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When I was growing up, my family was not wealthy by any means. My mother worked as a nurse and raised me by herself until I was 12, when she married my dad who paints houses for a living. They worked hard and along with my extended family instilled a sense of independence and responsibility in me.

My wife and I have similar backgrounds and were fortunate to be part of families who encouraged us to work hard and to understand that our actions have consequences, both positive and/or negative. As adults we have a better idea of how difficult our mothers’ lives probably were with full-time jobs, children, housework, and living life in general. We did not seek or receive help from welfare programs.

I have had many opportunities to succeed (and fail) in my life and I would not be where I am in any other country but the United States of America. Unfortunately, for many reasons, the opportunities I had will most likely not exist if the welfare state continues to expand in our country.

What do you think – is the expansion of welfare programs detrimental for America? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Over the next decade, President Obama will spend $10.3 trillion on welfare programs. This does not include any of the proposed increases in health care spending.

To put this into perspective, President Obama will spend more on welfare in a single year than President Bush spent on the Iraq war during his entire presidency. In 2010 alone, welfare spending will cost each U.S. household $638 per month, or $7,600 per year.

But welfare programs have not worked. Despite spending $15.9 trillion on the War on Poverty since 1964, the U.S. still has high levels of poverty and inequality and tens of thousands of Americans have become increasingly reliant upon government welfare programs.

I am a conservative because I believe in small, efficient government – government that serves to protect our lives and our liberty, defends our freedom and promotes individual opportunity and responsibility. I want a government that helps those in need to no longer need help and allocates appropriate resources to this end.

What do you think – is the welfare state damaging to America? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

I know that the policies enacted today will affect my son and his generation in ways I have not even contemplated. Heritage is at the forefront of the fight against the ever-expanding and ineffective welfare state and develops policy solutions that actually work. That’s one of the reasons I am a volunteer chairman for the Minneapolis/St. Paul community committee that focuses on promoting conservative ideas at the grassroots level by hosting events featuring well-known conservative thinkers, media pundits, and elected officials. We hope to significantly grow the conservative movement here in the Twin Cities by working with other like-minded organizations in the area because we love this country and want what is best for this and future generations.

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Ron - March 31, 2016

Welfare programs are slowly leading to stagflation and a general apathy and decline in entrepreneurial spirit in America if you ask me. Just from a Canadian’s perspective.

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