Tom Price was confirmed to lead the Department of Health and Human Services last week. The Daily Signal’s Melissa Quinn reports why this is significant.

Now, as the health and human services chief, Price can begin fulfilling a years long goal of unwinding Obamacare. But instead of dismantling the health care law from the halls of Congress, he’ll be acting from inside the agency that oversaw its implementation.

An orthopedic surgeon who served more than a decade in the House, Price has spent the last seven years in Congress opposing the Affordable Care Act. The new HHS secretary introduced his own health care plan in 2009—he’s reintroduced that same proposal, the Empowering Patients First Act, in every Congress since then.

…even as congressional Republicans finalize their course for unwinding the law, Price can now use his executive power to begin chipping away at Obamacare’s framework.

With Congress continuing to drag their feet on Obamacare repeal, Price has a tremendous opportunity to move forward the dismantling of this law.

What do you think Tom Price’s priorities should be for the Department of Health and Human Services?

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Pops LeBlanc - February 17, 2017

Step One: by March 1, eliminate 15% of workforce co$t by dumping bodies and delayering at least 2 levels of management. Get decision making closer to him. Don’t care about quality. Wipe out the layers. A few good people will be cut – but it doesn’t matter.
Step two: repeal and replace Obamacare
Step three: eliminate another 15% of the workforce by October 1.

Simple, effective re-engineering. Every Federal department should do the same. Can’t crush wasteful spending until you get rid of the spenders.

Terri Hahler - February 17, 2017

Open up the insurance market immediately. Allow insurance companies to sell policies that do not comply with Obamacare requirements. Then thousands will abandon Obamacare gladly, which they’d have done already if they had an alternative.

Jemele Sanderson - February 17, 2017

REPEAL Obamacare.

FIX the original problems:
1) Pre-existing/high risk needs
2) Individual access to all health insurance companies across state borders
3) Portability to all 50 states

Then government OUT of our health care

win sturgeon - February 17, 2017

Lay out and organize the congress to get them on the same page. Good to see so many ideas but they are confusing the people and the media loves to play on the poor planning by republicans. people forget that Obama Care was written not by the legislators but by special interest groups. Remember ” you have to pass it before you read it” by Pelosi.
I am relying on the expertise of Mr Price to lead this group out of the wilderness.

Robert Randall - February 17, 2017

Price needs to make sure that all of Congress is included in the new health care plan.

Brian Bozarth - February 17, 2017

Seems the big issues is pre existing. Let’s return to the days we we all bought our own health insurance and we’re rated on own health just as we are with car insurance. Individual responsibility is lacking thus many people’s health lacks. When someone else is footing the bill, people go to the Dr for a hang nail, if I pay for my health I’m more apt to change my life style.

David Smith - February 17, 2017

The free market place and competition should be encouraged. The government has no business giving grants to research facilities. The government grant system has become a good old boy network of deceit, corruption and money laundering to politicians. The war on cancer started Billions of Dollars ago and all we have is more research and less results. Polio, artificial heart and penicillin came from private enterprise not government grants.

Ross Schriftman - February 17, 2017

1. Allow people to buy an insurance product that they want. They know better than the government what their needs are.
2. Eliminate the expensive, bureaucratic exchanges. People are smart enough to shop on their own and through licensed professional insurance agent.
3. Provide tax credits to assist people with their premiums.
4. Eliminate the rules that allow people to game the system by waiting to sign up when they get sick. The current law hurts responsible people who end up with higher premiums and has done more than anything to destroy the individual market. Use HIPAA type rules to reward good behavior of those who remain insured.

Buddy Jones - February 17, 2017

While it is great that Mr. Price can change many things in Ocare these things are easily undone with a change of administrations. Our elected officials need to change the laws allowing (and repeal Ocare) a total change in infrastructure with patients coming first and national competition with insurance companies. this will allow insurance companies to innovate need specific plans within the guidelines of the laws passed by our elected representatives. In the future any attempted changes by future administrations will be seen as an assault on insurance plans that consumers are comfortable.

Janelle Nowell - February 17, 2017

Obamacare should be repealed. All insurance companies should be required to insure those with preexisting illnesses and increase premiums as necessary to meet the cost of insuring those with preexisting illnesses. No insurance should be sold to unlawful immigrants. Premiums for all should not be allowed to be increased because unlawful immigrants are treated by hospitals and doctors and do not pay for the service. Insurance companies should be prohibited from requiring that a doctor be named such as in HMO policies.

P Finnigan - February 17, 2017

True affordable healthcare! People should not be financially destroyed due to being born with bad gene selection! True affordable health care should mean not worrying about going to the doctor because you cannot afford the fee! or the cost of treatment. I do not believe private insurance currently available is affordable to most people when you hear the cost involved for most procedures. Deductibles of $5,000 to $10,000 along with a monthly premium of at least $500.00 for a family of three or four! then if you get sick your premium increases? We have socialized medicine with Medicare, Medicaid, and VA etc. Please explain why socialized medicine is such a bad word ??? It has to come eventually because insurance companies have to profit and I have no problem with that other than the patient cannot come first in that situation. Take the current socialized systems we have and build from there, everyone pays a fee (far less than currently) Drug companies need to stop price gouging! Their prices are unbelievable. I read an article this week of a drug just approved by the FDA which has been available in Europe for some years. A lady in New England had been purchasing it from Britain for her son $1600.00 annually, after being approved by the FDA she cannot legally import it and the new price here is $89,000.00! Can you believe that! Totally insane. This sort of nonsense is out of control and unless serious changes are made it’ll be another failure as it has been for years. I truly do not expect to see a workable solution here in my lifetime……The saying here is (we have the best health care system in the world) My answer is YES! if one can afford it!

Don Leeber - February 17, 2017

How, specifically to rid ourselves of the monstrosity, ACA, is ‘above my pay grade’, but I’m thrilled we have someone who knows the terrain and who has a plan and a vision.

Kent Norby - February 17, 2017

Begin advertising alternatives to Obamacare to American citizens. Instead of re-applying last December I took out a $2 million temporary health plan anticipating the demise of Obamacare. Thanks for hedging my bets!

Charles Alexander - February 17, 2017

His first priorities should be to make the uninsured whole again as soon as humanly possible. I’m sure he knows how to do his. He needs to move fast and tweak it later.

Russell Wilson - February 17, 2017

1. Repeal Obamacare outright – Get the Government out of Healthcare.
2. Implament a step by step logical replacement.
3. Downsize the Agency to a realistic and manageable size.

Please be the model for restructuring of ALL Federal agencies

Judi Bowen - February 17, 2017

Do whatever it takes to efficiently and quickly take down “Obamacare” and fix the original problems eg. pre-existing needs, health insurance access across state borders, portability to all states. No interference in our health care. Thank you Mr. Price!

David Salyer - February 17, 2017

Congress must get on with repeal and replace of the Un-affordable health care act.!
My adult grandchildren can get only part time jobs as a result of a stipulation in the act. They cannot live off that! Plus they are counted as employed!
Need portability from job to job.

Sandra Schneider - February 17, 2017

Since one of the problems appears how to cover the kids up to 26 and covering pre-existing condition, why can’t the gov. just pass a bill stating the insurance co’s have to have one policy that covers these things, along with many different levels of coverage?

Paul Terry Stone - February 17, 2017

Dismantle the areas in his authority and not requiring Congressional approval. Hopefully the law will be a shell by that time and if Congress gets around to repealing it, there won’t be much left anyway.

calvin pauley - February 17, 2017

Repeal Obamacare. Make regulations that insurance companies can follow for pre existing conditions and coverage for until 26 years old, make sure that the inflated cost of insurance of people does NOT GO UP as we get older. Then open up insurance to competition and leave the rest to the markets.

Dan Borgnaes - February 17, 2017

It must be paid for!
The decisions for health care must be decided by the doctor and the patient, not the government.

Robert Jones - February 17, 2017

I believe Mr. Price will give us better choices, reasonable prices and better all around health Insurance.

Daniel W. Lewis - February 17, 2017

forget replace for now



Alice Cone - February 17, 2017

I agree with almost all of the previous comments, especially Russell Wilson. The government has no business being involved in healthcare. I am a free-market believer. If the insurance companies are allowed to really compete, I feel sure they can provide a multitude of plans which most everyone can afford. I wonder how much the lawmakers have talked with the insurance providers.

jerman stein - February 17, 2017

Fantastic to have great man helping to get the great USA back on track.
God first
Freedom and the American Dream.

Richard G Edmonds - February 17, 2017

Get politicians out of the process altogether. Let those whose jobs have been in the health care industry formulate possibilities and agree, among themselves first, then bring in Congress to help approve a plan that could have access nationwide.

James Mullins. Sr - February 17, 2017

Repeal the Law entirely. Then work with States to establish free markets like we had before Obamacare. Let the free market work & let each citizen choose thier level of need.

Charles Fickling - February 17, 2017

After Obamacare is repealed and our Congress gets off their behind and replaces it, every effort should be made to remove Government from healthcare. 14 million people are on Medicad already and 6 million people don’t want insurance. Let the free market compete for the rest.

Pat - February 17, 2017

stop hurting our seniors by cutting Medicare to give everything to those getting Medicaid. Why do they get more benefits than those of us (and our employers) who were taxed for Medicare coverage our entire working lives.

Gregory Roberts - February 17, 2017

Democrats are trying to back Republicans into a corner where a full replacement to Obamacare needs to be defined before Obamacare can be terminated. This is a false choice.

Obamacare should be fully repealed in the 2017 budget, effective in 2018, and replacement components should be passed sequentially to dovetail into the end of Obamacare in 2018. This will provide stability in the insurance markets.

There is absolutely no need for government healthcare. Instead, adjustments should be implemented to the individual market to ensure
 no preconditions in the individual market (they were already precluded in the employer market),
 affordability (increased competition, group plans in the individual market, allow people to stay on their parents plans until age 26, and provide tax subsidies in the individual market to mirror those already in the employer market),
 and Medicaid insurance for those who truly can’t afford health insurance.

Note that pre-Obamacare the individual market was only 15% of the total market. There were no problems in the employer market.

Also note that the vast majority of people who gained health insurance “due to Obamacare” were actually dumped into Medicaid.
 11.8 million went into Medicaid – didn’t need Obamacare to do this.
 2.3 million stayed on parent’s plans – didn’t need Obamacare to do this.
 7.6 million were dumped from employer plans and entered Obamacare – no net gain.
 Result: Obamacare insured 22-11.8-2.3-7.6 = 0.3 million people newly insured because of Obamacare.

Joe Ann Ryan - February 17, 2017

Get rid of it. Replace it with a positive workable plan.

Kathryn Jones - February 17, 2017

Get rid of Obama care and give us back the private system where there competition of our own care for one size does not fit all including Medicare. Doctors get 10cents of a Medicare dollar and they can’t afford getting that small of an amount. When it started it was 70 cent for every Medicare dollar and I wish you all would give a choice on these medical insurance companies or the Medicare plan. Why not???

Edward Jonson - February 17, 2017

Get top-level personnel who will fully support repeal and replace with real affordable health care options.

Kathryn Jones - February 17, 2017

I forgot this every Congressperson needs to use this health care plan they are asking us to use which I hope is the private plan and they should have the same options as us. No special plan for Congress is my point! What ever you decide for us you all so have to use as well. You have the same options you have the same pricing you have they same of everything you can make the same but all Federal Employees have to use what you all are planning for us to use as well. Then make sure you give us a plan that is not Government controlled!!! like Obamacare!!!! Never force us to do something ever again!!!

Vera McSparin - February 17, 2017

Repeal Obama Care! Ban Earmarks! Eliminate IRS! Weed out leaks in intelligence community.

JERRY GARICH - February 17, 2017

All coverage should be run like the medicare advantage plans, assuring competition of insurance plans based on cost and quality ratings. Government pays a base amount and patients pay a certain amount for basic plans. more services = more cost to patients. Government is quality watchdog that assures plans meet clinical quality criteria-standards for healthcare providers like CMS for hospitals etc for am care.

Jerry Metcalf - February 17, 2017

Start to unravel obamacare from within.

Sonie Thompson - February 17, 2017

Stop gov’t from being our caretaker!
Repeal the ACA.
Stop the IRS from fining people if they don’t have health care!
Reduce ALL medical costs across the board!
Let people buy HC Insurance from all states and make it work!
Reduce costs in HHS by downsizing this department. All of gov’t should operate with this goal in mind.
Years ago, costs were such that I only had major medical, and I was able to pay my bills!

Phillip Barbour - February 17, 2017

First and foremost, get the government OUT of health care where it did NOT belong to begin with!
As humanely as possible, stop and REVERSE the flow of ILLEGAL aliens before they bankrupt the health care system AND the United States of America.

ken struttmann - February 17, 2017

I like Gregory Roberts’s analysis and comments. Also, Senator Rand Paul seems to have some good ideas and working with Tom Price should come up with the best plan for all U.S citizens. The cost of Illegal immigrants’ and refugees visits to clinics and hospitals also must be resolved in an overall plan. To me, competitive market-based Insurance plans will be the best. These are smart people and they want to make money for their shareholders. . Government should have a very small role In our healthcare. God Bless Trump and the USA.

Allen Simon - February 17, 2017

1) Work with Congress to put a single repeal/repace bill in front of the President ASAP. Take the good free market ideas in the competring proposals, and use them all.
2) Do the delayering PopLeBlanc suggests, but design a fair process first. Take the time to enlist the help of people who work in these layes to help. Anything else appears unnecessarily heartless, and subjects you to delaying lawsuits. Don’t fire the people who agree with you, enlist their help instead.

Robert Laviola - February 17, 2017

Remove the obama care exemption from Congress and federal employees.
This will motivate them into action, when their families have to go to a county hospital for medical care.
Otherwise, we will continue to hear more esoteric nonsense from Ryan, McConnell and Preibus.

Kathleen Richardson - February 17, 2017

Here are my suggestions for ameliorating the health care and health insurance systems in our country:

1. Make health insurance more affordable through tax credits or deductions, and allow people to shop for the lowest rates across state lines.
2. Create more choices in Medicare. Charge individuals according to their coverage.
3. Reform Medicaid. Keep wealthy people from passing assets on to family and then claiming indigence.
4. Cover the sickest with a high risk pool.
5. Prohibit insurers from cancelling or charging higher rates when the person becomes sick.
6. Extend Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) throughout the entire system.
7. Reward health and wellness with lower insurance rates.
8. Stop health care fraud, i.e. go to an e-system instead of paper-based system. Fraud costs $200 billion/year or 10%; credit card fraud rate = 0.1%.
9. Promote informed patients through public service messages, literature, etc. Incentivize patients to become more informed, to question necessity of lawsuit-driven treatment.
10. Invest in research, encourage medical breakthroughs, i.e. Altzheimer’s, alcoholism and other addictions, not just symptom care.
11. Minimize unnecessary government mandates – i.e., costly, time-consuming paperwork, silly safety regulations, etc.
12. Establish free or reduced pay medical clinics all over the country in centrally located places. This should help reduce the financial burden on ERs.
13. Cap frivolous lawsuits against doctors.
14. Encourage expansion of telemedicine businesses for minor ailments and prescription needs.

Sharon Pelletier - February 17, 2017

Tom Price knows what he has to do … he’s aware of the problems and introduced a proposal in 2009.
Take charge of the items he has control over, eliminate Obamacare, and replace it with a workable, efficient plan for the employer, the employee, and those who need assisted care via government sponsored funding.

Francine Magliarditi - February 17, 2017

Obamacare is the first priority. Veterans medical should be #2.

Thank you for what you do. I am a true believer now 🙂

Janice Kaya - February 17, 2017

Put ceilings on law suits. Change laws so that the party responsible for paying for both parties’ legal expenses is the LOSING party! This may reduce the number of frivolous law suites. Also eliminate the privilege of convicted convicts filing law suits and obtaining medical care that our poorest citizens are not privy to.

Ron W. Smith - February 17, 2017

There’s no doubt his #1 priority has to be health care, whether it be the ACA, Medicaid, or Medicare. None of these is perfect, each is in some way(s) flawed. How Price goes about working on and with each of those, he will have a mine field to navigate. Just for instance, in a take-down of the ACA and a build-up of its replacement, affordability, completeness of coverage, portability, and pre-existing conditions will keep him more than busy. Flawed though the ACA is, it is possible to create, in its place even worse. The arguments for change in any of these should be public before passage since Americans have much either to lose or gain.

J. Bruce Gabriel - February 17, 2017

Secretary Price should concentrate on getting Obamacare expunged from the books of the federal government. He should also concentrate on drastically reducing the Welfare budget. Drug testing for Welfare recipients and a work requirement in order to get on Welfare sound like great ideas. Decentralizing the DHS and the rest of the federal beast back to the states sound like a great ideas as well. As President Coolidge once said:

“No method of procedure has ever been devised by which liberty could be divorced from local self-government. No plan of centralization has ever been adopted which did not result in bureaucracy, tyranny, inflexibility, reaction, and decline. Of all forms of government, those administered by bureaus are about the least satisfactory to an enlightened and progressive people. Being irresponsible they become autocratic, and being autocratic they resist all development. Unless bureaucracy is constantly resisted it breaks down representative government and overwhelms democracy. It is the one element in our institutions that sets up the pretense of having authority over everybody and being responsible to nobody.”

Elizabeth - February 17, 2017

Give back to Medicare the 1 trillion dollars that the ACA stole from it.

Jim Keller - February 17, 2017

Congrat’s to Tom Price for a grueling battle with the Dem’s during confirmation. Repeal and Replace Obamacare as fast as possible should be done next.

Tom Lanners - February 17, 2017

1.Get rid of all the regulations of O’Bama care that he possibly can.
2. Return as many functions of his Department
to the States as possible, whether they want them or not.
3. Review every part of the Department and what they do, and eliminate as many people as possible.
3 Won’t happen, but if he gets 1 and 2 done, Hallelujah!

Anna M. Ferguson - February 17, 2017

I’d like to see insurance companies present group plans that are AFFORDABLE, EXPAND COVERAGE, and UP the DENTAL INSURANCE COVERAGE.. Almost every company I explored for my small business were outrageously priced with inadequate coverage.

Jane - February 17, 2017

Repeal Obamacare. Replace with individual access to all health insurance available throughout the USA; establish Individual Health Care Accounts that contributions to will be tax deductible up to an amount certain and that will be personal property of the owner, the balance of which may be transferred to heirs. Create a catastrophic care safety net and then let Americans SHOP for the Best Care they wish to pay for and get government out of our business. Cut the number of HHS employees accordingly, dramatically.

Brent Scott - February 17, 2017

Retain the age 26 coverage on parent’s policies. Pre-existing conditions, in large, can not be a reason for not insuring a person. However, there could be an exclusion for someone who has purposely chosen not to insure and then finds out that they are really facing high costs for care. There must be an incentive, other than charging the hell out of everyone, to see that people get coverage. Those who are covered now and who could not be covered prior to Obama Care due to financial circumstances, need to be able to retain coverage. Nobody should be removed from coverage, who has coverage now, because of financial reasons. Build more competitiveness into the system by allowing competition across state borders.

Gayle Peters - February 17, 2017

Dr. Price, please, work quickly to repeal and replace the ACA. The longer it takes the less chance you have of getting anything done. The people in congress only think from one election to the next and all those people hired to enforce it should be shrunk. Efficiency and speed would be an answer to a prayer. Insurance should be there for everyone.

Ann Hilburn - February 17, 2017

First, I don’t remember anything in our constitution that our federal government is to be involved in the health care business. Second, our government has allowed the pharmaceutical industry and the allopathic medical system to have a monopoly on our “:sickness-care” health program. I recommend we change the direction and give us the choice to be in a “health-care” managed system, and not just the “sickness-care” system that we now have. Currently our health-care system only pays if we go to an MD and if we take pharmaceutical drugs (which I don’t); vaccinations (which I don’t), or surgery. So, even though I am a senior, the current program does not benefit me as I pay out of pocket to keep my body healthy by eating healthy food and taking plant-based supplements, or supplements that are not synthetic, man-made supplements.

Ken Galica - February 17, 2017

Eliminate all federal funding for abortion.

Mary Orders - February 17, 2017

Affordability has to be addressed. The cost for health care takes up too much of the average families budget. With the increase in jobs on the horizon, I don’t see why parents should keep their children on their policies until 27. Increase competition to allow for more individual choice. Allow portability. Come up with options that would help make prenatal and maternity care affordable without making elderly, men, etc. have to include it in their plan. Only give insurance companies incentives when they provide better health benefits such as free or reduced gym memberships or responsible weight loss. Work to not make treatment of cancer more lucrative than working for the cure.

bernadette wright - February 17, 2017

clear out Obama’s left overs (clean house) Then go forward with repeal and replace ACA. I’m upset that illegals get the advantages that we do not. Also stop paying for abortions.

Stan Lovett - February 17, 2017

One need we see in small Midwest is the lack of mental health. Something no needs to be done to with those being damaged by drug usage. Here in Iowa they get almost no treatment at all. They see their Dr. On a video who just gives them prescription drugs.

Wanda Moore - February 17, 2017

1. Repeal Obama care
2. Remove crippling government mandates on health care providers, hospitals & insurance companies.
3. Immediate tort reform especially to prevent frivolous lawsuits.
4. Structure health care like other insurance where consumer picks level of care & cost.

Kent Stockton - February 17, 2017

One very important factor to be considered in replacing Ocare is that of tort reform. Without tort reform, the high cost of medical care won’t be curtailed.With tort reform, there would be hope, once again, for amicable,reliable doctor/patient relationships; a decrease in “defensive medicine,” which results from fear of expensive and time-consuming lawsuits; and return of lower costs and greater trust between and among concerned parties. There have been lots of good ideas proposed re-
garding replacement of the ACA, but tort reform isn’t often considered: it should be.

Sherry Scoffield - February 17, 2017

I agree also with most of the comments so you don’t need more of the same. Repeal Obamacare, cover pre-existing conditions, free market across state lines, get the government OUT of health insurance. But also Medicare patients – seniors – absolutely need to be able to have access to good doctors. Doctors have been dropping medicare patients for several years now and that needs to be reversed. The government does not get to decide who gets care and who doesn’t.

Karin Prince - February 17, 2017

This monstrous idiocy needs to be scrapped tooth and nail. The majority of the country was happy with their healthcare and would be thrilled to go back to it if at all possible with mandates and stupid rules like pregnancy coverage for 63 year olds and such. Why is 26 the magic number for “kids” who are fully adults to stay their parents plans? Why not do 21? Or add “while still a full time student if over 21”? Let the market work. We are adults and if we do not want health care, we should not be forced to have it. If that means some will make bad decisions, so be it. We have become such a nanny state it is ridiculous. I agree the “uninsurable” need something and also that we should not be expending $$ on illegal alien coverages. We do still have an ER system for truly emergency needs. Let groups like LaRaza fund clinics for their constituents. My husband and I are paying nearly $20K for a lousy plan with high deductibles and copays as we don’t qualify (nor would we want) for tax credits. But that is one fifth of our pre-tax earnings! Enough.

Mary Walls - February 17, 2017

While removing Obamacare and building a sensible pathway for all privately owned insurance coverage and insurance savings accounts make it impossible for all illegals to purchase medical insurance or access tax payer provided
( Medicare/Medicaid ) once and for all. Close all loopholes.

Gary Brown - February 17, 2017

As a constitutional conservative my concern is our own republican leadership and where there loyalties’ lie. It seems that we should have had a replacement policy for Obama Care and that they’ve had 8 years to promote “it” so that we could hit the ground running when the opportunity arises [that time is now] !! Very disconcerting!!!

Don W Kincaid - February 17, 2017

I’m sure the new Sec knows what is needed
to be changed and what should be repealed. So lets get the ball rolling!

Bill Coates - February 17, 2017

Drug testing for Welfare recipients would reduce the amount of misspent taxpayer money, as would an end to free medical treatment for noncitizens. The legalization of marijuana is a very bad trend with its own adverse health consequences.
Making hospital charges for various surgeries and treatments publicly available would help eliminate the unnecessary use of wasteful pre-packaged, disposable ‘kits’ of tools and accessories.

Jules Thomas - February 17, 2017

Support the Paul-Sanford bill. Its free-market approach successfully addresses: pre-existing conditions; 26-year-olds on parents’ insurance; cross state border insurance; insurance tailored to individual needs vs buy-it-all-or-else insurance. And, through medical savings accounts, puts responsibility back with the people vs gov’t.

Gene Haberstock - February 17, 2017

Congress said preelection they would have a bill to eliminate Obamacare when Trump was sworn in. It is now a month since he was sworn in. It is time to put the pressure on Congress to get the job done that the people voted for instead of doing what the lobbyists want and only worrying about how they can get reelected. If not, we need to have a new congress with term limits.

Wendy Russell - February 17, 2017

Repeal Obamacare with something that will be helpful and successful as well as constitutional! Come up with a plan that will help the majority.

Eric Rearden - February 17, 2017

As a retiree my family relied on our employer healthcare insurance policy which was great at providing prescription drugs at affordable prices. Over time, my employer has been sapped by the costs under the ACA. So they discontinued all medical insurance for retirees. Our prescription drug cost went from $250 a month to more than $2000 a month under the best Medicare Part D plan. I cannot afford it and cannot afford not to provide the medication my family needs. No help because I have a pretty good income. I think it will take a combined effort by drug manufacturers, insurance companies and law makers to make necessary drugs affordable for everyone.

Donald W. Collins - February 17, 2017

and sent it back to congress to pass. Obama Care replaced a bill giving our war herroes a tax break when buying a new home. They were able to do this because the Democratic Party was in charge of the House and Senate. Not one republican voted for Obama Care. Now you know why !


Robert Ewald - February 17, 2017

Mr. Price can immediately rescind any implementing regulations authored by his department. Killing two(regulations) birds with each stone as recommended by President Trump.

R L Hobbs - February 17, 2017

Repeal ACA in its entirety first and soon. Then allow insurance policies to be portable and bought across state lines. The Federal Government has no Constitutional role in the healthcare field.

JoAnn Windholz - February 17, 2017

There are several pieces to this puzzle and the insurance companies (thought they were going to make a fortune with ACA) must be required to return to the previous framework of operation which worked with a few tweets.This needs to be done to accommodate the changes to come. Secondly, free Medicaid and require that it return to it’s original intent not ACA dumping ground. Third, immediately halt the IRS from accessing the tax on folks who do not have insurance.

Patricia Mannel - February 17, 2017

First and foremost ‘Completely Repeal Obamacare’. Eliminate the unnecessary workers! No government involvement in healthcare.

Glynnda White - February 17, 2017

Price is a good pick. He is going to be a formidable force to deal with and the fact that he can work on Obamacare without going through the cowards in congress is a big plus….
1. Block grant all medical monies to the states according to actual citizen population. States that wish to harbor and fund illegal aliens can pay for it themselves and explain it to their constituents. The one problem I see with that will be people who voted blue and ruined their states will then leave those states for red states and start voting democrat, thus ruining their new place to live…and ours.
2. Wipe out state boundaries for insurance providers.
3. Allow HSA accounts to be opened for every US citizen that the government partially funds and they partially fund annually. This can be done by them and/or their employer as benefits.
4. Allow all CITIZENS under the age of 40 to begin saving toward their own health care upon their retirement and phase out medicare. (Do the same with SS as a retirement option)

Primo Antonucci - February 17, 2017


Linda Augsbach - February 17, 2017

Get rid of age-related euthanasia. My 92-year-old Dad was just euthanized after only being in the hospital for 2 1/2 days. It was claimed he was not responding to treatment, after such a short time, and he was referred for “Comfort Care,” semantics for “murder.” All nutrition and hydration were removed, and he was left to die, being drugged with morphine. This must stop!!!

Author Steven Lawrence - February 27, 2017

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, Linda.

Really appreciate your feedback on this issue.

Joline Tate - February 17, 2017

COMLETELY REPEAL Obamacare. Let those currently enrolled remain for 2 years while Congress works on market based solutions. After 2 yrs, transition those still on Obamacare to market based plan of their choice. HAVE Congress pass law that government can never again get involved in healthcare.

Robert Samuels - February 17, 2017

Where is the bill? Republicans promise to have the repeal of Obama Care on the new President’s desch on day 1. REPEAL IT ALL REPEAL IT NOW DON’T DELAY… I understand that S222, Rand Paul Bill would make a good and understandable replacement Health Care bill. JUST DO IT!!!!!!

Abigail Nobel - February 17, 2017

Return to the states.
Stop confusing insurance and welfare.
Return to private charity and local solutions. They may fail, but never with as much damage as federal programs.

Delvin Paul Tingwall - February 18, 2017

Drain the swamp in DHHS through budget cuts and attrition much like LeBlanc suggests. Obviously, repeal and replace ACA is #1 priority. Like others, I am disappointed that congress did not have a bill drafted and ready to go after the election. Ultimately, reduce the federal government’s role in health care and give it back to the states. I am apposed to the idea of block grants. Why have the government take our money and give it back to us at 50 cents on the dollar. Just leave the money with the states in the first place. Same goes for all the out of control bureaucracies, particularly Education and the EPA. The cost of federal government would go down accordingly.

Mary Roloff - February 18, 2017

Why can’t he set up a separate pool of funds for those with preexisting conditions where employers pay so much, say a set amount of their total expenditure, into a pool (whether they have employees with preexisting conditions or not), and it’s matched by fed funds and held for the company to use if/when they end up hiring a person with preexisting conditions. That way they can spread the cost over all employees over many years hopefully keeping the costs low for all.
Also, why are we covering our children until they are 26? They are young and healthy and ADULTS and should be able to obtain affordable healthcare through their workplace. My kids are working and are covered. Are kids no longer working or even looking?
Obamacare was never designed to work. It was designed to collapse and force America into one payer, socialized medicine. So far, it seems to be working exactly the way the designers intended…..

Sharon Taylor - February 18, 2017

Congratulations Dr. Price on your Confirmation as Head of HHS.

Do ALL that you can do to eliminate the odious ACA. Be as kind as you can be to those that will have no other alternative until Congress gets off their behinds. Please promote interstate sale of Health Policies by gathering as many of the State’s reasons for restriction, and find if there are many common objections to overcome.
I wish you Wisdom and Health, for you will need both in the taxing months ahead.

Layton McCown - February 18, 2017

I find it very frustrating that Repubs don’t have an Obama replacement plan sitting on the shelf ready to go. What have they been doing over the last 6 years? As the minority party, they had little chance of implementing any meaningful legislation because Obama simply would have vetoed it – gladly. So now we get to the point where they CAN make meaningful changes and appear to just be starting the process of reconciling potential plans between both houses of Congress. What a shame.

Anthony Landry - February 18, 2017

You cannot FIX Obama care, it has to be completely REPEALED. Any fixing of Obama care will just leave it open to be changed in the future by other administrations. Price can cut all the funding, which is good, but it has to be taken off the books completely and all its workers released to truly bring the cost to back where it was and that money put back into the hands of the people. Let the working public and retired Americans buy there own health care. Those who are too last to work, well let them take care of themselves, not me.

John C. Nelson - February 18, 2017

#1 REPEAL Obamacare, Let the FREE
MARKET Rule. Open the heath insurance industry to ALL 50 States. Remember nothing in life is Guaranteed !! Minnesota was able to operate a ” HIGH RISK POOL”
succesfully for years. Remember Tax Payers. Republicans have TOTAL CONTROL, Keep the Pressure on YOUR Elected Senators & Repersentives.

e pluribus unum - February 18, 2017

Let private citizens buy their health insurance with pre-tax dollars as business does. Let people buy it across state lines.
Get rid of whatever mandates are on the plans so people can be offered a buffet of options and buy the ones that fit them.
Return it to being “insurance” and not a health-care/sick-care payment plan that is expected to cover everything from cancer to the sniffles. If someone WANTS to pay for a plan that cevers the sniffles they can be expected topay the much higher premiums to cover that.

HAROLD BLOOD - February 18, 2017


Condie Erwin - February 18, 2017

Dismantle Obamacare. Do not bother to replace it. The Government has no business in the Insurance business.

Gregory Emerick - February 18, 2017

Repeal obama care. Alowe free market to do its job. Allow insurance co. To sell cross state lines and get out of the way.

J Miller - February 18, 2017

Reduce medical exposure to litigation. Tort reform will help reduce unnecessary testing and duplication done just to be sure the doctor is sue proof.

Melvin L Hillier - February 18, 2017

1. Repeal Obamacare
2. Incentivise Americans to take charge of their own health with an effective Health Savings Account and healthy living habits.
3. Incentivise the food industry to produce only organic, non-GMO, free range, grass fed food.
4. Remove agency and pharmaceutical barriers to effective alternative disease therapies.
5. Remove mercury, other metals and poisons from vaccines.
6. Incentivise the herbicide and pesticide industry to go organic, non-GMO and stop producing poisons like glyphosate.

Henry C. Holder - February 19, 2017

(1) Get rid of Obamacard
(2) Get with the group developing the new health care program so he will be part of it and provide medical information as needed.

Joel Marks - February 19, 2017

1) Repeal Obamacare
2) Access to all insurance companies
3) Keep pre-existing conditions which is a priority
4) Keep government out of health care
5) Veterans should be allowed to use private hospitals when necessary

Ralph DeSorbo - February 19, 2017

Rapidly replace obamacare with coverage carefully tailored to the needs of the population at an affordable price with immediate pre-existing condition acceptance.

Ed - February 19, 2017

I would sincerely welcome discussion and critical comment on these suggestions.

First of all, Tom Price should terminate the employment of every person hired in the past 8 years. Then:
1. Learn a lesson from the current failed experiment of attempting to use a government graft driven entity with no profit motivated restraints to conduct the business of providing & micro-managing health care & insurance. ……. We know the consequences of entrusting any massive pool of money to a group of mismanaged, overpaid, self-supervised government employees which have proven themselves over and over again to be corrupt, unredeemable and untrustworthy!….except for finding unique ways to perpetuate their own positions in their fields of corruption. 2. Repeal Obama Care! Lock, stock and barrel! Turn the system back over to private profit driven businesses which have the technology, motivation and experience to be able to quickly and efficiently resolve the problems. But remember that the healthcare industry’s current goal (not to insinuate that every healthcare worker’s goal) is to have every citizen become completely dependent upon them. 3. Therefore regulate the Healthcare industry, placing fair restraints upon the industry to prevent a re-occurrence of the very problems which precipitated the necessity of implementing “The Affordable Care Act” in the first place by: 3a.) Establish a special category of private business designated as “critical to life”. 3b.) Establish special rules of operation for this category of business to include: 1.) Complete public transparency of financial records with a requirement to operate under rules for a nonprofit entity. 2.) Maintain a singular scope of operation within a single business group (e.g. either insurance; or pharmaceutical; or hospital/medical care). Each business group may conduct business only within their own identified group. They would be prohibited from engaging in any financial relationships (other than in making purchases from one another) outside their identified group. This would go a long way to prevent these businesses from concealing compromising business inter-relationships. 3.) Limit maximum CEO/employee compensation. Any excess profits must be used to reduce insurance premiums. 4.) Insure full financial accountability. Make sure there is no opportunity for insider trading, influence or collusion with reserve funds by restricting market investments. Have a profitable business environment. …. But (as President Trump stated) “not too profitable”. 5.) Establish “Lifestyle Accountability” for recipients of insurance coverage and health care. For instance: Have significant consequences for unhealthy lifestyles. This would prevent citizens who take care of themselves from being penalized by the excessive cost of care for those whom insist upon their right to maintain unhealthy lifestyles. 6.) Remove all impediments to competitive pricing in the insurance industry. Make sure that the insurance policy follows the insured wherever he/she works or lives. 7.) Separate the Social Security retirement program from disability and Medicare benefits. (And stop associating it with “welfare”!) The Social Security Retirement Savings system was neither designed nor intended to cover those additional costs. They should be separately funded through increased limits on payroll deductions. Millions of Americans were told that their Social Security taxes were intended to be their retirement pensions. Now that the politicians have “borrowed” the pension fund reserves with no intention of replacing them, they are being told a new story. 8.) Payroll tax balances and pension funds should be maintained in “untouchable” interest bearing accounts invested in secured loans available to citizens only. They should not be placed under risk in stock market investments only to be raided by market “traders”, corrupt politicians or other corrupt schemes!

Lamar Cornwell - February 19, 2017

I trust Dr. Price’s Plan!

Norann Redding - February 20, 2017

Healthcare is not guaranteed by our Constitution. If HHS wants to provide a flexible plan it to all of our citizens, including the very ill, we need to offer basic as well as comprehensive plans nationwide and allow competition and the forming healthy groups or pools to do its work in keeping prices reasonable. The insured should be able to choose only what services they want and/or can afford. Able bodied citizens need to be given a time limit for Medicaid benefits. The value of these benefits needs to be attached to their Social Security number for better tracking and potential repayment of their debt. Any children under the age of 18 should be able to receive Medicaid if their parents cannot or will not provide insurance but they must have a Social Security number to receive and track the cost of this benefit. Non-citizens 18 or older must register to receive a Social Security number coded with their immigration status in order to continue working in our country but they must provide for their own Heathcare costs by using the insurance marketplace. The cost for unnecessary Emergency Room Visits that go unpaid should also be billed to a patient’s Social Security account to be deducted and paid back to HHS out of their paychecks to an HHS assistance fund. No free health care for adult unregistered illegal immigrants. We need to know who we are helping and if they are working and paying taxes legally. Expecting personal responsibility is important for developing self esteem and self respect.
Just the beginning….

john w w taylor - February 20, 2017

Put a stop to the big pharms having control of the F D A stop all funding for planned parenthood get control of all the Bad prescription drugs that are killing 128000 people a year in America stop all ads on tv for drugs get control of drug prices

george doby - February 20, 2017

2. insurance cos. market across state lines.
3. tax-free health savings accounts that the feds DON’T steal unused $$ from after 14 months.
4. don’t require 60 yr old to pay for contraception meds, in other words why should anyone pay for services they AIN’T going to use.
5. eliminate 50% of beaurocrats
6.lawsuit reform

jim griffin - February 20, 2017

Great choice. Move forward Mr. Price. It can’t come quick enough. I just lost my health benefits last week. I’m on full time long term disability now. On a double lung transplant program. I’m a U.S. Vietnam Era Vet but the VA will not cover my costs if I have taxable income over $31k. Help!!

Jeannette Zook - February 20, 2017

Get rid of it. No penalties on those who have no medical.

Lou Crane - February 20, 2017

As I read the late drafts and the final ACA law, I noted that many times the law excluded Congress, the Supreme Court and/or the Executive from authority to interfere with the Director of HHS. ONLY the Director had power over actions and funding!
Our new Director can change these things on the sole power to do so.
I have great hope he will.

John Holcombe - February 21, 2017

Cut the size and power/responsibilities of the Dept. by 50%.

Beth Houghton - February 21, 2017

Let us purchase health insurance from companies and agents anywhere in the US. That rule forcing me to buy insurance only in my own state is nothing more than the government cronyism with insurance companies that has become grotesque under Obamacare.

Patsy Weppler - February 21, 2017

many of us feel if the prices are not lowered for Ins.& RX lot’s of people will be getting sick & dying. The prices are too high 4 the working class. Not fair after years paying into the system to be repaid this way.Co-pays thru the roof.. Obamacare is for the very poor that don’t work. Please find ways to pay the Dr’s fairly as well so they will take Medicare.

R. Knowles - February 27, 2017

Require work and drug tests as conditions for all handouts from the government and make welfare a subsistence level stop-gap, not a multi- generational lifestyle. Require welfare recipients to take whatever jobs are available if they want help from taxpayers’ pockets. There should be reasonable exceptions for disabled people and single parents with children to raise.

R. Knowles - February 27, 2017

When the government was not involved in health care it was very affordable. In 1963, I was hospitalized for a week due to an auto accident. The room cost was $25.00 a day. The entire stay including doctors, medicine ambulance, etc was about $300.00. When the government became involved in health care in 1964 (Medicare) the costs began to skyrocket. When things are “free”, everyone takes as much as he/she can get without regard for cost, real need, negotiating with doctors or shopping prices. The result is that prices go up unrestrained. If everyone had to pay the first $1000.00 of expense for healthcare and we were still free to shop prices and negotiate, the prices of health care would drop precipitously. We can see the same problem in the cost and quality (or NOT !) in education. When I attended college in the early sixties there were no college loans with the occasional exception of a second mortgage on parents’ homes. If you didn’t have the money you worked and paid or dropped out for a time and worked and then returned until you graduated. No one graduated in debt. But since the government became involved in “higher” education and started guaranteeing loans and handing out grants like candy at a parade, the cost increases have far outpaced all other markets except health care and the quality has gone to Hell.

Jean H. Barrett - March 8, 2017

We finally have a department head with integrity. He knows what the priorities should be; just let him do his job!

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