Greg McNece is a Heritage Foundation member.

The McNece Family

The McNece Family

My name is Greg McNece and I am 47 years old. I live in Davis, California with my wife Amy and our three children Jamie (19), Jackson (8) and Lila Mae (2). I am president of a small property management company specializing in off-campus student housing and vice president of contracting company that moves and compacts dirt.

My experience as a small businessman coping with always-increasing regulation has shaped my conservative views. For example, all of the equipment used by our contracting company will fail to meet the new California environmental standards in a few years.

I also hold conservative views because I believe that our expanding government is going to bankrupt the country. Recent runaway spending is very disturbing, and has proved to be inefficient and ineffective. Drastic cuts to current government spending levels are necessary for sustainability. Every function of the government should be evaluated and, when possible, either eliminated or subcontracted to the private sector.

McNece on his motorcycle

McNece on his motorcycle

I believe the recent economic meltdown was largely attributable to irresponsible loans made by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Making loans without a proper down payment and/or proper income verification created substantial incentive to purchase properties that people could not afford. The problem was made worse by borrowers’ ability to walk away without penalty when their loan balances exceeded the value of their homes. Unfortunately, the recent reform measures do not address the root of the problem and will not stop additional bad loans. Real reforms to Freddie and Fannie are needed, and we should even consider eliminating them entirely.

Unions pose another major threat to our prosperity, yet it is clear that unions have major pull in the current administration. They hurt competition and are not good for education, the environment or the majority of Americans.  Unions drive up the cost of education, the cost of government and the cost of all goods and services. Any union pension bailouts should be funded solely through union dues. Right-to-work laws making union membership voluntary should be considered in every state.

McNece with his family

McNece with his family

As a Californian, I am surrounded by people who refuse to look at the facts on most issues. Many in California believe that the wealthy have been unjustly enriched, and it is not uncommon to talk to those who believe the government should be responsible for taking care of all the wants and needs of those who are less successful. The differences in the way I view the world makes me even more proud to be conservative.

But because of my commitment to my family, church, and business, I have little time to devote to politics. I have decided that the best way for me to make a difference is to fund organizations that are fighting the good fight. Every time I watch the news and get upset, I contribute to one or more of the following organizations: The Heritage Foundation, Heritage Action for America, Pacific Legal Foundation, Americans for Prosperity and the Club for Growth.

McNece with his son Jackson

McNece with his son Jackson

The information provided online by The Heritage Foundation is a great resource for me. I love to show my liberal friends Heritage charts about the deficit when they tell me the current administration is fiscally responsible. Heritage also provides an excellent resource for information to counteract the liberal instruction my 8 year old son receives in the public school system.

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danny - January 7, 2011

i am proud to be a member of the heritage foundation.i hope and pray that our new representatives along with all the rest of us god fearing americans will turn this country around and go back to the constitution and believes of our founding fathers.what would they think of their country today.may god have mercy on us

David E.Black - January 9, 2011

I just received a letter from National Committee to preserve Social Security and Medicare. Who is behind this push? Who is Barbara B. Kennelly?

Jerry Porter - January 10, 2011

At age 77 I think I have grown out of childhood and adolescence successfully which is more than I can say for the majority in the media and numerous politicians of all ilks. Of course, this is attributable to anxiously awaiting the daily Morning Bell from The Heritage Foundation! Years ago my wife and I left Boston’s Fenway Park rejuvenated after listening to Barry Goldwater speak and fully recognizing we were in the bastion of liberalism. Since then party lines have become muddled, but thankfully we now have The HF, intellectual fulfillment, and renewed hope for the future of our grandchildren and their descents. We genuinely thank everyone at and/or affiliated with The Heritage Foundation. jcp

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