Bob Gillette (right) with Captain Merle Barr in Normandy. Barr was a 20-year-old lieutenant when he landed on the beaches of Normandy. He survived and went on to fight at the Battle of the Bulge. Captain Barr was the centerpiece of the documentary, Detroit: Our Greatest Generation

It’s no secret that supporting The Heritage Foundation is an investment in great ideas and timeless principles. But for Heritage Associate and Community Committee member Bob Gillette, the people are every bit as important as the policies.

“I’m involved with Heritage through the Naples and Southeast Michigan Community Committees, and my relationship is with the people who represent Heritage at the local level,” Bob explains. “They’re all outstanding, and committed to what they do — and that rubs off on the members.”

Ideas are important, though — and for Bob, Heritage’s commitment to conservative values and leadership for America makes his support that much more rewarding. “The philosophy of Heritage is almost 100 percent in sync with what I believe,” he says. With a Reagan-esque spirit of optimism — and with an insider’s knowledge of all that Heritage has accomplished over the years through a variety of policy battles, and through Democrat and Republican control of Congress and the White House — Bob is expecting great things from The

Heritage Foundation in the months ahead. “I think Heritage’s finest moment is coming this year,” he states, noting the extreme liberalism of the Obama administration and its lukewarm reception among the American people. “I think the mood of the country is ripe for change, and I’m going to do whatever I can to help.”

Bob Gillette (center) cutting the ribbon with two fellow veterans for the opening of the “Detroit: Our Greatest Generation” Community Room. Bob worked with the Yankee Air Museum to outfit the Community Room with historical artifacts from World War II.

Bob is the founder of American House Senior Living Residences, the premier provider of affordable senior housing in the state of Michigan. In 2007, the Gillette family created the American House Foundation — a charitable trust designed to help older individuals in need and to support research that will improve the mental and physical health of seniors. Most recently, Bob is helping to honor our nation’s veterans by supporting a local documentary by WDIV-Channel 4, titled Detroit: Our Greatest Generation that highlights the service and sacrifice of World War II veterans from the Detroit area. The film’s Motor City premiere was an extravaganza worthy of Hollywood. “We put on a whole production to honor these veterans,” says Bob. “We sold out the theater, with over 3,200 in attendance, and opened with military bands, Andrews Sisters-style songs of the 40s, and the national anthem performed by inner-city school children.”

Heritage owes its strength and success to proud Americans like Bob who exemplify the ideals of free enterprise and personal initiative.

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tom harrison - October 24, 2016

thank you for posting this article and thank you for your service. What a wonderful thing to see that we have brave veterans that live in Michigan.

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