Jane Haddox is a Heritage Foundation member.

As a health care professional, Iā€™m very concerned about Obamacare. Congress comes back from their August recess today, and I know health care reform is the number one item on its agenda.

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One of the biggest concerns I have is the cost associated with the legislation being debated in Congress. In a recent blog post, The Heritage Foundation wrote that by 2019, the House health plan will cost $254 billion a year. Heritage put this information into a chart and figured out that the 1,018-page bill will cost $1.264 billion per page. That makes this massive number more real and comprehensible.

Importantly, Heritage does not simply criticize the proposed health care scheme ā€“ it gives real alternatives, like in this recent research article.

I use the information provided by Heritage ā€“ like these facts about health care ā€“ to both form and back up my positions, as well as to defend my beliefs to the people with whom I work.

I believe in small government, and I believe the government should get its hands off my health care. The free market system is what this country was built on, and that is the only thing that will save us from what is happening now.

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James Korbin - January 1, 2017

I agree with proposed health care. Hope the government will keep enough budget for the the program.

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