Loren and Joe Simonds with their daughter.

Loren and Joe Simonds hope their new daughter will grow up in an America more committed to conservative principles.

Having just brought a baby girl into this world, Young President’s Club member Joe Simonds fears his daughter won’t know what it means to be a proud American by the age of 10. “I fear that she could be expelled from school from saying a prayer or perhaps even the pledge of Allegiance because it contains the word ‘God’ in it.”

“Our country was built on conservative principles,” he says. “That is what has made us so unique and powerful as a nation. My fear is we have completely lost sight of what got us here in the first place.”

Joe became a Heritage member because he believes there has never been a greater need for conservatives to unite and have a voice. “Our leaders appear clueless, and our country is slowly losing the free enterprise, small government ideology upon which we were founded. That is exactly why I sought out membership with Heritage.”

As the founder of “Annuity Think Tank,” a website geared to financial planners, financial wholesalers and insurance agents, Joe highlights financial issues and implements solutions to get Americans back on the right financial path.

Joe references Heritage Foundation research on his website and social media platform and considers The Morning Bell to be one of the best morning reads. A frequent guest on talk radio shows, Joe believes our financial system will continue to experience volatility and insecurity until we truly confront our nation’s problems. At Heritage, we know this all to be too true.

These solutions start with free enterprise and limited government, he explains. “Our government believes government control is the answer to growth, when in fact private businesses and free enterprise promote growth, spending, employment, and an annual surplus.”

When Joe isn’t discussing our financial system, he and his wife Loren love the outdoors: they wind down by hiking, camping, boating or simply relaxing on the beach.  Their biggest passion is traveling and learning about other cultures.  “My wife and I have both been to 30 countries each, and I don’t see our travel plans slowing down any time soon.”

And he remains hopeful about the future. His daughter, he says, “has arrived at a time where America may hit rock bottom and be forced to go back to its conservative roots and rise again.”

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Justin McMurphy - August 23, 2011

Congratulations to Loren and Joe! Beautifull baby! My wife and i share the same concerns about the future of our daughter and son but will always raise them under the stars and stripes and the word of our Lord and educate them at every opportunity about what it is to be an American! Good luck to you both and thank you for your dedication to our country!

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