Lifetime Income in Exchange for a Lasting Legacy: How One Heritage Member Achieved Both With A Charitable Gift Annuity.

Joyce Shiler

Joyce Shiler believes that “what our country needs is action and solutions, and that’s why Heritage is so important.”

Native Californian Joyce Sihler may not have had a strong sense of where she belonged on the political spectrum during her youth, but that would soon change, as life would teach her important lessons about responsibility and self-reliance.

As a young mother, unfortunate circumstances meant that Joyce would be left alone to fend for herself and her two small children. Joyce knew that she could either think of herself as a victim or find the strength to rise above difficult circumstances and succeed in spite of it. Relying on her deep sense of faith and a strong work ethic, Joyce embraced the latter, and the experience would shape the rest of her adult life in a positive way.

It was around the time that Joyce was struggling as a working mother with two small children that a friend suggested she volunteer for Senator Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign. “Given my immediate distractions, I’d never really given politics much thought,” says Joyce, “but the more I heard, the more I realized how much I agreed with what Goldwater had to say. Thanks to her can-do personality, Joyce was not content to sit idly by and soon found herself pushing her baby stroller down the street and knocking on doors, trying to get the word out about Goldwater’s campaign.

Throughout her adult life, Joyce has remained active as a volunteer for various local organizations. Hers is a life of action, and so it comes as no surprise that when you ask her opinion about the greatest obstacle America faces today, she quickly answers, “the decline in personal responsibility.” “The more we look to government for all the answers, the more we lose our ability to think for ourselves and display the kind of gumption and ingenuity that has always set America apart,” laments Joyce. “Almost every political issue boils down to personal responsibility in one way or another.”

“It’s not enough to complain and feel depressed about what the current administration is doing to our country,” says Joyce. “What our country needs is action and solutions, and that’s why Heritage is so important.” Joyce sees Heritage as a way to put her conservative beliefs to work, and she recently took her commitment to a higher level by establishing a charitable gift annuity. Not only will her annuity support Heritage’s work, but it will also pay her fixed income for life at a very attractive rate. “I’ve been familiar with gift annuities for some time, and it seems like a lot of other organizations offer them. That said, Heritage’s work is incredibly important, and I knew that’s where I wanted to make a special gift.”

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Jean Sihler Moses - November 24, 2010

Wondering if we are related. This is an unusual name.

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