Dana Blauvelt

Dana Blauvelt, a member of Heritage's Young Leaders Program

Adjusting to life as an intern at The Heritage Foundation was probably the easiest transition I have ever made. As a student from a conservative college with a strong background in America’s founding principles, there couldn’t have been a better fit for me this summer.

Nor could my experience have come at a better time. I have had the privilege of a front row seat in the theater of American politics at a time of unprecedented fiscal debate. I was able to promote essential conservative principles while being exposed to heated political discourse. The textbook knowledge I gained in my economics, American history and Constitutional law classes came alive in Washington as I dug deeper into the reasoning behind the latest legislative proposals.

The highlight of my experience with Heritage has been the ability to discuss conservative principles with informed leaders in the movement. As an intern, I was surrounded by true leaders – those of my generation as well as those who have paved the road for us – all of whom are dedicated to improving America.

This summer, my intern class had the opportunity to debate with Cato Institute interns about the issues that define our conservative philosophy. This was an excellent illustration of leaders engaging in friendly debate to advance shared principles. It was an opportunity for my intern class to sharpen our arguments and dig deeper into the intellectual foundation upon which our nation was built. The debaters employed arguments that I had never before considered, and the opportunity to listen to others’ perspectives on important issues served to reinforce my understanding of conservative principles.

I know many people who are happy to complain about the state of our nation without seeking to improve it. I was encouraged to find that there are people, organizations and even some elected officials that have great ideas for positive change in Washington. It is exciting to know that there are ways to preserve and promote American greatness despite our many challenges.

I will graduate from college in December with a degree in government and I look forward to returning to Washington. I am excited to join a movement of conservatives who are working to provide the answers America needs.

Thank you to all of the Heritage members who have made my experience here possible. My classmates and I never could have had this experience without your support. I know that I will maintain strong relationships with my fellow interns and I have already joined Heritage’s Young President’s Club so that I can remain an active part of the Heritage community.

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Patrick Henry - August 12, 2011

Congradulations Dana! America needs many young people like you to influence a generation of new American Conservatives, to take our country back to the Founding Father’s vision of Liberty & Freedom. Liberty is freedom from oppression, from our own Government, or a foreign power.

Ronald W Jordan - August 14, 2011

Is there a site for the very young, grade school level, that would help teach them about our Constitution. Maybe 2 or 4 emails a week they could sign up for to learn what they are not being taught in our public schools.

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