch

Jim Owens - May 5, 2011

Thanks for your contribution to conservitism, I am
sure you don’t get the credit you should. Kudoes.
Jim & Lois Montrose , Colorado We also love AZ.

Lenore Burns - May 6, 2011

Now I know why my replies have never been accepted!! I have read this site for years and love it – never miss it! So many times I wanted to reply, and see that I entered my Email address wrong! Now that I have two new lens inplants, this Greatgreat-grandma still wants to reply!!
I read this column daily because I love and care about the generations I leave behind. I read this column daily because I care about this Country I love so much! I read your colums daily because you believe, as I do, that it was founded on a Christian foundation, and as long as we had – and followed – the original belief of the founders of our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, we would be a “Blessed Nation”! And we were, for most of my life!!
Now, I find it hard to “pay unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s, and to God, that which is God’s”
Looks to me like this country has eliminated God from just about everything and Cesar has taken over all the rest!!
Thank you Heritage Foundation for daily informing me of ways to conteract this downgrade of our “Inaliable Rights” daily and to keep us on the right tract!
I agree with Judy – “let us hope, in the end, that our Conservative issues prevail in the end”

Carolyn Griffin - August 31, 2012

Well said, Judy!

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