Ensuring the Future of America: How One Heritage Member Expressed His Love for America With a Bequest

Gene D'Agostino

"Remembering Heritage in my estate plans was one of the most satisfying things I’ve done to combat my frustration about these dark political times."

In his view, Gene D’Agostino’s discovery of The Heritage Foundation couldn’t come at a more providential time–a time when our country finds itself at a critical crossroads. As Gene says, it’s hard to imagine anyone who values our country’s founding principles watching what’s happening in Washington without developing a sense that we’re in the midst of a defining battle, one that may ultimately change the face of our nation forever.

Instead of despairing about misguided liberal policies and their destructive influence on America, however, Gene was inspired to take action by including Heritage in his will.

“When the history books are written,” says Gene, “I want my role to have been more than just that of “summer soldier.” I want to leave a meaningful legacy, not just for my country, but also for future generations. What would an inheritance mean to them without a strong and free nation in which to spread their wings and prosper?”

“The time to put your plans into place is today, not only for your own peace of mind, but also because of the simple fact that our country needs us to take action now,” says Gene. “None of us should be content to watch from the sidelines considering how much is at stake. Fortunately for me, my wife – who is not only a very wise woman but also a very sensible attorney – encouraged me not to procrastinate. It’s all too easy to put things off until ‘later,’ but it’s really important to resist that temptation when it comes to something as important as your will.”

“Remembering Heritage in my estate plans was one of the most satisfying things I’ve done to combat my frustration about these dark political times,” says Gene. “It’s important for me to know I’ve done all I can, and becoming a member of the Heritage Legacy Society by remembering Heritage in my will is a very big part of that.”

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John L. Griffith - November 13, 2010

I am A WWII Marine Corps Vet; I have been teaching at one of our local universities for the past 43 years. When we moved to this local 45 years ago our second son became close friends with a young man, who now, is the CEO of rhe world’s largest hazardous waste facilities and operating organization. His work in the social , legal, economic technological (and philisophical) arenas of our great society stands out in quiet contrast to the arrogant and brassy and bridgeless messages coming out of groups such as Move On. Perhaps one of their representatives could sit down with this self-made entrepreneur and, perhaps, with the attitudes needed for collaborative discourse, learn what is going on with the working men and women in the upper 2% of our privileged society

Deacon car - April 5, 2016

Really awesome one.

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